Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varad coming to Shlok and hugging him. Sojal bring Kavya. Kavya comes and hugs him. Shlok says we have to think practically, I can’t come without Astha, you have to manage business and also Kavya, you guys go, please understand I will come back when I get Astha, I promise. Varad says fine, call me if you need anything. They leave asking Shlok to take care. Indrajeet sees Astha and smiles. She does the puja. He says I m so lucky that I got a life partner like you. She says I m very lucky that I got a husband like you and two lovely kids, is this less luck. She hugs him and smiles.

She says I will get coffee for you. He says get in my room, I have some work. She says always work, you don’t have time. The kids’ teacher comes and she asks

servant to get her inside. She talks to the teacher and the teacher compliments her. Astha talks to her about kids’ summer camp and their interest and the teacher leaves. Sachin shows the envelop to Shlok and asks whats in this. Shlok says you will know it soon.

Astha gives tea to Indrajeet. He asks her to spend some time with him, and she says you were busy, so I was going. She says kids are going for summer camp, I need to bring some things. He smiles and says thinks if we went for summer camp meeting in childhood, it would have been fun, and asks her to keep his credit cards. She asks him to think, and he insists to keep it. She goes. He thinks Shlok, she is not your Astha, she is mine now from body and mind, my love has made a wall around her and you can never make her Astha again.

Rekha, Sachin and Shlok paste Astha’s posters of her missing ad, and give Shlok’s contact number. Astha says its good I did all shopping for the kids, now they won’t have any trouble. The driver shows her the missing ad pic, and she is stunned. She says that man would have done this. She calls him and says Shlok. He says Astha, where are you, are you fine, what happened to you, I was scared when you refused to identify me in temple, tell me where are you, I will come.

She says message me your address, I will come. She ends call and he messages the address.

Sachin asks Shlok why is he smiling. Shlok says Astha is coming to meet me. Sachin calls everyone and tells the good news. Rekha is glad and says we will decorate the chawl and welcome her. They start decorating the chawl. Shlok sits happily. Astha comes and gets down the car. Everyone look at her and smile. Shlok and Astha look at each other. Shlok happily goes to hold her. She says inspector and he gets shocked seeing the police. The police comes and she says arrest him, he is troubling me.

He asks what is she saying, she is his wife, ask everyone here. The inspector says enough drama, are you not married to tease a married man, and asks him to come along. Shlok says I m not teasing her, she is my wife, and asks Astha why is she behaving like strangers, why is she doing this. He asks them to ask the people here. Sachin asks why is she troubling Shlok like this. Astha says please take him, he is saying nonsense. Rekha says swear on Lord, what is she saying, Shlok is her husband, is her love so weak that she forgot her husband.

She says I don’t know him and Shlok asks what is she saying. Shlok gets away and asks what is she doing. The police arrests him and they leave. Rekha and Sachin ask her where is she going, what happened to her. Astha leaves in her car. Indrajeet looks on and smiles. He thinks he can’t express how much peace he is getting seeing Shlok in this state, he and his family have cheated them, they have to pay a price, Astha was Shlok’s love and now she is mine, even if you do anything, you will not get her, a dangerous game is about to begin.

Shlok asks Astha why does she not understand she is his wife. She runs and hugs Indrajeet. She says I m not your wife, he is my husband, Indrajeet Sarkar. Shlok is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nia

    is said she is mine from body and mind is that means they are having husband wife relation????????????????

  2. meenu

    all are requesting not to show shlok and sojal together but i am requesting not to show IS and aastha together i am getting vomitings when aastga is going and hugging IS better stop this dirty track as soon as possible and start another good track to save numerous viewers’ lives.

    • really true cant even imagine ..all fans are very disappointed to see these types of episode that too astha with that mad shameless person IS

  3. omg …. vry vry bad episode ever in ipkknd….. Actuaaly the title of the serial is wrong …there is all revenge ,family problems portrayed more than love…I accecpt even in ipkknd season 1 there was family problems,revenge but love was also equally …. the show had more charm but really hating these episode …i think is the worst track of ipkknd…

  4. riya

    what a dirty epi. How could the writers create such nonsense story line. Plzz dont show IS & astha together. Change this trk immediately. Otherwise this will be the most bad show of starpus. We Luv asholk so plzz unite them.

