Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjlai asking Kavita what is her realtion with this house. Ahilya says you both will not know the relation with each other. She says Kavita is her daughter, don’t you know her, she is like being in Vanvaas and you are being Suhaagan, you know why, as your married life is on my daughter’s happiness, you are the woman who has snatched my daughter’s rights. They both are shocked. Ahilya says your mangalsutra, your Suhaag, everything is given by my daughter. She says Kavita is Niranjan’s first wife and Anjali is shocked. She says your husband was a cheapster man, he left my daughter for his motive, and tells Kavita that Anjali is not her friend, but her Sautan.

Ahilya tells Kavita that Anjali’s full name is Anjali Niranjan Agnihotri. Kavita

and Anjali cry looking at each other. Ahilya says Niranjan left Kavita to marry you, I did not see such cheap, selfish man till now. Kavita cries and apologizes to Anjali, she did not know her mum will insult her. She asks Ahilya why is she saying this, Anjali is her friend, she don’t want to know anything else. She says she does not want her right, which got snatched 32 years ago, its gone, its not Anjali’s mistake, and the Niranjan I knew, even if he comes infront of my eyes, I can’t identify him.

Anjali says enough and cries. She says its too much, I won’t hear anything now, and scolds them for blaming Niranjan. She says Niranjan can’t do this, he can never be wrong, they are blaming him, he loves her and their family. Ahilya says she will give her proof, and takes her along. Kavita asks what is Ahilya doing and goes to stop. Ahilya drags Anjali to Kavita’s room and shows her red saree, bridal clothes and jewelry, and marriage pics. Anjali cries seeing it. Ahilya asks what happened, does she think she is blaming Niranjan.

Ahilya says I can’t say but I m feeling happy seeing your tears. She says you snatched my daughter’s rights, it will be good if you return the mangalsutra to her. She says she knows how is she taking the mangalsutra and the rights. She says she should be clear now seeing the pics, to know what she was to live with Niranjan, his real wife is my daughter, Kavita, not you. Anjali cries and says you will know your relation with him is illegitimate and your children….. Anjali looks at her angrily. Ahilya says I don’t want to talk about them, I just want rights of my daughter and return her place in society as Agnihotri bahu.

She goes to snatch mangalsutra and Kavita stops her holding her hand. Niranjan is at home. Shlok and Astha come to meet. They greet him and give the good news of getting the POA. Varad too comes home. Shlok says we came to take you all back to Anjali Nivaas, our home. They all get glad. Shlok says the papers will get transferred to our name, like Indrajeet cheated us, we also gave him the answer. Niranjan says Anjali went to meet her friend, she will come. Astha asks Shlok to call her. He says yes. Kavita asks Ahilya not to take her mangalsutra, she has been a good wife and mother, she did not know this. Anjali cuts the call.

Shlok says why is she not taking call. Niranjan says maybe busy in talks. Shlok says we have to go back now. Niranjan says fine, I will come with Anjali. Shlok and Astha take Varad, Sojal and Kavya and go home happily. Niranjan smiles. Ahilya says I have seen you crying because of this woman. Kavita says yes, but its not Anjali’s mistake. Ahilya says if she was not there, Niranjan would have been with you. Kavita says till I m here, you can’t touch her and her mangalsutra. Ahilya says you are mad, you are saving this woman who snatched your happiness. Anjali cries. Ahilya says Anjali is equal culprit as Niranjan, and Kavita will get her rights back, and Kavita is not wrong to get it.

Ahilya says now its your time to be happy, as if first wife is there, husband can’t remarry, so her mangalsutra is your right. She says Niranjan is Kavita’s husband, not Anjali’s. Anjali holds her mangalsutra and cries. Ahilya looks on angrily. Kavita says I did not get friendly to get my rights, forget this, you did not ruin my life, I will go back to Calcutta,I can’t ruin anyone’s Maang and asks Ahilya not to say anything, else she will see her dead face. Ahilya asks what is she saying. Kavita says she does not want any happiness, money can’t buy suhaag, or anyone’s happiness, she can’t get happy burning anyone’s happiness. Ahilya leaves in anger. Anjali gets shattered and cries. Kavita consoles her and says everything will be fine, forget everything.

Varad and Sojal come home with Shlok and Astha. Indrajeet stops them and says Ballu. Shlok meets Indrajeet Sarkar and says not Ballu, Shlok Niranjan Agnihotri. Astha says I m Astha Shlok Agnihotri. The lawyer says the property is transferred back to them, you have to vacate the house soon Indrajeet Sarkar. Indrajeet and Ahilya are shell shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Its just awesome.the precap is marvellous.but what about anjali?

