Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varad saying its tough to make Astha recall things in such less time. Varad panics and worries a lot. Shlok asks him to relax, one wrong mistake can risk Astha’s life. Sojal says we can sue Indrajeet’s kids, they know him and can support. Shlok says I don’t want to break their hearts. Varad says they should know the truth. Shlok says he can’t end their happiness, they are getting Indrajeet’s love after a long time. Varad says he is selfish and using kids to hold Astha in his life.

Shlok says sometimes things happen without doing anything. Varad reminds how he broke knowing Baba’s truth, they should know the truth to become strong.Indrajeet talks on phone and is doing the best arrangements for the marriage. He smiles and says just

few days more, then my Barkha will be mine totally.

Renuka talks to Baba being worried for Deep. Astha thinks she felt Indrajeet is clean heart guy, but now she feels there is something wrong. She thinks to do something that truth comes infront of her. Sojal tells Varad that she is afraid, what will happen with Astha, she does not know her decision can make her life hell, if we could not save her from Indrajeet. Varad says she is right and worries. Shlok comes and asks them to have food, he will bring Astha back. He says I don’t have anyone except you, if you get weak, how will I manage. Varad says we are with you, and will do what you say. Shlok makes him have food. Varad makes him have food and Sojal too. Shlok says Astha will be with us soon, and we will be having food together like a family.

Astha comes to Indrajeet to talk while he is busy on phone. The kids come and ask them to play a game. Indrajeet says he has to work. The kids insist and he agrees. Shantanu says he will give any word and they have to say any next related word, it came be anything, just name or sentence, but instant. They start playing and Astha asks about kids’ best friend. Indrajeet says Ballu. Astha and kids look at him. She says you said Ballu is not a bad person. He says he was good, he took care of kids and I felt he was their best friend, I came close to them because of him, today I m with my kids, all thanks to him, but I did not know it was all an act and Ballu changed his color, he started lying and scolded kids, he troubled kids and I felt he is making me away from my kids, then I scolded and fired him.

He asks her to ask the kids. Astha understands he is lying. He asks Shantanu and Mishti to tell her how was Ballu. Shantanu says yes, he was not good and leaves. Indrajeet lies that Ballu has troubled them, he was not a good man. He leaves. Astha thinks whats true and lies, how to find out. Indrajeet says how did he name Ballu, its new problem, I just hope Barkha trusts me. He says she will doubt and talk to kids, I have to end her doubt forever.

Astha takes her medicines. She recalls their words and thinks why don’t she remember anything, she believes what Indrajeet says, Shlok is making her think maybe all this is not true, why will Indrajeet lie to me, he says he loves me a lot. Apsara asks her to have food, Indrajeet refused to have food. Astha sends her and thinks to find who is saying true and who is lying, she will find the truth. Indrajeet thinks he has to emotionally blackmail Astha. She comes to him and asks him to have food, its his fav food.

He says I m not hungry. She says I know I told a lot, don’t get angry on food, I don’t remember anything, sometimes things happen which is different from what you say, I m helpless, I m sorry. He says I can understand, but think about me, its 10 years of marriage and you are talking about other man. She says I promise I won’t talk. He asks did she have food. She says lets have food with kids. He says fine, I will come. He says now I know what I have to do.

Indrajeet fixes the marriage date after 4 days. Astha is shocked knowing this and says its final, we will marry after 4 days.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lovely episode thanks Amena for updates

    is it true that this serial is ending soon

  2. At least jate jate to kuch memorable ASHKOK scenes dikhaiye .

  3. When will this show end.
    It is boring , now they are stretching it.

  4. Kash! Rubina thoda patience dikhati to Avi us DAAYAN shameless dirty SHAL k hath nahi lagata ya Kaash! Shrenu ko patane me Avi safal hota to aaj ye din nahi dekhana padata.

    1. shut up.if you have problem watching shalmalee then stop watching the show instead of gossiping

  5. Iam not watching d show but had just a glance,Shlok n Sojal always stand n sit near by n they r bronging their personal relation on d screen n if same is said few fans of dirty f**knash say that fans of ashlok r interfering in their perspnal lives.Dirty f**knash n s*x bomb Shalmalee sharam aana chahiyeh thum dhono ko khudh ko actprs kehne kelieye.Many have stopped watching this show just because to avoid to see ur overactions on d screen itself.This is not ur home,control ur feelings for b*t*h Shal.

