Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indrajeet asking Shlok to forget Astha as he can never get her now. Shlok beats Indrajeet and picks a big stone to hit him. A man informs this to Rekha and asks him to come soon. Indrajeet asks Shlok to stop and does he not wish to know what happened with Astha. Shlok throws the stone. Mala talks to Ankush and asks about Astha, and says Kalindi is worried for her, come soon from office and Kalindi will be glad spending time with you, and we did not get time together, shall I get tiffin here. He ends the call and Mala says I m also worried for Astha, but can’t we spend time together. Ajju looks on and thinks Mala is suffering after her marriage, she needs to talk to Kalindi.

Astha says Indrajeet should come soon. Shantanu and Mishti hug Astha

and their teacher comes. She says bus is ready and asks kids to come. Astha says we will come and thinks whats happening there. Shlok gives his hand and make Indrajeet stand. Indrajeet says so you wanted to know what happened, you can never get her now, as I have erased your name from her soul and heart, she knows just my name Indrajeet Sarkar, she is with me as my Barkha.

Shlok says Astha will be mine as she is my wife in reality. Indrajeet says in your dreams…. Now she is with me, when you all were following Anjali, I was following my love and took her with me from accident spot. FB shows Indrajeet taking Astha home and getting doctor check her. Indrajeet comes to know that she lost her memory and thinks he also wanted this, and names her Barkha Indrajeet Sarkar, his wife.

He says being at the right place at the right time, I did not let her feel she is not my wife, and your Astha became my Barkha easily, I even explained my kids that she is your mum since ever, and now Barkha’s past became Astha’s past and now you can’t do anything, as I made her Barkha legally too, and when she accepted this as truth, I came Mumbai with her. FB shows servants and kids accepting Astha as Barkha, and she sees her pics with Indrajeet and kids.

Indrajeet says I have ended her identity and she is not just Barkha, she can’t anything as she regards me husband my herself and heart. Shlok says he is mistaken. Indrajeet says such confidence even after breaking up, this is my challenge, prove she is Astha. Shlok says I will prove she is my Astha, he is mistaken to think she will be Barkha, the truth will come out, I will leave you alive now to make you see that Astha will come back to me, truth wins at end and you will see our love strength, it’s a challenge Mr Indrajeet Sarkar.

Shlok leaves. Indrajeet says you are wrong, I will take Astha away from you, you have seen my anger, I will give so much love to Astha that there will be no place for you in her life, now I got my Barkha back and no one can snatch her from me. Ajju talks to Kalindi and says they did not get find Astha, and talks about Mala. She says no one gets anything before time, everything has a time, I can understand your worry, it does not mean you neglect other children, Ankush and Mala need you, they have right on your love.

Kalindi asks did I make any mistake. Ajju says take care of Ankush and Mala, you said she is not your bahu, but daughter, think about her. Kalindi says did Mala say anything. Ajju says no, she has your values, she will never complain, this does not mean you don’t think about her. Kalindi says we should send them together to spend time. Mala comes to them and says they will find Astha, we just wishes to spend time to Ankush, it does not mean we go out and spend time leaving family. Mala says everything will be fine, I will be with my Aai to strengthen her, and when Astha comes back, we will go together on a long holiday.

Shlok calls Varad and says he got Astha. Varad gets glad and asks where. Shlok tells him everything. Varad says what is he saying, I m coming there to handle that Indrajeet Sarkar, I can’t believe he can fall so low. Shlok says, no, its my fight and I will bring Astha there to Pune. He ends call and thinks he won’t go Pune till he gets Astha.

Shlok says he will not lose Astha. Sachin asks how will you find her. Shlok says I need to find her address. Sachin says I got it, take this. He shows the address and Shlok thinks.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Gayathri

    From now i stop watching this serial..nonsense serial..anybody can easily change the identity..utter director ..r u living in a dream world..wake up and take a bath then u will get normal

    • Laila

      Hai Gayathri, you are right. This serial is nonsense and it has no logica in it.
      I hate this serial.

  2. arsin

    guys did u read my last comment?
    Q) Is pyar ko kya nam do?
    Ans)Jawan Bewkuf Devar aur Buddi Chalu Bhabhi ka Nazayaz pyar.

