Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niranjan telling Anjali that he did not know Kavita will wait for him, he thought she will move on. Kavita asks Anjali to go with Niranjan, as she just preaches him and does not want to snatch him from her. Ahilya says enough, I have seen you living a bad life, and when you got a chance to get all your rights back, you can’t move back, Anjali was good as her husband and children are with her, Niranjan had happiness with her, what about you, you tied relations with the world as this Niranjan left you. I have seen you crying every day, who will pay for this.

He asks Niranjan to say, he knows Kavita very well that she will not do anything, what will you do, or you say Anjali, you are a woman, tell me what justice will happen with my daughter.

She says what will they say, they are the culprits. She scolds them and says she will not let them punish Kavita anymore. Anjali apologizes to Kavita and says Niranjan did the sin, but she will repent for it. Everyone is shocked.

Varad asks her not to take any wrong decision in emotions, she did not know anything, how can she blame herself, its not her mistake, how can we blame Baba seeing just one pic. Anjali says I will repent, I will not hear anything. Niranjan says trust me I did not do anything, I know I have hurt you a lot, I will be ashamed all my life, but I have given wife’s rights to just you. Anjali says how can I think about myself seeing Kavita. She tells Kavita that she will return all her rights and her mangalsutra to her. Niranjan is stunned.

Anjali says today I sacrifice my husband. Everyone cry. Sarkar family looks on shocked. Niranjan asks Anjali what is she saying, he can’t live without her, she is his life, he did not do any sin, how can he punish him. Anjali says I m punishing myself, I can’t live and can’t die, I can’t live with you, I don’t have any place in your life now. She removes her mangalsutra. She gives him and says its your turn now, someone is waiting for this right since decades. She asks Niranjan to return the mangalsutra to Kavita. She drops her mangalsutra.

She cries and runs. Shlok and Astha go after her. Niranjan cries and sees her mangalsutra. Varad and Sojal stay with him. He sits down in shock holding the mangalsutra. He says she should have trusted me and cries. Sojal says we should see Aai. Ahilya looks on. Kavita cries feeling bad for Anjali. Anjali walks on the road recalling Niranjan and Kavita’s truth. Shlok and Astha look for her. Astha says she is there and they rush to Anjali asking her to stop, they are with her.

Shlok moves her and asks what was she going to do. Anjali says she does not want to live now, everything ended, why did this happen with me. Shlok and Astha pacify her with their support. Anjali says I know Astha is brave and she will take care of everyone. Shlok asks why is she saying this. Astha says she will be with them. Anjali says she has seen and bear a lot, not anymore, I m tired, I don’t want to live. Shlok says wait, come with me. They stand in the middle of the road. A truck comes and hits them. Shlok bleeds and sees Anjali lying injured far. People gather there.

Six months passes and Shlok is seen in the hospital. Shlok opens his eyes and says Aai. The nurse rushes to call doctor. He says Astha… The doctor checks him, and asks him to rest. Varad and Sojal come and say Shlok is fine, he got conscious. Kavya says see Chachu got up, I m very happy today, he got conscious after six months. The doctor says make her quiet, patient can’t bear stress. Sojal asks Kavya to be with Shlok when he comes home. Varad asks can I talk.

Varad says he is very happy seeing Shlok conscious. Shlok asks about Aai. Varad gets silent. Shlok says where is Astha. Varad says they are out, they will come. The doctor says they will be outside, you need rest, please cooperate. The doctor asks Varad to call them. Shlok says call Aai. The doctor says call his Aai, he is still critical, do as he says. Shlok sleeps again. Kavya asks what happened. Sojal says he is resting. Varad asks doctor is he fine, will anything… The doctor says don’t worry, I gave him injection, he needs rest, he is perfect alright, I want to do some tests to make sure he is fine, we can discharge him tomorrow is reports are fine, he can recover soon being at home with family.

Varad says how can I tell him truth about Anjali and Astha. The doctor says don’t tell him now as he can get a shock, when he gets fine he will get strength to accept it. Varad thanks him. Varad sits with Shlok and looks at him.

Shlok asks Jyoti why did Aai and Astha did not come. Jyoti says they went for doing Havan. Shlok asks where are they. Astha comes to hi room and smiles seeing Shlok.

