Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalindi arguing with Astha, defending Indrajeet. Ajju says Astha’s happiness is with Shlok, I will not support you in this decision, its Shlok who can love Astha more than us, she will understand this very soon. Kalindi gets teary eyed. Avdhoot brings Kalindi to Mumbai and asks her to see where is Shlok staying, he is so rich and got all the status back, he is staying here to get Astha, will he not keep Astha happy, think, you also got a chance to improve Astha’s life, you did a big mistake, when Astha’s memory comes back, she will go back to Shlok, will she neglect the lie and forgive you. She says I m doing this for her happiness, I know hats good and bad for you.

Shlok recalls Astha and thinks no one can separate us, not even fate, then

how can we be away by some person’s doings, we took vows in marriage that we will support each other for 7 births, we are made for each other, you are my life and love. He sees Anjali’s pic and misses her. He says I need you a lot today. He cries missing Anjali and promises her that he will get Astha, she will come to him herself and tell him that she wants to be with me.

Indrajeet asks Astha is she not well. She says yes, I was having headache, I took tablet. He holds her and she excuses herself. He thinks she can do this acting, but she has to be with him, its matter of few days. He says I m seeing you lost since few days. She thinks did he know I m going to do something to know his truth. He says he has a surprise for her, wait for tomorrow morning, some old relations will get a new start. She gets puzzled and says what is he going to do now.

The Baba fools Renuka and she is ready to spend money to make Deepu fine. Sid comes and stops her. He asks her to stop all this and Renuka blames Jyoti for sending Sid, she can’t see her happy. Sid says Jyoti did not tell anything, when will she change. Kalindi comes to meet Indrajeet and he starts fooling her in the story, that Astha regarded him as husband after she gained consciousness, and he accepted her, now they mutually love each other, its time we give name to our relation, so I want to marry her, do you have any problem. She says no.

He says thanks. He promises he will keep her happy and asks her not to make Astha recall anything. He says don’t remind her the past, as its risky for her life. Apsara informs Shlok that Kalindi has come to be part of the marriage. She asks what to do now. She ends the call and he gets worried. Renuka gives tea to the Baba and apologizes for Sid’s words. He says its fine, but its not his mistake, its hid star’s mistake, don’t worry, you will be happy to know Deepu got well and he accepts tea when devotee gives them, and acts good.

She asks him what will he eat, her bahu will make it. The men tell her and she says it will be made. The Baba says he will eat food before noon, then he will sit to pray. He fools her and scares her that if she does not prepare food on time, it will be bad for her. Indrajeet tells Astha that its surprise for her, he has fulfilled her wish, this took long time, but finally its fulfilling now. She asks what. He says surprise is waiting outside and takes her. Renuka says no, it won’t happen. Baba asks her to get 5 fruits and she says don’t worry, my bahu makes delicious food, she will not give reason to complain.

He asks how does she trust her bahu a lot. She says she will control her bahu. Kalindi waits to see Astha. Astha comes and Kalindi hugs her crying. Indrajeet asks Astha how did he like the surprise, he has told her about her wishes, she wanted her Aai in her marriage and here she is, this is your Aai. Astha says Aai…. Indrajeet gets a call and goes. Kalindi calls her Astha and says from where should I start and reminds her about her childhood. Astha thinks why is she calling me Astha. Kalindi asks her to recall. Astha says I don’t remember anything. Kalindi cries.

Indrajeet tells Astha that he will make her meet her dad, like he made her meet her Aai. He asks Kalindi to meet her grandchildren. Mishti says you are not our Nani, and Astha looks on stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First… Nice episode…waiting for tmrws

  2. Waiting for tomorrow

  3. Shrenu I love u soooooooooooooooooo much. U r real hero n heart n soul of this show.U r most beautiful n most charming girl in d whole world.Do not care Avi n Shal like people.Very good u did allow dem to be around u also.U deserve worlds most hansdome n good charactered guy.May God bless u.

