Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 16th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Atul asking Astha about her decision. He says whatever we are doing is for your happiness, tell us whats in your heart. Astha says I m sorry mum, I…. I want to marry Shlok. Shlok smiles while everyone are shocked. Kalindi says what… Do you know what you are saying, you have gone mad. She says lets go inside, I want to talk to you. Niranjan says we should respect her decision. He says we are not against Astha. He says I accepted her no also and now I request you all to accept this decision and forgive Shlok for announcing infront of everyone. Kalindi asks Astha is she under any pressure. Ajju says Astha won’t take any decision under pressure, she decides by her heart.

Niranjan tells Kalindi that if

Shlok and Astha are ready, then we should respect their decision and accept it. Anjali is angry as well as Kalindi. Kalindi leaves. Niranjan stops Anjali and calms her down. Anjali stops. Sojal is angry on Shlok and still tells her husband that her family got insulted. He says you are still telling me the same thing. She says its because I got insulted, you won’t understand. He says I think that happened whats was going to be. He says Shlok should marry the one whom he loves. He says not everyone are lucky to select their life partner. Sojal looks at him. She says she won’t Astha succeed in this house.

Atul tells Niranjan that I know your family has everything, we are lucky to have a relation with your family, but the situation is making me afraid. He says its about my daughter’s life. He says I only want my Astha’s happiness. He says so I request you to… Niranjan says there is no need to request, we also wanted Astha for Shlok, don’t worry, we will keep Astha as our daughter. Ajju is happy and says whatever happens is for the good, now forget everything and make a new start. She says I will bring sweets. Atul sends Astha to Kalindi. Atul welcomes Niranjan. Shlok goes to Anjali and congratulates her. Anjali is angry and looks on.

Kalindi is worried. Astha comes to her and hugs her. Astha says I m sorry mum, but I m saying the truth, I did not know this would happen, why would I lie to you, but till you say yes, my happiness will be incomplete, please agree to this. Kalindi says we are worried about your happiness, how will you be happy in that house. Atul calls Astha. Astha tells Kalindi lets go. Kalindi wipes her tears. Ajju brings sweets and congratulate everyone. Niranjan looks at Anjali. Anjali makes Kalindi eat the sweets. Niranjan says now we will leave, I will find the mahurat for marriage and will let you know. Atul says yes. Niranjan and Anjali leave and Shlok is alone with Astha. Khuda… plays…. He looks at her and Astha starts going. Shlok holds her hand and stops her and says I said what you wanted to hear, but you still not tell anything.

He says I m waiting and eats the sweets. He leaves. Astha smiles. Ajju says Niranjan is right, the matter is out in the society, its better if we say yes to it, and Astha also wants this. Kalindi says Astha does not know whats better for her. Atul says we can’t avoid Astha’s happiness and change the fate, maybe this is her fate. Niranjan tells Shlok I m very happy today as you have moved ahead of your past forgetting Swati. He says this step is really good. Shlok says whatever happened with Swati was wrong and I can’t forget that.

He says I told before that no one can repeat anything with Astha as I won’t let anything happen. He says every thing has to go through me before reaching Astha. He warns Anjali. Astha is in her room and thinks of Shlok’s announcement and his lovely words. Her phone rings. Ajju asks Kalindi to see Astha’s face and realize as she is very happy. Kalindi says I m worried because of Anjali as Anjali reminds me of that woman, you know who. Ajju says stop thinking about Anjali, think about Shlok, he is a nice man. Kalindi says he might never be with Astha always. Ajju says don’t worry, you are overthinking. Kalindi says that woman made my life hell. Ajju says you don’t worry, we all are with Astha. Kalindi says where will we be with Astha, how can we save her from Anjali, I will talk to Astha and explain her.

Shlok is talking to Astha and says let me guess, you are thinking about me. Astha says no way. He says then why did you hold your locket. She turns and sees around. He says you are not keeping your promise. She says I did not make any promise to you. He says now its your turn, say it. Astha says no, not now. He says you will meet me, hold my hands and then tell me whats in your heart. Shlok says I… Astha says Aai…. is coming, bye. Shlok smiles. Kalindi asks Astha did you think before taking this decision. She says wedding means a life long relation not only with huisband but also with the family, do you think you will be happy in that house. Astha says you don’t worry, I will manage. Kalindi says are you sure and gets emotional. Astha says why are you worried, I m sure I will be happy with Shlok.

Kalindi says Shlok won’t be with you always, if anyone does anything with you then… Astha says everyhting will be fine, you see. Astha says don’t you trust your values, my values are solid and won’t amend. She says I will manage Anjali. The next morning, Shlok’s brother congratulates Shlok. Niranjan says pandit has given the mahurat after 10 days. He asks Anjali why is she upset. He says you should be happy. Shlok looks at Anjali and thinks he won the game over his mum. Kaka taunts Anjali and congratulates her smiling. Anjali thinks nothing will change in this house as she is there.

Shlok and Astha get closer and Khuda…. plays…. Astha says I love you. Shlok smiles and she hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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