Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha smiling and not getting irritated by Shlok’s mischief. She asks what were you doing. He says finding my shirt. They talk being under the saree cloth. She says this cupboard is mind, I will add your point, this is cheating, either keep my clothes back else….. Shlok holds her and says don’t take tension. She says fold my clothes well. Suman comes and says I m not getting water in the garden tap, I will take bath here. Shlok says where should I bath now, I m late for meeting. Astha says go to Kaka or Varad’s bathroom first. Niranjan does the aarti and prays.

The ashram people come there making noise. Niranjan asks whats all this. They say we don’t have temple in garden, so we came here to join you in this puja and we can have breakfast

here. Anjali comes and they take the Prasad from her hand. They praise Niranjan and says your family should also have such values.

Niranjan is angry and asks Anjali to do anything to just kick them out of the house, as he is unable to bear them. Anjali smiles. Shlok comes there and looks at them. Niranjan is shocked seeing him, thinking he heard what he said. Shlok asks what happened, why are you tensed. Niranjan asks when did you come. Shlok says just now, my bathroom is not having water, can I use yours. Niranjan says yes go. Shlok comes back and says its not here too. Astha comes and says water is nowhere, lets go to terrace and check.

Astha and Shlok go to the terrace. Niranjan comes down and hears Suman saying she had a bath in Shlok’s bathroom. Sojal asks them to leave. All of them complain to Niranjan. He sees them occupying all the sofas and waiting for breakfast. Anjali asks him will he have breakfast. He says I will have it in office. He leaves. Anjali tells them she will give breakfast and send her parents’ breakfast too. They bless her. Astha checks the tap and says it was coming in morning, now its not. Shlok says leave it, I will go gym, workout and have bath there.

Shlok says even if water comes, I won’t take bath in open. The water comes in the pipe. Astha puts water on him and laughs. He says what are you doing, are you mad. She says enjoy this cool water. Mahiya………….plays…………….He puts water on her. They play with the water and have an eyelock.She runs. Bekhudi………….plays…………… Shlok says I don’t leave anyone and puts water on himself.

The people trouble Sojal and she gets irritated by them. They order much food and keep on eating. Sojal says this is not a function that you are eating so much, please behave like humans. They ask to think about Niranjan, as they are his guests. Sid comes there. They ask Sojal to give food to Sid too. Sid says no, Varad sent me to teach Kavya. Astha comes and says Kavya is in Jyoti’s room, go there and teach, no one will disturb there. Sid smiles and goes.

Sojal tells Astha please manage them, I will be mad with them, see how they are eating. Astha says you won’t get lunch, Sojal is shocked. Sojal says what, will they have lunch also. She leaves. Astha talks to them. Sid comes to Jyoti and asks how is she. She says fine but you here. He says he came to teach Kavya and talks to Kavya. He becomes her friend and teaches her well. Jyoti smiles. Jyoti asks Kavya to count on fingers. Jyoti teases him about the girl Renuka selected. Sid says we will study in study room, we have disturbance here. Jyoti says fine, teach outside.

Kavya goes to play. Sid smiles seeing her. Jyoti says go, what will anyone think seeing you here. Sid says I want to see my friend. She says please. He says you are special, take care. He leaves. He keeps Imli for her. Kavya asks everyone to play carom with her. Astha thinks Kavya would have been her daughter in any other birth, now Niranjan will give ashram back. Sojal comes and scolds them. They taunt Sojal and she asks them to leave. They say Sojal is jealous and does not know anything.

Anjali comes and hears them. Sojal says she knows playing carom, if she wins, they will go from here, not have food and not make noise. Suman says fine, then if we win then tell Niranjan to give us our ashram back, so it’s a bet now. Sojal is stunned.

Shlok scolds Astha about Niranjan. She says Niranjan took their ashram back. Shlok shouts Astha and is about to slap her. Astha is shocked as he stops his hand and looks at her angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. plsssssss make know shlok abt his villain dad thnks for updtes

  2. Wow Ahlock you become like Niranjan I guess like father like son. It looks like Promoting violence is a trend in India this days. Arnav and Khushi did better job in first season.

  3. Wow Shlock you become like Niranjan I guess like father like son. It looks like Promoting violence is a trend in India this days. Arnav and Khushi did better job in first season.

    1. Really! Arshi were so much better! Arnav never ever rose his hand like that to beat khushi no matter how much angry he was! @Melissa I totally agree with you on this

  4. Rahmat Begum

    Stop comparing both the serials. If you prefer season 1 pls watch it. Seriously!

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