Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok crying in his room. Varad and Sojal go to him. Varad hugs Shlok. Shlok says how will I live my life without Astha. Kavya comes and says I know you are hungry so you are crying. She says she got noodles for him. He says he is not hungry. She says she won’t eat if he refuses and asks him to eat. Varad and Sojal smile seeing them. Ajju asks Ankush to come for dinner. Avdhoot asks about Kalindi, and says he is worried for her, she left having food, and today after Shlok came, she is more upset, I don’t know how to handle her. Mala says Kalindi refused to come for dinner. Avdhoot says I will call her. Ankush says no Baba, I will take food for him.

Ankush asks Kalindi to have food and says he will get Astha soon, till then you promise you

won’t cry, I will fight with her for your tears, she is my sister. He makes her have food. Kalindi smiles. Ajju and Avdhoot looks on. Jyoti cries and Sid asks her to calm down. She says I can’t see Shlok like this. Astha is not to be found. She says why does this happen with Shlok, he loved Aai so much and could not spend time with her. She says don’t know whats written in his fate and cries.

Its morning, Shlok wakes up and sees Astha drying her hair. He asks her for his towel and shirt. She smiles and says your all time fav shirt, take it and teases him to come and take it from her. She jumps on the bed and he asks her to give the shirt. She laughs. He wakes up and says Astha…. He sees she is nowhere and gets sad. He sees his shirt in the cupboard. Kavya comes to him and asks him to come fast, Varad is waiting, she got ready too. He says give me 10mins, I will come.

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Varad and Sojal have a talk. Sojal says Shlok did not ask about Baba till now. Shlok comes and Jaya asks him to forget everything, as they got everything back. Shlok asks Varad why did he not punish Indrajeet. Varad says for Kavita’s sake, it was not her mistake. Shlok says its all because of dad’s mistake, how can he cheat Aai. Varad gets a call and asks how can he get unwell. Varad tells Shlok that Niranjan got mental imbalance and they admitted him in mental hospital. Those people called and he has to go and meet, come along. Shlok says fine.

Ankush tells Avdhoot that he gave ad in paper. Avdhoot says call me in office if you get to know anything. Mala comes home from temple, hurt. Ankush makes her sit. Mala says I went to temple to pray, and they see her feet wounded. Mala says I will go temple barefoot till Astha comes back, I will pray for her, I will see how long will Bappa not hear my prayers, nothing is impossible to do for Bappa.

Jaya asks Sojal to have breakfast, and not cry much. Sojal says I miss Aai and Astha all the time, see Shlok’s state, he is restless without Astha and Baba lost mental balance, how can I sit and eat. Jaya says they are getting punished for their doings, you can rule in this house, there is no one to control you. She says Shlok was better in hospital in coma, you guys got him home. Sojal says enough, I will not come in your selfish talks, you are a Aai and should understand a child’s pain, see Shlok, you should understand the pain of being alone, as dad died years ago.

Jaya says she is not sad, life does not stop if someone dies, life teaches to fight and survive. Sojal says enough, I won’t hear anything against my family, if you talk like this, I won’t take time to make your return ticket. Jaya says should I cry daily on her dad’s death, Anjali died and her soul came in Sojal. Jyoti prays to Bappa and says how much she bear in her life, and prays for Shlok and Astha’s unity. She starts getting pain. Renuka asks why is she shouting. Jyoti says she is getting pain. Renuka calls Sid and says its delivery pain, we should take her to hospital. Sid takes her.

Sojal cries seeing Anjali’s pic. Varad and Shlok come home. She asks about Baba. He says his treatment is going on, he will be there for some more days. She asks Varad to keep Shlok busy in office work. Varad asks Shlok to come office, as Niranjan’s cabin is vacant and its his right. They sit to have breakfast. Sojal serves them. Shlok thinks about Astha. FB shows Astha asking Shlok to have food and making him eat by her hands. She says he got lean, he was her rough and tough hero and now he became chocolate boy. He holds her and asks does she have any problem. She says no, and asks him to eat more. He says enough Astha. He takes Astha’s name saying I m not hungry. Varad and Sojal see him and get sad.

Sojal tells Shlok to come along with them to Mumbai. Shlok asks them to go. Sojal asks Varad to ask Shlok again. Shlok agrees and says he has some work incomplete.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i am first today

  2. Don’t show that asthas memory is lost…plzz

  3. by the by where is aastha?

