Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th June 2015 Written *Last Episode* Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varad going to inspector and seeking his help. Astha wishes Shlok comes soon. Shlok cuts the ropes and frees himself. Astha and Indrajeet sit in the mandap. Shlok sees the video and gets angry. The marriage rituals start. Shlok tries to open the door. Astha thinks she does not wish to marry, please stop this marriage Shlok. The pandit asks them to stand for the phera/wedding rounds. Shlok sees them taking the rounds and hits the door. Astha gets dizzy and sits. Indrajeet asks her what happened, and makes her drink water.

She looks for Kalindi and Avdhoot and wishes Shlok comes soon. Shlok breaks the door and comes there. He shouts Astha and the marriage stops. Indrajeet gets stunned. Shlok walks to him in style. Astha starts going to him and

Indrajeet holds her captive. She says leave me and puts the ghatbandhan in the havan kund/fire. Kalindi smiles. Shlok says I told you I won’t let this marriage happen. Astha stands behind him.

Indrajeet says he will call police. Varad comes with police and shocks Indrajeet. Astha says she will talk to police, she is Astha Shlok Agnihotri, she has got her memory back. Indrajeet, Shlok and everyone get shocked. While everyone smile, Indrajeet gets upset. Astha says I got to know who I m and who is my husband, I know Shlok is my husband, I was doing this drama to bring your truth out infront of everyone. She says this is Varad, she is my Bhabhi Sojal, these are my parents, you are Mr. Indrajeet Sarkar, who troubled them, he has snatched their business, money and then broke their happy family.

She cries and says you snatched my Sasubaai Anjali and our Baba is in hospital because of you, then you separated me and Shlok. Jyoti and Sid smile seeing this. Astha asks inspector to arrest Indrajeet, as he has kidnapped her husband and threatened to kill him, he felt she will never know the truth if he does not say him, she has seen him scolding the kids and stopping them from celebrating their mum’s birthday. She slaps him to end his drama. She says this slap will always remind him that relations made on fake end like this, I will be Shlok’s in all my births, he did not make any place in her heart. Everyone smile.

The inspector arrests Indrajeet. Shlok asks Astha did she get her memory back, he can’t say how much happy he is. He hugs her. Khuda…………..plays…………… She smiles and he asks what happened. She says she has to say something, she did not get her memory back, she just said him. They all get puzzled. Shlok says you spoke like old Astha, what do you mean. She says I said what everyone told me, and I knew Indrajeet’s truth, so I understood he is cheating me, and I trust you a lot more than anyone else.
Shlok says memory is gone, but not the habit to lie. She says she has to deal like this with wrong people. The pandit asks are they ready to start a new life. He asks Shlok to take sindoor. Chupke se ahista…………..plays………….. He fills the sindoor. The families and others including Manya, Chowki, Apsara, Sachin look on happily. They all clap. Astha and Shlok see the kids upset. Shlok says they can stay with them if they wish. Astha asks them will they stay with their Sapna Didi and Ballu Bhaiya. Shantanu and Mishti agree and hug them. Sid says let’s take a family picture and they pose for the pics. Shlok says Iss Pyaar ko Kya naam doon…. And they smile for the pics.

The show ended on a happy note with Shlok and Astha’s happy union.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. madhura

    feeling very very very sad because of this last epi will miss u my ashlok alot maybe show can end but my ashlok will always be there in heart and i would start watching the show frm the first epi onceagain frm tomorrow

  2. apexa

    Show is going to finish today but so many things missing like how anjali pass away where is niranjan also where is ahliya and kavita why they r not in marriage

  3. madhura

    only because of ipkkndebp i have started using this site.i feel very very sad fr the show and happy fr avi and shal.wish them happy married happy forever my dearest avinash and shreenu wish u both come with a new exciting show to entertain ur fans.miss u ashlok,ipkkndebp.forever but u will be in my thoughts and heart forever.

    • madhura

      and a very importent thing is to say thanks to Amena for ur regular updates,because of ur sweety update if i miss the show also i could read the updates.

