Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha seeing Kavya and feeling some bond. The girl says mumma I will go, you take pics, I will show dad. Astha says fine, I will sit in audience and sees Kavya. Kavya dances well. Shlok feels Astha’s presence there and looks around. Kavya ends performing, and everyone clap for her. The results come and the winner is announced. Kavya Agnihotri….. Shlok smiles. The lady says our chief guest Mr Mehra will give her the trophy. Mehra gives the trophy and everyone clap.

Shlok goes to Kavya and gets Varad’s call. Varad asks how was it. Shlok says Kavya won, she got first prize, she went to change, I will make her talk. Varad says fantastic. Kavya shows the trophy to Shlok and says if Astha was here, she would also have been happy. Shlok says

lets leave now.

Varad tells Sojal that he has a good news, she will be fine hearing it. She asks did he get Astha. He says no, our Kavya came first in dance competition. She says really, I m very happy, she was hurt and even then she performed, but I m sorry we could not go. He says its fine. She says she took part last time in fancy dress competition. They recall how she broke the stick and they got a change at home, the one who brought the change is not here. They miss Astha.

Astha asks her daughter not to cry, as failures and victory happen, they will try next time, dad will be coming to take her now, they will celebrate today. She asks her not to cry, she is hurt seeing her cry. The girl says don’t cry, I love you. Astha says good girl, lets go now. Renuka calls Sid and talks about naming ceremony. He refuses and says he will not do until things get fine in Jyoti’s family. Renuka argues and cries, saying Jyoti broke their relation. She says her family’s problem will never end, there will be no good mahurat till 3 months, pandit ji told me, I m doing this for your son. Jyoti looks on. Renuka scolds him and says she will not distribute cards and tear it. Jyoti stops her. Sid says let her tear it, you know we can’t do Naam Karan now. Jyoti asks why not, we will do, Renuka has wish to do.

Sid says we should think about family first, not what world will say. They leave. Renuka cries and says she will need Jyoti to get her wishes fulfilled and gets irked. Kavya talks to Shlok and says Sojal will be annoyed if she knows she had icecream and tells secret that Astha used to make her have icecream and take her out, she is missing her, when will she come. Shlok says pray to Lord, she will come soon. Shlok turns and sees Astha there, crossing the road and talking on phone.

A lady stops Kavya and sees Shlok gone. The car hoes far. Shlok stops and sees Kavya. The lady scolds him that the girl would have met with an accident. Shlok says sorry and takes her. Sojal says its so late, Shlok and Kavya did not come. Varad says she came first, they will be having icecream and will come soon. Shlok brings Kavya.

Kavya cries and hugs Sojal. They ask what happened. Kavya says she was scared being in middle of the road. Varad asks whats she saying. Shlok says actually, I saw Astha going in a car and I followed her, and forgot Kavya is with me. I m sorry. Varad says this is not done,. Kavya was your responsibility, how can you be so careless. Shlok says I agree, I m sorry. Sojal says we are sure you would not let her get hurt, but we worry for you too, Varad tried finding Astha and we did not get her, and you are seeing her again and again, maybe you are mistaken, face the truth and come out of her memories. Varad says enough, lets go home.

Shlok asks them to go, and he will not come till he gets Astha. Its morning, Shlok prays in temple and says now my patience is ending, save my trust from breaking. Astha comes there and walks towards him. Shlok ends prayers and turns. He is shocked seeing Astha. He says Astha and hugs her. Her aarti plate falls. He smiles hugging her and she pushes him away. She asks whats this misbehavior, who is he, and how dare he touch her. He turns pale and says he is her Shlok. Everyone look on. He asks how can she not identify him, what happened to her, he waits in temple daily to look for her. He holds her and she slaps him. He is shocked. She says I don’t know you, don’t try to touch me again. The ladies there call him shameless and scold him that men are teasing girls in temple too. Astha leaves.

Shlok says why is she not identifying me, how can she forget our relation. She starts leaving. He runs to stop her, and asks what happened to her. He says she can’t leave me, see my state. She says I m not Astha, who is Astha, leave my hand. He does not leave her hand and the men there start scolding him. Shlok says I m talking to my wife. Astha says he is not my husband. Shlok asks what is he saying. The men ask is he not ashamed and stop Shlok. Astha leaves in her car. Shlok looks on.

Astha tells her husband that a man misbehaved with her in temple, he was telling everyone that I m his wife, don’t know why he was calling me Astha. She switches on the lights and Indrajeet’s face is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i totally agree with shrividya.i dont want to end this show madly in love with ashlok


  3. Hope everyone would think such prajakta.Anyway newlook of astha is just fab.

  4. Please end this show the director has no story sense we cant imagine like this type of stories .this is too too much.

  5. u r right ashloks gt fan. Avi u dezerve the best.plz fr sake if God do not marry with nt spoil ur life n career

  6. If Shal was a aunty out of d show no body will talk about Shl n Soj.As she babhi of Shl it is difficult to see them on d same screen Then what about Aastha ,what about Ashlok pyaar n what about d meaning of d show.Ashlok fans not able to accept Shl n Soj aunty.If she is not seen on d screen who will talk about such cheaters.If d show has to continue Soj character should be replaced by someone.Then not even a single bad comment will be seen against them in this site.I assure u.