  3. nice epi…. this will make our fans to see more ipkknd …. yea always truth and true love wins… waiting for true love winning episode .and shameless IS will also get to know what is true love means that love doesnt have identities ….

  4. pritika

    i m tolerating all nonsence only fr Shlok n Astha
    . means fr Avi n Shrenu. I love them so much

  5. liya

    nowadays IPKKND is a tangle of stupidity.i think writters are gone mad.i agree 2 arsin.i had a doubt before that what 2 name this love but now i got it.i wonder when will aastha regain her memory.writters need a story 2 keep the show stable so they are simply dragging the story.

  6. Arsin madam u r right.Very apt title.Dir even i mafe my mind to stop watching.U never considered viewers n fans requests n demands.And it seems that u told that u r not going to consider thier request.Until n unless u replace Sojal neither Shlok nor Aastha is comfortable with each other as she is always beside d camera man when they r acting.Even if u reunite them its mere waste.Now everything is lost between Shl n Aas.It is very very clearly seen on d screen.Simply waste watching d show now n in future also.As die hard fan of Ashlok n never missed one epi till 482 epi’s I will follow d written updates from now. My heart is broken.I will never ever watch d show in my life anymore.Once television means only IPKKND for me but Sojal taught me television means aur be shows hote hai.Thanks Soj aunty,Shl uncle n Director.

  7. Gayathri

    Mr rajan,is this a nice episode?horrible…this is not true love…I love aashlok frm the begining ..shlok’s revenge,their cute fights and their romance..but now ?

    • yeah it is true love story … did u see shlok did not lose his confidence or trust over astha becoz he got to know astha is suffering from memory loss … he also know that if astha was having her memory she wouldn’t be with that SHAMELESS IS ….. when astha get her memory back she gonna hit that cheap person very hard ….. and dear to be in relationship trust is very important …that thing our shlok didnt lose it …wait with patience for true love winning episode ..sorry if got hurt by my words ..just think over it… afterall it is just serial and this track gonna end fast ….. and im MISS RAJAN dear …
      good night

  8. Bhadra

    Kavi u r right. this director and wirters are mad. they never considered fans and viewers request. i am a die hard fan of aashlok, but now i am not watching this serial, also read written updates. only read all of your comments.

  9. dishita

    plesese. guise don’t stopping watching this show varna season 1 ki taraha. yeh serial bhi bandh ho jayega

  10. What is that challenge Shlok,what happened to u now a days ur body is just present mind is some where.Where is d power in ur eyes n no feelings in your face.Do u remember how did u act when u came to know that Aastha come to know ur past through diary,u tore d diary n u had hurt Aastha with glass pieces, what a power packed performance was that.Where has gone that kind of acting.Now a days Kavya’s acting is better than urs.Please come back Shl,Sojal will be with u only ,she will not go any where or to anyone this time ,she is sticked to u like anabond.So,do not worry.

  11. satya

    I really feel sad for astha,astha get back soon,I am waiting for the episode when astha slaps that animal IS…?

  12. Stylish

    i think k ab is show ko agay barhana chaiye,ab ye show bht boring horaha hai.Ashlok ko jaldi mila do nd revenge drama b khtm krdo jaldi se.close IS chap.

  13. satya

    I really feel sad for astha,astha get back soon,I am waiting for the episode when astha slaps that animal IS…

  14. riya

    the epi is really really boring.the storyline very dirty. See the age difference btw IS & astha.more over astha has grown up two childrens. What a stupidity! I think writers have gone mad. We viewers need asholk together. Plzzzz consider our request this time.

  15. dishita

    kya aastha ko bhi agni pariksha deni pa
    degi sholk use apna lega par vo khud ko maaf Kar payegi.

  16. meenu

    i think shlok shouid bring kalindi anyway then she will give a tight slap to aastha sothat she will remember her past.

  17. Anju

    Is indrajeet trying to say he slept with her and all that husband wife thing that couples do because he said i made sure she didnt feel like she is not my wife.

    If true then that is disgusting
    What is wrong with the writer of ipkknd ebp ?
    The writer for ipkknd 1 was better

    They should try to show her getting memory bit by bit by now

  18. Gayathri n other Ashlok’s fans,now n in coming episodes there wont be that kind of romance n cute fights between Aas n Shl as before.As they are die hard enemies behind d screen now,so dont expect any romance n cute fights.So sad for us.No one can help us.This is just because of Soj n Shl relationship on d screen n off d screen,Aas n Shl are not comfortable with eachother.Only we can do now is,just stop watching show

  19. nikki

    I really loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this show.