  4. the award fr the mst bd looking old female
    of ipkknd goes to sojal. dt fogt to see nominees 1 sojal 2.sulbha tai 3 shanta tai

  5. I think Shlok will find Astha in Mumbai….
    Waiting for that scene….

  6. I think Shlok will find Astha in Mumbai……

  7. Waiting for that scene….

  8. When will aastha come back in the show?i am eagerly waiting.don’t show her with indrajeet will be more than that I can bear.I want aastha and shlok always together.pls aastha come back soon.

  9. Again Shlok n Sojal together with matching blouse n matching green t- shirt.You r squeezing our hearts.For Aastha same old costumes n for Sojal two grand designer sarees.Waseem what bad words all fans not used again repeating same things.Shlok n Sojal we beg both of u not bring personal relationship not to the screen.You r not paid for this.Always always always always always together ple ple ple ple ple ple ple nomany more scenes of shl n soj.Never u have given such sarees to our Aastha.U r insulting Aastha like any thing.Shlok n Sojal r looking even more happy than before. We r hurt soooooooooooooooooooo much. How many U show sho n soj togetherness scenes.We r living for her n dying for her.We toich ur feet sir for no more shl n soj scenes.

  10. Superb epi,interesting precap

  11. Iam getting mad…what is this..sojal and shlok…stupid…we want aashlok…niranjan,anjali quits from this show..maybe aastha too..shrenu is a great actress ..everytime she is using low range sarees..she is also agnihothri a days sojal is doing fashion parade in this show..with lots of tears..not matching..we want shrenu back…we are a great fan of big ac of shrenu…hahaha..pls mr wasim we want aashlok together..

  12. Ashlok scene really perfact superb epi

  13. Good epi,wait

  14. Nice episode waiting for astha to come back

  15. What is this sir again shl n soj together with matching cos .Avi donot bring personal rela with shal .Whole world knows that u r hus n wife n even that is seen on d screen.Ple Avi live with d character u, r not Avi on d screenor quit d show.Please sir u r scenes with her r squeezing our hearts.Many times Shrene n U have wiped our tears.Waseem sir what sin our Shrenu did always old n very poor poor poor poor poor poor costumes for her.Since Wednesday we r literally crying U have no idea.From d beggining hi fi costumes for Sojal why this kind of illtreatment with Shrenu why why why why why why sir.Shrenu is our life sir.Avi, after coming from honeymoon with Shalma u shoot a serial where u n Shal r hero n heroines.But now maintain distance with her.we r not able to get this now.We touch ur feet n beg u sir.

  16. nice epi shlok would get aastha in mumbai think so may be as some1s wife r as a daughter who is searching groom for aastha and shlok may follow shree and make astha realise shlok and their life till that imagination scenes makes us releife but waiting egarly for the upcoming episodes love ashlok and wait for their reunion i guess aastha may be pregnant and may be living as any1s wife who cares for her

  17. a very humble request to all the viewvers plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont look only sojal even varad is also there also there r no more charaters to extend the show so direcor has 2 show sojal kalindi jothi only and so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont interfer in avi sha’s personal life plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz as a fan of ashlok avinu and ipkkndebp

    1. Well said. Im just wondering why are there so many comments on shlok and sojal. let the director do his job. they know their job and how to bring the story. Pls stop these negative comments abt their personal life… i think the story is going well. And all the actors are doing superb job.

  18. nic epi. Waiting for next epi

  19. Sojal , Shlok is always urs.Poori jindagi padi hi saath me rehne ke liye in d real life.Please leave him now. let him do justice to his character now.Please Sojal please Sojal please.Aastha is not of that character.She will not take him from.Do not worry,Sojal.I can give guarantee.We love ashlok soooooooooo much.Waseem please ,how we request u.No more shl n soj scenes.Please sir.I have completely gone mad with this.Shrenu we love u soooooooooooo much.

  20. Madhura u have mistaken us.Shl n Soj always beside each other ,where director varad stand between them always ,which he is not doing.Why is he not considering fans request.Always costly costumes for Sojal n very poor cos for Aastha. Since wednesday they r wearing matching clothes.What is this?Atleast not d screen. We adore Ashlok very much.Aastha u r the world’s best actor.Where r u.Please come soon.We r eagerly waitng for u.Madhura u will not understand y we r saying dis.After d show u will understand why we said dis.

