Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 6th October 2017 Written *Last* Episode Update: Advay and Chandni unite

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandni thinking of Advay and sadly walking on the road, drenched in rain. Advay comes there and asks will she leave him alone and go. She says leave my way, I m not scared of rains. He stops him and says you think I m scared to get drenched. He throws his umbrella and says I won’t stop you, I came to say I got troubled hearing you. She says its good, your problem is going away, leave me, let me go. He says I got habitual and you are going, I came to say if you leave, I will miss you a lot, I have troubled you a lot, I m really sorry. She holds his hands and says please Dev, no need to do this. He gets on his knees.

He says I know I m strange, rude, ill mannered, but I know you will be okay with it, will you spend your life with me. She looks at him.

Rabba ve….plays…. She turns away and leaves his hand. Maasi says I did big mistake to return to India, Chandni is not a bahu for me, she will always be Indrani’s daughter for me, I saved Advay from her lie and magic, now that he also loves her, she will stay here, I will not tolerate to stay here with her, I can’t forget what her mum did with my sister. Nani asks what’s Chandni’s mistake, she taught Advay to smile, she got justice for your sister. Maasi argues. Nani slaps her.

Advay turns to go. Chandni thinks of their moments. She recalls his words. She calls out Dev and runs to him. She jumps onto him and hugs. They smile. Ishq ne dobara…..plays… She kisses him. Advay sees people looking at them and says everyone is looking. She says let them see. Advay asks them to do their work. She asks him why does he always scold her and that Sasha. Rabba ve….plays…

Nani says Advay has forgiven her, now its your turn, hatred is a spark, whoever has this in heart, it burns that person first, your sister was my daughter too, strangers snatched her, by leaving from here, you are snatching my other daughter too. Maasi says I m sorry and hugs her. They cry. Nani jokes.

Veer gets ready. He sees Shikha coming and hides to wear his tee. She laughs seeing him. They argue. She asks him why is he hiding, people would have forgotten his face by now. She says I m going to meet Chandni. He holds her. She asks shall I give prasad. He says I m going to give you something, close your eyes and forward hand. He gives a fake lizard. She screams and throws it. He laughs and says you have become a Chirkut. She scolds him and runs to beat him. She falls over him. He looks at her. She gets away. He holds her hand.

He says you look good in anger, so I want to anger you all life by playing pranks. She says I will slap. He gives his cheek. She smiles and hugs him. Advay and Chandni come home. Pooja hugs her. Pooja says I knew Advay will get you. Veer says I didn’t make you Chirkut yet and you were leaving. Shikha hugs her and asks are you fine. Chandni nods. Shikha says Advay is smart and handsome, and Veer is also fine, why are their names Chikku and Mikku. Chandni asks her to stop it. They hug.

Chandni sees Maasi. Maasi apologize to her for doing wrong and misunderstanding. Chandni says you are like mum, mum’s hands look good to bless, not apologize. They hug. Adi asks Veer what is he hearing, Shikha and he are creating Sansani. Shilpa says yes, they love each other. Pooja says Advay will feel bad hearing this. Veer asks what will he do. Advay and Chandni say Veer and Shikha will get punished by Adi. Adi asks them to kiss. Veer and Shikha look at each other. Everyone say they became Chirkut. Advay and Chandni hug Veer and Shikha.

Pooja makes Chandni ready and compliments her. Chandni says you all are my family. Advay comes and smiles seeing her. Pooj and Shilpa stop Advay and ask him to give toll before going ahead. Maasi asks Advay to pay toll, its shagun. Advay gives some money to Pooja. Pooja says now you can go. Advay and Chandni see each other. Advay holds her hand and takes her. Shilpa asks does anyone take bride by walk. He asks so? Pooja says lift her and take. Advay lifts Chandni and takes her. They smile. Rabba ve….plays….

