Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok thinking he has to meet Astha and tell him that Indrajeet is cheating her. The constable asks who is he and why is he seeing here. Shlok says its my friend’s home and I m waiting. Indrajeet talks on phone and sees him, he thinks Shlok will not change his actions. Shantanu and Mishti come home. Indrajeet thinks before Shlok sees them and makes some plan, I will bring them inside. Jyoti tells Renuka that she did not complain about her to Sid, why did she think she is wrong, and asks her to say what she finds wrong in her so that she can change and make relations sweet. Renuka says nothing. Jyoti says I m sorry for what you felt. Renuka says I know you well, so much things changed after you came, can’t I see. Jyoti thinks will Renuka accept

her, will she be able to make place in her heart.

Apsara comes to the chawl and meets everyone. Her husband Manya gets the luggage. She asks him to keep the luggage at home. He says he talks infront of everyone and his tongue seals infront of her. He goes. Apsara says why is everyone so silent, I will find out from Rekha. Shlok sees them and thinks to talk to them, as they know him and will identify them. Indrajeet comes to the kids and they hug him. Shlok hides and looks on. Indrajeet takes them inside. He asks servants to make them ready, they have to go to Verma uncle. Shantanu says I forgot this, you are the best.

He says I spoke about summer camp and you can do swimming and have fun. Mishti asks about mum. He says she is unwell and resting. Shantanu says we will meet her and go. Indrajeet gets glad that they love Astha more than him, and accepted her as mum. FB shows Indrajeet telling kids that Sapna and her family met with big accident and no one survived, and says I want to keep Sapna as our family member, she is not well, she loves you both a lot and she feels you both are her children, she does not have anything in life, I can’t tell her the truth, if I snatch you both, don’t know what will she do.

He asks them to promise that they will love her as their Barkha Maa, and regard her mum till she gets fine, she should not know she is Sapna, they should call her Barkha. Shantanu promises that he will love her as mum and even Mishti promises. Indrajeet thinks its Astha’s test today to know does she get her past memories back. The kids go to meet her, and Indrajeet thinks perfect, sometimes kids do for what we stop and do what he want, they have to go from home for what I want to do. The kids meet Astha and she gets glad. Indrajeet asks kids to come and kids refuse. Astha says she has head ache, they can go now and if they feel bored, dad will come to take them, then they will talk. Indrjaeet says he is sending servant with them. The kids refuse and she sends them. Shlok stands outside. He sees Indrajeet sending the kids in the car. Indrajeet sees Shlok hiding. Shlok thinks why is Indrajeet not going, I have to take her out of home to take safely. Apsara meets Rakha and gives Prasad.

She talks to her and asks why is she worried, she was joking, Chowksi loves her a lot. Sachin comes and meets her, and says they all are sad. Apsara asks why. Sachin tells her everything. Apsara is shocked. She says now I have come, we will try out best to unite Shlok and Astha, where is he, I will meet him. Sachin says he went out, make him smile, he forgot to smile. Indrajeet thinks Shlok should come, to see how courageous he is. He sends the watchman to have food and gives money. The guard goes and Indrajeet sits in the car. He thinks he wants to see what will he remind his Barkha and how. He leaves.

Shlok looks on and goes inside the house. Indrajeet sees this and thinks today its Astha’s exam, and she has to pass it, as she is his Barkha now. Indrajeet enters the home and keeps an eye on Shlok. Shlok goes to Astha and Indrajeet thinks to see what his Barkha does with him. Shlok sees Astha sleeping and sits by her side. She wakes up and screams for help. He says don’t shout, I want to explain something. She says help. He asks how can she forget his love and Indrajeet is playing game with her. Indrajeet stands outside and smiles. Shlok takes her with him and Indrajeet hides. Astha pushes Shlok and he gets hit on his head. He fals down and she is shocked. Indrajeet is stunned too.

Astha runs and locks her room door. Indrajeet comes out and thinks Barkha won over Astha, she is Barkha now, my Barkha passed the exam with flying colors with distinction.

Astha is tensed. Indrajeet knocks the door asking her to open the door. She cries and hugs him. He asks what happened. She says he came inside the home and was taking me forcibly. He says calm down, I m with you, I did police complaint.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hi and sorry bye now… 🙁

  2. frnds koi meri confusion dur karay NAUC wali site par aik Susi ati h jiska name capital se start hot h yani cptl S se aur dusri jo susi h uske name ka s small h now tell me k konsi real h.S wali susi ne mujhe NAUC m bht achay se bth ki nd small s wali susi ne mujhe kal negative comment kia ta.kya dono aik hi h ya alag alag plz guys m confused

  3. U r right kanisha,both Indr n Shlok look too elder beside Aastha.When this serial started I really felt how did they match 35 years man(shlok)to 19 years teenage girl(Aastha).After that when I opened their Wiki’s I was really shocked to see their real age.But slowly after I used to watch them constantly I forgot about their age n started liking their fights their romance n everything.This kind of chemistry can not be seen anymore between them as we all know reason for it.Sad Shrenu, bearing all humiliations on d sets.Avi is feeling as if lizards are crawling on him in d scenes doing with Aastha.Come on Shrenu self respect is imp than other things.

  4. hum intzar for Apsara may be she will work in the haus of indrgeet and help Astha tp remember
    jao or chao Apsara jao

  5. preethi dont forget bard make elder than the age

  6. Mervat sister ,sorry I did not get u. Could u please tell me clearly what u meant in ur second conment.

  7. preethi i mean mustache and beard 🙂 sorry bart is a german word 🙁

  8. preethi matlab shlk looks older bec. af the beard and mustache

  9. Thanks for d reply Mervat sis.Yes u r right.That might be d reason for Shl to look more than his age.I agree.I love naa naa l die for Ashlok now. But what to do now a days that kind of sweetness n cuteness is not there in between them n even they unite also we can not expect past intimacy between them.Very sad for that.

  10. Preethi di i did not expect the show go this way but the writer is very clever to show us Indrgeet and Astha as man and wife and if we accpt it or not if they have the cemst. like shlk. and Astha or not any way I like it it is mor action to get the happy end

  11. i learnd somthing from indian movie u must fight for ur right and judgment bec. the life is not always roses
    bahot acha the whol india and indian , main pyaar hai to all hindostan

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