Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha talking to Shlok and saying she knows she came late. He says yes, I was waiting. She keeps her hand on his mouth and says sorry, I love you. He says you know I get restless when I don’t see your face. She asks him to hug her well as they met after a long time. They hug. Khuda………..plays…………. He says he is very happy that all problems ended, and its just happiness now. She says yes, take rest, I will just come. He says but Astha…. And sees she disappeared and realizes it was just imagination.

Kalindi tells Avdhoot that Shlok got conscious and they all are happy, what about our Astha, don’t know how she is. Avdhoot says you are the root of this house, be strong, don’t cry, else everything will break. She says I m broken,

I can’t act to be strong. She says what did Astha do, why did they do this. Ankush says our family will be complete, forget them, and pacifies her. Kalindi speaks against Agnihotris. Ankush says forget them, I promise will find Astha.

Varad asks Jyoti not to worry as everything will be fine. Jyoti says I can’t see him like this, till when will we hide. He asks doctor the same. The doctor asks him to have patience, and show truth slowly, so that his mind and body can accept it. Varad says we can’t keep it in room always, he can go out and anyone can tell him. The doctor says we have to keep Anjali and Astha alive in his memories and also his life. Shlok comes down and hears it. He asks keeping alive, what does this mean. Varad asks him to come. Shlok asks where are they, are they fine, so they did not come to meet me.

He is shocked seeing Anjali’s pic with flowers over it. He says why is the garlands put on this pic. Varad says come to room, we will talk. Shlok asks is he mad and tears the garlands away. Shlok cries and asks where are Anjali and Astha. Varad and everyone cry. Varad folds hands. Shlok asks him to say. He asks Varad to tell him where are Aai and Astha.

Shlok says I m asking for the last time, don’t lie to me, I can’t bear it. Varad says I will say. He says you three met with an accident. FB shows Shlok taken to hospital. Varad and Sojal come there. Varad says nothing will happen to you Shlok and doctor says he looks critical and takes him to operation theatre. Varad asks inspector about Aai and Astha. The inspector turns and they see the white covered body on the stretcher. They panic and walk to see who is it.

Sojal cries seeing and Varad says nothing can happen to Aai. They break down and cry. Shlok says you are lying right. Varad says I wish. Shlok says nothing can happen to Aai and shouts. Varad says I wish this was lie. Shlok says its all my mistake and cries seeing Anjali’s pic. He says I was with you, and still could not save you, I hate myself. He slaps himself and shouts Aai. They stop him. Shlok asks about Astha. They all get tensed to tell him. Shlok keeps on asking. Varad says after the accident, she is missing. Shlok asks what. Varad says we did not get her. Shlok asks what does this mean, I want to meet her, where is she, I want to talk to her. He says he was in coma, not him, why did he not get Astha.

Jyoti asks how can he think that Varad did not try to get her. Shlok says if he found by heart, they would have got her, they are living well at home, and saying they did not get Astha, its 6 months, 180 days and shouts on Varad. The doctor asks him to relax and not take stress. Shlok says where is Astha, is she alive or dead and in what state, I have to find her. Varad says we are still finding her, you won’t get her. Shlok shouts how can you know I won’t get her. Varad says come with me. Shlok says enough, you did not get her, now I will find her. He says you tried and now I will try.

Shlok recalls Astha’s words that if he did not get her, he should call out Astha where are you, I love you so much. Shlok walks on the does and does the same, asking where is she, opening his arms for her and getting sad on not getting her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. I am happy that I got succeeded in not watching d show. I did for d first time.I feel sad for Shrenu .but, can do anything more this.This feeling is far more better than watching dirty Avi n Shal.Avi ,Shal,waseem n Hanif idoots should repent for not taking in to account fans request many times.Idiots,know atleast now that fans also know to keep up promises.This show must come to a big zero soon, in its trp by end of d next week.

  2. ketki

    i got the same dirty feeling wn i saw a lizard cockroach and shalmalee .avi pahle mai tumse bhut pyar karti thi lekin ab nafrat karti hu sirf aur sirf nafrat…

  3. tanvi

    i wt 2 strt a campaign named SAVE AVINASH i feel sorry fr avis parents who are unable to save their only son frm a witch

  4. Why ,Tanvi n Ketki,were there, that many intimate scenes of Avi n Shal? I stopped watching d show.Avi n Shal, both had a tight hug or had a liplock or had a s*x with eachother in d hall itself infront of all or what.blo*dy b*t*h Waseem will show that also.Please I beg everyone to stop watching d s*xy show of Avi n shal.

