Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varad and Sojal bringing Shlok home. They bring him to room and gives medicines. Varad asks him to rest. Shlok asks about Aai and Astha and says call them. Varad says take rest, they are at home, meet them later. Shlok sleeps. Varad says I hope medicines will make him sleep well. Sojal asks maid to tell them when Shlok wakes up. Sojal saks Varad what will we tell them when he gets up. Varad says we should be glad that he is out of coma after six months, now we have some hope. She says I m also happy, but when he questions, what will we tell him, he can again get unwell.

He says we can try to handle, we have to hide our pain and be strong to manage him, he will need us when he knows what happened in six months. She says we can’t say what happened

with Astha and where is Baba, but I wish this would have not happened, we got happiness and then… The maid says Shlok woke up. He smiles and says come. Varad goes to Shlok. Shlok says he is feeling much better now. He asks about Anjali and Astha again.

Sojal says Aai went to temple to pray for your good health and they will come after doing some work. Shlok asks him did he kick out Indrajeet Sarkar. Varad says after we got home back, I did not see him again. He asks how did Baba cheat Aai like this. Varad says leave the past, it does not matter why he did it, I m concerned about your health, take rest. Shlok says Aai and Astha did not come back, I will come downstairs. Varad says enough, take rest. Sojal says they went to temple. Shlok says call me when they come, I want to hug Aai. Varad says its matter of some days, doctor said you need bed rest. Sojal comes out and cries hugging Varad.

She says till when will we lie him, I m afraid if our patience breaks by his questions. He says he will also accept this like we did, time will make everything fine. She says did you notice, Shlok did not ask about Baba once. Sid asks Jyoti to take care and helps her in sitting. He asks her to rest, its 8th month. She says what should I do, I recall the old things, I do work to keep my mind busy. He says I understand, take rest for baby’s sake and forget the past. She cries. He gets Varad’s call. Varad talks to them and takes their welfare.

Jyoti talks to him and he tells her that Shlok is out of coma and we got him home. She says its good, thanks Bappa, I will come today to meet him. He says fine, but he should not know anything, doctor said he should not take stress, he can get shocked. She says you did not tell him about Aai and Astha. He says I did not say, you come. Shlok takes Anjali and Astha’s name in sleep and says everything is fine now. Varad looks on and says how will I explain hi m what happened. He closes the door and goes.

Sojal asks maid to make light food, and says I will make, I know his likes, you cut veg. Jaya asks why is she working, now she is owner of the house. Sojal asks her not to say what she has to do. She says she has to tell Kalindi and inform about Shlok getting conscious. Jaya asks her not to call. Sojal scolds her asking her not to interfere in her house matters. Sojal calls Kalindi and Kalindi asks why is she calling them and troubling, she said they are not related to her now.

Sojal says we have relation with Astha and you all, I called to call Shlok got conscious. Kalindi says so what, don’t know where is our Astha, she did so much for your house, and you all did not keep her happy. Sojal says we are also hurt. Kalindi says don’t call us again, our relation ended. Kalindi cries. Jaya asks Sojal why did she call Kalindi. Sojal leaves. Jaya says how did Astha’s soul get in her, my old daughter was good, like me.

Shlok wakes up and thinks Astha came. Jyoti says its me, and meets him. She hugs him and cries. He says I m fine, don’t cry. She says you took much time to get well, I m happy seeing you. She says you are becoming Mama again. Sid says you made us wait long. Shlok says yes, many months passed. She says she is glad that he will be there at her delivery time. He says sure, and asks about Aai and Astha. She looks at Sid. Kalindi sees Astha’s pic and cries. She says I wish I heard my heart and stopped Shlok and Astha’s marriage, I knew he was wrong for Astha, she did not listen to me, why.

Ajju asks her to calm down. Mala gives her water and Kalindi throws it. Ajju asks why is she angry on Mala. Kalindi says my daughter is missing since 6 months, don’t know how is she, in what state, alive or…. Ajju asks what is she saying. Kalindi asks is Astha fine, why did we make her marry there. Ajju asks her to trust Bappa, Astha will be fine wherever she is, she will come back to us soon. Kalindi wishes Astha comes home, and then she will keep her safe with her. Ajju says yes, we will do this, let her come back.

