Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mala finding the property papers in Kalindi’s room. Kalindi comes there and says Mala. Mala gets tensed and turns to see her. Kalindi asks what is she doing here. Mala says I came to meet you. Kalindi gives her the necklace as Mu Dikhai on Diwali day, its auspicious day, you have the responsibility to bring Ankush on the right path. Mala thanks her and leaves. Suman tries to cheer her up Anjali. She gets Astha’s call and asks where is she. The ladies ask her to put on speaker. They wish Happy Diwali and Astha too wishes them. She asks for blessings. Anjali blesses Astha and Shlok. Astha asks Anjali not to cry. Anjali says I m not crying, and asks about their home in Mumbai.

Astha says its small, but good and has nice people. Anjali asks

for address to send something. Astha makes excuse of sound and leaves. Mala tells Ankush that she did not get papers, and Kalindi gifted this for Mu Dikhai. Ankush says whats this and takes it. Mala says this Laxmi also gone in Diwali.

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Apsara asks her son to play with crackers somewhere else. Shlok asks Astha to call her Aai. Astha says if we tell her where we are, she will try to come here and we can’t take her help, as we have self respect. He asks her to think something. She smiles and hugs him. Kalindi gives Prasad to everyone. She misses Astha and thinks how will be her Diwali. Ajju says it will be fine, Astha knows how to bring happiness. Astha calls Kalindi and wishes Happy Diwali. Kalindi says I was wishing for your call and blesses them. She asks where are they staying. Astha says its small good place, we will take good house on rent later.

Kalindi asks for address. Astha says we will meet later. Kalindi explains her to meet them. Astha says Lord is testing us, and you will not like us to fail, so I have to be strong, don’t come here. Kalindi says fine, atleast tell the address. Astha says yes, on one condition. She says no one should know where we are staying, no one understands me better than you. Kalindi says fine. Astha gives the address. Everyone burn crackers in the chawl. Shlok and Astha also light some crackers and have fun. Apsara sees Shlok and Astha enjoying. She says it looks they have good current, and asks her son Sachin to do something.

He scares Astha by the crackers. Shlok scolds him. Sachin argues and does commentary. Apsara smiles. Astha scolds him and says call me Astha aunty. Sachin says she is Phuljaadi. Apsara says I will see who stops Sachin. Astha says let it be, they are doing intentionally, we will burn phuljadi. Apsara lights up Anaar and her saree end catches fire. She gets worried and asks Shanta to save her. Astha runs to help her and takes a pot of water. She puts off the fire by throwing water.

Shanta asks what did she do, you made my bahu wet from head to toe. Astha says I was helping her, she caught fire, so I have put water. Shanta says who told you. Shlok says no need to tell them, lets go. Apsara says she will show her. Astha also talks in her style Astha says its her pastime to argue with me. Shlok laughs seeing Astha talk in chawl style. Astha smiles. Chowksi comes to meet them. He asks where are they going. Shlok says nearby. Chowski asks them not to get lost. He says show Mumbai’s beauty to Astha.

Shlok says we won’t get auto, so we will go by walk. Chowki asks him to take his bike as he is his fav client. Astha says no Mota Bhai. Chowksi says take it if you call me Mota Bhai and insists. Shlok says come and takes Astha. He says a girl will be sitting behind me on bike for the first time. She says its first time I m sitting on bike behind a guy. He says wow, great coincidence, its out first bike date. They leave. Anjali’s parents see her upset. The lady asks her to visit her home as its near and if she wants to see it once. Anjali smiles and leaves.

Shlok and Astha see Mumbai. He says its said that this city never sleeps. She asks what else is there to see. Anjali gets inside the gate of Agnihotri house. She thinks its Diwali and its so darkness here, there is no diya lighting here. She walks to the tulsi plant and walks the diya. She lights more diyas and the flower pot falls my mistake. She prays to Lord. Niranjan hears the sound. He asks how is it and comes out. Anjali hides. He sees the diyas lighted everywhere. Anjali sits behind the car. She sees Niranjan going back. He looks at the diyas and turns again. He goes inside the house. She gets up and is relieved.

Its morning, Astha makes Shlok have the curd and says Lord will help you in getting the job. She gives his shirt. He sees its torn and shows her. He says what will I wear now, I m already late. She says I will do something. He says what will you do, all other shirts have to be washed. She says relax. Sojal serves food to Niranjan. He asks where is Varad. She says he went out for some work, he will come. She gives him Prasad. He eats it and stops. He asks from where did you get this. She says I made it. He thinks of Kavya telling Aaji gave her the box and she kept it near temple. He says its like Anjali used to make.

Chowksi asks Shlok to go for the interview. Shlok says I m already going for interview. Chowksi says first you go here and see. Shlok goes to the shop and the man asks him to sell sarees, and show to customers by wearing it and also make customers wear it. Shlok is let down by such stupid job.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice epidode..sales man… Oh!!!that is so sad..

  2. nooooooo shlok cant be a sales man i will hit the director if it so. todays epi amarkalam.

  3. No sales man.plz think practically and give sutable job to shlok.

    1. Really!!!!!!!! He must be given suitable job kuch bhi dikhate hein

  4. Nooo…salesman pls…..noo….

  5. Miss. Malini

    I wish that shopkeeper should’ve asked him to sell lingerie by wearing it and showing them and by making them wear it. LOL. He’s looking so hot these days. :*

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