  4. Nice episode

  5. Shrenu u r totally responsible fr Avi’s bad condition. Initially he loves u n u too bt due to real life Kalindi ( ur mummy) u started avoiding him
    Avi plz do not marry selfish ugly shal..

  6. super epi nice kalindi scene really will miss the sgow alottt and today is the last shoot willl misss ashlok alot really today epu was nice with shlok and anjali then astha and kalindi nice nice nice lovely precap astha when will u regain ur memory try a bit pls dont shake head fr IS blabbering. missing ashlok scene this week.

  7. Hi guys please vote for our Aashlok….beause this is our last attempt to our Aashlok

    click and do much more times please.

  8. It’s an emotional day today for the entire unit of Sphere Origins’ popular showIss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon… Ek Baar Phir(Star Plus) as they are gearing up for their last shot.The show is soon bidding adieu from its viewers and the cast and crew are shooting for their last scene with a heavy heart today. Though a lot of twists and turns have been part of the story line on the show, we hear that the show will end on a happy note. While, things will settle down well in the Agnihotri family, how they do will be quite an interesting watch for our viewers. When we contactedShrenu Parikhto know more about her journey with the show, she said, “It’s been a bumpy ride but an interesting one. We had lots of fun! It wouldn’t have been so memorable if it didn’t have its ups and downs. It’s going to be a memorable one. I just uploaded a message on my Instagram for all the fans. I was kind ofchocked and didn’t know what to say but I want to tell them all that I will be back soon with something even more interesting. I am leaving the show with a heavy heart and it’s definitely the best thing that has happened to me so far. I will miss the best unit – my technicians, makeup artists, directors, writers, creative team and everysingle person from our team. We are a family! I have beenblessed to have a dream unit and production house and I hope that I will be as lucky in the future.” We have had a lovely lunch together on the sets and Waseem Sir, our ex-director, had also joined us. There are no party plans for tonight but I am leaving for Baroda tomorrow so that I can spent some quality with my family.”

  9. I adore u so much.Just for u I watched d show n now a days only watching ur scenes.If shl n soj scenes come tho just change d channel.That too much stooped man matches that long girafge neck too fron n gorilla n monkey mouth n pumpkin nose n she also stoops like her cheap Avi.Not able to see those two buddies.Please June 11 come fast na.

  10. I badly miss u Shrenu darling.Well I do not watch d show but to see u I just have a glance at u every day.I miss u alot u just can not imagine but u know one I kept ur smile face as profile on mobile n my laptop.Eveywhere u r with me wherever I go.

  11. That is our Shrenu,how muchever few people insulted her on dsets,that is greatness of Shrenu not to bash anyone n more over she said its her famiy.Hats off to u Shremu.There will be no one like u among all celebrities in d Universe.Bravo Shrenu.Have a bright future.

  12. Avi for ur character that characterless n cheap secondhand Shal b*t*h hi correct hai.Dono secondhands.Ha ha ha.Go to hell n hang not in d show characterless cheap u do not deserve first hand girls.

  13. Shrenu…miss u u ……lub yew ur the best and best…miss asshlok

  14. Avi just fr curiosity I want to know Ugly Shals which quality makes u impress as per we known her face is like monkey her voice is like donkey her eyes r like owl uski nose is like pumpkin and neck .everyone knows like girrafe and her character cheap selfish shameless .uperse niche tak badsurat
    Avi cheeeeeee ywaaaaak third class choice

  15. Hey rouge Avi ,u do not know d diff bet reel n real life.What kind of actor u r,always sticking to long neck aunty who keeps her neck too front like mentally retard n does not know to deliver a dialogue.Mana ki u n Shrenu hate each to very large extent,it does not mean that u stick to bhabhi maa Shal on d screen wearing matchings to each other.If love ir aunty ya panty Shal keep tjat at ur home but not on National channels.Shame on u rouge Avi.

