Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok calling Shantanu and reminding him their friendship. Shantanu says he will end call, if dad sees him, he will be angry. Shlok asks did he do any mistake, Sapna and he have taken care of them and reminds the old days. Shantanu says we remember everything, and Mishti also talks to him. She says they miss him a lot, if dad sees, they will get scolding, they can’t talk. Shlok says I miss you too, our friendship can be like before again if you both wish. Shantanu talks to him and Indrajeet comes. He asks with whom is he talking. Shlok ends the call. Shantanu says Ballu, you can beat me, and argues with him. He says Sapna and Ballu used to care for us, you don’t worry for us. Indrajeet angrily leaves.

He comes outside and thinks now water

is going overhead, Shlok is taking my kid’s help to fail me, I can’t bear this. He calls the goon and asks him to kidnap Shlok. He says now Shlok will be in my clutches till I marry Astha and make her my Barkha. Astha thinks about Indrajeet’s big deceive, how can anyone fall so low, whats the reason for this, if I m not related to her, why did he keep me with him as his wife, husband and wife’s relation is so pure, he lied for that. He says she feels Shlok was always saying right, so she gets happiness to be with him, she feels she has stayed with Shlok before. She says she will talk to Shlok once and end this dilemma.

Indrajeet comes and asks is she fine. She says yes. He says I have a surprise for you. He shows the saree and says he got this made for Megha for their engagement, he is excited for their marriage. She says thanks and he leaves. She throws the saree and says she will not do engagement with him, what to do to stop this. Jyoti is worried. Sid comes home and she asks him about Deep. He says I complaint in police. Renuka says Baba will get him back. Sid scolds her and says he tried to explain her, she felt he is saying because of Jyoti, all this is because of you, if anything happens to Deep, I will never forgive you. She gets stunned. Sid and Jyoti cry for Deep.

Shlok is kidnapped and is tied to the chair in a dark store room. Indrajeet comes to meet him and smiles seeing him. he says everyone will find him everywhere, and no one will know he has kept him in his own house. He has kept a tv here which will show live telecast of his marriage. He asks his goons to take care and give him injection, to not make him fully conscious.

Sojal and Varad get worried for Shlok and call Apsara to ask him. Apsara says what, Astha came alone yesterday, I will try to find. He asks Kalindi to ask Astha indirectly and try to know. She says fine, and calls her. Indrajeet takes the call and greets Kalindi. She says she wants to talk to Astha and he gives the call. Apsara asks Indrajeet to come, pandit ji has come. He leaves. Kalindi talks to Astha and says Shlok did not come home since yesterday night, he said he is going to meet you, his phone is not connecting. Astha says even I m trying to call him. Kalindi asks her to call her, if she gets to know anything. Astha says fine, I will try my best to find where is Shlok.

Sid talks to his friend and asks about Deep. He does not get anything about him, and calls others to ask. Sid gets tensed getting a call and says he is coming. The police comes and says no need to go anywhere, here is your child. He tells about the kidnapper gang, who comes inside the house as Baba and kidnaps the child, and asks them to take care. Sid asks Renuka to see, they could not lost Deep because of her superstition. She says she did not risk Deep intentionally, she will leave the house. Sid asks her to end the drama, he and Jyoti will leave the house, she should have courage to rectify her mistake.

Varad and Manya ask people on the road about Shlok showing his pic. The people do not give any info. Varad comes to the police station and gives Shlok’s pic. He asks him to find his brother. The inspector says fine, we will try our best. Astha calls Shlok and says I m unable to find Shlok, I can’t get engaged, I don’t love Indrajeet, he has cheated me. Apsara comes asking her to come for the engagement. Astha talks to Apsara and asks her to go, she will come. Astha’s ring falls near the store room door and she sees the door locked. Shlok is inside in semi conscious state. He says Astha.

Astha receives the call on the other line, and hears Indrajeet talking to the goon. The goon says about Shlok getting conscious, and asks shall I give him double dose. Indrajeet says do anything, but keep him unconscious there till my marriage. Astha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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