Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha saying she will never love Indrajeet. She says he did not do good with his kids, what will he do with her, she will love Shlok, she will free him and will act to fool him and trap him. Kalindi says she has told the truth to Astha, she is strong and can face any storm, I m sure she will fight with this, she stopped her engagement. Varad says she is strong. Astha calls Kalindi and Kalindi talks on speaker.

Astha says Indrajeet has kidnapped Shlok. Kalindi, Varad and Sojal are shocked. Astha says I don’t know where he is, I heard this on phone. Varad talks to her and confirms it. He says I will go to police. Astha says no, we don’t know where is Shlok, he can harm Shlok if we do police complaint, try to know where is Shlok. She says she

will behave normal as if she does not know and trap him, please try to find where is Shlok, its 2 days left for marriage, I want mehendi on my hands of Shlok’s name. Varad says fine, take care. She ends the call.

She says she will trap him in his plan, she will have mehendi of Shlok’s name tomorrow. Jyoti talks to Sid and he says he took risk to make Renuka change and accept her, he just gave her a jerk so that she likes Jyoti. He romances with her. Its morning, Sojal cries and says Astha will get Shlok’s mehendi, Indrajeet gave them many troubles. Kalindi comes. Sojal gives her mehendi from their side, and says we love Astha a lot. Kalindi smiles and says Shlok will not lose, Astha will have his mehendi.

Astha gets ready and calls Shlok. She worries for him and wishes Varad’s plan succeeds, Indrajeet will fall in their trap. Indrajeet comes to her and sees her. He says wow, I wish to just stare you all my life, you look so gorgeous. She says thanks. She thinks how to find where he has hidden Shlok, she can’t waste time. He asks her to come for mehendi, Kalindi is also waiting. She says I will come. He says I will be waiting for you.

Astha comes and says she will not get this mehendi applied, what to do, yesterday I did acting to faint, how to stop this. She says she has allergy with mehendi. Kalindi and Avdhoot come. Indrajeet touches their feet and takes their blessings. He says Barkha is waiting for you. Kalindi says Astha has allergy with mehendi since childhood, she knows this, every mehendi does not suit her, I have a solution. Indrajeet says I m glad Baba came. Avdhoot says I had to come, Kalindi said Astha is happy, I hope you don’t make me regret. Indrajeet says he will fulfill all her wishes.

Kalindi talks to Astha and says this is herbal mehendi, apply this. She tells her that its from Shlok’s side, Sojal has sent it as shagun. Astha smiles. Shlok takes Astha’s name…… He sees the video on the tv. He sees her mehendi done and says how can she do this after knowing everything. Astha says she needs to talk and takes Kalindi with her. Indrajeet stops her ad asks where is she going, the mehendi ritual did not complete. Astha says yes, I have to make my dress right, so I was taking Aai, as I have mehendi on my hands. He says fine. She asks Kalindi to shut the window.

Kalindi asks whats the matter. Astha tells her plan. Kalindi says she has understood and writes Shlok’s name in her hands. She says this name will be linked to you for many births and leaves. Astha cries seeing it. Varad calls Jyoti and asks her and Sid to come here soon. She asks but why, what happened. He says once you come, I will tell you everything. He thinks he will not let Shlok’s hardwork go waste. The pandit tells about the puja. Astha thinks she will never do this puja with Indrajeet.

She thinks she will not let his plan work. Apsara signs her and smiles holding a water kalash. She comes there and acts like doing mistake, and making the water fall in the havan kund. The pandit says this is not auspicious. Apsara says sorry, it slipped from hand. The pandit says now this puja is spoiled. Varad comes and tells Indrajeet that he knows Indrajeet kidnapped Shlok. Astha defends Indrajeet. Varad says Shlok is free and now he will tell the truth himself.

Astha and Indrajeet are going to get married. Shlok makes the chair fall and tries to cut the ropes by a knife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m gng to miss this show…

  2. I khonw ki. hamari manpasand serial ka end aagya hai eska dukh hum kam nahi Karl sakate magar star pulse do amging show chulu kiye hai ek there shaher me or dusara manmarjiya yeh hamara dhuk kam to nahi karsakte magar hamare dial ko thodi rahat to phochsakti hair to start watching this show Specially manmarjiya

  3. Please restart this serial iss pyar ko kya naam doon 2 on star utsav from the beginning. Please all the viewers vote me

  4. Hey Avinash we all fans hate u soooooooooooooo much.Go to hell with ur multihanded b*t*h Shalmalee.U say fans r shit.U shitty guy,u r here because of fans,better remember uuu luccha neech kameena kuttha lafanga loffer get lost.Do not come to serials again if u have atleast 1%buddhi.U do not have screen sense at all.Always u sticked to that b*t*h aunty Shal wearing matching shirts to her blouses cheee sharam nahl aathi,I think if dir allows,u will weae baniyan n underware matching to dat Shal’s drawyer n bra also n u both show off like that only.That cheap n disgusting shitty guys u both are.If u appear on d screen again we fans will teach u a nice lesson to u n ur s*xworker gandi n gorilla face n characterless wife Shalmalee.Thooooooooooooooo f**knash.

  5. Thank god.This bakwaas show is ending.I could not tolerate it any more.

  6. Is this show ending? I have not heard it…..

  7. kya yaar its not Fair At all….

  8. phle to season 1 uhii khtm kar diyaaa….
    aaur ab ye b
    what the hell… ;(

  9. I think IPKKND-EBP is going to end jyoti and her MIL are now united and when astha get out of indrajeet’s clutches she will go to shlok..

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