Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha saying he is not my husband and leaving. The people beat up Shlok. Varad waits for Shlok and says I have pending work in Pune and can’t leave Shlok either. He says I will got temple and see me, you wait here. Sojal says we will stay here if he does not come along. He gets Jyoti’s call and asks why dies she look worried. She says nothing, I wanted to ask when are you all coming. He says its tough, why. She says about naming ceremony. He says fine, I will call later and ends call. He leaves to see Shlok and reaches the temple.

He calls Shlok and he does not take call. He shows Shlok’s pic and asks where is he. The man says he was teasing a girl and called her wife, and she refused to know him and we have beaten up, cheap man. Varad

scolds him and says he is my brother. He looks for Shlok and says don’t know where is he.

Shlok wakes up in Chowksi’s home. He asks how am I here. Chowksi’s wife Rekha says she saw him in temple and they got him here, who are they beating him. He asks how to tell you. She asks about Astha. He gets teary eyed and tells everything to her starting from his accident. He says I met Astha in temple and tried to talk, she did not identify me. He cries.

Varad asks inspector did he find Shlok. The inspector says no, we checked nearby hospital, as you told he is hurt. Varad asks him to find. The inspector promises he will try his best. Shlok tells how can she refuse to identify me, Varad will not believe me. She says someone will believe this. Shlok says yes, Astha’s Aai will believe me if I say I saw her in Mumbai, I will tell her that I met her. Astha recalls meeting Shlok in temple.

Indrajeet comes and she asks him not to switch on the lights. She says she is feeling weak. He asks what happened. She says what happened in temple, a guy hugged her and said she is his wife, he looked from good family, I slapped him, don’t know why he called me Astha, I was scared. She switches on the lights and Indrajeet’s face is shown. He thinks Shlok has come back, he was waiting for this day, now he will show him and snatch everything from him. He says now Astha is mine.

Astha asks Indrajeet whats he thinking. He says about the man, who is he who misbehaved, and what did you do. She says what could I, I m having dizziness and weakness like before, he is not going from my mind, I m thinking about him unintentionally. He says Barkha, don’t take stress and gives her water. (How Idiotic of him to name her Barkha and keep her forcefully by cheating, creep!!)

He says he worries for her and asks her not to go out alone, today she slapped him, what if he does anything, she is his life. He asks her to rest. Kalindi says she can’t get peace till she gets Astha. Shlok calls her. Mala takes the call and he asks for Kalindi. Mala says she don’t want to talk, don’t call again. He says its about Astha. Mala gives the call to Kalindi. Shlok says I got Astha. Kalindi smiles. She asks where is she. He says she met and then went. She asks him not to call by taking Astha’s name. He says he is not joking, he saw Astha, please agree, I don’t know where she stays, but I will get her. She says bring her here, I want proof.

He says biggest proof is I saw her, I promise I will get her back, I know she is alive. Shlok wishes he gets Astha once and she will understand. Astha thinks why is she thinking about him, why does she feel she left something behind. Mala tells Kalindi that Shlok and Astha loved each other, they faced problems, it does not mean love will end, we all are with you. Kalindi says I hate them and can’t forget them.

Its morning, Sachin asks Shlok to come and have food, he did not eat anything since yesterday. Shlok asks him to leave him alone. Rekha can’t see Shlok’s state and prays to Lord to unite them. Sachina tells Varad that Shlok is with them. Varad thanks him, and asks about his parents. Sachin asks Rekha to talk. Varad asks her to take care of Shlok, he will come. Shlok wishes to meet Astha.

Astha sees her missing ad and calls him, saying Shlok. He asks where is she, I want to meet. She asks for his address, she will come.

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  1. poor shlok…. i dont understand hw can kavitha let indrajeet to keep astha as his wife… she was good at heart … what happened to her….??????

  2. meenu

    i think kavitha will come back soon and shlok recreates the moments they spent together with the help of chowksi,sachinetc…

  3. prajkta

    i dream avi shrenu as husband wife.its a request to avis close friends relatives parents Save Avi frm that witch
    avis fans hd try their best nw its ur turn

  4. chochlate

    VERY PITY SHLOK.IS by keeping astha as barkha not only cheating ashlok but also his dead wife,cheap IS.

    • Indrajeet Sarkar

      Do not talk about my dead wife, i am keeping her memories with me through another person, now shutup before i take ur hose too

  5. mayuree

    Awesome episode ,Mr.Niceguy ,Chawksi & his wife Rekha & a little boy sachin come together , love them so much hope to c Apsara come in to help Ashlok lover too.