  4. superb episd …lovely….nice to see ashlok together feeling bad cz i cnt see thm again…miss u ashlok n love u…bt good luck for ur future

  5. ann mary

    Loved this show I will miss this show very much , love u ashlok , u will always remain in my heart

  6. dishita

    ye koi end hai ease bakavas end mine kisibhi serial ka nahi dhekha aur agar end karnahi that to aastha ki memory kuy nahi lotai muje shak hai ki shayd eska season 3 start hoga yeh serial air bhi lambi jaskthi magar writer ko story likhana hi nahi aata achi khashi serial ka khachara kar diya varna maangeet arnav khshi vala magic hota so sad

  7. i’m from karnataka I really miss all of them especially the lovely pairs shlok&astha ur last episode acting was really good astha it was ur day plzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz once again both come up with new serial u’ll really rock ,I love ur pair u both have good acting career u both express very well especially shlok u lift up ur ibrows it’s really superrrrrr&asha u just look extraordinary in all dresses ur dialogue delivery is too good &ur rocking pair come back again all the best for ur future☆☆☆♡♡♡♡♡

  8. ahenkhena

    Chup ke se aahista ho raha hoon lapata ulgha sawalon mein main tere hi khayal mein
    kaise yeh chahat hai jo roke na ruke tumse hi rahat hai dhadkan gava chuke….
    iss pyaar ko kya naam doon koye hai kuch alfaaz kyun iss pyaar ko kya naam doon kya naam doon kya nam doon…………

  9. Astha Shlok agnihotri

    thanks for your love and support fans,
    this show end with a good episode today and our acting nd dialouges dil…etc wr gud becoz of you guys.
    thanks once again and always support nd luv ur Astha(shrenu parikh) nd Shlok(avinash sachdev)

  10. Ricky

    Super episode super shlok entry superb acting by astha,very happy to see loser IS(shocked face)reaction.
    will miss you ipkkndebp all cast

  11. kk

    Love U ashlok very much U will always remember in my heart…
    Miss U Alot…..
    Good Bye Avi and Shrenu
    Bye bye

  12. :-[;-);-);-);-)Ohhh….soo sad my aashlok …..u r the best….cant imagine that ipkknd ebp end..happy that is got arrested…..and misti and santanu is witb sapnadidi n bhallu bhaiyya….aashlok missu o looot… now watching ur cutescenesfrm utube…thats theonly way to not mis u….missu avi n shrenu…lub yeww …………..

  13. lovely show. miss u my dear aashlok. without bringing back aastha’s memory d show ended. dis is no right. and vr did ahilya poornima kavita niranjan go????????? without them d show didn’t end good. but happy for aastha’s slap……… really disappointed with avi…. hiw could you do dis to rubina? i got to know about ur marriage vth shalmalee yesterday only. i was totally shattered. hate u now frm d bottom of my heart. don’t ever come back……. miss u shrenu………. pls come back in a new show bt not vth avi…….

  14. dishita

    this is not right ye serial ka end hai esese jayda bakavs serial ka end mene kisi serial ka nahi dhekha agar serial ka end karnahi that to aastha ki yyadash kyu nahi aayi muje shak hai kaa session 3 kahinahi start honevala ye serial aur bhi lambi chal shakti this agar winter San chhte to achi khashi serial ko khachara kase banaya jay yeh koi sense shikhe varna maangeet khishi arnv vala magic chalata but thank god I am watching manmarjiya Jo mere dil ko thodi rahat milti hai

  15. KRISH

    is it a ending? it is not so good.
    it is not a good ending n not a happy ending.
    Niranjan is in hospital bcoz of mental problem.
    Aastha is in memory los. i always expecting that when aastha came to know about anjaly’s death after memory come back. it should be an emotional scene.
    nothing about takurma, kavitha
    they suddenly come n suddenly disappeared.
    without niranjan n kavya family is not complete.
    they done only the reunion of asholk. but i’m happy hamary ashlok ek hogayi
    but after today every day bcm sunday no ipkknd ebp no ashlok

  16. kani

    👦🏻 👧🏻 👨🏻 👩🏻 👮🏻

    • Ib

      you are most welcome amena infact we should say thanks to you. thank you so much. will miss ipkknd epb & your updates too dear thanks once again

    • thanku so much amena
      for your are updates
      your the best
      thanks a lot
      this is small how can i tell you
      big thanks
      thanku thanku thanku thanku thanku thanku thanku thanku
      thanku thanku thanku thanku

      • sahid

        Amena we r thankful to u bcoz when we miss any episode we came here for your updates so
        Thank U very much

    • change

      Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Amena.I love your updates very much & bye bye…………………….