Jyoti tells Shlok that Aai and Astha did not take phone, they went to do havan, puja takes time, I will get some food for you. She goes. Sid asks Shlok to rest, he will send Astha when she comes. He goes. Shlok sits thinking and says where are Astha and Aai, I want to meet them. Astha comes with aarti plate and smiles seeing him. He looks at her being relieved and happy.

The doctor tells Varad that we have to keep Astha and Aai alive in Shlok’s eyes. Shlok hears this and asks Varad where is Astha and Anjali. He is shocked seeing something.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sunny

    they feel astha is dead…seeing those photos der wid garland shlok gets shocked.
    but twist is that astha is alive and she forgot compltly abt shlok….

  2. tanvi

    aastha wr r u? if avi left rubi for shrenu tn it is justified but if it is for shal tn i must say avi u r fool

  3. viewr

    no drama more tell wer s astha..wot hapnd to her??nw serial have standard dnt laag…pls its a rquest

  4. Gayathri

    Oh my god!!!next 6 mnths they r going to play tom and jerry for making viewers fool..accident time they were together but after accident aastha vaanish frm the road..what is this?let us wait what is happening..
    Directorji dont make us fool..bcoz we love this serial..

  5. pallavi

    if sojal really cares for astha to ye makeup n hairstyle kya shlok ko patane ke liye kiya hai

  6. pallu

    if sojal really cares for astha to ye lipstick n hairstyle kya shlok ko pataneke liye hai.chahe jitna bhi makeup karlo astha jaisi nahi lagogi sojal aunti

  7. Hey whats going on?sources were saying that anjali will die.but there wasn’t a single news about what happened to aastha?is she dead or missing?why are they dragging out so much?but one thing is for sure.if aastha is no more i will not watch the show further.because aastha is the backbone of the show.without her the show will be nothing.if anybody knows what happened to aastha,pls tell me.pls…..

  8. ketki

    director ji pls remove sojals character frm serial we dont like to see her tpgether in a scene with shlok

  9. Div

    Astha may be suffering from memory loss ……..spoilers were saying dis dat shlok goes to coma nd astha suffers from memory loss ……..but don’t no where is astha ??????????

  10. Dicrector sir,can u please explain whats all this?why it is taking so much time to reveal the truth?feels like varad and sojal know the truth about aastha.but being aastha’s mother kalindi won’t know the truth?she believes that aastha is alive.even i also like to believe so.but aastha is missing since six could this be possible?if so where is she.ln the precap doctor says to keep aastha and anjali alive in shlok’s means both of them are dead?totally confusing .believes that whatever the truth may be,it will be revraled soon.or r u planning some other twists?whatever twists u may bring pls make aastha and shlok together.otherwise it may hurt viewers a lot.bcz we love the show so much.

  11. anu

    Today episode was piceful but astha anjali in dono nahi this is so sad I’m waiting for tmrw episode

  12. Mrs.kv narayanareddyþ

    How,eagerly Iwaited for d show, U, cant just imagine.The show started with Soj n Shl faces n that too side by side,with out Aas.U .U broke my heart into many pieces.With tears only ,I watched d show for Aas.Oh my God, I feel like dying now.I have small kids.They are also crying by seeing me.What should I tell them that ,why Iam crying.God, please help me in coming out of this situation.My last day of d show.I removed Star plus from my TV.Late night thak jaag kar,I watched d show , eventhough I had watched it, at 6 pm n now at 5:30.Loads of sorry to Shrenu.I can not tolerate ur insult n degradation.They always did this by giving u least preference n very very very poor costumes.Even in Shlok’s dream scene same old saree n unmatched blouse where for only Soj, new desighner saree.Many intimate scenes of Shl n Soj will be seen from tomorrow, which I can not tolerate any more.If I ask d same,many would say, why do I interfere in their personal lives?So all d best Aas .I hate director for not considering my genuine request. Shl n Soj u made me cry many many times.You will be paid for it some or d other day.I pray to God for it,from now.

