Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Apsara telling Shlok about Astha selling the gold coins, and she would not done this if he did not start the shop this time. Shlok says Astha will not do this, I know her, you stay away from her. Apsara says you will stay away from her when you know what I said is true. She says angry young man will like anyone after breakup and lets see how much fire is ignited by my spark. Mala gets ready and does makeup. Ankush asks her why did she call him, and calls her a struggling actor of TV. She says you waste time with friends and play cards, and don’t know what else. Ankush says you are not my wife to give me lecture, just do the work I gave you.

Mala says I did not say this, your mum said this. She asks him to do acting that he changed, then

leave from this house, Kalindi won’t come to see did he really change or not. Ankush says I can’t do any acting and I will be as I m, I will take my property my way. Niranjan talks to Shlok’s pic and says he will come to take him soon. He says I will do as you want, and be the way you want me to. The detective comes to Niranjan. Niranjan asks him did he find out about Shlok, why is he taking so much time, where is Shlok and how is he. The detective says Niranjan ji, actually……

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He says I found out in city, all corners, but…. Niranjan scolds him for being bets detective and not finding Shlok. The detective says Shlok is not in this city and no one saw him going, he can be anywhere. Niranjan gets angry and asks him to leave. He says if you can’t do this work, I will hire some other detective for this work. The detective leaves. Niranjan gets sad and says my son, I will find out at any cost. (Good to see change in Niranjan!!) Shlok asks Astha about Ajju’s gold coins. Astha says I have kept it safe and sees Apsara standing there. Apsara asks Astha to show the coins. Astha asks her to leave from there as its about them. Shlok asks Astha to show coins. Astha says calm down, and opens the hand carry. Shlok says don’t say you are not getting it.

Astha says I have kept it here. Astha shows the gold coins and thinks in FB that she has taken the gold plated coins to show Shlok instead of real ones. She regrets to lie to Shlok. Apsara is shocked and thinks to leave before Shlok’s anger bursts on her. Shlok looks at Apsara. Apsara leaves. Astha talks to Shlok and hugs him by keeping his trust intact. Apsara cleans her ears and thinks she heard it wrong when AStha told Chowksi about selling gold coins, and then how did it come back. She says how did she got so much money, but Astha got proved true. She asks how can Shlok like Astha when a beauty like me is infront of me. She says she has to catch Astha red handed and do something.

Varad is at office and asks his assistant to get all files together and he will sign altogether. The man tells the staff about Varad’s attitude and not signing on urgent files. The lady says Niranjan made the company and Shlok worked hard, Varad does not have this capability to manage it. The man says yes, Varad does not know how Shlok managed everything on time. Varad hears them and looks on angrily on how his staff is backbiting about him. The staff sees Varad standing. Niranjan talks to someone and asks for a good detective. He asks Sita to get tea for him and ask Varad to come to his room when he comes. He asks her to make tea like Anjali. Varad comes home and Sita tells him to meet Niranjan. Varad thinks he is sure that Niranjan will ask about Shlok.

He thinks he never asked about me even when I stay here always. He comes to Niranjan and sees him talking to Shlok’s pic again. Niranjan says he does not know where to find him, and Varad is trying to find him. Sita comes and gives tea. Varad says let it be and leaves. Sita gives tea to Niranjan. Apsara sees Shlok and Astha not at home. Astha and Shlok are outside. She says we have much work tomorrow, lets go and sleep to wake up early in morning. Apsara thinks they are coming to fight with her and thinks to go and sleep. Shanta taunts her asking what is she doing at window. Apsara starts arguing. Apsara goes to sleep. Astha and Shlok come home. Astha gives him tea. She says we will open many food trucks in the city once this business runs, then buy a house to get Anjali here and tells her plans. He says yes, it will happen what you want.

Astha says she will ask about mahurat with Anjali. Chowksi comes and is happy seeing them. He says its 10am mahurat tomorrow morning and I got a pandit also. Astha thanks him. Chowski says he came to say he has arranged for puja, don’t worry. He leaves. Astha tells Shlok that no one can stop their food truck from becoming hit. She hugs him. Shlok thinks he thought to tell Astha about job, if he says now, she will get into tension, once food truck starts, he will tell her. He prays Lord to keep Astha happy. Its morning, Shlok thinks its first day at office and he can’t be late today. He asks Asthha to do puja and he will arrange food truck. She asks why he is in hurry. He says nothing. She asks for help.

Apsara and Shanta argue with Astha as she invites them in food truck opening. Astha gets angry and scolds them. Apsara says get happy, as your food truck will be shut. Astha says how can you say this on our first day of work. She gets angry and taunts Apsara calling her dirt. She says I know you tried to fill my Shlok’s ears, I will not leave you next time. Shanta says her mood is good so it is good day for her. She says don’t say anything to my bahu, what will she do with you and Shlok. She asks Apsara to say Astha is lying. Apsara tells everything that Astha has sold gold coins so she told Shlok. Shanta says what do you have to do with it. Sachin comes and talks well with Astha. Astha smiles and asks Sachin to come for mahurat opening and looks at Apsara.

Astha slides the curtain and reveals food truck name on Anjali. Shlok smiles seeing it. Everyone clap for them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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