  5. reshma

    oh poor shlok looser in reel n real life too.i guess ugly shameless shal must have that kind of relationship with prod n dir too that is why inspite of so many requests from fans n dirty commemts on her she is still there in show .i cant tolerate her any more yar…

  6. t

    Pls don’t show they have husband and wife relationship please is my request because I love this serial too much

  7. ram

    Really bad episode for me, shlok really bad for aastha, i can slap both intrajeet and aastha, plzzz cvs what are u doing aashlok, nonsense track pllzzzz end soon ,digesting precap

  8. siddhi

    whenever i see sh n soj together and whenevr i see astha n indrjeet together i am getting vomiting

  9. khushi


  10. Very very very stupid n meaningless showon this earth.Hus n wife relation n Ashlok relation ko apavithra kiya.As n when d show started with Shl n Varad I changed of d channel.Iam scared they will show Shl n Soj together n that too with matching blouse n matching violet t- shirt.Can any one tell they were in matching clothes today also.

    • Bhadra

      yes kavi. u told very true. u know that, they (directors) are support their relation. WE ARE FOOL

  11. srividya


  12. Bhadra

    We understood, this episode will go to the wrong side. Now onwards Aashlok romantic scenes are not in this show. Because they are (directors) supported with Avinash and Shalmalee. They will be married soon. So they are some space create between aastha and shlok’s life. We
    are VERY FOOL. So We will stop watching this serial.

  13. nikhita

    Today’ epi was toooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood.
    Really waiting for everyday’s epi.
    But please don’t show scenes like aastha hugging that IS.

  14. Gayathri

    Nonsense episode..actually what the director is trying to say…please director the viewers are not be practical..start from mid aug2014 this was a nice serial ..but now worst serial…we love this serial..not this track..actually shlok can inform the pune police that aastha is in mumbai..they can definitely help shlok but shlok didnt..shlok is an educated man ..pls pls pls pls pls director we r not fools…

  15. Shalmalee are u born to ………….parents such shameless n dirty n s*x deprived witch u r still in d show.Do u have food or ……….to ur stomach.We r not senseless n dirty s*x deprived Avi to bear u .Quit d show immediately otherwise one day or d other day u get aids n die.This is sure u see it will happen soon.Not able to see Shl at all on d screen now a days.

  16. Thank u so much Rani for d information.I am Ashlok’s great great great great great great great fan. I like them soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. No words thats all.

  17. Isla Ayisha

    Today’s epi was a heart brek… nt in any luv saga would hav taken dis way of separating soulmates

  18. dhrasti


  19. Im gone maad seeing aastha with that paagal grandpa IS. Writers…plzzz….stop dis nonsence and bring back aashlok… Worst drama… can u thinkof such bakwaas story line….im irritated while seeing that IS n aastha!!!!!!!!!dont know wat happened to writers and director..dontthey hav brain? Now ipkknd will lose its rating such a blunderr story….hate ipkknd….im much love widthis drama….but kya??its becomingworst day by day!!! I stoped watching ipkknd jus movijng on widwrittenupdatr

  20. manu


  21. I hate astha. She is troubling shlok a lot and how can she forget her love this is so disgusting to watch really

    But this relation won’t last for long astha and Indra will be separated bcuz astha can’t marry him she has to divorce shlok.. This is illegal And when shlok will show her her wedding videos and documents.. Indra will be in jailed and ashlok will be. Back

    By suhania

  22. Swarna

    What nonsense is this ? please don’t show that indrajeet again !!! vomit face !!! directors just remember this show is around Shlok & Asta not Asta marrying that Doggy .the biggest cheat so where is so called 1st wife Kavita ??? not stopping this nonsenses ???
    A woman lost her memory and giving her more medication so she wont remember her past????
    so that wicked Indrajeet can have his way.?????
    NO Producers please rewrite your story script NOW!!!!!!!!! or YOUR VIEWRS won’t be watching this show for sure including me. LISTEN TO THE AUDIENCE

  23. Bhadra


  24. kk

    I just hate Astha bcoz how she forgot Shlok her love. And how could she send Shlok in jail. I want Shlok to slap IS and Astha. Feeling pity for Shlok. Love U <3

  25. Loooool

    This has so many plot-holes, why doesnt the police take her fingerprints and check her national data, pictures on shloks phone, proof that astha isnt biological mother of mishti. Proof that police in pume are looking for her. so dumb. varad must come with all the evidences to bail him out. What a stupid track with so many evidences.