  20. Radhika

    plz friends show ko apne trike se aage badhne do na itni achhi to show h pta nhi aap sab ko chahiye kya?

  21. Radhika

    kitni bkwass show to dekh rhe h log itne days se or itni pyari show ko aap sab aise bol rhe ho

  22. Radhika

    sirf ek yahi show h jise main hamesha dekhti hoon or iske bad koi or show dekhna v nhi chahti kyonki is show ki tarah koi v show k sare star cast kavi v itne nice nhi ho skte

  23. Radhika

    plz friends main sirf ek yahi show dekhti hoon or aap sab ise v band krwana chahte ho plz yaar itni achhi show ko neglet mt kro

  24. Radhika ji,this show was very very very nice few months back.Now that kind of rappo is not there between Avi n Shrenu.So they are not able to bring d output well.And on top of that d story line which is very disgusting.Even if Aastha has lost memory,dir would have shown her in a seperate room n not with that Indra in same room n on same bed.This is just sounding very ugly.Pyar naam ko hi apavithra kiya gaya hai.So ,many are not able to accept this track.Different people take d things n think in different ways.

  25. No friends can not see this show any more.This track does not suit d title in any way.It has just become senseless n more over Ashlok scenes before this track n even if this track ends also,would not be like it used to be in 6 months of d beggining of d show due various reasons behind d screen.If that kind of cute scenes r not there n even if they show also its going to be so arti n superficial.So a big bye to this senseless show.

  26. I have stopped watching d show but I came here just to know d story line. Thank God Iam lucky that I have not watched this show.I know about this people .They will show what ever they want.My last scene on dis show was Shl n Soj at d dinning table beside eachother.I have no guts to see them togethet like this.That day it self I decided to stop watching d show thinking that if they get a chance they even show romance between them.

  27. nikhil

    maine is show ke sare episodes dekhe hai.reason sirf avi aur shrenu ki chemistry.Avinash jaise handsome boy ki pasand dekhake hairan ugly face wali shal ne definitely Avi ko fasaya hai.
    AVI PLZ DO NOT MARRY WITH THAT blo*dy SHAL AUNTI .She is characterless woman.

  28. Pallavi

    Lambe adami ka bheja ghutano me hota hai ye phrase avi pe bilkul fit baithati hai jo shrenu aur ruby jaisi hasinao ko chod kachare ke piche bhag raha hai.Atleast avi ke parents aap to jag jao aur apne ekloute bete ko barbad hone se bachao. Avi tum jaise cute ladkeko lankho beautiful girls milegi
    u are just 28 shadi ki jaldi mat karo
    use ur brain pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

  29. U r right Nikhil.But every thing is over now.Marriage is in d month of June acc to bollywood news.Its waste even to talk about this.By now hus n wife relationship should also have been over. Only left is, just to give a name to it,that is marriage.It seems this show is going off an air in june itself.After that everybody will forget who is Shlok.

  30. A

    is sleeping with another man’s wife and against someone who clearly lacks the capacity to say no not tantamount to rape? holding someone against their will, a vulnerable adult, with memory loss is also kidnapping! !!!!!.
    so how can you show this in the name of entertainment? !

  31. A

    Hey husband should be knocking on every police station and media house, getting her family involved to stop this violation of her body and soul not agree to a stupid challenge. …… where is common sense in all this?

  32. Yeh kese ho sakta hai ke IS astha ko apne ghar le jaye wo to accident ke waqt agnihotri mention main tha our anjili and shlok ko aas paas ke logo ne hospital pohoncha ya tha to astha ko IS kese apne ghar legaya?

