Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha and Shlok trying to call each other. She calls him and says she wants to meet him, and ends call. Shlok smiles and tells Varad that Astha wants to meet him. Varad gets glad. Baba sees everyone busy in work and steals things again. Sid comes and asks whats happening, why is he taking his items, he is doing theft, is he not ashamed. Renuka and Jyoti come. Renuka scolds Sid for blaming Baba. Baba says he can’t bear more insult, he will leave. Sid asks him to leave and Renuka stops him. Sid says he should leave till I come back from work, this is my house, I don’t give place to thieves in my house. He leaves.

Renuka apologizes to Baba and says forgive my son, please stay. He agrees and says I will never forget this insult. Renuka says take

rest, I will get any cold drink. She goes. Baba tells his men to mix the powder in milk, and make Renuka and Jyoti drink this, they both will sleep and we can do our work.

Apsara talks to the kids. They lie to her about doll’s birthday and ask her to get a cake. Astha makes excuses and tells Indrajeet that she is going out. Ajju tells Kalindi that she knew her heart will overpower her heart. Kalindi apologizes to her and cries. Ajju asks how is Astha, is everything fine there. Kalindi says yes, I met her and she does not remember. She says she will explain Astha with love, don’t worry, and ends the call. Ajju prays to Bappa. Apsara gets the cake and asks the kids about the doll. Mishti says about her mum and Shantanu stops her. He sends her out.

Indrajeet asks Apsara about the knife. She says kids asked for it to cut the cake. He sends her back and gets angry. He says the kids are adamant, and he has to be strict to them now. Shantanu plays the video of Barkha’s old birthday and Indrajeet is shocked seeing it. He slaps Shantanu and scolds the kids. Mishti asks him why did he slap Shantanu. Astha comes and hears them. Indrajeet says Barkha was your mum, now Sapna is your mum, not Barkha. Astha is stunned. He turns and she hides quickly. He sees the curtains moving and checks. He thinks why does he feel Astha was here just now. He leaves.

Renuka gets head ache. Jyoti asks where is Deep, he is not in the room. Renuka says he will be with Baba. Jyoti says but…. Baba is also not there, his belongings and home items are also missing. Sid comes and Jyoti tells him that Baba and Deep are not at home. Sid asks Renuka to see, he has taken Deep away. Renuka says he will be here only. Sid asks Jyoti not to cry, he will find Deep.

Whom will you miss the most when IPKKND2 ends?

Astha calls Shlok and asks where is he. He asks is everything fine, why is she tensed. She says I want to meet you. He asks where and when. She says she will tell him later. Indrajeet comes and asks where is she going. Astha says she was thinking to meet designer, and lies. Shlok hears them on phone. Astha says she will go and meet her, and leaves. Indrajeet says she can act normal, but he knows her well, there is something that she is hiding from him.

Shlok tells everyone that Astha was looking very tensed, he feels she is in big problem, he is going to meet her, he got some hope today, maybe he can get his Astha back. Kalindi blesses him and says she is sure Astha will be his. Shlok says don’t worry and leaves. Astha is on the way and says she will call designer Megha, before Indrajeet calls her. She calls Megha and says she is coming to her office now. She thinks Indrajeet did a big plan, and cheated her, and she was a fool to believe him, Shlok told her the truth so many times and she did not listen to him, she will not stay with Indrajeet now.

Indrajeet and Shlok are on the way too. Shlok prays for Astha’s safety. Indrajeet thinks he has gone ahead in his plan and can’t afford any risk, he has to know did Astha hear him or not, he can’t get peace till he knows this. Astha comes to meet Megha and thinks why did Shlok not come till now. She asks Megha to show the dresses to her and checks them. She sees Shlok and Indrajeet outside and worries. She calls Indrajeet and asks him to come soon and help her, her confusion will be cleared. He says fine, I m coming. Shlok turns seeing him, and Indrajeet does not see him. Astha messages Shlok that she can’t meet him now, and will meet tomorrow. Shlok reads her message.

Astha asks Indrajeet how did he come so soon. He says I knew you can’t choose dress without my help, just kidding. She asks him to see a dress she liked. He likes the dress and she smiles. He says this is just perfect. She says its good he came. He says lets leave, I will drop you. She asks him to go, she has got the car. He says so what, I will ask the driver to follow us. She says fine and goes with him. Shlok looks at them.

He comes back home upset. Kalindi asks him did he meet Astha, why is he looking sad. Shlok says Indrajeet came there and he could not talk. Varad says its too much now, you talk to kids, they will surely help you. He says yes, I don’t think I have any option now.

Astha gets ready and comes near a locked door, where Shlok is tied to a chair.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Feelings sad for Avi he us only TV actor for whom I m crazy but Avi plz do not marry with Ugly Shamlee she looks too bad not good fr u at all

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  8. its too horrible because only 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fatima Kamran

    Love u iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir

  10. Fatima Kamran

    Can anyone tell me that how can I download hotstar on my Samsung tablet Plz help me iam unable to find hotstar, …

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  11. Fatima Kamran

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