Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 12th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 12th October 2013 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 12th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shlok entering the house with Astha in his arms. Niranjan and Anjali are shocked. The girl’s family looks shocked. Shlok says Astha’s feet was hurt, she was unable to walk, so I… Niranjan says ok and asks Astha are you fine. Shlok makes Astha sit. Anjali stares at Astha angrily and says this girl works for us. She tells the girl’s family how Astha does her work. Niranjan introduces Shlok to the girl’s family. Shlok comes to know about the marriage proposal. Niranjan asks Shlok to come with him. Niranjan is angry but controls his anger. He says I did not advice you often like a typical parent as it was not needed, but now… you understand what I m saying, He says maintain your dignity because whats happening

should not have happened, its affecting our personal and professional lives. He says forget the past and move ahead to the bright future.

Shlok says yes. Niranjan says marry Shlok. Shlok is shocked. Anjali taunts Astha and praises the girl’s family. They say we will leave now. Anjali asks them to wait for Niranjan and bring their daughter Tanya in the function. They agree. Niranjan comes and asks Astha did you apply ointment, he asks Anjali to help Astha. The girl’s family leaves.

Astha says sorry to Anjali for hurting their reputation. Anjali says its nothing new, whenever you came, brought difficulties and problems always. Kalindi gets a call and she says Astha is not at home and the card issue was by mistake, and we are not associated with Agnihotri family. Kalindi says Ajju that everyone are asking me about Astha and Shlok. She says our family image is getting spoiled because of the mistake. Shlok comes to Astha and asks her to put her feet in water. He says if you can’t, I will help you. Anjali gets furious and asks the maid to apply ointment to Astha as it won’t look good if a man touches a woman’s feet. Shlok looks on.

Anjali says you are today’s woman, can’t bear a little pain. Shlok says I don’t like anyone interfering in my work, shall I explain you again, women should not put their foot in other’s work. Astha’s phone rings. Shlok says you do the work later. Astha thinks Kalindi might be worried, its her call. Anjali taunts Astha as Shlok left. Astha says I did not understand. Anjali says bad words about Astha. She says you will fall if you fly high. Astha says you are elder to me, I trust my mum’s values and I know I m right. She says I will not expect that you understand me. She says I came here to end my work, because I can’t step out from my promise.

Shlok comes to his room and Astha comes to him. He says my dad’s photos are in this album, make the event memorable. Astha is unattentive. He says Astha, I m talking to you. She says I was thinking about your mum. He says it means you felt bad and you need sympathy. She says no. He says about the photos again. The photos fall and Astha picks it up. She sees Shlok’s childhood photos and laughs. He hears her laughing and looks at her. He sees the photo and says give it to me. Astha says is it you. Shlok says give me the photo. He tries to take it. She laughs. He says what. She says sorry. Khuda…. plays….. He says shall we work now. Astha laughs and says sorry. Her phone rings.

She says its my mum’s call. Kalindi asks where are you. Astha says I m with Shlok. Kalindi scolds her and says try to understand and come home soon. Astha is worried. She tells Shlok that I have to go home. He says ok, go home and take these albums. Astha takes the albums and leaves. Anjali is instructing Sojal and sees Astha. Sojal says you can’t take these albums. Astha says Shlok gave it to me. Anjali says I don’t like if our things go out of my house, she asks her to work here itself and instructs her. Anjali tells Astha about Shlok’s proposal and Shlok does not have any problem with it.

Astha says wedding proposal for Shlok and he said yes. Shlok says did you not go. Anjali says I asked her to wait. Shlok argues with Anjali and asks Astha to leave. Anjali stops Astha and says you can’t take these albums. Anjali scolds Shlok. Niranjan sees them arguing and asks Astha to end the work in their house itself. Sojal’s husband comes and Sojal tells him about Astha and Shlok. She says you missed all the drama. He asks Sojal not to indulge in these matters else Anjali won’t ;eave her. Sojal says yes, you are right and smiles.

Sojal comes to Astha and brings water for her. Astha thanks her. Sojal chats with Astha and says Anjali has looked for a very nice girl for Shlok. She says Shlok said yes to the proposal. Astha focuses on her work. Shlok comes and sees Astha working. Sojal leaves. Shlok sits there while watching Astha work. Astha looks at him and says what. He says what… He asks are you upset. She says your family told so much, its difficult to smile. He says what. She says I did not want to come here, but you forced me, but everyone tells me something or the other, and everyone are congratulating me that you are getting married, you are marrying, not me, go and talk to Tanya, who am I that you will do anything for me. She stops saying and Shlok looks at her. Iss pyaar ko….. plays…… Astha starts leaving and Shlok stops her holding her hand.

