Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok smiling seeing Astha and thinking once the job is set, Astha won’t need to work so hard. Chowski says the pandit ji has come. Astha greets him and asks him to start. Shlok asks him to hurry up. The pandit ji tells about mahurat. Astha asks Shlok what is he thinking, is he going somewhere. He says no. Astha talks to pandit ji and Shlok goes. Ankush comes home in new avatar, donning a simple kurta pyjama with tilak and Prasad in hands. Kalindi and Ajju are shocked seeing him. He touches Kalindi’s feet. Mala walks downstairs. Ankush gives the Prasad to Kalindi. He asks why is she seeing like this, and says he went to apologize for all the mistakes he did till now, and started with Lord in temple. He gives them Prasad. Ajju looks outside and

says she is seeing how did sun rose from west. She asks how can this miracle happen.

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Ankush says he fasts regularly and he gets peace by this. He says he breaks fast in evening and tells about his values, which he has kept since childhood. He acts like being very innocent and asks Kalindi can he break the fast with her this time, as he has broken fast with dad. He asks where is his second hand dad, I m mad to ask, he might have gone to office. He says I will apologize to him when he comes, I used to call him second innings, I will call him Avdhoot Papa now. He says your goodness has really impressed me and I thought to try. He goes upstairs to his room. Mala smiles. Ajju signs Kalindi asking what was this. Kalindi signs don’t know.

Mala comes to Ankush, and they start laughing. Mala says you did good acting. He says you should have seen their faces, they did not know what happened to me, I controlled my laughter, and my stomach was aching. Mala says all work will be done now. Ankush says they are slow motion people, they are not simple, else my property would have been with me. Mala asks him to be patient and continue acting. Ankush says he will act to make them believe him. Sojal brings coffee for Varad and says Niranjan has called you. Varad says he went there to meet him. She says we should do something for him. He says Niranjan is worried about Shlok, and its my duty to handle him. Sojal says you managed everything very well and one day Niranjan will know his value. Varad says thanks and smiles.

Ajju asks Kalindi is Ankush acting to show he changed. Kalindi says he is surely acting to get the property. Ajju says children does not know we have experience and they can’t fool us. She says I don’t trust Ankush, he can’t change so soon, there is something fishy, if it is his plan to fool us, this won’t happen. Kalindi says she wishes Ankush to change. Shlok tells Astha that we should call Anjali. Astha calls Anjali and asks for blessings. Anjali blesses her. Astha says its imp day for us, we are inaugurating food truck. Shlok talks to Anjali and says he is missing her. He says he used to hate people who left parents at ashram, and he did it too. Anjali says the situation has made you do this. Shlok promises he will become something and take her back. Anjali blesses him and asks him to be happy.

Astha sees Shlok worried. The pandit asks her to come for puja as its mahurat time. He does tilak to Astha and Shlok. Rekha and Chowksi also attend the puja. The pandit ji asks Astha to break the coconut and she does so. Shlok signs Astha and she unveils the curtain, and shows Anjali’s name. Its Anjali Ki Rasoi Se(Food from Anjali’s kitchen) Everyone clap for them. Astha says finally, our food truck opened, I m very happy. She hugs Shlok. Chowksi asks for Prasad. Astha gives Prasad to everyone and smiles. Shanta refuses to take the sweets and stops Sachin. Asrha says fine, and gives others. Apsara says see her, she did not ask us again when he said no, though she stays in our home.

Astha tells Shlok that their dreams will be fulfilled. She says we will take a home soon and bring Anjali. Shlok thinks he also wishes the same. Shanta talks to Apsara. She says it will be good when her haddwork fails and then we will enjoy to laugh on her. Ankush asks Mala to start acting. They start arguing to show Kalindi and Ajju. Ankush asks Mala to not get angry as its no solution. He says even he shouted on Kalindi, but then he realized he is doing wrong with them. Ajju says I m sure Ankush is fooling us. She says don’t give property to him, come with me. Ankush hears this and says he will teach Ajju a lesson. Mala stops him and says our plan will fail, we have to bring Kalindi on our side by love and gives the idea. She asks for money. Ankush says take it later, and asks for idea to impress them. Mala tells him. (Muted)

Chowksi likes the food menu that Astha writes on board. Astha says we have to be different to seek attention. Shlok gets a call from job provider. Astha asks the matter. Shlok says he got a job, and its his first day today. Astha is happy and says congrats. He says you were excited so I did not say, that you can get stress, but its fine now, so I will leave. She asks his post. He says its not decided, the company chairman will decide after seeing my presentation today, its big institute. Astha thanks the Lord and says her energy increased. She hugs him saying I love you. He says I love you too and kisses her forehead. Astha smiles.

Astha waits for customers. Apsara sees this and asks Astha to give a roti roll and gives money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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