  17. Hey Avi u gave life to that…… Shal b*t*h.Then why r feeling shy if u r getting married,why did behave sooo rudely Saas bahu aur betiya team.U spoiled ur baraath n marriage mood which has to kept memorable life long.Everyone would have laughed at ur doggy behaviour which was shown on saas bahu aur betiya today.That b*t*h Shal is very unlucky for u n ur life.The day u saw her n started talking to her u lost ur first love RUBINA n cancelled engagement n from troubles started in ur life n yesterday in marriage,ghoda utarkar aaya aur baaraath spoiled ur self n d whole marriage apna mood karrab ho gaya.Agar starting life with that Shal hee ithna apshagun ho tho poora jindagi upset hee rahega.This is punishment given by God for cheating Rubina.How much u must have spent on ur marriage,agar mood he accha nahi tho kya enjoy kiya hoga apna marriage.Ha ha ha ha.Very very happy that God punished u like this d most memorable day ko most angry n sad day banaya.Donot come to industry to spoil any other girls n with ur characterless behaviour.U insulted all d fans saying that they are shit n u do not care fans n media.But remember ur old days how u were.That cheap ……. SHALMALEE b*t*h ke liye apna professional aur personal life ko apni haathon se barbaad kiya.U r a greaaaaaaaaaaat loser.First engagement failed n wedding day bhi buri tharah se fail ho gaya.Ha ha ha loser Avinash.

  18. priya.j

    Want to see shlok and astha on screen in some other romantic, young, cherishing story…..i miss ashlok romantic scenes a lot….i was just crying after today’s epi….gud byeeee…liv u a lot

  19. mervat

    thanks for evrey thing i enjoyed with u all the epi thanks for the great translations i cant understand hindi but u make it for me esyer i will miss u guys

  20. Vrinda Dileep T K

    Happy for the reunion of AASHLOK but also feeling sad because 2day’s episode was the last one.MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU “AASHLOK” 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Aastha & Shlok pls come back with some other show soon plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 🙁 🙁 🙁

  21. vedanga

    Blind Avi not able to make difference between beauty ( Ruby) n Beast ( Shalmalee). True love Rubi ko chod ugly Shal se shadi kar li. U witch Shal

  22. rishi

    where is kavya cute baby and niranjan without them show will not end good thanks for reunion of shlok and astha

  23. i m very very very sad…………..aashlok u will alwaysss remain in my heart reallyyyyyyy…….. i love you a lotttsssss i misss you alwys………. aashlok you both are great… this is my first n last show…… jo mujhe bohot pasand aaya ….. isko dekhe bina ek din bhi nai reh pati thi…sirf aur sirf aashlok ki jodi ke liye… ki best jodi ho aap………bhale hi avinash ne shalmalee se shadi kr li ho pr avi ke dil me to shrenu hi hai aur hamesha rahegi bhi……… avi ko pyar to ho hi gya tha shrenu se isiliye itna rude ho gya tha….. avi tumne shayad apne dil ki nai suni,,,, tum kabhi khush nai reh paoge shrenu se alag reh kar…….all the very best shrenu n avi for ur future.

  24. kk

    My last comment on tellyupdates is l will miss U Shlok and always love U l will be your biggest fan
    Love U alot

  25. change

    I will miss you Aastha & Shlok!!!!!!
    I love Aastha & Shlok a lot.
    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m gonna cry now.
    Bye bye guys………………….
    Bye telly updates
    Thanks for all.

  26. Aryan

    I’m telling this story epi by epi to some of my friends.They also love this show very much.Even they are very sad today because this is the last epi.Then think about me..Im reading and watching this show.very sad……..

