Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arnav checking a paper carefull. He calls Aman and asks why did Aman book train tickets. He tells that Aman told that Khushi doesn’t like on flight food. He says bullshit, she is afraid of plane and says first time when I took her on plane, from take off to landing she took Devimaa’s name thousand’s time. She asks Devi maiyya to stay with pilot, no stay with plane’s wings. She asked Arnav ji if our destination came…..when we will get down…all the time same questions. He says as soon as we got to the destination, she heads towards the kitchen to make jalebis for stress buster. He says the only problem was that it was a 7 star resort. Akash and Payal couldn’t stop laughing. Sometimes I get very much surprised thinking Payal and Khushi are

sisters. Payal doesn’t speak much and Khushi……smiles….

Akash comes and says Bhai you could say same thing for me also. Arnav turns and looks at him. Arnav hugs him and says come on dude. Akash asks did you notice anything different about me. Arnav looks at him and asks if you have grown more taller. Akash says no and says Khushi would have identified the change in him. Aarav says Khushi is not here….. are you trying to rub it in….Akash says ok, I haven’t wear glasses. Arnav smiles and says did Payal ask you. Akash smiles and blushes. Arnav says you have changed after marriage. Did you take them out to take it away. Akash comes and asks comes in the way of. Arnav says getting close, intimate……Akash says oh……Akash smiles and says you know well, what is good in intimacy and says you should have been clean shaven…He touches his beard. Arnav asks him not to touch. Akash says alright and says when did you buy the car, what did you do first. Arnav says khushi had broken coconut. Akash says ok, and asks what is stick on car’s rear view mirror. Arnav says devimaa’s chunari. Akash laughs and says love and marriage…..They sit for coffee…..

Arnav asks how is Payal? He asks about baby. Akash says next month is due date. Arnav says did you remember how to made Payal say I love you. A flashback is shown, Khushi reads Akash letter infront of Payal. Khushi reads when you don’t want to talk to me, and don’t want to accept my love, then why should I live, I am going…………Khushi signs Arnav. Arnav says if anything happens to me bhai…..Payal asks where is Akash now? Khushi smiles. Arnav says he saw him going. Payal asks why you didn’t stop him. Khushi gets tensed and signs Arnav. He asks Khushi what should I tell now. Khushi asks him to go and find Akash. Payal, Khushi and Arnav come to the sunset point. Payal shouts Akash’s name and sees his specs. She thinks she has lost him and says how I will tell now about my love. Arnav and Khushi smiles. Akash comes and holds her hand. FB ends.

Akash says did you remember how did Khushi convince mum for marriage. Arnav says Mami was not convinced by Khushi…. A flashback is shown. Mami says she don’t want to hear about jodis. She says she wants to leave…..Arnav stops her and she cries. Arnav asks her to think about it from mind, and says you are Raizada’s bahu, if you leave this house then your status will be lowered. Akash and Payal will marry anyhow, and then Payal will take your place in this house. He says you will lose status and Akash. He says you will be at loss in this deal, and asks her to decide what is a better deal. Mami understands his point. FB ends.

Akash says anyways happy anniversary to you both. Arnav thanks him and takes the gift. Akash asks him to open the gift with Khushi. Arnav gets Khushi’s update and reads that checking into Parathe Wali gali….eating chatpata chat that someone cannot handle, and rabdi jalebi that someone can never eat. Akash smiles. Arnav understands she is talking about him. Akash laughs. He wishes him best of luck and says he will leave now. He says he has a flight to catch in the evening. He says Khushi wants to talk to you about something important. Arnav says Parathe……..Akash says Khushi is going to talk about baby…….Arnav is shocked and wonders if Khushi wants to discuss about babies with him.

Arnav calls his sister and asks her to do his work. She asks him to tell. Arnav tells her something which makes her surprised and shocked. She asks do you want me to do this. Arnav smiles and says please…..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Superb episode…each episode each member is being coming episode anjali Di..I want some scenes of arnav and khushi also..

    1. Yes.. Yaar… Their remains only 5 episode of IPKKND EJ.. Eager to see Arshi romantic scenes

  2. Such a cute episode!! Was actually ROFL seeing the camaraderie between Akash and Arnav! As they are very close in real life too, the bonding shows! Di in the precap looks good. Waiting for the next episode. These ten minutes is simply too insufficient 🙁 The making of the promo is also so funny!! <3 Arshi

  3. The episode was really very very nice.. Obviously it had to be nice bcz it’s IPKKND… I just want to see Arshi moments.. When will I see my best Jodi together? Ohh!! Can’t wait….

  4. Can anyone share with me the address where I can see the episode? Without hotstar….

    1. hello… click on my name

  5. Nice episode

  6. Wat a blahhhh……y they r dragging it so much………showing so much FBs….jzzt 10 episodes nd they r showing rubbish

  7. when is the next episode ????

  8. Net episode is on Saturday. I think Khushi is expecting. They should bring Arav as well.

  9. Next episode is on Saturday. I think Khushi is expecting. They should bring Arav as well.

  10. ohhhhhhh my godddddd i just love this serial even by only reading the updates am imagining all characters with their expression bt i can not imagine ASR’s laugh please starplus ipkknd ko vaapas t.v pe play karo na agar new season nahi tho atleast old serial play karo na
    am ready to watch it even now i just love ARSHI…….every scene every epispde

  11. all the old episodes can be seen n hotstar cant stop watching the hilarious ones where khushi n whole family go for a movie …

  12. Wow superb episode barun rockz

  13. Sonali benfika

    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn

  14. Sonali benfika

    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn 05 Dec 2015 Full Episode

  15. I love iiss puaar ko kya naam doon ek jashan it is the most wonderful show for me I love it I will watch all old pisode on hoystar daily …and also love aranav and khushi as barun and sanaya……..ilove you very very very very ….muccccchhhhh…

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