Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anjali keeping gifts for Jyoti. She tells Varad that Jyoti is pregnant. Anjali tells Varad that we also need a baby boy in this house. She says we have not stopped you from anything. Sojal hears this. He says Niranjan was upset that you were not at home on Holi. Varad says I would have not gone if the work was not important. Anjali says family is most important, learn from your dad. She says he takes care of every member, and you left our family. Sojal smiles seeing Anjali scolding Varad.

Anjali asks Varad to understand his responsibilities. She says we won’t bear anything like this again, you won’t get permission to be away on festivals. Varad says I m sorry, I will take care next time. Anjali asks him

to talk to Niranjan once. Astha sees Aditi leaving in hurry and goes after her. She calls her but Aditi does not hear her. Aditi takes an auo rickshaw and leaves. AStha says did she go to doctor, it seems she is not fine, where did she go.

Astha thinks of calling her. Anjali asks Astha to arrange food as Abhay and Jyoti came. Astha keeps the phone and leaves. Abhay greets Anjali. Anjali says sorry for yesterday. Abhay says its fine. Niranjan asks Jyoti how is she. Abhay greets him. Abhay talks to them that he is going to have baby boy. Niranjan says boy and girls are equal. We should not differentiate them. He says when Shlok and Varad were born, we bought plots for them. He gifts Abhay a plot. Abhay is very happy. Anjali says this clothes and jewellery are for you Jyoti. Abhay smiles thinking he will get many more things once the boy is born. Jyoti tries to talk to Astha but Abhay stops her.

He shows everyone that he takes good care of Jyoti. He tells Jyoti that he is acting infront of them. He acts sweet. Varad comes and hugs Jyoti saying congrats. Astha says I m very happy for you. She says I wish you stay happy always. Jyoti signs Astha. Anjali gives chain and ring to Abhay. Jyoti says what was the need. Abhay says its their decision what they want to do, they are doing this for our baby, they are happy.

He says they might be feeling proud. He says they did not get a baby boy in their house till now. Varad gets angry. Abhay taunts him. Niranjan looks on. Abhay says we will leave now, Bua might be waiting. Jyoti keeps the letter near the gifts and Abhay gets it. Astha does not get it. Astha thinks Jyoti wanted to tell her something. Aditi comes to a house and opens the lock.
Astha and Anjali are worried about Aditi. She comes home and says I m fine. She says I was feeling restless, so I went to have a walk, I m sorry I did not tell anyone. Anjali says its fine, go and take rest. Anjali scolds Astha for making her worry. She says Shlok came, make tea for him. Astha asks when did he come. Anjali says when you were playing video game with Kavya. Astha goes to make tea. Abhay is happy seeing the gifts. He gets the letter and opens it. He is shocked to read it. He gets angry. Jyoti writes a letter to Astha that she is tensed as she has lied to everyone to save her baby. She says I m having a girl, not a boy. My baby will be aborted if I tell Abhay the truth.

She asks Astha to help her. Abhay is shocked. He says it means its not a baby boy, its again a girl. He shouts Jyoti…… Jyoti comes and is shocked to see the letter in his hand. He says how dare you lie to me, I don’t want a girl, I want a son. I will kill you. Bua comes and stops him. He tells Bua that its a girl. Bua is shocked. Bua says I knew it, I had a doubt on her, she lied to us. Abhay says she has taken advantage of my goodness, take her to Kolapur, I don’t want to see her face. Jyoti cries. Bua says its late, now its tough to abort the baby. Abhay says so what, let her die. Bua says she is beneficial for us. Abhay says I will lie to her dad that she had complications and died. Jyoti says forgive me please.

She says don’t kill my baby. Abhay says take her away from my sight. He says lock her in store room. Astha comes to Shlok and gives him tea. She says I was thinking…… He is busy. She says are you shy, look at me. He says whats your problem, why will I be shy. She says fine. He says what do you think, you will do cheap things like becoming Swati and erase my memories, what do you know about us. She says what I told you in Bhaang effect, I want to tell you that I love you a lot. He says its impossible to get my love. She says oh, then tell me how much impossible. She says fine, promise me that you will love me in next birth. Khuda…………. plays…………….

He says you love me a lot right, so jump from here now. He says its not that high see, he throws the tea cup and it breaks. He says what happened. She says ok I will jump, I m not joking. He says even I m not joking, don’t waste time. She stands on the railing and says I m jumping. He says very good, come on. She thinks if I fall from here, my leg will break…. She looks at him and is about to jump. She counts 1 2 and closes her eyes. She says 3 and backs off. She laughs. Shlok smiles and says I know, you are a big drama queen. You don’t have guts to jump from here. She says I jumped, you lost. He says you are an antique piece. She says yes, I m. He says you are mad, I can’t love you. She smiles. Shlok leaves looking at her. Khuda………… plays…………..

Astha gets the court notice and says I did not know when these six months passed, now the time has come for me to leave. She shows the papers to Shlok and says just one week left now..

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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