Update Credit to: Amena


      • chante moodley

        Soo looking forward to the next scenario though, but please do not drag the soap and make us wait don’t increase the suspense however not to pleased with the sudden change.. sincerely lover of this episode

  1. meenu

    drastic change in just one episode. many things changed.lets hope an interesting track ahead but will miss geetanjaliji badly

    • meenu

      anjali is dead but dont know whether astha is suffering from memoryloss or not since she is shown in precap

  2. meghana

    what about aastha plz we will not tollerate avi without shrenu and hey shal stay away frm avi we hate you

  3. Huma Manzoor

    I think Astha is dead. In the precap may be it’s someone else and shlok is imagining about astha. Maybe they will make shlok marry poornima

  4. mpw

    What happened to aastha? We only know of anjali dying… Nothing was mentioned about aastha in the spoilers or anything… Does anyone know what happened to her??

  5. sujathareddy

    So much, I expected from today’s episode.But,it was not up to that mark.l thought, there would be power packed performances by Aastha ,Anjali n Shlok.But u took an easy leap of six months. That way, if we see, yesterday’s episode was nice.Shlok’s performance was average in the hospital scene.Anyhow,awaiting for tomorrow’s epi.

  6. Ammu

    To day very fast…..episode
    What happend to anjali and astha… i am waiting for next episode…

  7. sujathareddy

    Shriya n Meghana r 200 percent right.If Aastha is killed in the show,I will never watch d show further.This show is zero with out Aastha.Because,she single handedly managed d show till today.What ever TRP bachi hui hi, that is just because of Aastha.Otherwise where is d time for Avi, always engaged with Shal on d screen n off d screen which is clearly seen in ur performance, which is becoming worst day by day.There may be no loss for u,because,u will get married to Shal after d show ends,u both fly happily to some foreign countries on honeymoon, come back n both of sit in ur mall n look after ur business.Have u ever thought of ur pro,dir n co-stars otherthan shal.Have atleast some gratitude towards them,those who have spent a lot on both of u.Producer sir, if u have a lot ,please give it to poor.Why do u waste on blo*dy people,those senses have been stopped working.Or else, u kick that lady who keeps her artificial boobs toooooo front n shows her attitude as if ,she is the heroine in d show.Then only ur show can restores its last place.Ot,herwise you too wii be kicked by Star plus.Totally,they spoiled Rubi’s n Krithik’s lives along with many people around them.

  8. Dhanya

    I too, agree with you.l too hate those two big cheaters.I really wonder how , Avi ,fell in love with Shal n broke his engagement with Rubi for her ,who dated a guy for 4.5 years n by seeing Avi, that hunch back boy ,trapped him ,to lead a lavish life as he is the only son for their entire property.Is Avi ,such a fool n womanizer.All d best for ur sad n pity life ahead.

  9. Madhurima

    Hey,Shal u might have trapped Avi by applying kgs together rose powder n lips stick, n by tying ur saree, I km down d naval, but not d family type viewers.You better go to Mumbai …………. ,u get even more big shots.

  10. madhura

    nice epi 2morrow’s epi maybe like shlok to get discharge and as shown in precap astha would come and smile and ask who r u 2 shlok and shlok would get shook and he would ask every1 and come 2 know about anjali’s death and would take steps to bring astha’s memory back.
    and 1 other request 2 people who scolded avi and shal as it is their like we can’t say anything about it and for ur kind information engagement news which was said is a fake one so pls dont talk about other’s personal life
    -as a fan of avinu aka ashlok
    if i had hurted some1 sry

  11. keerthana

    Want shlok and astha back…..otherwise i will not see this serial……now a days star plus channel serials are getting bored…..astha shlok come back…..

  12. Madhurima

    Madhura m’am, it’s not interference in other’s personal lives, if rumours have come out,what is their responsibility, they should come out n say there is nothing like that we r only friends,or reveal d truth.Ok, dt’s their personal life.,leave it.Today , d show is in the last place in its TRP.who is responsible for it.You know na how difficult to get a chance in this competitive world.We request dem to put their efforts to keep up the show’s image which might help others to get work in other projects.Eventhough season-1 thrashed all records, Barun n Sanaya could not get succeeded in their professional life ,after d show.That’s why we request them to save d show as many people’s lives are depending on d show at present n in d future.

