iss pyaar ko kya naam doon phir (episode 2)

The Raizadas are happy with Arnav-Anjali love bond. Both go to their rooms after eating their food. Arnav is so much lost in Khushi’s thoughts that he is unable to focus on his work.
He puts on the music & listens to the song

jiye to jiye kaise bin aapke
jiye to jiye kaise bin aapke
lagta nahi dil kahin bin aapke
jiye to jiye kaise bin aapke

kaise kahu bina tere jindagi ye kya hogi
kaise kahu bina tere jindagi ye kya hogi
jaise koi saza koi bad-dua hogi
jaise koi saza koi bad-dua hogi
meine kiya hai yeh faisla
jeena nahi hai tere bina

jiye to jiye kaise bin aapke (Saajan)
Arnav thinks, “Life has been very much unfair to me. I lost my parents. My sister’s first marriage broke. After that Shyam came to our life as a ray of hope but he too has deceived us. He is Khushi’s killer & he is scot free. I have made a lot of money & can purchase as many companies as I want. I know that I have hurt my Khushi many times but she was never stupid. On the contrary she solved most of my problems easily. I wasted my time suppressing my feelings for her & when I decided to confess my feelings to her, I misunderstood her seeing her after seeing her with Shyam. I’ve doubted her character. After my misunderstanding got cleared, I could not spend much time with her even after meeting her & she gave up her life trying to save my life. I thought that I could do anything if I have money but I was wrong. Money has got its limitations. I wish I could bring my Khushi back. If it is not possible, I too don’t wish to live but Shyam should get punished at any cost. Only then I can die in peace. I have to live for Khushi’s sake.”
He then gets into meditation to let out all the thoughts that are flowing in his mind. He then resumes with his work in his laptop for his next day presentation.

Next day, he cracks 400 billion dollars deal. His staff starts working on that project. Arnav then contacts his investigation team to track Shyam so as to trace him. Apart from that he also hires a private detective to get Shyam so as to hand him to the cops.
Shyam is in his court room as usual but is tensed that he can get caught anytime. Arnav then goes to Gupta House & gives the condolence about Khushi’s death. He said, “I’m sorry. I could not save her.” He wept inconsolably. Madhumathi said, “Who has killed our Khushi?”
Arnav said, “Shyam. And he is not caught till now. I need help from you all too.”
Shashi said, “We are always there for you. What help do you need?”
Arnav said, “If you see Shyam, please let me know.”
Shashi said, “Sure.”

Shyam meets Arnav’s ex girlfriend Sheetal. Both of them are partners in crime.
Sheetal asked, “How is our plan going on?”
Shyam said, “Fine, But Khushi foiled our plans by helping Arnav to escape but the good thing is that she is in my custody now.”
Sheetal said, “I had hit Khushi on her head making her unconscious & told our men to take her. Arnav was surrounded by our men & was blindfolded. I quickly put Khushi’s effigy on some other dead body so Arnav will think that Khushi is dead.”
Shyam said, “Brilliant idea. I wish you were my girlfriend instead of Arnav’s.”
Sheetal said,”I have loved Arnav since college days but he never cared for me. I was waiting for him to propose to me but he didn’t. I felt envious when he married a middle-class orphan like Khushi.”

Shyam said,”Well now you should try getting close to Arnav now. I don’t think he knows that you too have been behind it. No one except you & me know that Khushi is alive.”
Sheetal goes to Arnav’s office to give him condolence. Arnav said, “It is ok. I want to catch Shyam somehow.”
Sheetal said, “Don’t worry, you will catch him.”
Sheetal leaves.
Arnav gets the call from the private detective who gives him Shyam’s location. Shyam is now in Red Fort. Arnav immediately inform the cops about it.
The cops go there & try to trace where Shyam is. Shyam senses that someone is coming to catch him. He takes out the old sim from his phone & puts the new one. However, the cops catch one of his men & put him in the lock up.
The man said, “I don’t know where Shyam is.”

The police keep torturing him to open his mouth.
Shyam & Sheetal learns that one of their men is in police custody.
Arnav gets a threatening call saying, “One of our men is in police custody. Your Khushi is in our custody & is safe with us. If you want to see her alive, get our man released.”
Arnav is shocked. He said, “I have cremated her body & you say she is alive. What proof do you have?”
Shyam gives the phone to Khushi & said, “Talk to your Arnav.”
Khushi takes the phone & talks to Arnav. She said, “Arnav, I’m here. Please help me.”
Arnav said, “Khushi, don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. Just tell me the location. I will take you.”

Shyam then snatches the phone from Khushi & demanded to free his man from the police.

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  1. Thanks for PM,Dear.
    It was so interesting Part.
    The way Arshi worrying for each other was so Nice.
    This Shyam,Sheetal were disgusting.
    I hope everything will be fine soon.
    Please Update Next Part soon.
    (MISSING KSG and KABHI So Much)

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