  16. Please restart this serial on star utsav from the beginning.

  17. Dear Shrenu sweety with what mitti se bani ho yaar.Chooooooooo sweet n nice n down to earth girl n verrrrrrrrrrrry good charactered girl.U do not suit to dis dirty indus here girlfriends change boyfriends n boyfriends change girlfriends like dresses u n throw type just like D great cheapsters Avinash n Shalmalee.Do not come to this dirty home again.

  18. Thank God this senseless show is ending.First I will break thousand coconuts to this cheap for ending it atleast now.They should have ended on June 22 2014 when dirty Shlok n Soal love story began in d show on d screen itself ,always his eyes were on that b*t*h sojal.How did u select such cheap people who do not have minimum knowledge atleast what characters they r playing in d show.

  19. hiii myself kavya

    can anyone tell me who is deepu in ipkknd ebp ….. reply me soon

  20. jyoti’s son is deepu

  21. break n dn tell keerti
    dnt do oa as if u gona do what u said

  22. Oh God u r really there.U listened to me.How much these people insulted n degraded Shrenu with low cost n very cheap sarees.Hardly they have given 20 to 25 nice sarees rest all polystet n old lady sarees,but our Shrenu cutie brought beauty to those kind of sarees also,thats a diffetent thing.N for s*x worker n b*t*h shalmalee atleast 500 costly sarees were given,but those all sarees lost their beauty n worth after wore by that buddy Shalmalee.Do not feel happy for ur marriage so much,u r used n thrown out by someone in d past.Yuaaaaaaaaak.

  23. Shrenu kutty Iam literally crying for u.This time with young n dashing hero not with hunchback n aged uncle Avi any more.Really this man looks like father to u if u r given modern dresses n that Indra looks grandpa.I think cvs r blind in case of Avi n Indra.But proved that they r not blind by selecting that Sojal as a mother to seven year old baby.Atleast u opened ur eyes properly for selecting that aunty Sojal.Thanx for that.

  24. Starplus is going to loss its most beautiful star, but as Shrenu does not like to expose ,she kept herself away from Starplus not like other stars of Sp.Really she is d young n charming girl of starplus’s all shows.All heroines of sp look more than their age except Shrenu,though they look beauriful.

  25. Nautanki Shrenu when is ur new show.Please please be active on twitter n insta.We will be waiting for ur show with many eyes.Do not cheat us,do not marry now itself.U have still 5 years to get married.Let uncle n aunty marry,they r super duper seniors to u in their looks so they r hurrying.Do not do this kind of big blunder by seeing them.Nothing is there in marriage dear.Live on ur own for atleast some more years.All d best dear.Have a nice sleep after many years.GN darling.

  26. Do not go away Shrenu,come back to Mumbai after taking a small break.There r many projects waiting for u if u attend auditions.U have that baby looks in u though u r 25.Please keep entertaining us like before n we all fans keep supporting u till our last breath.Come soooooooon baby doll.

  27. She nu miss u a lot please come soon dear waiting

  28. I am going to miss Shlok and the show badly ?….
    love u Shlok…?

  29. Vrinda Dileep T K

    Nice episode.Very exciting and waiting for next episode 😉

  30. Lovely episode. Good story can’t wait for tomororw.

  31. Shrenu Avi's crazy fan

    Shrenu tum jab bhi baat karti ho apne costars co family kahti ho lekin jiske Kaaran tumhe ye success mila hai us Avi ko deliberately ignore karti ho its a fact k 90% viewers Tum dono ki chemistry k liye hi ye show dekhate hair .Tumhe Avi k sath Jo comfort milata tha isliye tum apna 100% DE payi.
    Agar Shrenu shal avi die heart enemies hai to Shrenu Shal k sath to baat karti hai,photo nikalti hai phir Avi k sath ye rudeness kyo? Kahi aisa to nahi k shrenu aur avi k bich bhi kuch that.

  32. Now astha’s memory vil cum back finally. ….yippeeee…m soo happy guuyxxx…

  33. wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll………..

  34. i miss you a lot shlok

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