Shlok gets closer to her and asks her to reply to him. She says let me leave, anyone will come and see us. Their hand stick because of the gum and they try to move apart. Iss pyar ko… plays…. Astha says stand straight, I m not your wife. He says yes, so don’t scold me like a wife does. Astha asks him to leave. Shlok leaves. Astha continues her work. Shlok smiles seeing her. Niranjan talks to Anjali and says Shlok did not say no, as he is my son. He says he can’t say no to me. Niranjan sees his clothes and says whats this Anjali. He says not a single shirt is pressed well. He says Shlok left calling you mum, but did you also leave him calling him your son. He says do your duty as a mum, you are his mum. Anjali burns a shirt. Niranjan leaves.

Astha sees the time. Shlok reads the newspaper about him and Astha and thinks about his fight with the media. Anjali is sitting thinking. She is upset. Anjali comes to Astha and says you did not end your work till now, and taunts her. Astha says I wanted to end my work and leave so that I don’t need to come here again. She says I respect you and expect you to respect me a little. Anjali sees her parent’s photo and scolds her. She says I told you not to include old photos. Astha says what did I do, its your parent’s photo. Anjali scolds her and Astha argues with her. Anjali is about to slap her and Shlok holds Anjali’s hand. Astha looks on.

Shlok gets angry. Anjali shouts Shlok. Shlok says you don’t have a right to say anything or slap Astha, I m with her and won’t let this happen. Anjali says who is she for you. He says you don’t know relations, but let me explain. He says Astha is very special to me and it will be good for you that you stay far from her. Anjali’s temper is high. Shlok says if anyone misbahaves with Astha, I can’t bear it, Astha is mine.

Saiyyan Ve…. plays…. Shlok stops Astha and says wait, don’t go alone, I will drop you. Astha says you can’t come always to help me, I will go. She leaves. Astha says I m very late, mum might be worried, I will call her. She sees her phone missing and says I might have forgot it upstairs. She goes back and looks out for the phone. He says is it in Shlok’s room. She goes to his room and sees another room’s door open. Anjali is in the kitchen drinking water and cooling her temper. Astha comes to that another room and sees books everywhere. She sees things fallen and out of place.

She sees some gifts and a card with Swati’c name on it. She thinks of Shlok’s words. She sees an incomplete photo of Swati. Kalindi is waiting for Astha. Its past twelve. Kalindi is worried and calls Astha. Her phone is switched off. Shlok sees Astha’s phone and says Astha might have reached home, I will go and give her. Astha sees the card and photo and says who is this Swati. Anjali sees the door open and looks inside. Astha hides seeing Anjali. Anjali locks the door.

Astha sees the door locked and tries to open it. She knocks the door but Anjali is gone. Astha says is there anyone and says my parents might be worried, she says please open the door. Atul asks Kalindi not to worry. He says I will call her. Kalindi says her phone is off, I m worried about her. Atul says don’t worry, she will be fine. Shlok comes to their house and says Astha forgot her phone and I came to return it. Atul says where is Astha. Shlok says she left my house. Kalindi says what are you saying, you know what happened that night and still you left her alone. He says don’t worry, I will find her and bring her back. He says its my responsibility and I will find her. Kalindi says if anything happens to Astha, I won’t leave Agnihotri family. Shlok looks out for Astha everywhere. He asks few people did you see a girl wearing red clothes. People say no. Shlok thinks where is Astha. He thinks he should talk to Niranjan and do a police complain. Shlok
is worried.

Shlok comes home and hears Astha knocking the door. He goes and opens it. He is shocked to see Astha and asks what are you doing here. She says I came here to take my phone. He scolds her. She says I was going but Anjali came and I have hidden and Anjali locked the door. Shlok says don’t come to this room. She shows him the photo and asks is this Swati. Shlok sees it and is angry. Astha says answer me, is this Swati and who burned her photo. He says she is my past and I have left her behind. She says it means …. He scolds her and asks her to keep her questions to herself. He says lets go, I will drop you. She says I will go alone. He holds her hand and takes her. Anjali sees them.

The function starts and Shlok tells Niranjan that I will be disclosing today whom I m going to marry, he brings Astha on stage and tells Niranjan that she is your to be bahu, Astha Kirloskar. Atul and Kalindi are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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