  6. sanam


  7. Idiot,creep,fool,shameless Indrajeet . Why is he doing all this to Shlok and Aastha? Feeling really sad for Shlok. Nobody is believing him. And Aastha,has blindly believed that Indrajeet grandpa. He is so shameless and cheap and even named her as his former wife. Waiting for Aastha to get all her memories back and realize the truth. I request director sir not to make that day too long.plzzzzzzz.reunite our Aashlok . Becoz I cant bear the current track.plzzzzzz..

  8. oh god!aastha as barkha.eagerly waiting 4 tomorrow’s epi.poor shlok.i know that the kids liked her before itself still iwonder that how aastha became the mom of the kids bcoz there ll be sth like a photo as proof na.

  9. Indrajeet shame on u….how dare u to call aastha as ur dead wife bharkha?? N cant c shlok crying……..where s that b*t*h ahilyaa??? And wot about kavita?? I too think shlok will make aastha to remember about thier past with chowksi ,sachu….vagera vagera………hope it will happen so sooon plz director its a request unite our aashlok its irritating to c our shlok’s aastha wid Dat indrajeet grandpa!!precap ws interestin hope something will happen soon!!waiting fo tomorrows epi!!!plz aashlok ko vaapas unite karo!!!!!else ur shows rating will go down

  10. nikhita

    I really love this show. But can’t see shlok & aastha like this. They not together. Love this show

    • bala

      Hai i m also madly love the serial, plz this track end very very soon plzzzzzz,aashlok together

  11. Indrajeet Sarkar

    Shlok is so dumb, he can show astha proof of pictures on his phone and also call the pune police to show her and her dna prints hahahaha

  12. srividya


  13. Prajakta its high time now ,everything is over.Even God n Avi himself can not do any thing.By now everything would have been over between them.Such close they.But poor thing is atleast his parents did not tell him what is right n what is wrong.What kind of second bahu that too ek lauthi.After seeing Shal n Kirthi boyfriend pic very s*xy face how did his parents agree I really wonder.If we comment about this few will say that we r interfering in their personal lives.As we deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeply love him from heart we r concerned about him. If he takes it or not it his choice n his life.We say this as his well wishers thats all.Not a word more than this.

  14. Gayathro

    Pls viewers do not interfere the actors personal life..let them live..but one thing i should say the serial is very boring..the new director is making viewers fool..

  15. So sad after seeing todays epi. Still waiting for tomorrow. And seeing that precap , I feel Aastha will be harming Shlok. But plzzzz Aastha try to realize the truth. And in todays epi when Indrajeet was thinking I wanted to kill him. Cheater. I know Aashlok will unite someday. But wish that, that day shouldnt be long.

  16. fatima

    dont know what will happen tomorrow .love u aashlok.right now iam weeping for shlok.its my request that directors and producers make aashlok together as sooon as possible.

  17. fatima

    if some one dont want to see serial and they are saying that seria is boring than plz dont comment here

  18. fatima

    i have never and ever seen dramas or movies but thi show made me realize that i have to see but today also iam seeing only this serial

  19. F

    Cchhiii, Aastha n grandpa in one bed room on one bed ofcourse u maintained pillows between them looking soooooooooooooooooooo ackward to look at.And very poooooooooooor production.You r doing many mistakes.While coming from Anjali house Indra brought bedsheet that same bed sheet u used in their bed room.And wears a worst polyster with some blouse n next morning she wears same blose with different saree.And Shl goes to Chowk house in blue t-shirt n next morning n wears same violet t -shirt from where did he get this.From this we can tell what kind of worst quality u r maintainig in d show.But one happy thing is Sojal aunty is seen little n I think she got some buddhi.Please do not involve her for even smallthings.We get irritated if we see her on d screen n that too together with our Shlok.U r boring us a lot.

  20. shlok

    Wo to me shock me tha is liya indrajeet sarkar.. ab dekho aage hota kya he! ..aur rahi baat teri dead biwi ki to use apni memory me rakh.meri wife me usko dkhna bandh karo warna pa6taoge…its my warning

  21. mpw

    Omg indrajeet has stooped so low!! And crossed all limits!! Keeping someone else’s wife as his… Its sooo disgusting!!! blo*dy creep

  22. Please send back Varad n Sojal granny to Pune.They are useless.What Sojal granny does is she wears a hi fi saree tooooooo below d navel n keeps artificial boobs tooooooo front n long giraffe neck in front with open mouth n always yearning to stick to Shlok n this Varad ,another waste candidate just stands somewhere n says one or two dialogues.Waste characters.Chowksi n his wife n Sachin characters r faaaaaaar better than these two blo*dy characters.