  5. Heena prajapati

    Outstanding performance by gr8 avinash as #shlok …Award winning Performer….well done…eyes wr full of tears in today’s episode. Awesome episode..

  6. Stopped watching d show.But,still feel like watching.Avi n Shal stay away from each other atleast on d show please.When ever we see u together we r reminded of ur personal relationship if it is true or not we do not know.We r Ashlok fans.Right from d first day we r huge fans of Ashlok.What ever enemity u have with Shrenu,keep aside for us please.We fans dont have any problem with u and shal off d screne.Our day begins with Ashlok.We touch ur feet n ask to stay away of Shal on d screen which makes us see d show………………………….

  7. Shrenu,Iam reminded of right now. lam literally crying for u like anything.I can not live with out u.Iam asking God why do u do like this only with good people like u.Avi n Shal though deceived many like Rubi n Krithik now happy with eachother on d screen n off d screen.You left alone with some poor costumes in the corner.Oh please take away my life n make my Shrenu happy forever.She is a good charactered girl.Dont play with her life as played with her on d sets.

  8. Avi u were in blue t-shirt in d room, n when u came down u were in black .Now, I got ,for Shalmalee u wore black to match with her blouse.U Avinash dirty rogue,womanizer, cheater,blo*dy b*t*h,scoundrel can’t control feelings for Shal atleast on d screen.Where is another big rogue Waseem n what is he doing?

    • madhura

      even in imagenation shreenu wore black blouse yaar so it matches see in positive way and dont think about negative shal ok be cool y these many scold

  9. Sojal why do u show off so much with ur artificial boobs tooooooooooo front.Yours everything, is artificial behind the screen.

  10. v

    Hey Avinash ,when is ur marriage with a debatchling woman ,Shalamalee?I will surely come n throw a big rock on both of ur heads.

  11. Shalmalee ,how many times u would u had s*x with Krithik and Avinash how many times u would u had with Rubi, hey, u both even match eachother in this matter also.Wow.

  12. This is too much guyz,y comment on peoples personal life,u guyz love astha bcos she is paired with shlok on screen,if they had paired sojal with shlok u would still love sojal,wot ever d case may be i love sojal a.k.a shal and avi together.

  13. U funny Indians. Why talk about peoples personal life’s all the time. At least they actors and wot are you? Some smelly indian who live in shi* houses are drive shi* cars and try to act western when even the west don’t like you and rule your country for years. NOW YOU DONT LIKE IT WHEN SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT YOU DO YOU? Lol

  14. f

    Avinash himself is bringing his personal life on to d screen always n everytime in d serial.Ashlok fans have commented by seeing d same only from d sreen ,as they always wanted their Ashlok to see together but not Shl n Sol on d screen in d serial.Otherwise,fans never commented before, anytime about this matter. As now adays they r seen together many times n they even try to wear same coloured costumes many times on d screen we r hurt.So we requested Shl to avoid this on d screen as he is shl but not Avi on d screen.Otherwise,who cares Avi.Is he,such a noble n worthy person to speak about his personal life.

  15. goldfish

    agree with sammy and anil why comment abt people’s personal life. just watch the show and commect abt the show only plse…

  16. Personal ives of celebrities. ha ha ha ha.Its an open page kept open by themselves ss that anyone n everyone can read.Datings,engaging,marriaging,divorving many is very common in their lives.Only one or two percent.will be like Shrenu.So,stop bothering about such people.Do not waste ur precious time in commenting about them.

  17. This show ,without u, cant justimagine at all.Wherever u r, pl make an entry soon with d best costumes, atleast from now.Got bugged up to see ur old modei sarees with unmatching blouses.U looked gorgeous in those also,that’d a different thing.Waseem, make a time to watch other serials also how they give sareed to their heroines.We adore our Aastha alot.Hope,to see u seen.Not able to see Shl n Soj togetherness.

  18. Madhura, madam,though Shrenu wore, it didnot match with Shl (blue t-shirt)when they r seen together.But Shl matched with Soj when they r seen together in d same scene.U r talking about d epi n I commented about d scene.

  19. KRISH

    Is it anjali ? why dn’t u show her face and avi ur superb ,my grandma started to crying when she saw sholk’s pain and its a very emotional epi.

  20. Listen RITU and F. Your on this to give your comments about the daily programme and not to comment on the actors personal lives you dirty tramps. They are actors and you are nothing so stop getting jealous of their status. Because they are on the public eye all the time don’t mean they not human and can’t make mistakes.

  21. The funny thing is behind them you talk rubbish about them and when you see them infront of you then you always take pictures and autographs of them and tell them you are their biggest fans

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