Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kavita pacifying Anjali saying her husband is always be hers and she did not know Ahilya called her to insult. Anjali cries. Poornima thinks to confess his feelings to Ballu. Indrajeet comes to her and says he has raised her as her father, and he will talk to Ballu if she wants to spend her life with him. She thanks and hugs him. He says but you will not complain about coming life. She promises. Rashmi and Pradeep hear them. The dhol plays and they all rush to see whats happening. Ahilya and everyone come out and see the bands and dhols. Ahilya looks puzzled and looks at Indrajeet. Varad and Sojal come there.

Shlok makes an entry and they look at him. Shlok shows attitude and style. He comes to Indrajeet and says Mr Indrajeet Sarkar. Indrajeet

says Ballu, are you mad, did you forget to talk with manners. Shlok says not Ballu, Shlok Niranjan Agnihotri. They all are shocked. Astha comes after him and says and I m Astha Shlok Agnihotri. They are super shocked as Indrajeet’s dream to marry Sapna got shaken up. He looks at her being hurt by her cheat.

Astha says I m younger bahu of Agnihotri family. Ahilya pops her eyes out. Indrajeet says Sapna, Astha, whatever your name is, I trusted you, how could you do this to me. Astha asks how could I, you have cheated my family, what about that. She says Mr Indrajeet Sarkar, this trust word does not look good with you, as you cheated Varad and broke his trust, so you are standing in our home today.

Rashmi says see I told you they are not good, they won everyone’s trust but not mine, I knew there is something fishy, trust more servants, this has to happen then. Ahilya says you are Shlok Agnihotri. Shlok holds Indrajeet’s collar and looks at him angrily. They both look as if they are playing anger laser shots. Indrajeet and Poornima get angry. Indrajeet makes Shlok’s hand back and asks how dare you. Shlok says I just held collar, what you did with my Baba, I feel to take your life.

Poornima says you cheated me, are you not ashamed to do this. Shlok says not a word more, you spoke a lot, I m not a servant of this house now. Ahilya asks Indrajeet whats Shlok saying, kick him and his family right away and calls the security. She says she will call police. She scolds them for losing everything. Shlok says Thakur Maa, my values don’t permit me to insult elders, it will be better if you keep quiet. She asks how dare he talk to her and her son like this.

Shlok says I was shattered when you kicked out my brother and left my dad to wander on roads, you all did cheap things, you broke our happy family, my Baba is my Lord, and you have insulted my Lord. Kavita tells Anjali that she stayed without Niranjan for 32 years, she will still be without him, she is habituated, she knows its tough and can’t give such life to anyone else, I regret that I had one friend and today Lord snatched her too. She asks her to go home and forget everything, and not tell anyone.

Indrajeet says enough, not a word anymore, if your Baba is Lord for you, then I also regarded someone as Lord, that’s my Thakur Maa. He says it will be good for him that he stays in his limit else…. Shlok asks else what….. ?? Ahilya asks Indrajeet to call police and end this matter here, she will remind them their status. Shlok says no need of that, and calls the lawyer asking him to come inside. The lawyer comes with constable and some men. Ahilya asks who are they, to come in our house without our permission. The lawyer says Mr Sarkar, all of your property is named to them now.

Ahilya and everyone are shocked. The lawyer says he checked the sign, its authentic, and gives the copy, having submitted original papers in court. He gives the court orders to vacate the house. He says they got what was theirs before. He asks the staff to bring their belongings out. He leaves. Astha reminds Indrajeet that she took his sign yesterday on those papers. He recalls. She smiles. Ahilya says Shlok, the man you think is your Lord is a cheap man, you did not see his truth, cleverness and cheat is in his blood, the day you will know, you will not call him Baba, what we did with him is for his deeds.

Shlok says enough, I won’t hear anything against him, this does not suit you to talk. He says get out of my home right now. Anjali comes and says stop Shlok. Shlok, Astha, Varad and Sojal see her and say Aai….

Anjali tells Niranjan that everything is ruined. He says we all are there. He says stop, these tears are given by you and brings Kavita infront. Niranjan is shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ab bajegi indrajeet sarkaar aur Ahilya ki.…!!

  2. Nice episode I like this story very much it different from other episode they know what their during I salute all of you

  3. Magical saturday IPKKND EBP episode ,
    waiting for monday again, love Ashlok
    Thanks for WU

  4. Superb superb episode

  5. OMG,if anjali stands against NA,She wont let shlok kick IS family.

  6. Supr!

  7. Nice to c shlok!

  8. Super words..

  9. Just awesome epi loveeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuu ashlok a lot astha salute for ur acting 2day

  10. Finally Ballu is gone & Shlok is back nice to see him… Superb episode

  11. Awesome!

  12. Wowwww superb episode. Precap was very excited and finally niranjan kavita story revealed

  13. You dirty Indians

  14. U R STUPID Anil

  15. Wow what an epi i am very anxious to see leep but i am going to miss anjali but it is interesting to see how shlok will win heart astha again

  16. kvnarayanareddy

    Nice episode.So proudly u said Aastha Shlok Agnihothri.But,the same dialogue if u had said standing beside Shlok like husband n wife together,it would have been more effective.Thanks alot to Hanif sir,though you stood somewhere far behind,with his camera techniques manages everytime to show u together,as if u r together.Why Aasthu ,u look so dull n so uninterested from few months?You just wrap the given saree, you dont even look how u wrapped,the down part ups n down.Why Aasthu?So sad.This I asked you,as I always treat u like my own sis.Anyhow,I always pray to God to give u a bright future.May God shower his choicest blessings on u.Bye.

  17. Wow!!!! What an episode!!!!!

  18. Shlok and Astha cheated with Poornima and Indrajeet just like Niranjan cheated with Kavita.

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