Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mala taking good care of everyone, and saying she will make tiffin for Avdhoot, and no one will trouble Kalindi for work. He says its wrong, how can she leave his team and go to Kalindi. Mala says I m in both teams, and he leaves. Shlok comes to Indrajeet’s home and sees Indrajeet and Astha’s pic with the kids. He says I could not think you are such a fallen man. He throws the pic. He says Astha has to know the truth, she is my wife. He gets her IDs and passport by Barkha’s name. Astha says its looking good Indrajeet, that we bare going somewhere. He says yes, I planned a world trip, I want to be a perfect father and husband. She holds his hand and says you are already that. She gets glad.

He gets a call from a man who informs Shlok went

inside his house by window, what to do now. Indrajeet says do as I say. Shlok gets all documents by Barkha’s name and even checks pics. He thinks Indrajeet made Astha’s identity as Barkha everywhere. Mala takes care of Kalindi. She says sorry, I disturbed you from sleep, I was justy applying oil to your feet. Kalindi says she sees Astha in her. Mala asks her not to feel bad and cry. Kalindi says she does not know where is Astha since 6 months, if I knew where is she, I would have managed myself.

Mala says I m sure she is very happy, she trusts Bappa and he can’t wrong with her. She says she can come and say bahu does not care for her and you got lean, smile now. Indrajeet thinks Shlok will never get her, he has just Astha in his memories, he has done what he wanted, he wanted him to come inside the house, so he gave leave to his servants, I wanted to see my life so that you see the truth and you get sure that Astha is now Barkha Indrajeet Sarkar, you will be convinced that now its impossible to convince Astha that she is Astha, not Barkha.

Avdhoot comes home and smiles seeing Mala playing game with Kalindi and Ajju. He asks them to play and he will make ginger tea for them. They ask not to make. Mala says she will make. He also plays with them. A servant sees Shlok and says now drama begins. He asks who is he, he will call police. Shlok asks him where is Indrajeet. The man scolds him. Shlok asks him and the man tells the address of the summer camp. Shlok leaves. The man says work is done.

Mala asks Avdhoot to have pakodas she made for him. He thanks her. She asks why, oh for making pakodas. He says yes and also for making Kalindi happy. I did not say but you work a lot. She says everyone do anything for family, don’t thank me, maybe you regard me your daughter. He says no, don’t say this, you are ours, you are like Kalindi to keep everyone united, and forget own happiness, I m proud of you. She smiles and hugs him.

Indrajeet and Astha have a talk. He says he left kids for a reason, he wanted her to calm down and he can spend time with her. He gets close and she goes to her room. He says I know she is worried as Shlok came, I will make this true. He calls servant and asks about Shlok. The man says yes, he came and was angry, I told the address and he went, he will come there soon. He says fine and smiles. He says Shlok, you are getting trapped in my plan.

Avdhoot comes to Kalindi and apologizes to her as he failed to find Astha till now. She says I trust you will bring her to me soon. He says I promise that I will find her soon. Astha cries in her room and says she should have not behaved like this with Indrajeet, he got me here to change my mood and who is this man who is affecting me so much. She sees Shlok outside and runs to Indrajeet. Indrajeet smiles and says he has come, time for some action now. Astha tells him that she has seen Shlok. He says its not possible, we did this planning and nobody knows.

She says but I have seen him. He says relax and she holds her. He pacifies her and Shlok looks on. Indrajeet says she is looking beautiful in the night light, and he wishes to just see her. Shlok gets angry seeing him kiss Astha’s hand. Indrajeet says I love you Barkha. Shlok looks on angrily.

Shlok asks Indrajeet how dare he touch his Astha. Astha moves him back and says I m Barkha. Shlok says you are my Astha. She says enough, I hate you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Avi after seeing Shal’s n her ex boy friend pics, how s*xy his face is n how intimate they were how did u love her n getting married to second hand Shal aunty.Shal trapped u with her fake looks n bad character.She snatched u from Rubi who is ur true lover.Come out of Shal ,world is wide n u can get even more beautiful girls who r good at heart.