  27. i am sad that the best show which had the best actors like manish ji geeta ma’am and avi and shrenu ended. but seriously, the ending’s not that much effective. what abt niranjan and kavita. atleast they could hav shown like in these 6 months kavita was with niranjan and she tried to bring him to normal state. nothing like that. without the loops being unfolded, it is not effective. anyways atleast in today’s epi they had a mention about niranjali very happy 4 that. miss u IPKKND2

  28. Sidrah

    yes…so many things are missing…

    ipkknd 2 aise khatam nhi ho sakhta h….
    abhi astha ki yaad dash wapis aani chahye… anjali ko sare mil ke alvida kare… niranjan ko wapis lana jahye….niranjan and kavita ki story age shuru honi chahye.. shlok aur astha ka romance to hua hi nhi…

    it is so sad ke ek kahani me itni sari aur kahaniya dal di h aur kisi ek kahani ko sahi tarah se end tak nhi le k gae h…

    know i am free… sirf ipkknd 2 ke liye me tv lagati thi.. know there is nothing to look

    it is very sad

  29. mlz

    This show was very interesting at the beginning but later on it lost its interest. But yet we would like ? to appreciate all the actors and actress for their performance and we would definitely miss ashlok. Hope to c them in anthr Tele drama

  30. Sreelakshmi

    thank u amena for the fast update. ..and thank u for giving us every day episode updates….
    LOVE U ShLOk Nd AsTHa….
    addicted to ipkknd ebp want to c it again nd again
    waiting for iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek aur baar phir bhi

  31. Pritty V. Rodrigues

    Guys…u all wrote gud comments fr avinash…but he does nt like his fans n does nt care…its shocking…sbs went to shoot his real wedding pics fr us fans n he insulted them…n told thrm he vl break the cameras

  32. Thank God iss pagal kutthe se humhari Shrenu bach gayi hai.Iss pagal doggy ko us s*xworker b*t*h he sahi hai aur iss liye God ne jodi bana dhi us b*t*h ke saath.Jis din se is pagal kuttha Avi us b*t*h se mila hai all problems srarted in life,his character itself is changed towards everyone n towards media n he became a loser in every damn thing except in marrying that b*t*h Shalmalee.God has punished u badly by giving u that b*t*h.Shrenu u r a lucky girl us pagal characterless selfish proudfellow jo doosrohn se teek tharah se baath karna hi nahi aane wala pagal kuttha Avinash se bach gayi ho.Besharam aur badthameez Avi n Shal cheeeeeeeeeeeee.Shame on u.

  33. Avantika

    Lagata hai fans k comments sunke Avi ko mirchi lag hi gai tabhi to media k sath badsalukhi pe utar aye aur camera todne k order DE dale.
    Just a reality check Avi tumhari us monkey face aur girrafe neck dulhaniya ko dekhaneme hume koi interest nahi hai .

  34. Arsin

    Kya kisi ne notice kiya Avi ki set pe kitani chalati thi Recently Shlok ka dialogue sunake aapko yakin ayega k Na tumhare pas shakal hai ,na surat hai na height hai shuru hotel hi ……
    Definitely ye dialogue Avi ne Shrenu ko jawab dene k liye hi dala hoga Shrenu ne Avi ko reject Jo kiya hai.

  35. Janhavi

    Initially I feel bad fr Rubi n Shrenu but now I realized thanks God Jo is mandbuddhi Avi se buch gayi .

  36. Avinash thumhari life mein everything confusion hai aisa kyoon,thumhari love mein confusion thumhari engagement confusion thumjari marriage mein confusion thumhari proffesional life mein confusion iss liye bhagwaan bhi thumhe aise pathni dee jo kisi aur ke saath raatho raath bithaya aur ab thumhe shaadi kiya.Poor Avinash paida hi confusion mein state mein hua hoga.How to behave with fans how to behave with media n others go n learn from Shrenu who is very down to earth person how to behave with fans n media n others.U really behaved like a goonda,street dog n besharam n characterless with Saas bahu aur betiya team who ve to shoot ur wedding pics,they did not come to shoot any blue film of ur b*t*h Shalmaee jo team se thum besharam kehne ke liye.U do not deserve fams at all.Do not come to industry again u do not fit tp this industry.Verrrrrrrrrrrry bad n characterless person u r.Go n have Shrenu’s Shit everyday both of u.U both will get some buddhi.U r not at all humanbeings n not even dogs bcoz dogs atleast have vishwaas.Thumhe tho ,woh bhi nahi hai.plzzzzzzzzzzzz Avi do not comeback.