  33. Simzain

    Maine khudko tujhme tujhko mujhme ker liya hai shamil…mai tha adhura paake tujhko hgya hun kamil…yeh lines ab IS gaa raha hoga fr astha…n shlok sirf ye gaa sakta hai Tu Dua C Hai, Padh Loon Mein Labon Se Teri Rooh Ko Choo Loon Nazro se
    Tu Hi Mera Hosh Bhi Tu Hi Meri Bekhudi Tu Hi Meri Besudhi….but i lost u frever mahiya mere mahiya…so sad…kya chemistry hua kerti thi dono ke baach me…shloks presence on d screen ws enough to shw his poeer packed prfrmnce but ab lagta hai ke he jus dng actng n dat too cos he is under a contract…lifeless meaningless..its clearly shown on der faces n performances…d only ladt scene he did best ws when he reacted n cried over his mum’s death wid hr picture in hand…aisa lagra hai ke he is syng IS to keep astha wid u only as i hve no more intrst left in d show n my character…m jus wtng fr my mrg n wiuld b wifey ded show ur performnce wid me n for me only i wanna c ur deewangi only fr me n not fr ny1 else evn if it is a serial….jus watch d show to c hw bad can a gud actor like shlok can perfrm…IS is actng btr den him n shwng his luv/lust watever it is twrds barkha/astha…

  34. Simzain u r absolutely right.Iam literally crying after listening to d lyrics of d song.How romantic they used to be as if they r made for eachother.Now he os not at all interested in d show n Shrenu.He does not even like to see her also.It clearly seen by his acting itself.Now for Avinash d world is sirf aur sirf Shalmalee.Aur kuch nahi.I really wonder what is there in her,5 kgs flesh is not there on her.Her every thing is fake,her eyes her eyebrows her teeth her boobs everything everything.Over forehead gorilla face long giraffe neck keeping too front artificial boobs keepong too front stands like a call girls in s*x homes.Really Avinash ur chioce is below third class.I hate u Avi for this cheap decision. I will never ever see ur face again anywhere.

  35. HARITA


  36. Avi please end d show immediately.Your acting has become soooooooooooooo worst now a days.Not able to see u like lifeless. We r not joking u just look at ur face on d screen then u will uderstand why r we saying like this.From to day I will not see this lifeless n senseless show.Before going one thing l would say,Avi ,selfish n characterless n multihanded Shalmalee tumhe bhuri tharah se fasaya hai,please Avi do not spoil ur life by marrying her.Oh God please humari Avi ko iss b*t*h se bachao.

  37. LEENA

    tumlog is serial ki fan ho ya kisi dushri serial ki.jab dekho serial ke bare mey bekar hi likte ho. Aaj kal serial ke bare me bhi nahi unka personal lives ke bare me jadha likh rahe ho.Tumlogoko lagta bhi hai vo comments kabhi padhtehonge.Tumlogo ko kya vo kya kare tumhara kuch na aayega na jayega.Sorry mein ish serial ki fan hu mujhe pata hai tumlog nahi sunogi.Please ab se serial majha aane wale hai patience rako.

  38. iiiii love uuuu shlok………. n this show is very very very very very nice……… pllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ise band nai hona chahiye yrrrrrrrrrrrr………this is my fvrt show……… n i agree with you radhika jii….

  39. What the hell..cmpltly wastage of use..i think nw astha n indrjit sarkar should hav to stay togethr frevr n shlok shld hav to mv on..its stry is nt rltd to reality nyway..1st no one lose memry so easily n 2ndly if lost mmry thn she shld hv to litl bit rcgnyz shlok in flash backs..3rd how can ny1 sleep with sm1 others wife..its just disgusting..indrjit is so disgusting..4th astha is sleeping with indrjit since 6 mnths n nw shlok shld hav to mv on..whenever she ll get her memry bck at that tym she should hav to repent n hav to feel jeals by seeing shlok with sm1 else..i mean she is acting lyk indrjit is her true lv..what the hell..she is xactly talking the same way as their so cald THAKUR MAA..i wana see when she ll get hr mmry bck thn she ll feel disgusted fr herself..

  40. Then she ll rlyz that she was sleeping with same persn n had evry rltn with the persn sinc 6 mnths whm she used to hate the most

  41. Hey fans do u know d fact that why these people r showing this track,even these people r helpless, because now Avi n Shre r not at all interested to do d show with eachother.They r great enemies now n donot see eachother’s face now.If they show them together then they have to show romance cute fights n they have to face eachother frequenty which is impossible for d director to bring them together.Just they have signed d contract with star plus they are moving d show with sich stupid senseless track

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