  23. madhura

    idiot IS u will get nicely from shlok 1 day so dont show ur fake love to astha alot when astha meets all her family members she would atleast get a feel of bond like she got with kavya and wat about tat 2 children how can them call sapna didi as bharka mama and i am very pity for my shlok
    love u ashlok wish u get united soon in both real and reel life

  24. Aastha we love u so much.U Iook soooo beautiful n gorgeous.But sad thing is u dont give much importance to ur costumes.Two days wore nice sarees n today back to pavillion.Old ladies saadi n tomorrow u get up have a bath n wear d same blouse which last night u wore with different saadi n out.Its stinking Aastha.U did like this many times in past Mumbai scenes also.Atleast u as girl use some brain.Look at Ishitha Shagun etc how they look as heroines.Along with acting skills ur costumes also matter alot.And when u wear a saree your sandals should not be seen n should be even alround ,d down part.I watch dis serial just for u.So I could observe all these things.This I told as an elder sis.If u feel it is right u take it otherwise ignore it.For Soj ,Shl is sponsoring atleast for u d PH can not sponsor.Fight for it.Story any has become very worst atleast u take care of such small things.

  25. prajkta

    ashloks fn u r rt pr kya karoo Dil hai ki avi ko barbad hote dekh nahi pa raha hai .God meri kabhi sunte hi nahi agar sunte to shrenu avi ki hoti

  26. Ya some one is right.If story is interesting, all such small mistakes r ignorable.Now d story has become so stupid, viewers r concentrating on such small mistakes.Whoever is responsible forit do take care of such small mistakes.Ur picturisation is monotonous.Concentrate more on d story also otherwise only cast n crew will be left to view ur show.

  27. Oh no tomorrow again Varad n Soj aunty will go to Chowksi house thst means again Shl n Soj aunt together.Already I missed many Shl scenes because of Soj .Again tom.No sir this should not happen .Pie.No more Shl n Soj scenes together on d screen atleast sir. I beg u dir sir.We many just hate to see with Shl.Ple consider our request.

  28. riya

    plzzzz reunite ashlok. We cant see astha with that wicked shameless blo*dy indrajeet grandpa. Waiting 4 the epi when astha slaps on that blo*dy grandpa’s face.

  29. KRISH

    i like this show veryveryveryvery much and also like shrenu and her character aastha but i feel bahuth irritating when astha with IS.pls stop it and unite ashlok as soon as possible waiting for it dont lagged plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and astha i hate u along with IS bcos ur only sholk’s own kisi our ke nahi i want to see astha always with shlok

  30. Radhika

    i wish thi show never end ,love u shlok & thakx washim sir give 4 this lovely show & shlok agnihotri

  31. I was also a big fan this show.I used to watch d show 5 times a day for Ashlok.Slowly ot came to 4, 3 ,2 n1 n now afraid to see it one time alsoThat is because where they show Sojal aunty n Shlok together.I can not take d things as others take.When ever I see them I am reminded of their off screen relationship.Not able to enjoy Ashlok at all for which I started watching d show mainly.So sad, but no one can help me.

  32. Director sir r u reading d comments regarding ur show.If u r reading then why r u not correcting ur mistakes.We do not know our mistakes.Only if others say we come to know it.Donot feel inferior no one is 100 percent perfect on this earth.Pl follow viewers requests n demands n correct ur mistakes atleast now.

  33. Shalmalee her name itself sounds shameless.So she will not quit d show as shamelessness is in her blood itself.U only remove her so thst Shlok can give his best n Ashlok fans can enjoy d show to its best.Now Shl concentration is on Soj itself whoch is looking very very very ackward.

  34. janhavi

    i m addicted fr ashlok.i hv ever be in love before as i lv shrenu n avi . lekin MANDBUDDHI Avi n OLD SELFISH CHUDAIL SHAL ki vajahse mai show dekhana nahi chod sakti. I Love ashlok soooooooo much.


  35. It is heard that Shl n Soj grandma will get married in d month of june.Atleast in d month of june u bundh d show.Otherwise it looks sooooooooooooooooooooooioooo ugly to watch on d same screen. We will manage with our old Ashlok memories.We love Avinu soooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  36. Please Avi u just use ur mind.Its very simple n easily understood that after knowing everything about u that is u love rubi n u r engaged to her she came close to u n trapped u n that too she maintained aboyfriend for five years ,means what kind of third class aunty she is ,can not u imagine that also.That blind n cheap n womanizer u r.Cchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

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