  37. nasrin

    felt soooooooooooo bad that iss pyar ko ended like this ….we wanted to see more ….. it was really fun to watch all the epz from first till the end AFTER ALL THIS WAS MY MOST FAVORITE “SERIAL”LOVES U AVI……………………………..AND MISS U SHRENU

  38. Safana

    Awesome. . Fans from sri-lanka since day one!! Hats off the director and entire cast.. hope to see another serial with the same cast:) best wishes!

  39. Shrenu u r d most gorgeous n charming girl in d whole Universe.Please comw back soon.We can not live with out u.We r die heart fans of Shrenu.Enough taking rest,two weeks gone,come to Mumbai n give auditions.Please Shrenu this time u choose a right hero not like that Womanizer Avinash who always wear dresses matching to that cheap lady n running behind her very cheaply.No mardaangni hai in that cheap Avi.We r waiting to see u worlds handsome guy this time atleast whom u deserve alot.No more with selfish person like Avi.Avinash sathyanaash ho gaya.

  40. SS

    wonderful episode …………………………… nd miss u both aastha – shlok nd luv u a lot 🙂

  41. Mm

    Please restart this serial on star utsav from the beginning as soon as possible.please please please please please.

  42. Hey Avi us witch aur gandhi aunty Shalmalee se shaadi kar ke 90% fool ho gaya tha,aur Sbb se thumhari wedding shoot mana kar ke thum saaf saaf na kehthe hua bhi keh liya ki thum us besharam aurath ke saath nahi dekhne ke liye pasand nahi karthe ho n if u argue ki viewers ke bad comments us Shal ke aare mwin naa sunneh ke liye media walohne se mana kiya tho,thum indirectly maan gaya ho ki fans Shalmalee ke bare mein sab kuch bad comments sach hai.Thumhe akal he nahi hai Avi,u do not know how to defend ur b*t*h wife Shalmalee from dhuniya se.Bhuri aur poori tharah se fool ho gaya ho dhuniya ke saamne apni harkathonse aur us Shal se jud ke.

  43. Avinash ji ek b*t*h tho b*t*h hi hotha hai na,chupakar rakhne se, Shalmalee Shaadi ke mandap ko laane ke pehle kanya ban jaaygi kya.Shal ko tho mandap mein sab dekhliya hai na sab mehmaan jaanthe hongae us ki character ke baare mein aur thumhari past affair ke baare mein,aur her mehmaan ek dhusre ke kaan ein kit kit kiya hoga apne peet ke peeche,tho ab ithna kyoon guilty feel kar rahe ho jo thum media se darshakhon se dhoonoh apne muh pher liye hai.Us witch aur cheap ladiki se shaadi kar ke bahuth badi galthi ki aur rowdy ki tharah media walohn per dhamki de kar aaj thum har viewer ke saamne bewakoof ho gaya ho.All fans hate u both today.Kithne BESHARAM LOG HAI AAP DHONOH.

  44. desh shanu

    Miss u both shlok & astha.plz anyone tell me what is the meaning of iss pyar ko kya naam doon in english

  45. Swapnali

    Agar mai Rubi ki jagah hoti to is gadhe se kabhi baat nahi.karati .Rubi aur Shrenu both r very sweet girls by look they perfectly match to Avi but chaterwise not at all
    Avi tu to gadha nikala yaar

  46. Grishma

    Avi Jo only favourite TV actor tha usi k sath itana bura hua handsome hone k bad bhi bandariya gale pad gayi .

  47. supriya

    Hey guys
    Just love this serial and astha n shlok like any thing
    I used to see just this serial in starplus n will realy miss thm ?
    Realy feeling bad ki ab office k ane k baad no more iss pyar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir
    Will miss u’ll guys

  48. Pallavi

    Monkeychaap Shal she shadi karake Avinash ne prove kiya k wo ankhose hi nahi balki akkal se bhi andha hai

  49. fan of avi

    Avi please come back I can’t live without U please come soon. U R the best .
    Love uuuuuuu
    See yaa

  50. madhura

    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Kya Naam Doon…………………………………………Kya Naam Doon……………………………………………………………………………………
    Ek Bhaar Phir……………………..

