Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha thinking Shlok’s eyes had honesty, maybe his wife looked like me and all chawl people also called me Astha, shall I say Indrajeet, not now, why am I thinking so much. The inspector calls Indrajeet and says he did as he told, but Shlok did not do anything so can’t make case on it. Indrajeet says I understand, you will get your money, keep an eye on him. Astha comes to police station and gives a letter for Shlok. Varad talks to someone and says cancel all meetings and mail me if anything is urgent, we will handle all projects later.

Sojal asks what happened. Varad says I want to end Pune work soon, so that we can go back to Shlok, I m his elder brother and he needs me. She says he is saying right. Indrajeet talks to Astha and asks her

to close eyes. She says okay and asks what surprise did he get now. He says you will know and makes her wear a ring. She says its beautiful, thanks, what was the need for this. He says most welcome, I don’t need reason to gift you. Rekha and Sachin talk to Shlok, and say she does not look like Astha else why would she talk like this.

Shlok says no, she is Astha and my love will remind her everything. Its morning, Shlok comes to the temple and tells Lord that he took Astha’s love test that day and now she will not go back till he meets her, and today he will take his test that he will not leave till he gets his Astha. He rings the temple bells. Astha comes there and people see Shlok ringing bell continuously. Astha waits for Indrajeet and says she will prepare for puja so that it can start when he comes.

Shlok rings the bell and she walks inside the temple. Shlok’s hand bleeds and Astha sees him. He holds her and asks her why is she doing this, she is his wife. She says Indrajeet is my husband and runs to hug him. Shlok is shocked seeing Indrajeet. Astha says I m not your wife, he is my husband Indrajeet Sarkar. She says she hates the name Astha, she said she is not his wife. Astha leaves. Indrajeet and Shlok look at each other.

Indrajeet says Shlok Niranjan Agnihotri, big name and big status, you got weak today, why, maybe as your Astha is mine now. He says even her love is mine. Shlok gets angry. Astha comes home and asks driver to go and get Indrajeet soon. He leaves. She thinks don’t know what happened there, its good that man will understand now, he is mad, I will tell Indrajeet to come back and not argue.

Indrajeet says reality my friend, your love is now mine, that woman looks like Astha, now she is Barkha Indrajeet Sarkar from heart and mind, I have snatched your love. Shlok says you can snatch, but can’t get my love, Astha was mine, is and will be always mine. Indrajeet says he is mistaken, as his Astha has become mind in every way. Shlok beats him and says he can do anything to get Astha.

Indrajeet asks that’s it, are you done, be a man, beat me more, Astha will worry for me more, you can’t do anything than being angry, being helpless, he got everything and lost everything, I won everything after failing, Astha is mine, the mother of my kids, she will not trust you, Astha and her love are mine, Shlok, I gave your property back, be happy and let me be happy with my love.

Shlok asks Indrajeet not to take Astha’s name. Indrajeet asks him to forget her. Shlok says he is mistaken to think Astha will be his wife, he will get Astha back, it’s a challenge.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s disgusting story. ….. out of our calture.
    Love or live with other’s wife is extremely wrong. I don’t understand what message the director try to send to people?

  2. Iam literally crying Shrenu.How did u accept to do such cheap role.I had so much of respect towards u. This is what u learnt from ur elders. As a good charactered in d whole entertainment industry u would have atleast rejected to do such cheap role n convinced d dir that this against our costums n rituals.Why did not u do this.How much respect I had towards u gone everything gone.If Avi n U r not comfortable with eachother then stop doing d show. Do not do anything for just money.If money is lost nothing is lost n if character is lost everthing is lost. Please quit d show immediately before ur reputation is completely ruined.Please do not support such illegal relationships.

  3. Show’s image n good name is gone with Anjali ji.As some people say na, if there is no parental care children’s lives are gone.Same thing is happening with this serial.Its just like Avi’s n Shal’s lives, as even they both didnothave parental care they had played with other’s lives n pained them alot.Anyhow no one can help such characterless people.

