Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niranjan realizing that the Prasad is like Anjali used to make. Sojal says she learnt from Aai, so it tastes like her hand made one. He says fine. Sojal thinks how can this taste like Anjali made it, how. She hears the door bell and asks Sita to see. Shlok asks Astha to give his shirt. She says its done and gives him the shift after stitching it. He looks at it and says great, my wife will do something. She asks him to get ready fast as he is getting late. She corrects his collar and buttons the shirt. Music plays………… They have an eyelock. She says all the best. Chowkshi comes to them and greets Shlok.

He says did I disturb you. Shlok says no. He says I don’t like disturbing anyone, take this address, I asked for your job, its an

interview. Shlok says but I already have an interview. Chowksy says you go there first, if you don’t get job, then come here, I will also meet you three. Shlok thanks him. Chowksy says he is Gujju Bhai, and helpful always. Shlok starts leaving. Astha gives him a flying kiss and he goes. Niranjan asks Anand to have food. Anand says no, thanks. Anand says we have big deals and have high risk factor, the one Varad is handling and he is dealing with new people, so he felt odd and came to tell him. Varad comes and hears this.

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Niranjan tells Varad what Anand was saying, about new projects and he is dealing with new people. Varad says yes, I was about to discuss this with you, the one you don’t find right, we will not do it. Varad asks Anand to remember that he is worried for his Baba and company more than him. Niranjan says Anand has good experience and he knows my and Shlok’s way, he learnt a lot with us, if you have any doubt, you can ask him, he will guide you. Varad says fine. Niranjan asks Anand to leave. Anand thanks him and leaves.

Astha prays to Bappa for Shlok’s success. Shlok gets rejected at many places. He thinks his interviews are going well, but no one is giving job without any certificate. Where will I get my docs? Money is also ending, I have to find a job. He thinks about Chowksi’s words and thinks to go to that address. Anand comes to office and meets Varad. He asks why did he call him. Varad says yes, sit, you have much experience and its time we value it, you are promoted. Anand says fine. Varad says you will head our Chennai office and handle all projects, you will do good job, I m sure of it, salary will be high and you will get accommodation. Anand is shocked and says if Shlok was here, he would have not taken this decision. He leaves. Varad says yes Anand, and you would have not behaved in this way with Shlok, like you did with me.

Shlok meets Chowksi and he takes him to the shop. He asks is he educated and knows English, then he will get good salary for him. Shlok asks where we have to go. Chowksi says here. Shlok says its saree shop. Chowksi says yes, come. He brings Shlok to the shop and makes him meet Praful. He says he is MBA and speaks good English. Praful asks did you explain work to him. Chowksi says yes. Praful says get training from guys here, and in beginning, you have to show sarees by wearing it and making them wear it, you have to convince them the fake rate and make them buy it.

Chowksi asks Shlok to take the job. Shlok is shocked and leaves. Apsara stops Astha by coming in her way. Astha moves her hand and leaves. Shlok comes back to the chawl. Astha asks him did he get the job. Shlok is quiet. She says its fine, wait for it, you will get the best job. He says I don’t know, I have interview tomorrow. She says yes, I will make coffee for you, your mood will become good. She funds him very upset.

Kalindi asks Ajju shall I send some money for Astha and Shlok. Ajju says no, this items are enough. Ankush says I wish to send many things, I get upset thinking what are they going through. Ankush hears this and asks what are you sending to my beautiful sister. She must be in problem because of you, you get problems wherever you go, she got married and left, still your dark shadow affected him, but I accepted it. He says you did not manage her, her husband might be fed up of you and about me, you did not see me since years, benefit me now.

He says give me my things back, I will leave with my wife and you have a peaceful life. He leaves. Ajju asks Kalindi not to worry as Ankush will change, but it will take some time. Its morning, Astha wakes up and looks for Shlok. She says its out marriage anniversary today, maybe he is arranging a surprise for me, I should also do something for him. Niranjan gives gifts to pandit and asks them to have food and go. Varad and Sojal looks on. Varad asks is there any special occasion today. Niranjan says its Shlok’s marriage anniversary today, I did this for his success and wellbeing. He says he did this for Shlok’s brigh future and he hopes Shlok comes back, but its strange that you forgot it.

Varad says I remember, but I forgot being in work pressure. Niranjan says Shlok is my heart beat, I m worried thinking how is Shlok and where, the moment he left, I realized I was so wrong, how did I let him go, he is my son, if I stopped him, he would have not gone. All the chawl women stand in queue to get water. Apsara smiles seeing Shlok. Astha sees Apsara staring at Shlok and smiles. A girl asks Shlok to fill a bucket of water for him, and calls him hero. The ladies say no husband does this, and laughs. Shlok fills the water. Apsara asks him to keep coming, as she can get her eyes cooled, and she should know his muscle power. She flirts with him and smiles.

Shlok takes the bucket and goes to Astha. Astha also teases him calling him Chikne, and why did he go to get water in women queue, its special day, so you came here. He says no, you were sleeping. She says you should have waked me up, don’t work today. He asks why. She says its special day, as its…. He says he is getting late and leaves. She says Shlok does not remember its out anniversary.

Apsara troubles Astha and Shlok by making bathroom busy. Astha says she will take bath in hall and sits down to put water on her head. She asks Apsara to see. Apsara gets angry as her plan fails.

Update Credit to: Amena

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