  13. KRISH

    pls don’t kill astha and anjali both r integral part of show and bring them back as fast as possible dn’t lag so much

  14. Isla Ayisha

    OMG what’s next! So much of suspense! Where is Astha? Epi was incomplete without Ashlok manh #exited

  15. Rekha

    Avi is sponsoring Shal costumes from his mall as she is his future wife.Everyone knows it on d sets, that they r going to marry eachother after d show.That is why they r seen always together sticking ,on the screen n off d screen inspite of many ‘s request.Dir is doing a broker job between dem.Dir u r unfit for direction.Do a broker job after d show in Mumbai red light area.U r fit only for that.Avi ,if u marry Shal in real life,I pray to God for ur seperation daily ,till u r seperated.I know that this is a sin.I pay for it, by doing , someother punya kaarya.Shameless Avi n Shal.

  16. Madhurima

    It was very very horrible to see Shl uncle n Soj aunt together.How happily they both did that seen.I have firmly decided to stop watching d show even if Aas is going to be back.Shrenu,I made a CD in which all ur nautanki,dance,roman scenes are there.Whenever l feel like seeing u, I will play thar CD.These people will not understand common peoples feeling.I will beg Star plus people to kick d show out of their channel.I will show them evidences,how bhadava de rahe hi, iss babhi ur devar ke pyaar ko.I will see the show’s end soon.

  17. Susan

    If Shl n Soj are given a scene to have a s*x with eachother, they live in it,I think.Ple sir, show that also.They both r eagerly waiting to do d scene.Idiots.

  18. Hey guys,how many times, they would have had in real life with eachother.Single shot is ok for them.Cultureless brutes.How many ever comments they get negitively,all Avi, Shal, Waseem,Hanif repeat. What is d use.That debatchling Shal should quit d show first.

  19. madhura

    epi was really boring without astha think so she lost her memory and may be living with any 1 as a daughter or may be as wife but with any family or she may be ashram as a starting astha then shlok would start to search astha by moving for any buiseness metting he may get chance 2 mee her but would realise about her state and would follow her like a bf and make her realise about her shlok and their life
    but for sure show is going 2 be very boring by sojal and idiot jaya etc
    and another drama of kalindi was irritating but very interested 2 know about the upcoming track

  20. Avi n Shal stop wearing matching colours.Yeh dhikava kyoo?Everyone knows that ur one.Someone is right,for one minute also, she is given new sarees.All others even including aas poor costumes. For Apsara aastha’s blouses n for Sid’s mother Aas p n bl saree was given.Why? Soj is only woman n others not.Atleast for Aas u used like a football.

  21. Shal from tomorrow onwards you show ur ………………to avi , because all our friends have decided to stop watching d show.Shrenu,see u soon in d next project.We all pray to God for it.All d best.

  22. Swarna

    why does the stupid directors wanting to kill Anjali & Asta::::: so stupid !!!. Varad done enough damges to the family yet he is ok pooe Asta & sholok needed work like servants to get the property back now killing the main characters ??? NO SENSE directors please change the story lines the show must be ending what else??? at least end as a happy episode not killing off the most favourite people. the audience wont like it in olden days te tragedy is acceptable not ANY MORE…. please bring Anjali ^ Asta BACK.

  23. Shal desai u might have trapped that 35 years old looking hunch back, fool n womanizer idiot Avi easily with ur ………………………,but not d intelligent audience with ur over make up n show off.Be careful, God is watching u from above.

  24. Mohana

    Oh god whats going on in serial what happend to astha .we cant see serial with out astha.atleast plz keep spoiler

  25. fan

    Why R U guys talking about Avi’ personal life…..
    We don’t have any right to say anything about his life….

  26. Avi, first u dye ur hair. All ur white hair is seen, from sides, afterwards u can have s*x with her.Otherwise Shal will kick u out with her left leg from bed ,thinking, u have become an oldman.

  27. Avi, how did u give her anew saree to wear for Shal.That too returning from hosp.Over makeup n new hair style.You Varad buddu beside n as if u r hus n wife u entered.I hate to see u together.I wiil stop watching d show. Bye forever.

