Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with jyoti cooking in her kitchen. She feels like vomiting and takes a tablet. Her mum in law sees her and asks what medicines are these. She calls Abhay. Abhay asks did you eat medicines to stop the medicines. jyoti says I did not take any medicines, I was having only water, even I want to become a mum. Her mum in law gets angry on her. Abhay says if I come to know you have hidden something from me, I won’t leave you. jyoti cries and says if they come to know that I m pregnant and I have hidden this, what will they do.

Its night, Shlok is drinking in his car. He comes home and hears La La La….. song by some girl and anklet’s sound. The girl passes by his back. He sees someone wearing the bridal dress and goes

after her. He says who is singing this tune. He looks at the wine and thinks its his imagination.

Sojal calls Anjali and shows her the dried tulsi plant. Astha and Aditi also come. Anjali asks Astha and says its not a good shagun. Sojal says I m back, everything will be fine. Astha says I will plant another plant. Anjali says the importance of tulsi plant in home. Shlok gets ready and looks for his shirts. He wears a shirt and a button is missing. Aditi comes to him and asks what happened. Shlok says I m getting late for my meeting, I don’t have any good shirt. She reminds him of their childhood and says you have hurt me so deep that the wound won’t heal. She says I will stitch the button.

She stitches the button and Astha looks on. Shlok sees Astha and says its fine, I will change the shirt. Aditi says I will do it. Shlok wears another shirt and leaves. Aditi says why does he behave like this, we were good friends in childhood, you were not here so I thought I would stitch the button but he left. The maid comes and talks to Astha asking her to book the gas. Astha leaves. Sojal is worried knowing Astha did not book the gas.

Sojal says you bring the file, I will book the gas. Kavya calls Sojal and she also leaves. Astha gets the file from Shlok’s car. Shlok sees Astha and says what are you searching in my car, why don’t you give me peace. She says I m company’s 50% partner, I came to take this file as dad wants it. Shlok says I don’t trust you, you can do anything. Astha says the same to him and smiles. She leaves.

Astha gives the file to Anjali. Anjali asks her to keep it in the study as its important file of Niranjan. Shlok gets blank calls while he is driving. He gets to hear the same music when he calls on that number. He is shocked. Shlok says hello?? He dials again and the number is unavailable. Shlok says who can do this, I will find it out. Astha comes to Anjali and says I need your help, will you teach me how to stitch a button to a shirt, I tried but could not. Anjali asks what did you do at your home. Astha says I used to have fun, I did not know life will be tough. Anjali teaches her. Astha tries her hand. Someone is watching them.

Astha holds Anjali’s hand and says thanks mum. Anjali takes her hand back. Astha says I mean mum in law. Astha comes to Aditi and smiles. Shlok asks Anand to note down last dialled number and get its details. He says who has the guts to call me. He says Swati, if you are doing this, I swear, I won’t leave you. Anjali calls Rani, the maid and scolds her. Rani says the gas is over. Anjali gets angry and says Astha and Sojal are so careless. She calls Sojal and Astha and asks them did you book the gas. Sojal asks Astha. Astha says I was calling but you stopped me saying you will call. Sojal says you are such a big liar Astha.

Anjali says enough and says its Astha’s mistake, it was your responsibility, now tell me how to cook. Sojal says now we will have to eat hotel food. Anjali says no, we have to cook at home as Niranjan likes home food. Sojal says how. Aditi says I will say. Shlok talks to Arjun and says there are many things going on which reminds me of Swati, I don’t understand. Arjun says I don’t think she is in touch with anyone, no one knows where she is. He says I heard that maybe she is no more. Shlok is shocked.

Aditi says we can make the food on stove. Anjali says so its decided, the food will be made on stove. Astha says but who will make it. Anjali says you and leaves. Sojal laughs. Astha asks Aditi I don’t know how to make food on stove. Aditi says don’t worry, I m with you, your sister, I m sure you will handle, now come lets bring the stove from the store room. Arjun asks Shlok from where did this started. Shlok says since I met you. Arjun says maybe you are imagining her, you have a lovely wife, forget all this. Shlok says no, my life is still at that point, I can’t go ahead.

The girl gets ready again and roams in the house. Astha is shocked to see her and follows her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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