Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha asking Shlok to talk to her. Shlok says you won’t change, you don’t care about me, you do what you want, I told you many times, don’t hurt my dad, but you do what Anjali tells you, you will apologize today and do mistake again tomorrow. He shouts on her. Astha holds her hand and says I should have told about Baba those things, was it my mistake, I raised your hand on me. He says keep yourself in my place and see. They argue and she cries. She says yes, I did a mistake, maybe you can’t see those people’s pain, you won’t understand, that ashram is their support, how can I turn my face, you don’t care about them. He holds her and says my Baba is my Lord, I know what you wanted to say.

She says leave my hand, its hurting. He says

I won’t, let it hurt, don’t do such mistake again, I love you, it does not mean you do whatever you think. They start fighting. He says you came to make me realize I m wrong and you are right. She says leave my hand and leaves from there crying. Shlok fumes in anger. Its morning, Shlok is shown sleeping on the rocking chair and wakes up by sunlight. Astha wakes up and looks for Shlok in the room. Shlok sees the time and says its 7am.

Shlok comes to the room. Astha tries patching up and hugs him. He moves her away and asks her to apologize to Niranjan first, till then the situation between them will be the same. Anjali talks to Astha and explains her to apologize to Niranjan, not for her but for Shlok, she can’t see then annoyed. Astha says fine, I will apologize to him on breakfast table. Anjali smiles. Everyone come for breakfast and waits for Niranjan. Shlok asks Anjali where is Anjali. She says I don’t know. Shlok goes to see him. Shlok comes back and says Baba is not at home, I will call him. The ashram people say Jai NIranjan ji. Everyone go out to see whats happening.

The media takes Niranjan’s interview and makes him a great figure, as he has returned their ashram. Niranjan gives a good speech. Shlok asks him where did he go. Niranjan says I was here with Pawar, I could not sleep all night when I saw Astha worried for them, then I thought I should talk to Pawar and solve this matter. He acts goody goody infront of Shlok and raises high in his eyes. Niranjan says I can do anything for my children’ happiness, I regret that I have to go against my rules for doing this, I had to bend infront of them. He smiles and says Astha take this keys.

I want you to give them these keys. Everyone smile. Astha thinks about Anjali’s words and thinks to apologize to him, even if its not her mistake. Astha takes the keys and everyone claps. She touches his feet and apologizes to him infront of everyone. She says I did a big mistake, I promise I will not give you any chance to complain, please forgive me, I don’t know I was kiddish, but I m attached to those people. Niranjan says I m your dad and daughters can always get forgiven, but I try not to make any mistake, as I can’t see my children sad. He smiles and asks is she happy now. She says thanks, and thinks I will be happy if you do this by good heart, just change Baba, give respect to Anjali, then I will be happy.

Niranjan asks them to stay in the ashram. The matron thanks Niranjan. Astha gives them the keys and they clap smiling. Niranjan goes inside. Shlok looks at Astha with a ‘’see what my Baba did’’ look and leaves. The matron blesses Astha. Astha asks about Anjali’s parents. She says we sent them, and will bring them once we go back. Astha asks them to leave. Niranjan talks to himself and says I won today, agreeing to Astha, I won Shlok, showed him how much great his dad is, Astha won’t win over me in next 10 births. Shlok comes there and apologizes to him and says thanks. Niranjan asks why.

Shlok says thanks for understanding Astha’s feelings and sorry for making her wish true. Niranjan acts great and says I tried hard to get them their ashram, it would have taken much time by legal way, Astha is kiddish, so she got tensed, its not wrong, it happens, we have to guide her. He says be careful that she spoils her family’s respect, next time I won’t be able to help her, so stop her being kiddish. Shlok says sorry and I promise I will not make you upset and will do what you want, as no one is more important to me than you. Niranjan smiles and hugs him. Shlok leaves. Niranjan thinks he has turned his failure into victory so easily.

Astha comes to Anjali and asks why is she upset, now I have apologized to Niranjan and he gave the ashram back. Anjali says he will do something that we won’t be able to bear, he gave the ashram land back but its his plan. Astha says she will manage everything, if Niranjan is a tiger then she is a tigress. She jokes to make her smile and asks her not to tale tension, as she will take steps being careful, I won’t tell Shlok about him till I get concrete proof.

She thinks what to do to make Anjali smile and tickles her. Anjali smiles. Niranjan is glad and says happiness will be gone from your life Astha, I will fill bitterness between you and Shlok that you can’t even think. He laughs and says I thought a big thing for you, but not now, its good to be quiet now, as first I have to remove doubts from Shlok’s mind which you planted, what I did today, was for my son’s love.

Shlok and Astha are together having chaat outside. Varad hugs a woman and Kavya sees him. She calls him and Varad meets them. He tells them that he came for a meeting. Astha asks who was that lady. Varad gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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