  28. Shrenu is one among crores.Shal n Avi learn from Shrenu atleast. Inspite of rumours u both stick to eachother means what should we say.You both r Kamapichachi’s. And that lilliput n fatty Waseem abig rouge.for whom ithna make ithna style. Avi ko loot liya na.Ab kise.Waiting for any Dhubai Shiek to come n take u.Just now watched d show after my preparation for my exams.I could not resist after seeing that.Poor Avi did not make out her character atleast from suuh behaviour by Shal. Chiiiiiiiii.

  29. fan

    All d world’s bad n neg words I would use to describe Shl n Soj togetherness. Same coloured finger ring n matching blouse n mat t-shirt n standing side by side n looking at eachother n talking squeezed our hearts.There is no surprise even if u show Shlok n Sojal on d bed.Scoundrel Waseem may even show that.But we r not ready to tolerate.I crushed d show n putit in d dustbin.Idiot Wasee do d same n put it in ur ……..I wil never watch d dirty show again.Now also its coming but I did not on it.

  30. Hey , blo*dy b*t*h Avi,how much u paid pro,dir in return to show u n Shal together always inspite of humble request n demand n command,whatever it may be.I hate both of u a lot.Shal is a s*xy rocket for a people like Avi.Shal blue films suits u a lot.

  31. Adi

    That’s true.All Ind n Pak viewers should boycott d serial.Should not encourage such dirty shows.From my side yesterday was d last show.

  32. Yes, some is right regarding Shl n Soj.Avi would have bribed them.How come only a hike to Soj in her costumes n looks, all others with same old dirty n poor costumes.Aas where r u my dear.PIe quit this dirty show.Its all about Avi n Shal as it always been.I will never watch d any more.

  33. Shal ,how muchever makeup u do to ur face u will never be equal to Shrenu in her beauty n character,which is most important for girls.Shrenu is a hot ball of fire who makes rumours into ashes from very very verry very far itself.Bye bye every one forever.

  34. saran

    Omg….I was so excited that sholk n his family got back their house then I saw the drama of anjali. Why??? If anyone should be outta of this show is sojal’s mom or even jhoti ‘s mother in law. NOT anjali. This is crazy and somewhat creating another issue. Again sholk has to deal with another drama??? Omg….can’t we see that good triumps over evul for once???? If anjali has to leave thw show then why not have her go in a good way. We fall in love with a particular character then we get a broken heart. I think indrajeet fam member prob drove the truck killing anjali n indrajeet probably kidnapped astha which is a big disappointment. Hello????? What happened to niranjan????

  35. Hey,Sojal,this is a family show not a dirty picture or not a ramp nur not a model in d show.Why do u show off so much u n ur artifical boobs n hanuman mouth n ur forehead my foot.Look at Shrenu,how simple n elegant she is.Take Shlok to ur makeup room secretly n showoff be4 him with costumes or with out,like however he likes to see u.

  36. Stupid Waseem,Shl n Aas were hardly together excepting Mumbai scenes from d day one of d show.Their chemistry is not going to work any more.They dont even talk to eachother on d sets.Why r u risking ur self.End d dirty show which always hasbeen more of Shl n Soj on d screen n off d screen.A bad bye to ur show.

  37. Sojal,u tell Shlok to dye his grey hair n to remove his dark circles around his eyes n then show off with him.U dirty …….How people r bearing u on the sets.

  38. Shal if u marry Avi in d real there is no problem to any one.I beg u to understand fans feelings.Piease ,Shal ,I beg u to quit d show as Shl is not able to do his performance well,as he is busy always in running after u like a dog after a b*t*h.Not at all enjoying Aas n Shl’s chemistry,as always u both r seen together.PIease Shal only u can save us….pl….pl…

  39. Hai,long necked n left eye small n right eye big, woman,please do it first yaar.Now tho u r,little bearable after u got ur teeth treated .otherwise, ur smile was horrible before.However u r, stay away from Shl atleast on d screen.Now a days his acting is below average.Dont spoil viewers mind set. also.All are not Avi s.

  40. We dont want dirty Sojal beside Shlok.We want our cute Aas beside Shlok.Do u understand that,idiot Waseem.Otherwise Iam dropping toooo.

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