  7. i am sure ki aasta ki yaadaast chale gayi thi or usi ka indrajeet ne faayda uthaya …………………………aastha or shlok ko juda mat karo plz …………………love u aashlok

  8. Director sir this track is so unfair worth heart breaking to watch. If this track is continueing u will lose all your viewers day by day. And the show will be a great failure. As a mad fan of Aashlok and the show I dont like it at all. So pls change the track and unite Aashlok soon. Its so irritating to see that Indrajeet uncle on the screen. So plzzzzz…..

  9. End d show dir sir.Ashlok chemistry is not at all going to work any more.After d news that Avi n Shal r marrying each other in june.Who will accept Ashlok?If Shal is a woman out of d show then that would have been a different thing.But now Aastha n Soj sharing Shlok on d same screen looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ackward n illegal.Star plus do not bare this serial.Your reputation will be spoiled

  10. Oh god that blo*dy Indra jeet is taking revenge by kidnaping astha and making her believe she is his wife
    Shameless man selfish snatching other peoples wives to get revenge

  11. wow great epi waiting for the upcoming epi love shlok’s patience today alot love u ashlok and if i get a chance i would nicely slap indrajeet and especially astha as she can feel the bond with kavya y cant with shlok loved shlok alot in 2days epi love u ashlok
    waiting for the day of unity of ashlok

    1. I agree with u madhura astha has some feelings on kavya but hw cn she forget Shlok as he is more than kavya…

  12. ooh god!! wat as stupid track really wanna slap hardly dat stupid indrajeet… plzzz stop dis track.. unable to imagine astha even sitting beside dat blody indrajeet

  13. Thank God I have stopped watching d show.Just to know d story I came to this site.Iam happy that l have not viewed all these dirty scenes.

  14. So director sir u r going to end d show in d month of june after d marriage of Shl n Soj .Ok sir till then some how we will bear all d characters.

  15. I will kill u indrajeet

  16. Indrajeet… U stupid…. I am really gonna kill u shameless man… Is that really Astha or anyone looking like Astha, Like what happened in pyaar ka dard hai meeta meeta pyara pyara… Plz make shlok and astha have a good life….

  17. Oh noooo..if astha thinking that indrajith her hus then defnitly they have every relations like a couple which isreally injustice for shlok

  18. U r looking gorgeoius in new costumes.And u r looking thin from back also.This time do not agree those polyster n oldage woman sarees.Wear according to u r age.And story line is poor.I think its better to end d show because it has got may side effects.

  19. Seriak getting very bad day by day. The firsf season was very good.

  20. Why you guys getting so hyper?

    Its just a serial god darnmit.. And i
    Now shlok s aim is to get astha back and he will,, but it will be disgusting because she lived with Indra for six month and slapped shlok so this serial is disgusting now astga has two husband chiiii

  21. I am not surprised since Varad didn’t have the guts to punish Indrajeet of course he wants Asta as his wife and a mother to his children – selfish hoping her memory never comes back
    please don’t make this story line too long ….. I only want to see Shlok & Asta not spotty face Indrajeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. No pyaar betweenAashlok.There is no meaning to ur title of d show..Every thing everything is fake.All u have achieved from two years is love between Shlok n Sojal.Thank God u atleast achieved that otherwise show would have become a bigbig big failure.Very big bye to ur stupid senseless n illegal show.

  23. Our eyes have become so sore to see Shlol uncle n Sojal aunty,lndra grandpa n Aastha.I can not tolerate this any more.So bye to ur show.

  24. Shlok uncle n fair gorilla faced Sojal grandma u atleast stop coming for d shoot ,u must be busy in marriage works know.So that ,these people woll stop d show.Neithet we r able to dogest these dirty relations on scteen as common people nor stop watching d show.Please bring us out from this bad situation.

  25. Asta thinks indrajit is her husband and keep each and every relation as husband and wife ……………………rubbish

  26. astha,sholk fan

    very boring

  27. astha,sholk fan

    wt dis astha indrajith wife ?
    really bad i hate this track

  28. astha,sholk fan

    wt is serial title
    wt is story no matching
    i like ispkknd
    i like ispkknd 2 also but this track is really hateeeeee
    plz together astha sholk

  29. Plz…end this track as soon as possible and don’t see that asthu and stupid indrajeet are in husband and wife relationship

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