  26. Whats happening in this show?Really undigestive track. Plzzz change the story line. To be honest this is the first show that I fell in love with. Before started watching this show I didn’t even liked serials. But this show contained some magic which changed me. And I became a die hard fan of show and Aashlok. But now I doubt wis story heading to. Is theren’t any value for marriage and husband and wife? iske patni uske saath rahthe hai.aur uske patni kisi aur ke sab kya hai?. These all are totally out of our thinking limit. So totally disappointed. And whenever I see that Indrajeet on screen I get totally irritated. And I love Aastha so much but today I felt angry for her. If this track is continueing I am sure this show will become a big zero. And i still not understand through this track what message are they trying to convey. And the title is not resembling the current track. So soooooo disappointed. I beg to writers and dir sir plzzzz make some improvement in story and unite Aashlok soon. We are watching the show only for Aashlok. But still thinking what meaning to that relation if they reunited……

  27. Avi we know him very very stubborn person.He has taken decision to marry devil n debatchling Shal.He will not listen to any one.He has completely mentally n physically Shal’s now.Its simply waste to say anything about it.As Avi deceived Rubi n Shal cheated Kirthi ,God will surely punish dem for it. That day both will repent.Now its better to comment about d serial or whoever doesnot like to see them,just stop watching d show.Then everyone will come to know d value of fans n viewers

  28. shama

    i dnt understand why makers of the show and Avinash both are neglecting fans feelings .we love the show very much.Avinash u are finished.after ur marriage with that ugly creature shal ,go back to baroda n help ur father in his businesses because u have cheated ur fans they are not going to respect and accept u any More after this dirty decision.

  29. Like somebody commented there are so many chances to prove that Aastha is Shlok’s wife. Wedding album,family photos,identity cards and all. But they are not considering anything. I think they are planning something grand. Good if it is so……

  30. Are u human beings or animals.How can u show such worst relationships.What message u r giving to the society.Shlok n Soj(babhi n devar illegal relationship )on d show itself.Ind n Aastha relationship.Please who give value to our costums n rituals boycott this dirty show ,which does not have any values.Cchhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii shame on everyone.

  31. priyanci

    i think Avi’s top floor is empty thats y itani easily selfish aur ugly aunti ke hatho BAKARA ban gaya wo bhi Srenu jaisi beauty aaspas hote huve. i m die heart fn of ashlok.

  32. i was unable to watch dis track.. vry vry disgusting track really wanna slap hardly that idiot indrajeet sarkar plzzzz writers end dis track vry soon unable to imagine the thought dat astha vth indrajeet

  33. Jennifer roy

    Disgustng serial…. really iss pyar ko kya naam de saktha nahin… worst track… i just stop watchng dis serial….

  34. i am die hard fan of ashlok but iam so sad seeing this epi. i am crying seeing shlok’s states i want old serious and cute shlok he is cute.Is shamlee and avinash is going to marry .i can’t believe this . guy ‘s anybody heip me to know truth

  35. Adi

    Avi must be telling,Shalu darling do not worry fans scoldings r blessings for us, do not worry.Thats why she is not quitting d show.Avi sir u may be right if fans had scolded for no reason.But fans have got genuine reason that Shal n u cheated others n both r becoming one. This is not good for u.Thats why we r telling u not trust Shal type woman very very dangerous.U really do not know about such type of girls.Such girls can do anything.Wake up man.

  36. No Shl ,no Aastha,no Ashlok everything is over. As they r enemies n they r like two parallel lines that can never meet behind d screen in d real life, director n Avi took an advantage of this n he is sticking to Shal on d screen itself n as it is true d shameless director is showing d same thing to us.And Shrenu, big fool as she does not have any one she is sticking to Indra.We big big big big fools watching this dirty show.They r doing this for money.Then why are we encouraging such shows.We should also boycott this dirty show.Iam d first.

  37. Avi n Shal u r not right for one another.You should get good life partner to teach u a nice lesson n help u to go in a right path. If both r of same type means who will both of u alesson, ur home will become a s*x home n ur family will be a cheaters family.And ur children, future rapists in d society.Be careful n think over it again before u r drowned completely.

  38. Loooool

    Hopefully shlok shows evidences that she is astha and takes her back nd helps her regain memory, instead of her regaining her memory after weeks and weeks with .indrajeet sarkar. thats the way the show will be saved.

  39. Avi n Shal u r not right for one another.You should get good life partner to teach u a nice lesson n help u to go in a right path. If both r of same type, means who will teach both of u alesson, ur home will become a s*x home n ur family will be a cheaters family.And ur children, future rapists in d society.Be careful n think over it again before u r drowned completely.

  40. priya

    The show is another ramayan..where shlok is ram and astha is sita and IS Is raavan…the difference is astha lost her memory…once shlok gets back astha she will be pregnant shlok will have doubt whether the baby is IS’ s….