  2. Very very bad episode. Reallyyyyy…………BORING……..

  3. Hi preeti…yes preeti u r rght..evrythng is lost in d show jub serial kerne waalo me hi koi interest nahi bacha hai to hum viewers ka kya hoga we r stil watchng n tlkng bot it coz it ws once a v gud entertaining serial it had all d elemnts of a gud drama luv suspence gr8 emotions by brillaint perfrmnces by d main characters….ab itnu adat hgyi hai dekhni ki serial n attachment hgya hai yeh characters se ke imspite of its lost charisma v r not able to switch ourselves off frm diz once gr8 show…

  4. drama boring h mgr hamain is show ki adat ho gai h isliye daikhna nai chor saktay.i hate IS.

  5. guys kavita,poornima nd thakur maa nd niranjan kahan h kya unka role khtm ho gaya hai ya phir agay re-entry hone wali h.

  6. simzain apka kal ka comment baad m parh lia ta maine.

  7. OMGGG this serial is getting stupider and more disgusting by the day!! I can’t stand it anymore

  8. Hi stylish Niranjan has quit d show it seems n serials me to dead ppl bhi ajate hai zinda hoker wapis to yeh characters ka kya hai zarurat padhne per ajayenge…

  9. Simzain n Stylish ji its mere waste to watch this show. How r u still watching lifeless Avi. I think now a days now a days Avi is not doing makeup for his face not colouring his dhobi’s hair,( grey hair n red hair)n he has become thin n has stooped so much l think he isnot having food to his stomach also.It seems he is not having his bath also ,such dull n ill person he looks.Avi babu if u look like this even Shal granny will kick u also from her life like Kirthi Rai.Take care of urself.Any how ever u be I have decided to stop watching d show from todat on wards.I will just follow WU.I do not like to see ur lifeless face anymore.

  10. I have never ever seen actor like Avinash till now on my life. Every actor has girlfriend or wife in their personal lives.But no one is doing like Avi.His acting, his looks everything has become sooooooooo worst now a days. I really started hating this person.Cchhhiiiii. All actotrs Raman,Titu, Yuvraj,Anas,Naithik, n new boy Mantu etc every every one is doing his best in his serial.U r d only hero who has become hopeless.Shameless Avi n shal Cchhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  11. adi kash tumhari comment avi padhe aur use akal aa jay

  12. Avi dear,Shal ko kisi ne use karke chod diya hai, cchi how r u using second hand Shal.If it is underwear also nobody like to use, then how r u going to bear her lifelong.R u not reminded of how Kirthi would have used her when ever u have s*x with her.Yuuuuuuuuuuuak shameless Avinash.Both r very very cheap”even road side romeos r better than u.

  13. Avinash and dirty shalmalee have been engaged. This serial will end in june. Their marriage in june. Dont watch this dirty fellows shows. We are not fool.

  14. please yrrrrr bore mat kijiye……… plz change the track…

  15. yes preeti but we love dis show nd Ashlok,isliye hm ye show daikhna nai chor saktay nd simzain apko nai lgta k poornima aur thakur maa ki entry honi chaiye dbra coz poornima k zariyae shlok IS se revenge asani se ly sakta h.

  16. HI GUYS PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE TO “[email protected]”.

  17. I admit kavi statement on april 22nd 2015. I dont watch this serial becz of indrajeet thatha (grandfather) cute shlok pleaase tell kalandhi and took DNA TEST TO PROVE THIS IS YOUR WIFE ASTHA. DIRECTOR PLEASE DONT SHOW INDRAJEET AGAIN ON SCREEN WE HATE.

  18. ipkknd real fan

    director sir pls don’t make us idiot by giving such a baseless scenes, by the way I don’t bear that IS kissing aastha and your spoiling shrenu’s face also….
    guys….. ,

    and last but not least, we have to think normally , we r not at all a genius,so pls count your words before talking about others, I surely believe that Avi n Shall are not in a relationship. I m sorry if you felt wrong

  19. ipkknd real fan

    audiences we are just following a rumors and that makes us blind, we knw both avi and shal had a past relationship with others but we have to think ……
    for a ladkas statement , WO kisi ki saat bhi dating karungi, or kuch bi karungi, lekin uski hone waali patni sabse acche hone chahiye or uski past relation most of the boys ko pasand nahi aayega…so pls think guys avi Kaise shallmalee she shaddi karengi… he know all about Shall much better than us even (S**)bi , so its impossible…
    understand my commend please………