  13. Neha

    Splendid comment Shriya.She is not equal to Shrenu in beauty from inside n outside.You blo*dy ,cheap n characterless, shameless ,woman.Avi wakeup, ur pro life n per life, is spoiled.It’s high time, come on correct it.

  14. change

    Hey guys,r u sure dat anjali is dead? I read da spoilr about somtims spoilrs cn b feelng dat anjali isntdead.i thnk anjali has left herfmly.aastha has gone to takecare of her.then u will say dat aastha wont go anywhere when shlok is in bad state! bt I cnt get dat sily feelng out of my head

  15. Bhavana

    Director ji ,please dont kill Aastha.If Aastha is not there,show is nothing.If she is not in the show,we can not see Avi’ n Shal’s over actions’s from tomorrow.Even if u tie them with ropes to different pillars,they break the rope into pieces n stick to eachother which u r bearing d scene behind d screen now, the same scene we would be seeing.If it happens,bye ,bye to u n ur show.

  16. Preethi

    Avi made every one fools by saying,he is not engaged.But, he didnot reject Shal or relationship with her.He just didnot announce d date.So,every one stop watching d show.Babhi aur devar ka pyaar kaun dekhna chaheinge.

  17. Angeli is married to indrageet and niranjan married thaku maa. Wot ever you like to imagine has happend. Just watch tomrows episode and you will find out you stupid Indians

  18. kvnarayanareddy

    Since Aug 26 2013 u might have atleast eight times per day on an average,Iss pyaar ko kya na doom?, kya naam doon?, kya naam doon?Today, from my side I would suggest,Babhi aur devar ka beintehaa pyaar.

  19. Swarna

    why the producers wanting to kill Anjali? killing off an innocent woman who suffered? who wants to see stupid Kavita? husband ran off the same day still waiting ? what nonsense? knows all the tradition of his home? please note the audience are not bunch of idiots !!!
    Anjali’s character is so noble cannot be killed off and bring 1st wife back!!!
    be practical when writing stories I couldn’t stand that Ahalya character – waited 32 years? should have send a search party if she wanted her son in law back. didn’t have the guts of course knows only to cheat to get the rights? A man who ran away and married someone is not worth having him back if any pride left?
    Poor Asta and Sholk worked so hard to get the house back then Anjali becomes too sentimental – I just wish the producers didn’t kill off Anjali she is the back bone of this story
    it was a [pleasure watching her character NOW?????????

  20. kvnarayanareddy

    Hey, if u r going to kill Aastha,u kill varad too.Iam reminded of Ram n Gau kapoor’s Ghar ek mandir which used to come on DD when i was 15 or so.There devar(Ram)married babhi(Gau)after his bro’s death.Af dt dy married to eachother in d real life.History will be repeated if you do so af many years on the TV shows.It might cross Kumumbhagya’s trp.I hate ur serial.

  21. Rekha

    If Shal was in Shrenu’s place, by now she would have given birth to a baby with Avi on d sets itself,ie behind d screen which would make no wrong even if she does.

  22. saranya mohan

    please dont make aastha to die she have to be alive. both shlok and aastha want to live together.

  23. Kisiki personal life me enter karna sahi nhi hai.agar avi nd shal apne relation kaliye serious hai to aap logonko usme dikat nahi honi chahiye.unki personal life wo decide karenge.aapko koi hak nahi.avi ne mana kiya hai nd bola hai ki its just rumour.aap serial ke nd character ke upar comment kariye guys.i hope this serial is better than other boring serials.i like this nd nauc very much.this two serials are far better than other boring serials.i like today epi.interesting to witing tomorrow epi.

  24. Madhurima

    I explained it ,in a big essay,that ,its not an interference, its just a consideration towards our other favourite stars whose career depends on the present show.Along with u Avi n Shal too, took that way.That’s y today ur fav show is in last place.That’s d worry.Otherwise who cares their personal lives.

  25. renu

    Plz plz dont make anyone die i m the biggest fan of this serial.we want aastha and shlok back…!!:(

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