    1. So true agreed in the who stopped watching this shitty im having just wu

  6. Sourav Ganguly

    Hello guys.. Gd episode.

  7. Shaadi se pehle se hi Shal aunty apni pallu se Avi uncle ko baand kw rakha hai tho,shaadi ke baad Avi uncle ki kya haalath hogi.Bakhra uncle ko Shal aunty ki selfishness nahi dhikhaye dhe rahi hai.Poor Bakhra Avi uncle,thuj se, asli bakhra ki haalath faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better hai.

    1. Haha ? f**k aunty uncle dumb couple

  8. Very poor production house,aastha’s sarees to renuka n her blouses to apsara n for aastha same sarees repeating since two months n for thatCHEAP N CHARACTERLESS BUDDI SHAL KO EK MIN KE LIYE AUR HAR ROJ NAYE NAYE SAADIYAN.DIRTY b*t*h SHAL IN NEW SAREES ALSO U R LOOKIG BUDDI N UGLY.IF U R GIVEN AASTHA’S MUMBAI WALA SAADIS,I THINK A BEGGAR LOOKS LAKHS TIME BETTER THAN U.

    1. ? really I don’t know stupid sojal 😡

  9. So true keerthi

  10. How nice shlok nd astha were before!!!they were awesome….but nowadays i hate dis serial….no romantic moments between them….i mis them a lot!!!

  11. Breaking news
    This production house is launching a new show BEAUTY and BEAST.According to them Avinash will play the main role of Beauty and the role of Beast will be played by non other than Shalmalee.Thanks God at least this time producers wil save make-up expences.

    1. Lol ?

  12. If this serial end without uniting ashlok……then this serial has to b another namae WWB… wide blunder:-)

  13. why everyone comment so badly abt Avi n Shal?? i dunno anything I am new here n confused

    1. That’s coz there nothin good to talk abt shal n shlok

  14. It’s just a few days remaining for my favourite show to end and its so disgusting to see bharjit scenes and shlojal scenes. How the cvs ruined a beautiful show!!!!! Just hoping to see a mind blowing ashlok scene in the climax. Nothing more to expect now !!!!! How I luved this show so much for ashlok and just ashlok but we fans are treated to all types of rubbish other than ashlok. Only memories to remember now I guess of this fabulous couple who complimented each other well and created magic onscreen. I know they didn’t get any awards or recognition but for we fans they are unbeatable in terms of chemistry, acting and just love everything about them.

    Hope they remain blessed throughout their lives!!!!!! What a memorable journey it has been guys!!!! Will cherish ashlok and ebp forever.

  15. Yup samna….i agree….
    Abhi nd shrenu always a spcl plac in our heart as Shlok nd aastha……lov u two….


    1. Hope there relationship fails badly like Karan Patel and Kamini punjabi ?

  17. If Avi cares such bashes Avi would not married a girl who has dated a guy for 5 years n knowing d fact that everything might have over between them,even a kindergarten girl expect what lovers do.Avi is not fool because he himself done every shit with Rubi.This is all common for celebrities because of excess money.

  18. Someone said that,for ashlok fans he did not announce his marriage,if he really love fans that much he would have not been with that cheapster always on d screen holding her pallu n discussing with her every bullshit.AVINASH is a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry big lier ncheapster n characterless artist in d entire Universe.l feeling slapping these both cheapsters with their own slippers.

  19. From many epis , Avinash sachdev is shown 90% he is shown shown with that s*x worker Shalmalee sachdev.Then what is role of d heroine in d serial.U cheap cvs n avilee if u r so interested u takethese cvs to ur bedroom n shoot every nonsense n telecast in some nonsense channel but do not spoil a good reputed channel like sp.U dirty rouges title is something n u show something nonsense of avi n shal always.Yuaaaaaaaaaak.Bullshit show.

    1. Ipkknd rockzzz ipkknd ebp flopzzz ?

  20. Dirty rouge n cheap Avi how did u become an actor,u do not acting skills at all.Even if ur wife is playing d role of a mother to u ,u must justify d character.U have become very very cheap,u both of throw Varad to one corner u both sit side by side.R u playing d role of Avinash or Shlok.Really God is very blind only Shalmalee like s*x worker ko handsome n rich pati mila n Shrenu type good girls ko atleast on d screen respect nahi mil raha hai.Hey b*t*h N s*xWORKER SHALMALEE SACHDEV COUNT UR DAYS.

