Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha and Shlok bringing the items home. She asks him to have food, as he is hungry since morning. She takes out the tiffin from her bag and gives the snacks. She finds gold coins and says it means Ajju kept this. She says its good, our money is ending now. Shlok says yes, is there any competition to think out of the box, it belongs to Ajju, you keep it safe, we can get money, I can get job as I will mail my resume. She says she has to apply Uptan and then he has to take bath. Apsara hears Astha saying remove your clothes and her ears get sharp. Astha reminds Shlok of the last time she applied uptan.

Apsara tries to see them. Shlok removes his shirt. Astha applies the uptan. Mahiya mere mahiya…………… Maine tujhko mujhme mujhko tujhme

karliya hai shamil…………….. plays…………….. Shlok holds her and applies the uptan to her cheek from his cheek. Apsara sees them and smiles. Astha says why did you apply me. Shlok says just for fun, I will go and take bath. Apsara turns as Shlok levaes. Astha smiles and does her work. She says she will rest for sometime. Apsara says she will make her rest and comes to Astha to fight with her, asking her to make her Rangoli first and then take rest.

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Astha says I will make your Rangoli. Apsara mixes vicks in the uptan and thinks she will see how Astha rests now. Astha makes the Rangoli. Apsara says she wants to be equal to me, I m most beautiful girl in the chawl, now see the cold effect. Astha applies the uptan and her face starts burning. She tells Shlok. Shlok says I will do something, wait. He says see here and removes the uptan. Astha cries. Shlok cares for her. He blows on her face. He asks is she feeling fine now. Apsara gets upset seeing their romance.

Anjali says its good Niranjan did not see us and talks to her parents. She sees Kabvya and smiles. Kavya says she is feeling bored and wants to go out to play. Sojal says fine, go. The lady thanks Niranjan for the charity items. Niranjan says distribute this to everyone and asks did Astha call here. They say Astha is busy. Niranjan says Sojal check all rooms, no one should be left. Sojal says fine. The lady stops her. Niranjan says I want to do my best and improve things here, so want to see all rooms. Kavya sees Anjali and smiles. She runs and hugs her.

Anjali smiles and asks her to talk slowly. Kavya says she missed her a lot. Anjali says even I missed you. Kavya asks why don’t you come back home. Anjali cries and says I can’t come, but you promise me you won’t tell anyone that you met me. Kavya promises. Anjali gives her a hanky with her name Kavya and her fav cartoon. She gives her laddoos and asks her to go. Kavya says I love you Aaji and leaves. She comes to Sojal and Niranjan sees her. Sojal asks who gave you this. Kavya says Aaji. Sojal and Niranjan are shocked.

Anjali gets tensed and hides. Sojal asks where is she. Kavya lies and says an old lady gave her this, so she called her Aaji. Niranjan asks where, come with me, lets meet her. Anjali hides from them. Kavya shows someone else. Niranjan says lets go and takes Kavya. Kavya sees Anjali and smiles. Astha and Shlok pray to Lord. Astha prays for Shlok’s success to make his own identity. Shlok prays to give happiness to Astha and Anjali. They wish each other happy diwali. He asks her to forward her foot. She asks why, do you touch my feet. He says yes.

He shows the anklet and makes her wear it. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon………………He says I m sorry Astha, I promise I will get real anklet soon. She says its very beautiful, your love is enough, thanks, but how did you get it, how did you get talent to buy gift for wife while hiding. He says he has some other talent, can he show. She says Shlok and beats him. They have a sweet nok jhok and smile. She hugs him. Khuda……………….plays………………

Kalindi takes a jewelry set and goes out of her room. Ankush asks Mala to find out the property papers in Kalindi’s room, and he will cover up for her. Mala goes to find. Sojal and Kavya get ready for puja. Jaya comes and says she is having stomach ache. Sojal says why do you eat so much. Jaya says call doctor or take me to doctor. Sojal says I will take you after puja, else sit, I will make lemon water. Jaya says I m dying, call doctor Sojal, you are my daughter, not enemy to leave my dying. Sojal realizes her hands got cold and tells Niranjan that she has to take Jaya to doctor, as no doctor is coming as its Diwali. He nods yes. Sojal thanks him and takes Jaya. He thinks about Anjali’s words that he will be left alone, if he does not leave his ego. He thinks about Astha’s words that truth always wins and one day he will be left alone. He looks around the house.

Anjali sees Agnihotri house and its dark in Diwali night. She lights a diya and the flower pot breaks. Niranjan asks who is there and comes out to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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