Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 31st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aditi thinking how many attempts she has made to kill Astha but how Shlok saved her every time. Astha’s luck supported her always and Aditi always failed. She gets angry and says everytime why does my attack goes blank. She says Shlok should be alive, for my revenge I will kill him slowly. She says Astha, you have a bad habit, that you try to save Shlok always, but you have to go from my way, then I will kill Shlok slowly and no one can stop me from doing that. Shlok thinks about Astha and her words that she loves him. He hears Astha talking to Kalindi. Varad comes to Shlok and asks what are you thinking. Shlok says nothing.

Varad says your face shows you are in love and Astha told me how you saved

her. Shlok says I did this for humanity, I can’t fall in love again. He says I can’t love a girl like Astha. He leaves. Varad smiles. Astha is in her room thinking she has seen love in Shlok’s eyes and to see it again, she can get into danger many times. Shlok comes to her and says Kalindi came to take you, why did you not go. Astha says it seems you don’t want me to stay here for more two days. He says your mum does not want. he argues with her and says if you felt your mum is right, you shpuld have gone. He says one day you have to go. Ve saiyyan……….. plays………… Astha says yes you are right, I have to go one day.

Niranjan is in deep thoughts. Anjali comes to him. He says I have made a mannat for Shlok’s safety, to make laddoos. He says make 1100 people have food and give some money in the ashram also. Shlok comes and Niranjan asks him to be careful. Aditi hears them talking. Niranjan says its like a line of accidents. Shlok says maybe it was an accident, but I will be careful. Aditi says sorry Shlok, these are not accidents, its my plan, and till I m in this house, such accidents will happen, keep trying, I will see till when you can save your lovely wife. Astha comes and turns her. Aditi is shocked. Astha asks what are you doing here. Aditi says I had some work with uncle and aunty, they were busy so I was waiting her. I will talk to them tomorrow, good night.

Astha thinks Aditi is behaving strange these days. Shlok sees Astha outside the room and leaves. Sad music……………plays…………… Kalindi is worried at home thinking about Astha’s words. The milk boils. Avdhoot comes to her and turns off the gas. He asks what are you thinking. Kalindi says I told Astha about two days left for hearing and she should come home with me, but she said, she was favoring Shlok, she said Shlok saved her life many times, I m afraid that she can again fall in love with him again. Shlok cannot be trusted and can’t be loved. Avdhoot says we should support Astha and be happy for her. Kalindi says you guys are not understanding me. She says its our duty to show her the right way.

She says I will bring Astha back in our house. She leaves. Avdhoot says I disagree with you in this matter, Astha can put this relation well. Kaka sees Anjali standing outside the door and looks at the time. He comes to her and asks what happened, are you fine. She says yes, fine, I was not getting sleep. Kaka says after many years, I saw you happy and smiling in holi. I felt good seeing you. Anjali says don’t talk to me like this again. Anjali does not exist, only Anjali Agnihotri exists. Kaka leaves.

Abhay tells Bua that Shlok;s accountant came. Bua says don’t worry, think positive. The man asks Abhay to call Jyoti as he needs her sign and have to give her an envelop. Abhay says give it to me, I m her husband. The man says no, I will give this only to her. Abhay says I will complain about you to Shlok. The man says if Jyoti is not at home, I will tell Shlok. Abhay and Bua gets worried and tells him that Jyoti is not at home and will come in some time. The man says please get her ssign on this document. He leaves. Abhay sees the envelop and sees Rs. 5 lakh cheque. Abhay says what did I do, I can’t withdraw this.

Jyoti thinks of talking to Astha and thinks if Anjali comes to know, she will send me back to the hell. She thinks what to do now. Sid comes home. He says you should not open the door without asking, or see through and then open the door. He asks her to change the clothes and gives his clothes to her. Jyoti takes it and goes to change. Jyoti comes back and he looks at her. Music plays………….. Sid smiles seeing her. Kalindi tells Avdhoot that she is very happy as Astha will be freed in two days and will come back to her. Avdhoot says I don’t want this marriage to break, if they are closer and I m ready to try to bring them together. Kalindi gets annoyed and says Astha won’t be happy in that house.

Avdhoot says Astha went there by her wish, you are her mum, you should trust her. Astha has to keep her bag up and she stands on a stool. Shlok looks at her and says you will fall. She says I will manage. He says fine. She puts the bag and slips. She holds the surface and asks Shlok to save her, by coming and holding her. Shlok starts laughing. He says why did you do this kind of thing. She says save me else I will fall. He says I won’t save you, I already told you. She falls and her hand gets hurt. They have a talk. Astha says I will become Astha Kirloskar again. Shlok lookss at her. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhaade tu……………..plays…………….

Astha sees in the recorder and comes to know Aditi’s truth. Aditi tells she will kill Shlok slowly. Astha understands that Aditi planned it, it was not an accident. She thinks why is Aditi doing this.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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