Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kavya playing with dolls. Sojal says its Shlok and Astha’s wedding anniversary, shall we wish them. Kavya says yes, will they talk to us. Sojal says yes, lets call. Jaya comes and stops them. She explains Sojal not to call them, if Astha comes back, she won’t have the keys of the house and she will not have any value. Kavya bites her hand and Jaya shouts. Sojal hugs Kavya. Jaya says its wrong to bite like this. Kavya says you are wrong, to tell this against them to my mum, I will tell Niranjan. Sojal stops her and says I will scold my mum. She asks Jaya not to tell anything again. Jaya says nothing will happen if you scold me, think peacefully what I told you.

Kavya asks Sojal will they come. Sojal nods yes. Varad thinks about Niranjan’s

love and worry for Shlok. He says did Baba think about me ever, I did not have problem before. Why do I want that Baba cares for me? He has never understood me and my feelings, he just seen my weaknesses, but I always felt that I m an orphan, but now Baba needs me, I will not let him differentiate me again, I will show my value. He calls someone and says he has to give some news for print in tomorrow’s paper.

Sojal thinks about Jaya’s words. Jyoti calls her and asks about Astha and Shlok. Sojal says no, we did not find out, Varad is trying to find out. Jyoti asks did you ask Kalindi, maybe she spoke to them. Sojal says she would have told us, Astha does not want us to find them, they will be back when they are ready to come. Jyoti cries and recalling how they celebrated Bhai Dooj together, she did not do tilak to Shlok this time. She says its his wedding anniversary today, I wish he was here, we would have celebrated it well.

Renuka comes and sees her crying. She asks are you missing Shlok on Bhai Dooj. Jyoti says Shlok is helpless and so he could not come. Renuka says I think he something wrong, so he is doing this. She asks her to make tea. Shlok sees a beggar on road and gives his tiffin. The beggar eats the food and blesses him. Shlok says happiness does not get when asked, and we get when we did not expect it. A man comes to meet Astha.

He gives the courier parcel and she thanks him. Shlok does not get any job and the man scolds him. He thinks of the saree shop job. He thinks of Niranjan’s words. Astha opens the parcel and reads Kalindi’s greeting card. She sees the bedsheet, sweets, pickles, dry fruits and etc. Apsara sees her and thinks her Aai has sent so many things, she decorated house well, looks like there is something special today. Astha thinks to have food, and stops. Apsara thinks whats today. Sachin comes home and asks for food. Sachin asks for puri bhaaji. Apsara says stop and thinks.

Shlok says he won’t get tired, he has to make his identity. Astha calls him and he does not take the call. She says why did he cut. Apsara comes to her room and takes the puri bhaaji. Sachin likes it. Astha comes home and is shocked seeing Sachin have the puri bhaaji. She says you are eating from my plate. Astah says stop and brings pickles to add it in the plate. She says have it with pickle, it will look tasty. Sachin says you scared me, its very yummy. She asks Apsara to cook well else she will have to steal food from Astha.

Astha says no need to steal, I will cook for you every day. Apsara scolds her. Astha thinks what to have now. Niranjan comes to temple and prays. Anjali comes to the same temple. Anjali prays for Shlok and Astha. Niranjan wishes Lord to do any miracle and send Shlok back to him. Niranjan hears Anjali and turns. The pandit gives him Prasad. He takes it and goes out. Anjali hides and looks at him. A girl bumps into him and says sorry. He gives him Prasad, shocking Anjali. The girl thanks him and goes. Anjali sees him walking barefoot and feels sad.

Anjali goes to temple and prays again. She says she wants to do puja for her children Shlok and Astha, as its their wedding anniversary. She prays for their happiness.

Astha asks Shlok why was he not taking call and got late. He says he came walking barefoot. She asks why, she gave him money. He gets annoyed and leaves. She says he did not even see the arrangements and gets upset.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shlok yaar..what happened to u? aisa kya hua ki tum apni saadi ki pehli saal girah bhul gaya …shlok,don’t make ur aastha upset…u will soon find ur identy.

  2. Oh my god .. What a boring episode..

  3. Shlok,kahan khoye ho? hosh mein aao..its ur anniversary…u have to just rock it …come on….

  4. OMG! what happened to Shlok ?
    is he acting to fool Aastha

  5. shlok aapna saadi ke saal girah nei bhulega ,..wo astha ko, mere khyal se surprise dga soch raha hoga…:-P:-P

  6. Shlok …kayi tum acting toh nahi kar rahe ho ? i wish aisa ho….

  7. Now I will see this serial after a month….cauz it gettin soo bore and am fed up of readin such a uninteresting story

  8. Oooooooofffffff…..wat a boring story……….even i ll also see after one month…..

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