    Stupid story line…cant digest the memory loss of astha…atleast there is age difference between astha and IS…how she blindly believed IS…she couldnt see the age difference??? (I mean the story writer)…

  41. change

    IS said aastha is mine from mind and BODY.does it mean….?its not fair.only shlok has that right.aastha is only shlok’s.pls reveal that there is no relationship between aastha and IS.

  42. madhura

    story is going 2 the hell hate 2days epi and precap wat a idiotic stupid and dirty hug astha gave 2 tat grandpa indrajeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt sooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkaaaarrrr blody scoundryl story is really boring and it is easy 2 guess wat is the next epi itself cant wassim think anything else hate astha alot 2day (barkha) cant the both kids fell ashame 2 call sapna didi as bharka mom idiotic kids like father

  43. Stylish

    please Ashlok ko dobara mila do.nd what d hell indrajeet said astha is mine from body,feeling bad for shlok.
    astha leave dis stupid nd ugly mind indrajeet.

  44. What a rubbish episodes going on. Jitni khushi se dekha krty ty cute si jodi ki ab utna gussa ata h. Oh writer jo real me hota h wo likh. Is tra kisi ki biwi ko dusra le jaye wo b 1 din k lie to wo banda kitna hurt ho ga. Kbi kch acha teach kr dia kro dekne walu ko. Ek masla finish ni hota new khara ho jata h. Or ab dek lo astha biwi kis m or rehti kis k sath h..chii..finish this bludy episodes

  45. True. Indarjeeeeetaaaa go to hell. This is rubbish. Even if in the upcoming episode ashlok get together, I still feel bad for shlok. How could after 6 months he will accept astha as his wife. Chiiiii…disgusting. BAKWAS STORY LINE. This track should have name family troubles. End this drama soon. No point to join ashlok

  46. Inquire

    Really! Hey producer you got to do better than that….. Indarjeet taking revenge like that,pathetic

  47. satya

    This episode was really worst in entire ipkknd ebp,don’t spoil the ashlok relationship,they are made for each other.what will happen when shlok knows astha married to that stupid indrajeet?shrenu said that major twist exists in show,as I think astha is pretending that she has memory loss to take revenge on indrajeet and seperate him from his family and rest of the family not shown.I think major twist in upcoming episodes hope for the you ashlok……..

  48. i think instead of losing memory astha would have gone disgusting!i thought astha and shlok are made 4 each the writters me too dont know what 2 name this love.

  49. lisa

    Astha tumhari shlok ko bhool gaya ,this is not fare astha.tum shlok ko bhool gaya tho gaya,us indrajeet me saath romance math karna plz yaar………

  50. kavita

    hey guys yaar u know that every thing is going right bcoz : agar wo bichhdenge nahi , juda nahi honge toh WO milenge kaise , unka pyaar badega kaise … guys try to understand that every thing is nice….. ab toh balki sahi track par aayaa hai I mean now it is stick to the title …. now we will see the love of shlok in take back her aastha ….
    and this we all know that whenever this serial will end , it will end with astha & shlok only… so guys enjoy the show…. and be happy… ;-)…

  51. kavita

    and there will be not at all romance BTW them .. bcoz the hero and heroin is shlok and astha only na…..

  52. If writers dont know how to prezent the story in better way… They could have stopped this before anjali’s death.along with anji death makers also made ipkkndebp completely lost its craze.worst ever track.chiiiii…….

  53. Hey..the show is boring now.that sarkaar i hate him disguisting go hell man.aashlok please come together where’s ur romance.and aastha why you are nt undrstnding your hero shlok.he miss u.aastha why you becme sarkaar ?

  54. ksavya

    this show now days very borinng becose we aspect astha pure shlok but now she is wife and her body and mind also this we cant asept plese change the story to give pure astha to shlok

  55. ksavya

    if you not change menswe stoped this seriai becose weasept astha shlok wife we want to see shlok astha more romanticsenes plese change and throw out indrajeeth sarkar that man very boring charecter please make

  56. ksavya

    astha you please go your shlok ke pas you fully give u r life indrajith means stop this serial becose very boring we want astha live with shlok only

  57. manu

    asthas body and mind she give to indrajith directer plese stop this seriel please we can accpt papa shlok this is to much becose he give his body and mind astha only but astha ………………….please stop this seriel very very boring now

  58. sumathi

    Plz for god sake change d topic yar.. Wat d hell is going on ??? We just cant accept aastha wid indrjt… Chiiii

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