Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indrajeet seeing Ballu and saying I think I saw Ballu. Astha says why will he be here and asks driver to drive the car ahead. She messages Shlok. Shlok tells Niranjan that Astha messaged him, Indrajeet saw him and he has to leave. Mala tells Ankush that she will leave him, but he has to promise he will accept Kalindi, and explains him. He asks her not to leave any lecture, and he will think about this later. She leaves. Shlok runs back and hopes Indrajeet does not reach before him. The kids wait for Ballu. Shantanu says where is he. Astha is worried and Indrajeet asks her why is she so tensed. Astha says no way, I m fine, my friends are messaging me and sending strange jokes that no one can laugh, its just free time they have, and those who

should have time, does not have, like you are so busy. She prays Bappa to do some miracle and save Shlok, he should reach before them.

Ahilya waits for Ballu and says why did he not bring kids till now and asks Shontu to look for Ballu. Ballu says sorry, we got late. Ahilya says if you stay at kids’ school all day, who will do work here. Ballu says sorry, kids insisted and I had to stay. Shantanu and Mishti look at each other. Shlok takes them and sits teaching them and checking homework. Indrajeet and Astha come home, and he smiles seeing Ballu at home. Astha gets relieved. Indrajeet fills the quotations and Astha tries to see it.

He changes the amount many times and drinks water. He asks Sapna to get some chilled water. She says Ahilya told you not to have cold water. He says then get room temp water, just get it. She leaves. He thinks and says what amount to fill that we get the contract. Astha tells Shlok that Indrajeet did not fill the tender quotation, why is he thinking so much. Shlok says its imp to get contract. Astha says we have to tell it to Baba so that we can quote less. He asks het to be there and find out. Indrajeet fills 11.5 and says now we should get this tender. He gets a call from Sharma and goes out talking.

Shlok and Astha see him leaving. She asks him to go and see fast, she will stand and call him when Indrajeet comes. Shlok checks the laptop and sees tender details. Astha asks him to hurry up. She keeps an eye on Indrajeet. Shlok thinks once he gets to know the amount, Indrajeet Sarkar you are finished.

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Astha sees Indrajeet coming and asks Shlok to hurry up, as he is coming. Shlok sees the amount and tries taking its pic. Astha coughs to sign him. She stops Indrajeet and gives him water. He says thanks and drinks it. He says tell Ballu to get ginger tea and goes to his study. Astha looks for Shlok. Indrajeet asks what happened. She says I forgot my phone. He says tell Ballu to get tea fast, I m getting headache. Shlok thinks to send the pic to Niranjan soon, as he would be waiting, its 10mins remaining to fill tender, and says why is this mail not going. Niranjan tells everyone that if they lose the tender, Indrajeet will win again, its just 8mins now.

Varad calls Shlok and Shlok says he will send the mail, he is trying, don’t worry. Varad tells Niranjan that Shlok said his phone has some problem, he will send via Astha’s. Shlok messages Astha. Indrajeet says why am I having so much headache. Astha gives him the tea. He says tell thanks to Ballu, he made it well. She says I made it. He says thanks. She gets Shlok’s message that forward the mail to Varad, its 2mins to fill tender then site will be closed. Indrajeet asks her to pass medicine and water. She says yes and tries sending the mail. She sees the time and is tensed. He asks what happened. She guves him water and medicines. She thinks she has sent the time, but Varad should send tender soon.

Varad gets the mail and Niranjan says 10secs remaining. Varad says we sent it, and Niranjan says lets see who gets the tender tomorrow. Anjali asks him to be positive. Its morning, Niranjan gets ready. Anjali does the aarti. Niranjan says tender is opening today, don’t know what will happen. She asks him not to worry. Varad says I will check tender result, you check plot results. Niranjan says no, I will go for tender result, you go for plot, I want to face Indrajeet and show him we are strong and can face any problem. Anjali does his tilak and also Varad’s. She makes them have curd and blesses Varad. Niranjan asks Anjali to pray that they return with good news.

Indrajeet gets ready and Astha helps him in wearing the coat. He thanks her. Ahilya comes and asks him not to worry, as he will get the tender, no need to worry, as Niranjan will not even think to fill the tender, if he does this mistake, then he will lose. Indrajeet smiles and takes her blessings. Astha says I will get juice. She goes to kitchen and hugs Shlok saying she is scared. He says pray that we get the tender. She says I will leave and takes juice. Ahilya asks Indrajeet to go and win, they will celebrate. She thinks Indrajeet does not know how his victory will leave a stain on Niranjan.

The tender results have come and Niranjan waits. Indrajeet smiles being overconfident. Astha gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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