  2. OMG, eagarly waiting for 2marw no words to say hats of to whole team
    finally sarkar family bend infront of Agnihotri’s .I really like d way kavita stood against her mother
    and feels sad for anjali

  3. Awesome episode ,love Ashlok
    thanks for Friday WU ,very quicky

  4. Eagerly waiting 4 the nxt episode….!!

  5. Finally. ..I am glad for cmng episodes!

  6. Superb and amazing episode, unbelivable precap,omg shlok agnihothri

  7. Nice precap but what will happen with anjali pls don’t let them wound her

    1. yes me too feeling the same.

  8. Sad episode but awesome precap!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!

  9. Hey guys, can u plz tell me in short wat hppnd in 2dy’s epi please? I missed the epi, plz tell

  10. really today’s epi was awesome. felt very sad for anjali and kavita’s act was superb. and i liked the way she stood for anjali. and do not know what will happen with anjali. she is so very shattered. i think , as niranjan is alone at the house waiting for anjali to come, i think anjali will come there and ask him about his past and there will be a face off bet them…. very sad for anjali !!!! lov her sooo much!!!!

  11. I loved tis epi very very much .

  12. nice

  13. Wonderful episode ..
    Waiting for tomorrow …

  14. Wowwwwww superb episode and precap was amazing no more words. I’m waiting for tmrw episode and also sooooo excited but one sad small thing anjali scene was soo sad but anjali acting was amazing and takuma kavita acting was sooooo nice. Precap was indrajit and takuma reaction is soooooo nice I’m seeing that situation I’m very happy

  15. kvnarayanareddy

    story is nice.but cannot shl n soj always together.i dought who is shlok wife in the

    story is so nice. but shl n soj have spoiled it. let them go to hell with their love off screen.but on screen their relationship is diff. shrenu n varad will be throne to one corner. they will be shown together.who is the heroine in the serial .please dont do injustice to our aastha.any how you made her 50 years old lady by giving worst sarees. pl director ji wrap the show be u cant bring two rivals together. we like aastha tonnes together.


    1. girl, your English is freaking me out!! :3

  16. Cant wait

  17. Anjali will die 🙁

  18. Very nice nd superb.i am so excited fr next sad that anjali will die.

  19. Good epi. Wot is that kvnaray going on about. Her English is awfull and she’s acting like she is some big name soap producer who most likely lives in a rat whole

  20. kvnarayanareddy

    Anil ji and Sarah ji may be my Enlish is not good but what i said is right.Iam a huge fan of this show,how much huge,I can not express in words.lam not blaming them for no reason.I also think broadly like both of u but what l tried to say was that,they both are engaged to eachother ,that was clearly said on SBB on Mar 20 2015, that should not be seen on the screen as their relation is different on the screen. That is important for an actor than what u r behind d screen.I made this comment only after observing them very keenly in many of the scenes.l watch each episode atleast thrice a day right from the day one of d show.I never ever missed one episode since Aug 26,2013.

    1. U r right ur English may not be so good but ur comment was very good but avi shall story is not true media is making big stories even they say av I Rubi had patched up so all these r making our av I as a toy to play so don’t worry

  21. hi kvnarayanareddy,
    its just a romour abt avinash and shalmalee ok yes I also read abt dt segment
    more than that avinash cleared dt “its a false news d day when I get engaged I will announce it to d world ”
    he only texted .every time media not correct abt some things .sorry if I hurt u ( enta varaku naku en telasu nen cheppvante ante bye)

  22. hi kvnarayanareddy,
    its just a romour abt avinash and shalmalee ok yes I also read abt dt segment
    more than that avinash cleared dt “its a false news d day when I get engaged I will announce it to d world ”
    he only texted .every time media not correct abt some things .sorry if I hurt u ( enta varaku naku en telasu nen cheppvante bye)

  23. kvnarayanareddy

    Thanks to Madhura and Pooja.Iam least bothered about what is avi behind the screen.Who are we to interfere in his personal life.What I tried to say was that,in most of the scenes they are seen together.For example, In Ankush’s marriage group photo and during kanyaadaan Soj will be sitting down and Shlo will be looking down at her.I request director sir to take care of such small things as rumours have come about them, otherwise there is nothing wrong in that.I watched all these episodes only for Aastha and Shlok.They have become part of my life since Aug 26 2013.Please Sir ,dont make me stop watching the show.It’s only a request sir.Please dont degrade our Aastha.

  24. from ur reply u r not weak in English thanks for reply

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