  4. I think aastha had to met an accident too,so she may get her memory back

  5. Wow shlok wow i like u so much tday u do a very very good job i like it. expecting more frm u against IS i hate him a lot and escape astha from the bldy idiot
    Dir pls pls pls change track soon we cant bear it any more. Pls avoid drty dilgs from IS

  6. yaar jise v show nhi dekhni mt dekho but show bahoot hi achhi h i love this show sirf iski time 7-10pm me hoti to iski TRP top 3 me hamesha hoti but time ki problem & chanle wale v promote nhi krte

  7. itne year se yrkkh, sns, dobh me h kya jo sab dekh rhe h boring stori or bekar star cast jise kabhi 5min v mujhe dekhna psnd nhi but time sahi hone ki wajah se supid show chal rhi h

  8. i wish show k power house niranjan agnihotri ki come back ho jaye

  9. star plus kavi to bhul kr v show ko prmote kro

  10. Pritty V. Rodrigues

    Dear sholk…dont take tension…b ptatical..take ur marriage photos…video…certificate n astha parents to astha or to the police station..all problem soughted…n then teach indrajeet a good lesson. Free advice take it

    1. Ya exactly…

  11. still in memory loss state astha has feelings for shlok.
    astha ne indrajeet k sath 6 months guzaray nd they both have husband wife relation.
    ab agar astha wapis ati b hai shlk k paas tou kya shlok ki mardangi ye gawara kare gi k astha ne kisi aur mard k sath itna time spend kiya.

  12. writers plz short this revenge drama nd reunion Ashlok.feeling very bad for shlok.

  13. first of all its jus a ny other show..its not reality jus fiction…jus fr timepass nthng else…dey r happy in der lives n as soon as dey oack up dey r sum1 else so why to tke so much tension…but yes shloks perfrmnce ws below avrge tday n evn d precap…n may b aftr astha gets hr memory back she wil b in a shock dat she has spnd so much tyme wid dat IS(koi aur actor nai mila hunga ye log ko)so may b d next track wil b shlok tkng astha out of diz guilt through his immense its not asthas fault she lost hr memory but she is stil cnctd wid shlok through heart..n who knws may b nthng has hpnd btwn astha n IS he must b lying may b astha felt awkward n did not allow IS to cum close to her…d directors wil cum up wid diz only m quite sure…as only 6 mnths hve passed might hve tkn atleadt2 mnths fr astha to recover frm d accident n another 2 mnths for IS to convince her of hr identity dat she is barkha…n nther two mnths fr astha to accept dat n cum into barkhas skin..did ny1 noticed she strtd spkng like thakor ma hr style of tlkng n her words aap n all…so may b nthng has hpnd btwn dem hopefully…n shal is cute offscrn rather den on screen wer she luks like an aunty…n wat shal did ws sme as avi so dey bth r mde fr one is wat dey potray on screen true lover scenses d luver frm far off distbce n all is jus made up…does ny1 agree wid me

  14. Shlok cant proove to astha through mrg vid n pics n other evidence s cause tdy astha sed dat may b his wife luks like me as i hve seen genuinity in his eyes so may b his wife was my lukalike as evn d chawl ppl wer clng me astha…d only option left wid shlok is to re create d moments spnd wid her may b by cng all dat she wil b able to reclct her memories…

  15. Like today’s episode and read fans comment guys don’t bash Shrenu that s not her fault she is not astha at the moment pls guys think about it u guys commenting as she is shlokes real wife don’t talk like logic it is a drama she lost memory she does not no she is astha or barkha IS made her barkha so how u guys just boshinting that she should quit show she is just acting so try to be mature that it is just drama it is not it is a I big diff in fiction and nonfiction so watch the show enjoy it will change it matter of few episodes Shrenu and avi they doing their job which is fantastic don’t try to sujedt to dir they very mart they must thought better way do pls it is hand binding request don’t spoil the show let it run as long it can go pls star plus millions people abroad wating and liking the show it is numb 1 show lots lots people’s heart beat so pls forgive me I did comment second time pls spare the actors they didn’t ruined anybody’s any thing I hope u people understand what does that mean so pls pls stay calm and love avi and Shrenu thanks

    1. Im with you…

  16. aaj show ka jo bhi haal hai uski jimmedar sirf BESHARM Shal hai. uski chalaki ki vajahse sare unit ki mahenat per pani phir gaya.
    .kaash mai Avi ki mummy hoti ose ye shadi karnese zaroor rok leti.Avi still u hv1 month plz think seriously u will realiz ur mistake.