  21. Stop this worst Avi n Shal story right now.U both sathyanash kardiya iss show ko.Is this aserial of two lovers or bhabhi bhauji ki love story.Cvs ur rods also pushed in to Shalmaee’s ………..kya.Jo ithna pyar aa raha hai us b*t*h par.

  22. Avi n Shal r sitting side by side kicking that bakra varad though they r babhi n devar,Shrenu n Indra r sitting very far though they r hus n wife for time being.What a cheap screenplay.Hats off to cheap director n cameraman.U take training from Shal how to ditch a show.

  23. This show is going to end n no ashlok scenes at all.If Avi n Shrenu r die hard enemies ,well ,no loss to both of them.U should have wrapped d show very long back than showing that b*t*h Shal n big cheater Avi scenes always who wants their dirty n cheap real story in d show.Nobody is crying for that characterless peoples scenes here.

  24. Shrenu u r looking gorgeous in designer sarees n even old khadi sarees also u looked fab.Shrenu how r u working with these cheap n worst people? From actors to cvs all r very cheap n characterless.They do not have right to stand beside u also.Cheeeee.

    1. Ha shrenu is angel so she’s gorgeous as always but that dumb b*t*hy shal luking more cheap even in costly sarees even im not watching this now I can assume her f**king b*t*hy shitty face

  25. Thank god I stopped watching there f**king drama only reading updates I never expected this from avinash seriously I loved him but now I’m hating from bottom of my heart ???

  26. only thing is that…. how rubina feel knowing this marriage…anyhow she had a relationship with avi…but guess what? … no more guilty feelings in avinash…..just moved on his life…frankly Shalmalee bi aise character hain…… difference between both of us…..ab dekho 4 yrs gf rubina fool hogaye..or shall madam brilliant bangaye….oh god.

  27. Avi n shal if u r marrying well go to blo*dy hell after marriage to honeymoon.Who cares u,hey dirty Avinash keep ur personal relations with that cheap Shal behind d screen but not on d screen.Do not think that u r miss n mr universe,first u look behind ur past how u both cheated ur beloved ex girl n boyfriends n show off at ur home not in d show.

  28. just a mistake both of them , both of us hogaye

  29. Shal r u boen to a xxxxx parents n u r a woman or a b*t*h.Avi as he is mardh n they always follow b*t*hes like that.What happened to u atleast if u r a woman u should tell ur Avi that we r not hus n wife in d show n so let us maintain distance.Daily what u both have to ur stomach,food or eachother’s toilet.

  30. This forum has become a dirty place where actors and their families are being based day and night for their personal lives decisions. I just don’t understand why viewers have a say in the personal lives of actors. They too are human beings with feelings. So sad to see the cast of such a wonderful show being abused to such an extent. We just have to appreciate the actors for their hardwork and talent and thank them for such a wonderful journey of ashlok and ebp.

    1. U disgusting fellow we are talking about show only as Dey are showing sojal and shlok together its getting to my nerves coz i love ashlok

  31. Coward Avi do not feel shy that u r marrying a second hand aunty.Why r u running away from city n marrying like a thief.U r giving life to s*xWORKER.Remember that,do not feel guilty.Aaj Shalmalee would have been spending somewhere if u had not given her life.No one would have smelled her by knowing her past n today u r marrying her. U should feel proud of u n tell to d whole world loudly.


  33. I don’t know that b*t*hy sojal is s*x worker omg ?

  34. I still has a dought. Who is innocent Avi or Shrenu?

  35. Good epi…but I can’t understnd y u guyxx hate shalmalee…m new here…

  36. I don’t understand why you guys hate sojal, iam new it really shal s*x worker?

  37. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yarrr ye bhabi aur devar ko ek sath mat dikhaya kro…..n i hate sojal…….. aur plzzz aashlok kb ek sath dikhenge………

  38. Vrinda Dileep T K

    Oh god ! STARPLUS is going to end our fav show “IPKKND EBP”.From 15th June onwards,I won’t watch SP.HATE U STARPLUS…… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Pls extend the show atleast till AUGUST.Pls…………………SP :\

  39. Please restart this serial on star utsav from the beginning.

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