Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Astha crying. Ve Saiyyan……. plays. She sees the diary burning and says now there is only one way, I have to become Swati myself. She says I will give you second chance of your life. Before going, I will erase all your pains, thats my promise, I don’t know the reason for it. I will give you your happiness back. Astha says I see the pain behind your anger, now I will make you meet the old Shlok. Aditi comes to her and asks where are you Astha. Astha hides the dustbin. Aditi asks how did you get hurt. Astha says a flower vase fell on me when I was cleaning the room.

Aditi says from where is the burning smell coming. Astha makes excuse. Aditi gifts her the earrings and says you liked it right, so take it.

She says I m giving you this by my wish. She says this is not anybody which you will ask and I will give you. Astha says I won’t take. Aditi insists and gives it to Astha. Aditi says I don’t understand why were you shocked seeing this. Astha says nothing serious. Aditi says smile now. Astha smiles. Aditi leaves.

Jyoti thinks about her baby. Abhay comes to her with snacks and makes her eat. He says this shawl is for you and makes her wear it. He says this is for our baby. Jyoti sees it and its a doll. She smiles and says its lovely. He gets angry and throws it. He says I told the shopkeeper I m going to have a son, then don’t know why he put this doll. His Bua comes and says don’t pamper her so much. Abhay says I told you we don’t have anything less in Niranjan’s house, we will get money, once I tell him that we are getting a boy, then see he will keep some industries on my name. Jyoti says don’t tell him.

Abhay says fine, I will tell him on Holi’s day. He asks Jyoti to have sweets and leaves. Jyoti is tensed. Astha thinks Shlok is annoyed so he did not have food till now. She says its my mistake, I will give him food in the room. Anjali sees Astha taking a plate and asks her to sit on the dining table and eat. Astha says I m taking the food for Shlok. Anjali gets happy as she sees Astha caring for Shlok. She asks Astha to prioritize her duties only then her life will be peaceful. Astha signs yes and leaves. Aditi smiles and says they both love each other so much, great thing.
Astha comes to Shlok in their room with food. Shlok says what are you doing, are you mad to keep the file near my file. He says take it back. She says eat something. He says I m not hungry. She says have something. He scolds her and holds her hand. She says Shlok….. He says I m not a kid, I will eat when I m hungry. She says please….. He keeps the food away and it falls. She says what did you do. He says I told you, why are you blaming me. She says you made the plate fall. He says its your mistake. Astha picks the food and the plate. Aditi comes and says I guess I came on wrong time. Astha says no, its fine. Astha says lets have dessert before food. She might feel we always fight, tell her that we don’t have any problem between us.

Astha makes Shlok have the sweets. Shlok holds her and makes her sit in his lap and says absolutely and acts sweet. He makes her eat the sweets. Music plays……… Aditi smiles seeing them. Shlok makes Astha eat so many rasgullas. Aditi laughs and says you guys carry on, I can’t see more. Shlok calls the maid Rani. He asks Astha not to clean it as her hand is hurt. Rani comes and cleans the floor. Astha leaves. Shlok smiles.

Abhay tells Bua we will come, Bua asks where are you both going. Abhay says on shopping, we will have food outside. Bua says since you know you are having a son, you changed. Abhay says I m going to shop for Jyoti’s family, as I buy one gift for them to get four gifts in return. He holds her hand and says lets go. Its night, Sojal says we made so many sweets and still so much work pending. Astha says don’t worry, I will wake up early and do the work. Aditi says I will help her. Kavya comes and says happy holi. Sojal says still time for it, go and keep the colors. Aditi says this work is over.

Aditi tells Kaka that lets play a game. She calls Shlok and says there is no age to play, we used to play with you in childhood. She sees Shlok playing video game and comes to him. She says this game is boring, come downstairs, we will play together. He scolds her and says I don’t have any interest to play with everyone. She says fine, sorry I came to call you, even I don’t have to play now. Shlok says these women, all are alike, emotional blackmail. Kaka asks Astha to see where is Aditi.

Shlok comes to Aditi and says come, everyone are waiting. She says why did you scold me. She says you are selfish, you are playing with my feelings, I m mad to become friends with you, you care about yourself. Shlok gets angry and looks at her. Astha comes and sees them closer.

Aditi asks Astha who is Swati. Was she Shlok’s girlfriend? Astha looks on silently.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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