  51. rishi

    thanks for updating this serial amena without your writtenepisode i am not able to follow this much clear updates because i know english and tamil thanks once again for your hard work without this written episode i not able to understand this much clear god bless you

  52. Grace :(

    Miss u both…… U both will always stay in our hearts forever….. Wish that this story continues forever with good story.. <3 :'(

  53. SAKSHI

    Miss u ASHLOK u r the most gorgeous couple on TV
    Avi Rubina jaisi beauty ko ditch karna hi tha to koi khubsurat ladaki patate ye ugly lizard jaise face wali aurat kaise pata li I m sure usane hi tumhe trap kiya hoga. Rubi ko dhokha deke tum kabhi bhi khush nahi hoge sorry lekin wo din gaye jab him fans tumhare liye pray kiya karte the ab to sirf baddua hi de sakate hai.

  54. plzzzzz yarrrrrrrr tell me ….. aisa kya hua jo serial band ho gya tell me kya reason tha . plz amena tum hi bata do. atleast ending me to aashlok ka romance btate ………n avinsh ne shrenu k sath ek pic tk nai liya hai sirf ek pic liya hai wo bhi group m…… i hate uuuu aviiiii

  55. manasi

    Avi is kamina bahar se jitana cute hai ander se utnahi harami hai ab samaz me a raha hai wo humesha se Shrenu ki khilli udaya karata tha us monkey Shal k kahene par hi .
    Ugly secondhand Shal kaki Avi ko Rubina se chhina Shrenu se dur rakha lekin kab tak Avi ka profession hi aisa hai jaha usko dher sari girls milegi aur Avi jaisa ladka jyada din tumse loyal rahane wala nahi

  56. meghana

    Avinash Ko to KG k bacche se bhi kum akal hai.I go through Rubinas profile. She is very intelligent n beautiful girl with good family background.
    Avi ko Rubi se jyada ye garbage accha laga atleast dekhane me to acchi hoti chieeeeeee ywaaaaaaaak ugly shalmalee.

  57. Guys Avinash kya handsome kya,he bents a lot like a old man n his face is very matured face n he looks like 40 n thats why he liked that b*t*h, s*x worker Shal aunty who also looks 40 years with her artificial boobs already squeezed n her pussey f**ked by Kirthi Rai many many times n now this luccha Avinash wii f**k that b*t*h Shal’s.Yeh two kya Shrenu ki majaak udayengae,us ki character he below third class.Yeh two manushya kya jaanwar kehne ki laayak bhi nahi.These two will surely repent that b*t*h Shal jyaada din jiye gi bhi nahi,Shrenu ko aur rubina ko cheat karne ke liye aur us luccha Avi se mil kar un dhonoh ko sathane ke liye aur rulaane ke liye.U b*t*h Shalmalee thu jaroor Aids ya Cancer se marjaaogae.Remember b*t*h Shal.

  58. Swarna

    Its very sad to see the show have come to an end – I hope the producers will have some sense and continue this programme – bring Anjali back as well ! Looking after Indrajit’s children is not practical since they have a powerful grandmother – Ahaliya .
    I am going miss this programme so dearly I will miss both Sholak & Astha – excellent actors – I was sad to see they were not nominated for the 2015 Star Parivaar awards with so many fans for this couple??? they should have won this years award – not anyone else!!!

  59. Neelima

    Avinash k swath us ugly Shalmalee ko dekhate hi khayal aata hai “Kutti makkhan kha gayi .”

  60. Pallavi

    No dought Avi is a psycho Jo Diamond jaisi Rubi ko chod garbage jaisi Shal ko leke ghum raha hai .Thanks God Jo Shrenu n Rubi is Gadhe se bach gayi
    God will definitely going to punish him fr his deed n I m happy jisaki suruvat bhi ho chuki hai tabhi to bahot jyada gandi face aur characterless aurat as a wife mili .

  61. Manu

    we want the sequence of this serial,since we love it also we were totally editcted.Requesting to take another sequence else atleast a new story with shlok n astha.they both really have a fantasctic chemistry.

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