Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Astha meeting jyoti at the tailor shop. Astha hugs her. jyoti says great, you are getting married, its a good news, I m really happy for you. she says I feel closer to talk to you, you know yesterday was my brother’s engagement, but my in laws did not let me go, I m not lucky to see my to be sister in law, but I know she might be like you. Astha encourages her. jyoti asks Astha about her to be husband’s name. Astha is about to say and Ajju calls Astha. Astha gives her phone number to jyoti and leaves. jyoti praises Astha and wishes she is always happy. Anjali is waiting for Astha and says if Astha comes late even today, I won’t leave her. Astha comes and says sorry.

Anjali is angry. Sojal smiles.

Anjali asks jyoti to come. jyoti is shocked to see Astha. Anjali calls her and introduces her to jyoti. She tells Astha to touch jyoti’s feet. Astha does so. Anjali sees jyoti staring at Astha and asks do you both know each other. jyoti takes Astha with her and have a talk. She asks Astha not to tell anything to Anjali. Astha says I know I m going to be a part of your family, either you tell everyone or else I will say. jyoti says I will tell everyone but you promise you won’t tell anyone. Anjali comes and asks whats going on. jyoti changes the topic. Anjali asks Astha do you know her. jyoti says I will you everything, come with me.

Anjali asks Astha to make Sheera for everyone and asks Sojal to help a little. Anjali asks jyoti what happened. jyoti lies to her about her burnt hands. Sojal helps Astha in the kitchen and asks her to do the rest. Sojal gives Astha the items and asks her to keep the platform clean else Anjali will be angry. Sojal smiles and leaves. Astha wishes to the Bappa and starts cooking. Astha thinks about jyoti and thinks of helping her. She hopes Anjali does the best after knowing jyoti’s truth. Astha’s hand burns.

jyoti tells everything to Anjali. Anjali does not support her. jyoti says I won’t be able to stay there now, they have troubled me a lot, they made my life hell. Anjali says you are a woman, you have to bear everything, be silent and bear whatever happens. She says a woman has to bear everything without complains, she asks her to be patient. jyoti says talk to dad about this. Anjali says never, be silent about this issue now. Anjali leaves. Astha is in the kitchen and thinks why is jyoti having all the problems. Astha tastes the salt and thinks Sojal gave her the salt instead of sugar and finds Sugar and puts in the Sheera. Astha calls Shlok. Shlok talks to the reporters and tells them he is getting married. Suresh says its Astha’s call. Shlok says tell her I will call her back.

The reporters ask him why he is getting married to the girl because of whom he got so much insulted. The reporters speak against Astha. Shlok leaves. Kalindi is thinking about Astha’s future and is tensed. Ajju asks what are you thinking. Kalindi says we did not make Astha work in the kitchen, don’t know what Anjali asked her to make. She says why do always women have to prove themselves. Ajju says she will do her work well, no doubt, thats her house from now on, I trust Astha. Astha’s hand burns again. Shlok comes to her and says come with me, I will put the ointment, Astha leaves the sheera on flame and leaves.

Anjali smells the burning smell and shouts for Sojal and Astha. Astha is with Shlok in his room. Astha says I have to tell you something important. He says not now. Shlok looks at her and makes her dupatta cover her head, the song Iss pyaar ko… plays…. Astha smiles being shy. Shlok looks at her and says how can you manage to look so beautiful. Shlok kisses her hand. Anjali calls Astha seeing the sheera burning. Astha comes back to the kitchen. Anjali scolds her. Shlok asks Anjali to think why Astha left it like that. He says her hand burnt, I took her with me. He supports Astha and asks Anjali to tell him whatever she wants.

Astha says sorry. Astha says I was thinking about jyoti’s problem, so I did not focus. Shlok asks what happened to jyoti, did she came home. He rushes to jyoti. Astha and Anjali goes after him. Astha tells Shlok about jyoti and how she met in Kolapur and saw her real sufferings there. She tells him about jyoti’s abortion. Anjali says Astha is lying and asks her not to interfere in jyoti’s life. She scolds Astha. Shlok says Astha is this house’s to be bahu and she has the right to say anything regarding jyoti. I have given her the right. jyoti comes tensed and hears them talking. Shlok says I leave the decision on jyoti, she will tell us the truth. Astha says those people torture jyoti a lot. Shlok hugs jyoti.

jyoti cries and meets her brothers. Astha asks jyoti to tell the truth to everyone. She says tell them what you told me. Shlok asks whats the truth, I m with you, don’t worry. jyoti lies and says Astha is lying. jyoti sees her mum in law and gets scared. She says I have not even seen Astha before. Astha is shocked.

Astha tells Shlok she is saying the truth. Shlok says whom should I trust, you or my sister. Astha says you don’t trust me so this relation has no meaning. Shlok gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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