Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Love is divine ( OS )

Hello to all the lovely readers of telly updates. I had originally written this OS for ishqbaaz and im not aware if my friend posted that or not !!!
Well here’s my OS for my fav serial of all time Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Hope u enjoy this !!!
So let me start with my OS –

A beautiful villa is shown. It is painted a deep red and gold. Outside the mansion lie lush green garden and further beyond is a beautiful river. The water is grey and unmoving.
The view is shifted to the house. A girl with a wide smile on her face can be seen wiping her hair and a man lying on the bed stealing glances at her. The girl is talking to her hair as she’s wiping it “You feel so soft and it’s so fun to dry u everyday”. The boy is still admiring her cute talks and he gets up slowly and manages to slide behind his lady love – Khushi . He loving wraps his arms around her and she gets startled.
He mutters in her ear “ you feel ur hair is soft but I feel ur body is soft and I will take it as an open opportunity to dry it whenever u want”. Khushi blushes and hits Arnav lightly and runs of to the kitchen sighting she has a lot of work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Arnav smiles as her remembers how they married and all the circumstances that have led to immense love between them.

Flashback – 1 year ago
Arnav’s grandmother had decided to get him married to his college sweet heart – Khushi and everything was perfect until one day Arnav saw Khushi sobbing as tears escaped his eyes. He couldn’t handle the fact that his love had to cry but what hurt him more was that she hugged his friend called – Akash and was crying her heart out on his shoulder.
He heard her telling Daksh “ We will think of a way to express to the family about Anjali di’s problem . If she can’t become a mother we will not get her married”.
This angered Arnav more. How could she say that just because his sister couldn’t become a mother she couldn’t be a good wife. Arnav stormed off from their promising Khushi “ Till now you have seen my selfless love now you will see my revenge , Arnav Singh Raizada’s revenge when anyone talks ill about my family.
That afternoon when Arnav opened the car door for Khushi to sit in the car he slammed the door almost on her finger.
Arnav sat in the car and drove at a very high speed . Khushi was very scared and try to calm down his anger and asked him the reason.

He took her straight to a temple , called his family and also Payal and her bua ji and immediately performed the 7 sacred rounds of marriage and put sindur in her forehead.
All this time Khushi was crying as he was handling her very harshly. The family was shocked and surprised at this behavior.
Arnav who would tear the world apart for one scratch at his Khushi was treating her worse than he treated any of his enemies.

He carried her into the room and literally threw her on the bed. For a second seeing her crying so bitterly his heart melted but he immediately remembered all nonsense she had spoken about his sister.
He behaved very rudely with her from then on and always avoided the topic when anyone told him to behave better with her or for that matter asked him the reason for his misbehavior. Although Khushi was immensely hurt by his new attitude she always kept a smile of her face in front of his family and developed a deep bond with each member.
She almost cried herself to sleep every night. One day when she couldn’t handle the pain anymore she wrote a letter to Arnav “ I hv tried everything to make u come back to me but u are not reacting anything too me . I cannot live this life anymore so im leaving ‘’ .

She bid her goodbye’s to each member but none stopped her coz every1 knew how much pain she was undergoing every day.
When Arnav reached home he was heart-broken to see that letter lying on the dressing table. He drove to Khushi’s house knowing whatever the reason may be he couldn’t live without her presence in his life.
When he reached her home he confronted her about the situation with Akash he had witnessed that day. With tears in her eyes she explained “ Arnav I hugged Khushi as a brother and nothing else. And about my darling priyanka … who told u to go away without listening too the whole story. I said “We will think of a way to express to the family about Anjali di’s problem . If she can’t become a mother we will not get her married TO A GUY WHO DOESN’T VALUE HER. ALSO SOMEONE WHO WILL AGREE TO ADOPT A KID AND GIVE HER AND KID IMMENSE LOVE WHICH EVERY GIRL WILL WANT IN THIS WORLD”
Hearing her words Arnav hated himself every bit for torturing her. He begged her for forgiveness but she just hugged him back saying it’s okay.

This was a quality Arnav loved of his lady love. She always supports him and understand him in every walk of life. In fact Khushi tells him that she loved the fact that he cares so much about his sister.
They go back home and tell the family the whole story. Everyone gives a nice shouting to Arnav.
The next few months are the best for Shivika. They both enjoy every moment with each other and search for care and love in every small gesture in their partners actions.

PRESENT DAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Khushi comes up back into the room and calls Arnav down for breakfast citing that every1 is waiting for him. Arnav holds Khushi’s hands and thanks her for being a part of his life , she hugs him and says the same thing.

They both now don’t keep any secrets from each other and clear all their doubts regarding any matter so as not to have any more misunderstandings
They are one of the best couples living on earth.
Well that’s the end of my OS. I’m sorry its very short but I don’t have that much time to write to a long one. Thanks all for reading. Pls pray for me as my examzzzzz are coming up. Love u all and awaiting ur honest comments.
Pls tell me if u would like to have chapter wise story of any topic related to arshi.

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