Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

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Niranjan thanking Astha for thinking about Jyoti’s life. Everyone looks at him, and he says Astha has done right.

Anjali and Astha think they know Niranjan won’t change so easily.NA leaves and calling someone to meet him and he will explain later the details … meanwhile Kaka was thanking Aastha for bringing the happiness again to the house NA looks on and fumed Anjali followed NA to their room

Niranjan tells Anjali that he won’t accept this marriage and did she think how could she save Astha and Shlok’s life.if Jyoti get married then Aastha should be separated from Shlok
Jyoti informs Sid and make fun with him at first saying that because of the newspaper a big problem is in her house he said tell me what

to do ?then she laugh and tell him that Niranjan agreed for their wedding.

Sid gets happy and asks his mother talked to Niranjan. his mother refused and ask him they ill treat you is this the way they treat their son in law Aastha was start preparing the things Joyti need for marriage and want to choose sarees from online store she called Shlok and he said : are you serious and you look happy that my father apologize to you in front of everybody ..this what you want he continues to say their is a big difference between you and my dad as my dad knew what you think about him and still respect you while you want to prove him evil Astha inquire why have you changed and you are against me ? he accused her to be selfish and said : I slowly started to realize that you want soon to prove even me is wrong he left while leaving Aastha upset and thinking…

Niranjan’s man calls Sid’s mother and wishing her for Sid, and says she accepted this marriage only for Niranjan’s money.and that she is selling her son only for money or else who will want to marry a married lady with a child and that the whole town is talking about them .
Sid’s mother gets angry and asks Sid to come with her.
Niranjan says to Astha that she took Jyoti’s sign of divorce papers.
Astha gives divorce papers to Jyoti and asks her sign.
NA ask Anjali to go with Aastha to Sid house to give them marriage proposal and Anjali agreed and at the same time Sid and his mother come in and his mother start saying no need to come we are here already

Renuka start scolding Anjali for publishing news without their permission.
And says she would not agree this marriage because Jyoti is already married and she has child also.Shlok stops Sid mom from saying anything further and said that from the start it looks like Sid mom is not better than Abhay Aunt so he ask Jyoti to forget about Sid while Aastha answer him saying what you say Shlok Jyoti loves Sid , so Shlok turn to Sid and say : you still want to marry my sister Sid sign yes Shlok said then you will under one condition , you live at our house after marriage everybody looks shocked

Precap: Sid tells Niranjan that he loves Jyoti, and he will take care of Jyoti and her child.and refuse to live in their house Shlok said : then no marriage

Update Credit to: Misti

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  1. Whoever wrote this is probably drunk. Nothing makes sense in this.

  2. what the hell is this!!!
    it’s not making any damn sense.

  3. This serial will never move on…at least now devil NA should be reveled

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