Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indrajeet and Astha leaving in the car. Apsara sees this and calls Shlok. Shlok is in other car waiting. Apsara informs him that Astha went with Indrajeet and his kids. He says thanks, your work is over, leave from there. Shlok asks Rekha is she ready. She says yes, and asks him to drive. Shantanu tells Astha that he will have icecream first. Astha says fine, and asks Indrajeet to take the kids, she will wait in the car. Mishti asks shall we go home. Astha says no, I will sit here. Indrajeet says fine, I will take them.

Shlok looks on as Indrajeet, kids and the driver go to the icecream stall. Shlok says this is the right opportunity, and he gets down towards the car. Indrajeet comes back and they leave in the car. Shlok calls Apsara and says

Plan B. Astha tells the kids that they will go on long drive. Indrajeet says he can’t say no to her and the kids. Shlok follows them. Apsara calls Indrajeet saying she is from DMC and says she sent some officials to his office. He calls office and comes to know about DMC people coming there. He tells Astha there is emergency in office and leaves taking taxi.

Shlok stops the car infront of Astha’s car and kidnap her. The driver and the kids are shocked. Astha asks who are they and sees Shlok in the mirror. She asks you here. Rekha shuts her mouth. Shlok asks Rekha to tie the cloth. Shantanu asks driver to call dad. The driver tries calling and says his phone is switch off and takes kids home.

Jyoti and Sid come to meet Kalindi. Kalindi acts rude to them and goes inside. The man tells Indrajeet that the people came and they left also. He gets puzzled and says strange, something fishy about this.

Jyoti asks how can she not meet her, if she regarded her daughter, she lost her Aai also, she will never come back, Kaki please we all lost our loved ones, we should be together in such time, Anaya got a brother, and I got a husband like Sid because of you, bless my son, I will think I got blessings from my mum, whats my baby’s mistake in this, open the door please. Kalindi cries. Jyoti says fine, if you will not come out, I m adamant, my son will not go from here without your blessings. She says she is going, and leaves the baby there. She asks Mala to let the baby cry, if Kalindi does not care, then let it be.

She says when the family was against me, she supported me by lying to her daughter, and today she is not blessing my son. Shlok brings Astha home and he thanks Rekha. He says Indrajeet will come chawl first, when he knows, go from here for few days. Rekha refuses. Shlok says he will show the truth to Astha. Astha sees her pics with Shlok all over the place. Shlok says Astha, this is the truth, you are my Astha. Kalindi stops Jyoti and takes her son. She asks the name. Sid says we did not do Naam Karan.

Kalindi says she is blessings the baby as its not his mistake, but she will not love her, as she reminds her of Astha. Shantanu says he will call dad. Indrajeet gets his call. Shantanu cries at home and tells him that they have kidnapped mum. Indrajeet asks what, how. Shantanu tells everything and Indrajeet is shocked. Shantanu says I m at home. Indrajeet says take care of Mishti, I promise I will get your mum and come. He gets angry.

Astha says I don’t believe this pics. Shlok says its not made by photoshop, this is our relation, its true, how can you forget our love. He reminds her the situations. She says just stop it, this is not my memories, I m not in this, I m Barkha Indrajeet Sarkar, I can give up my life, but not believe you, I hate you, I will never let you succeed in your aim. Shlok is stunned.

Shlok holds her and says she is Astha Shlok Agnihotri and gets angry. He shows her their marriage pic and she faints unable to bear the stress.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode but why aasha regaining irritating aastha character

  2. Nice episode..waiting for tomorows episode

  3. Thank God, Sojal aunty’s name is not seen today also.I think Sojal aunty is taking rest so that she should look young beside Shlok on wedding day.Anyhow though WU is boring,very very happy that Sojal aunty is not seen in WU.

  4. Episode was better than d previous ones.Got fed up with same costumes for Aastha repeatedly.This is d only show on Starplus who repeat d costumes for d heroine sooo frequently.Aastha, ur acting was fantastic. But Avinash’s acting was so superficial,when he holds Aastha esp his feelings on face was, as if some lizards on crawling on him.Avi if u r not able to look at her n not able to hold her,u just quit show d man.Past Ashlok died man.

  5. total spannend
    bahut acha

  6. shokria for the translations 🙂

  7. I started watching this show jst because of its name…and now it is proving that its nothing compared to our first season………any way I luv ashlok….hop dey will b together soon…

  8. Good episode, shlok is trying his best to get aastha.
    Soon shlok will get aastha.
    Waiting for that day when aastha will say that i hate u IS and love u shlok.

  9. ***** for ep 501, well start to move on next Ashlok regains memories ,
    thanks for WU

  10. Aastha plss regain all ur memory back. The show is nothing without Aashlok romance and their cute fights. Waiting eagerly for it.

  11. Kavi,do not be so exited,if Sojal is seen or not seen it makes no difference now.When Shlok comes to Anj nivas,that time u see how Soj sticks to Shlok wearing same colours like love birds.Bhabi aur devar ka beintehaa mohabbath.Both r real cheapsters in d whole ente industry.Thats why I stopped watching this cheap show.

  12. Good episode……in the precap the way shlok holded Aastha is really superb…lots of hopes for the next episode

  13. Where Firdows ji,that kind of involvement in doing d intimate scenes is lacking between them.Aastha as she does not have any lover infront of her she is able to give her best,but Shlok is feeling embarrased I think to act such scenes with Aastha as Sojal is beside d cameraman right infront of Shlok always.Shl is not able to give his 100 percent inspite of promising his fans.