  17. Ha Avi this is a serious n very imp matter.Think over it again n again.I wonder what r ur parents doing.How did they accept characterless n pr*stitute bahu that too ek lauthi.What is ur Mom?Atleast she would have tried to convince u that she is very selfish n characterless.It is seen to the whole world but only to ur family it is not seen.How could this happen only with ur family that u accepted a b*t*h who had stayed with her boy friend for 5years n now marrying another boy for only property.Wake up sir plzzzźzzzzzzzzzszzzzzszzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. disgusting post…admin do something…

  18. correct

  19. A 2 to 3 weeks back i saw this dicrector’s conversation in net. in that he told he is not worried about viewer’s mind and rate. Shalamalee’s conversation, she is very happy in the set because around 3 men’s protection everytime in set, father and brother and avinash ( husband feeling). This director and crew think we are (viewers ) are fool. Guys, this show not continue after 2 months. Becuase that shameless lady’s (shalmalee) dragon hug this set and avinash. This shows was very popular, but now very bore, they are not bothered about that. Their aim only money and keep disgusting relation.

  20. After listening to such bad comments ,how r u in show Shalmalee.Are u a ………………………….. You mesmerized Pro n also dir along with poor Avi.If I was in ur place I would have hung myself.U r mere waste b*t*h in this whole universe.Shameless, characterless,devil,witch,b*t*h,ugly,gorilla face,long giraffe neck,repaired,overmake up,prosti creature u r.Go to hell with aids.Sure, sure.

  21. pls change story becose we acept astha isshlok asthas body and mind how she give this to indrajith we can t accpt plese indrjith u not tuch asthas body likethat story will came we beat directer becose astha poori shlok dha……..

  22. i Love you so much shlok………… but what is this yrrr aastha……… plzzzzz stop it…….

  23. Meenu U R right

  24. Get her back shlok!!!

  25. Please stop this track sir. Not able to take such worst relationships.All should learn something good from ur show.Not such bad things from ur show.There r many people who effet by watching serials.So keep that in mind n telecast.What u r doing now is very wrong.Please consider audience ‘s request afterall we r d one who take ur show forward by watching it.

  26. This is nt d frst tyme such a plot is shown in ny serial..memory loss characters changed n all r part of d show…sumtymes d plot is intrstng n sumtymes bcms imtrestng aftr a few more episodes…so lets w8 n watch wat d story has in store for us…

  27. plz change the stry i dont see shlok like that………………..

  28. Pls guys..this is not right..we can write our opinion abt this serial but not the actors personal life..they are also humanbeing..they have the right to choose their partner..why should we bother..let them live..

  29. Gayathri u do not bother for them.Whatever fans say they even do not read n even if they read the comments are not going to effect them. This fans, do not know that,so they r trying to say ,to make out difference between good n bad thats all.I also request fans not to beat d same bush.It can not be cut any more.Its better if u stop commenting about them.Do not waste ur valuable time.

  30. they r asking ‘Is pyar ko kya nam do?. i got the name Jawan Bewkoof Devar aur Chalak Budiya Bhabi ka Nazayaz Pyar.
    i watch the show only fr ashlok,fr their romance n their cute fights

    1. Liked ur cmment:)

  31. i think u r right SIMZAIN

    1. Thnx stylish…

  32. I can’t see Shlok’s pain he is suffering alot…
    Love U Shlok….

  33. friends kya ap m se koi mujhe indrajeet sarkar ka real name bata sakta h

  34. m pakistan se hu isliye mujhe in actors k real name nai atay

  35. stylish,just search the link named free encyclopedia of IPKKND.there may be listed the real name of actors and actresses.

  36. stylish,his real name is Aarav Choudhary.

  37. thanks liya

    1. anytime 4 u.

  38. plz we want pueranewala shlok n aastha
    missing their romance n cute fights a lot

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