Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalindi trying to tell Astha about Shlok, but Indrajeet walks in and she changes the topic. Avdhoot talks to Shlok and says I wish Kalindi could understand. Shlok says I can understand her. Avdhoot says I tried hard to explain her, I wish she gets sense and she changes the decision to support Indrajeet. Shlok asks him not to worry and they should hope Astha gets her memory back soon. Jyoti cooks the food well and Renuka asks her to cook well and neatly, she should not let Baba complain. Jyoti says yes, don’t worry.

Sid comes and asks why is she cooking so much, see her state, take a breath. She says she is cooking for Baba. He says he is just one, not 100, why to make so much food, Baba can eat any normal food, this is getting too much now.

Renuka asks when will she make it. Sid says you are asking her to make it alone, atleast help her, she is doing this for your trust on Baba. Jyoti says I will manage. Renuka gets annoyed and says Jyoti did not need to tell this to Sid and leaves.

Kalindi asks Astha to talk to her dad, she will feel good. Astha says its strange, what will I say, that I don’t remember anything. Indrajeet comes and Astha tells him about talking to her dad. He says whats need to call, I will make you meet her. He asks the kids to meet Kalindi. Mishti says she is not my Nani, and he covers her the truth by his excuses. The Baba comes and argues with Sid, seeing him help Jyoti in kitchen. Sid takes his class asking him why is he breaking their home, he should make relations fine, but break them. He asks if he feels if husband helping wife makes him Joru Ka Ghulan, then its fine, I m okay with it, don’t say anything, sadhu eats plain food and you gave the menu card. He says he can’t see any injustice with his wife.

Renuka asks Sid to say sorry to Baba. The Baba says her son has insulted him always. Renuka apologizes on Sid’s behalf. Baba says he will not stay here now. Jyoti apologizes and asks him to have food, she has made everything, forgive him. Baba says he has stayed here for Renuka and will give her one more chance, he knows he can’t see his devotees in problem. Renuka thanks him for his favor. Indrajeet scolds the kids for misbehaving with Kalindi and asks them to do what he tell them. He leaves. Shantanu and Mishti see each other being upset.

Kalindi says you are not Barkha, you are Astha Kirloskar, you married Shlok. Apsara hears them and smiles. Kalindi asks her to recall, Shlok is her husband, he is very sad since her memory is lost, he wants to get you by love, not force, Indrajeet is doing all this to get you by planning, I did not understand who is right and wrong, but I taught you to walk on right path, I went against Shlok and got fooled by Indrajeet, Shlok Agnihotri is your husband, he loves you a lot, more than your mum and dad, recall it, you are Astha, please understand, Indrajeet refused to tell you, you are fine and will get memory soon.

She cries and says she is feeling glad that she has told her, she will apologize to Shlok first, remember you are Astha Agnihotri. Indrajeet comes and Kalindi says she will leave now. She leaves. Apsara smiles. Astha holds her head. Indrajeet asks what happened. She goes to her room. Renuka comes to scold Jyoti and argues with Sid. She says she made Baba have the food, when he was refusing. Sid says he ate everything like he won’t get food for two weeks, and now he is saying food was bad, ask him to leave, else I will kick him out. Renuka argues and scolds him. She leaves. Sid says don’t know when will her superstition end.

Astha thinks Indrajeet is proved wrong. Apsara comes and says what your Aai told you is right. Astha asks how do you know. Apsara says Shlok loves you, Indrajeet does not love you, you will feel strange, but hear me once, Indrajeet made your family homeless and you came here with Shlok, and stayed in your chawl, when you got the property back, Indrajeet told your mum in law about her husband’s first wife, and she met with an accident, along with you and Shlok. She says you and Shlok helped the chawl people, so we are ready to do anything for you, this is the truth, he loves you a lot, I m in this house, this is also Shlok’s plan, I m staying here leaving my husband, kid and mum in law, you can kick me out of this house, but promise me that you will think about this and find the truth on your own, Indrajeet is not like he looks, he is clever, selfish and a creep. Astha cries and says why did he do all this, it seems she knows Indrajeet very well, I don’t understand anything, I have to find out.

The kids make cards and show Indrajeet, for Barkha’s birthday. Indrajeet says no one will take Barkha’s name in this house. Astha asks him whats happening. He looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Fatima if u want to download it on or Android mobile then go to play store n search fr hit star app.

  3. World’s bestest couple Avinash and Shrenu I m going to miss u soooooooo much.

  4. When is it ending?

  5. Kalindi maa… proud of u…….ur planning is fantastic……love u a loooooot……..n ur smart lyk our aasthu….lub yeww aashlok

  6. I have not seen a star like u in d whole world.Love u loads.Come back soon.Very down to earth person,good charactered girl though living in worst city like Mumbai,away from parents,not even a black spot on ur character.Even find with search lights n head light,no one can find a girl like u.U r our hearts our angel.Day with out u is unimaginable.Because of that luccha Avi n b*t*h Shal this show is ending.They r becoming one byspoiling Rubi n kirthi’s live.They will surely pay for it badlyThoooooooo Avinash u said ur that they r shit.Look at Shrenu n get some sense.Senseless fool marrying that s*xworker Shal n saying fans as Shit.U r a big looser.

  7. Hey neech, kamina ,kuttha Avi,U both r shit.not d fans.Go n ….. that Shal,well experienced aunty’s pu**y.U r a cheat n a 420n a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry characterless uncle.Cheeeee hate u a looooooooooot for insulting ur fans who supported u alot.But not any more.If u r a mardh n if u have atleastsome buddhi in u then do not come to industry again.U dirty Avinash.Go to hell man with ur ugliest n most aged woman Shal mummy.

  8. wow kalindi adipoli u do a very good job. i like u n its a nice epi.
    going to miss ashlok
    i want the show never end but………. FRIENDS count down starts i feel soooooo sad. it was one n only show i like very very very much. i saw each n every epi n all repeat telecast. why did a star plus n prodn team do it

    1. Please restart this serial on star utsav from the beginning.

  9. wow kalindi adipoli u do a very good job. i like u n its a nice epi.
    going to miss ashlok
    i want the show never end but………. FRIENDS count down starts i feel soooooo sad. it was one n only show i like very very very much. i saw each n every epi n all repeat telecast. why did star plus n prodn team do it

  10. Do not get married now itself.U have lot of time for it.Come back to a Mumbai soon n get a chance in any new show.This u do not do with Father like persons like Avi.He really looks very old beside u.Please do with Naksh or Mantu or Titu or Laksh of swara or Niel of tere sheher mein etc.type young looking heroes.No more with uncles n grandpas.Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come very soon.

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  20. Shalmalee’s whole parts in her face,head n neck r very funny to look at.All animal features she has,n not even a single part looks like a humanbeing along with her pu**y.A big gorilla face pivoting on a long giraffe neck just like a puppet who nods her head always on her neck n her hair like chimpanzee.How did u love this ugly n astonishing creature yaar.On top this,u r marrying her.OMG Avi,u havel just gone mad.

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    1. Aur Pyar Ho Gaya Fan

      Yaar get lost from here..uts the actors life they are doing what the director tellls him..
      If u have so much problem then get lost but at least don’t speak bad mr vikram arora

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