  14. Shlok and Sojal aka Avinash and Shalmalee..wish you a happy life..cute couple..

  15. Avinash n Shalmalee d worst n characterless couple in d whole Universe.And that Shalmalee world’s number one b*t*h.May ur married life end soon.

  16. You r right Avi x fan.Both belong to same category.Avi lived with Rubi for 3 years n Shal lived with Kirthi Rai for 5years n enjoyed with one another alot n today Avi n Shal going to live for how many years?To day with some one n tomorrow with some otherone n day after tomorrow with another is common for Avinash n Shalmalee type cheaters.Bullshit.

  17. We want our Ashlok back.we r least concerned about Avi n Shal n what type of cheap characters they r in d real life. But director sir please do not bring their personal life on to d screen n show them together n ignore Aastha.If u do like that then there is no meaning to d show n no meaning to Ashlok.D show remains in d history as a mere flop n a cheap show for d whole TV shows.

  18. Why Avi is such a great n good charactered n handsome personality or what, u always comment about him.Why u all r bothered if Avi is ready to bear characterless Shal for lifelong, what’s the problem for u people.If u like d show u watch it, otherwise u just leave it,very simple.Do not get mad thinking about such people.There r so many useful things in d world to think about.

  19. Good episode.. Hope she gets her memory back soon…

  20. Its soooo dragging n boringggg…shw sumthng new atleast…like astha gtng flash bcks or dreams…

  21. Director sir ,Avi n Shal marry in June n this show ends in Aug means,please replace Sojal character Sir, otherwise we miss our cute Ashlok for which we watched 501 epis.Please Sir.Atleast at end of d show consider our request sir.

  22. Jubse shlk astha se mila hai tubse bus ye hi bolrahe hai dono…tum astha ho meri astha ho n shez like nai mai barkha hun barkha.I.S…nai u r astha nai m barkha astha barkha astha barkha ufff bussss ab…kuch aur dailogues nai bache kya writer ke paas…if she is not blvng u say sunthng else try sumthng else shlok n astha atleast gve it a thought atlst once…..

  23. Who dis stupid person pretending to be indrajeet sarkar first indrajeet poo face is annoying now this person too who’s trying to be him

  24. Starplus has completely ignored this show.They have reduced this show’s repeated telecasts from today.I think they know very well,what kind of shows to be promoted n what kind of shows to be ignored.Yeh tho bada senseless n cheap show hai n Very low trp of starplus shows.Very long back I stopped watching this show n today also it is there itself where it was when I watched.

  25. Read that aastha is going to remember by shlok’s song.this IS track is not ending!

  26. I just feel why the hell the bring new season of our favourite serial iss pyaar ko Kya naam doom that was the most lovely serial on star plus when they told there will be a next season I knw it will be the wrost serial
    And it made it’s stand clear now
    Thank u directors for creating such a rubbish serial with the same title of our favourite serial
    This character can only done by
    Our swt swt heart barun sopthi
    No one and never can compete him
    God promise
    Love u sanayya an barun
    Miss u a lot in Telly soup
    Plz come back

  27. Right Ahsana, there, Barun n Sanaya were d reason to make d show a very big hit, here Avinash n seilfish n characterless witch Shalmalee are the main reason to make d show a very very big flop.

  28. interesting waiting for today 5.30 pm. pls reunite ashlok and pls dnt stop retelecast

  29. Anybody pls tell me where can i watch the full episodes..from the first episode to the latest..

    1. Sonia i think it will be in you tube full episodes

    2. full episode right there

  30. Nice episode. I’m happy that now astha is with shlok. ..I think astha will get get her memory back very soon. .aashlok superb acting today. .waiting for their union

  31. Sonia i think. It will be in you tube full episodes. .

  32. No simna..i searched in youtube..but its only maximum 5 min episodes not full length..

  33. Sonia u can watch all episodes on desi tashan…jus type watch iss pyaar ko kya naam doon season 2 on google…select d desitashan from ur search results…but r u sure u cn c all d 501 episodes longgg way to go fr u den…

  34. Bhadra what happened to u my friend now a days ur not commenting any thing about d show. Got bored like many other commentors requesting d cv’s of d show to kick dirty b*t*h Shalmalee out of d show.

    1. here some fans chat their silly silly matters, dont like that, daily i saw this site, lots of viewers are not commented in this site, may be feelings are same to me. i watch fans site only.

  35. sonia namaste u can nazar on hot star is the best

  36. hai frnds…plz attention everybody, there is a malayalam movie ‘mayapponman’. pl everybody watch this. in this movie the heroin met with an accident and she becomes a memmory loss patient like astha. and later some situation reminds her about her past, at that time she feels dizzy. in precap, i think atha is in that same condition.

  37. sonia u can watch it on www. u can watch full episodes order by order. there is a search icon, click it on and type our show’s name.

  38. Haha – this drama is definitely going down the route of “typical”. Aastha loses her memory and then when she tries to recollect things relating to her past, she feels stressed and faints OMG so typical of a drama to do this…

  39. show acha h but ab aur bardaasht nahi horaha h please writrs jaldi se Ashlok ka reunion krwa do.astha ko kidnapp kr k bi shlok uski memory wapis nahi la saka ab khtm karo ye drama aur agay barhao show ko.

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