    1. hey i can understand it i too love shreenu alot thats y i am saying dont scold any 1 also i agree that always sojal wear grand and matching saree and astha in unmatching blouse but u know what i said it because it is boring we r saying but no action is been taken from wassim side so can u get me i am feeded up of telling about shal and avi dont take me mistake

  21. In d precap they r standing together.Where dir can make varad stand in between dem .But did not.Sir if fans are asking why can not u do that sir.Why did u take Shrenu n insuting her alot.Sir she is an innocent teenage girl she does not know all dis.What ever dirty cos n unmatched blouses u gave she wore dem.She does not know how to wear dem also always up n down.We r there to ask for her.As she is innocent girl u r insulting her.We would also like to see our Aastha in such hi fi costumes atleast at d end of show.

  22. Aastha is d most beautiful woman on this earth even though she is given so called poor costumes.No one can compete her ,in beauty from inside n out side.U r d best actor.Love u a lot Aastha.

  23. I hope Aastha is in love with any handsome guy who suits for her cute small face in Mumbai.As Shlok looked 35 n Aastha looked 21,atleast dis time u bring a perfect young looking guy who matches Aastha.lndrajeeth n Shlok look uncles to her if she is given modern dresses.Please try it that way.It really works.

  24. Director sir ,if u had matched Shlok uncle n Sojal aunty,it would have thrashed season-1.Thank u so much ,now atleast u r showing dem together.Though it has not increased trp rate now, it has increased number of comments.Good going ,keep it up.

  25. Aastha n Shlok scenes have become so artificial n superficial for d past few months.No depth in their love.That is because,they dont have that rappo with eachother now, which they used to have before.As we all know ,face is d index of mind.Neither Aastha nor Shlok looking interesting to do d is best to end d show.Atleast few will get time to complete personal things.

  26. Director sir could u please remove d part ,post a comment.Why is dis for ?Remove it , you never take them.U just fooled all d fans n enjoying d fighting between them.One final question,who is d director of d show its Waseem or Sojalshlok?

  27. Madhura,now I liked u so much.I have gone completely mad with Shl n Soj.All d 482 epi they said Ashlok and now suddendly Shl n Soj means how can we take it Waseem kutha as they r babhi n devar ,that too.If u can not bring Aashlok together then what is d use of u being there.End d show donot play with fans.Because if d Show is not there Who is Shlok n Who is Sojal for us to think about.Kutha do it first.

  28. Avinash,do u know d meaning of an actor.If u donot know I wiil tell u.Actor is, he who acts on d screen with d character but not carrying d same on to the screen with what u r behind screen.If u can not do justice to d character quit d show.You too do not have rights to play with fans. If u r a humanbeing first quit d show.You are unfit to be anctor as u do not know the meaning it self.U have become a big cheapster on d show now always running after babhi n standing beside her n wearing matching costumes with babhi Sojal.

  29. Shrenu , u r a very good n intelligent girl know , u atleast understand fans feelings n quit d show where u r also being insulted ,so that they will end d show.Selfrespect is more important than money.Please Shrenu.Think over it .Not able to bear Shl n Soj on d screen sticking together always.

  30. Stupid…Insecure fans always involving Avinash and shalmalle in everything…Its just a show…it is his life ..let him live his life…and Moron who are abusing and talking bad abt sojal..loser go home and abuse your parents for giving birth to shits like u

  31. Hey Shanaya if ur supporting dirty shalmalee then u r also like her today with one boy n tommorrow if u see n like that boy u go with that boy.First u should go n obuse ur parents for giving birth to such a characterless girl.Fans asked them to maintain distance or to quit d show as they are always bringing their personal relation onto d screen .Otherwise who cares such characterless people.

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    Your’s Sincerely,
    TU Team.

  33. for everbody to know!!! waseem is no longer directing the show, he is directing serial ganga on & tv. ipkknd ebp is being directed by yusuf, thts why the lack of intensity in ashlok scenes!!! ashlok magic is gone after waseem quitting the show!!! the new director is always busy projecting bhabhi devar together !!!

  34. If it is true,we are extremely sorry Waseem sir.We did not know this .We r repenting on what we did for commenting badly on u for which u were not at all responsible.we regret sir for that sir.

  35. Iam very very very very very very sorry sir I really donot know that u r not directing d show.I touch ur feet and beg u to forgive me sir.I have strongly decided to stop watching d vahini aur bauji ka beintehaa pyaar show.As I have done d mistake in using bad word towards a wrong person l came here again to say sorry to Waseem sir.Yusuf sir when will u grow up?

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