  20. My dear IPkknd real fan,we do not know that have hus n wife relationship by now, but one thing is sure that they r getting married to eachother in June.If u open see Shal wiki n ency u will come to know every thing about their relationship.Fans just requesting to make out difference between good n bad.If takes it or not it is left to him. Ok we will not interfere in his personal life. Keeping it aside, look at his behaviour on d screen itself , how dull how lazy how uninterested n how lifeless he is looking on d screen itself now a days. Atleast he should not potray his character behind d screen on to d screen. We have not watched all d epis for this.We want our past Ashlok or if he can act as before he should quit d show right now. Let a meaningful show take over in its place. Thats a humble reqiest to Avi.

  21. hi Aashlok real fan , thanks replying me , u gave me a good news frankly till date take I am not interested in reading about that shalmalee Desai , such a shameless women, but I know about every bit news about ipkknd and according to the sources, the show came to an end in august ….. first of all I want check that shalmalees wiki then I proceed my command thanks for replying me once again yaar iam a routine checker of this page guys you are giving a hayrick comments about Avi n Shall…..
    iam free from exams till now their engagement news came at that time which I came to know from the FB fanpage (T.V cut etc.) ,then I again I conformed the news from one website…..thangs for the reply

  22. readed the wiki page about shalmalee Desai…….they are the older news guys which I readed in different websites. you readed 3 gossips in one page, for the lastest and the latest engagement news, avinash replied for that , the day when he got engaged he will announce it to the whole world.
    In other interview ,rubina answered that ,avi and I are not a media shyers
    remember in avi ‘s interview, he told till date tak her fav heroine is rubina…..Regarding this I’m supporting avi
    avi and rubi they are still good friends and keeps good contact with each other…
    The day when he got his girl he officially announce to the world …….
    there are many topics to share my words to you guys and honestly I will do that . anyway we don’t giveup our hero bcoz still we, every Ebp fans like avi from heart and don’t take that Shal mere kyal se we have to throw her in dust bin ……… don’t taunt me…….Pls

  23. Thank u so much for d information. All d fans r first happy people if it is a fake news. Fans will neither get anything nor lose anything if he marries Shal.As we always feel him as one of our family members we request him to make out d difference between good n bad.Gents especially ,become completely blind if they come in d hands of witches like Shalmalee.As we love him a lot we kept on alerting him. Whether he takes it or not ,it is left to him finally.

  24. HI firdows, whatch that news issues date. that is full of 6 to 7 months back. watch new news.

  25. yaar pehle ye engagement news telly chakkar mein leek hua tha , and its a news on march 2015 clearly Maine dekha tha
    and what do you mean ? what’s d new news

  26. yaar pehle ye engagement news telly chakkar mein leek hua tha , and its a news on march 2015 clearly Maine dekha tha
    and what do you mean ? what’s d new news this is the latest news while the other 2 interviews Maine ise avi and rubi- ka compatibility ko prove karnekiliae Lika tha …..agar its a false news iam sorry

  27. Yaar FIRDOWS where r u dear. Every thing is overnow.Avi is in Shals court completely now. No one can bring Avi from her court now. Not even God.By now honeymoon tickets also have been booked.I think u were busy on ur exams. Thats why u r unware of their relationship.Atleast if u had seen Ipkknd few epis back, they standing side by side unnecessarily n wearing matching matching costumes u would have understood their relation atleast.Gone everything is gone. Avi’s life is completely spoiled.He has to lead his rest of d life with second hand wife Shal, no other option for him now.

  28. dear Avi’s ex fan
    nyways but still i like avinash , where did you got the news of honeymoon and I also watched them wearing same colors , I also hate that shal, if avinash marry shalmalee then he will be the most idiotic person in the world, I knw your feelings pls post your comment to her Twitter account

  29. Firdows ji marriage is in d month of June means honeymoon tickets have to be booked atleast two months advance naa.Avi’s choice is soooooooooooooo cheap I really wonder, still.Shal would have given some medicine to Avi so that he completely becomes her’1s.

  30. hi guys wahts going on?

  31. kya ho raha h guys?

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