Advay says we have tied every relation string with you, be it love or hatred, friendship or enmity, whatever it is, its just with you. Chandni says journey was tough, but Chandu and Dev got united, now you also say something. He says elders are called Aap. She smiles and says now our relation will never break. He gets close. She says not so easily and runs. He goes after her. Rabba ve….plays….. He holds her. He kisses her. Ishq ne dobara…..plays….. He says I love you ….. They romance.

The show ended with their union.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. I love 1 to 70 episodes of IPKKND 3..My most Fab Nivaay scene was….
    Chadni-Mujha Chuna maat…Don’t touch me
    Dev-Agar pratham chuaa to….
    Dev-To mai ussa mar dalongi…aur tuma bhi….woh OMG…all the conversation before
    diya ceremony…my god kitna barye scene dekha hai bata nehi u Adni….

    1. ha sneha, first when I heard that dialogue I was like shocked. that’s one of my fav scenes too. especially was looking so good in that light colour dress and she darely confronts him

    2. Pinku

      That was indeed a very good scene

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  21. Medha

    I am big fan of Barun’s acting when he was playing  Shravan Jaiswal character in Bat Hamari Pakki Hai…
    After that I watched IPKKND season 1 only for him……when I first heared that Barun is coming back with IPKKND season 3. I was so excited just because of he came back on small screen after 5 years…..
    And he did a great job in Ipkknd season 3…..
    I just wanna say ASR character is just belongs to you Barun……you just proved it as Arnav Singh Raizada and now as Advay Singh Raizada…….
    Thank you so much for entertaining me by your great acting skill…….

    I pray to Bhagwan, whatever you do film or serial you just keep entertaining us by your great acting skill……
    Love you lots Barun…..

    1. Fenil

      yaa Shravan in Baat humari pakki hain…was so funny and sweet Innocent.

    2. I was rewatching Baat Hamaari today? He was actually so cute and a kiddo then!!! Barun has really grown as an actor! The persona on screen is totally different from his normal self. Despite his success, he is grounded and I like the way he is so funny when with friends, but quite shy otherwise! When you compare the first and second seasons, he was seen most comfortable with Akshay Dogra and that gang whereas I felt he seemed awkward in the farewell party clips of season 3. Specially when Ritu was falling all over him, it was so blatant that he was uncomfortable!! The camaraderie in season 1 was missing here somehow. Maybe it was too short a time to really bond the way they did in the other season.

      1. Medha

        Ya season 3 starcast did not get time in comparison to season 1. So they did not become so friendly to each other but in season 1 whenever they interview on news channels they just like a friends gang…. Daljeet, Akshay, Sanaya, Upasana, Barun they are so friendly till now…..
        But, If Season 3’s Starcast gets the same time as season 1 then they are definitely close to each other because they have to share 12 hours with each other on the set.

      2. P_lata

        I have never watched Baat hamaari pakki, don’t know how it is. I am still stuck with IPKKND 1 and not able to leave it anyhow. I accept that the Chemistry of Barun and Sanaya is best among the three shows I have seen till now (IPK1 , Tanhaiyaan & IPK 3). However the Tanhaiyaan was a short show and IPK 3 was also limited to 70 episodes compared to 400+ episodes of IPK1. Actually , what u said is right that may be it was a very short time to bond the way that was in Season 1.

        Now tell me how is Baat hamari Pakki because I want to get detached with IPK1 and get attached to something new……………….

      3. Lata! Baat Hamaari was his first serial as hero. So he looks terribly young and inexperienced! But his character in it, a happy go lucky type suits him in that age. The heroine is too goody goody type. The serial was okay but belonged more to the 90s period! There are no such heroines in reel or real now?She looked kinda mature when compared to Barun. In fact she recently acted in the serial Devanshi as the mother. Acted in others too. When you compare heroines I too think Sanaya was great with Barun. Next in line would be Shivani in my opinion! The rest not really. But apparently Shahane Goswami, his latest heroine, had a great chemistry with him and they are planning a movie with the same characters as a spin off!

      4. I looked @ the Instagram pics of the actors and you would see Shivani hanging out with Keti and Shagun or Ritu with Seema but I never saw Barun with the others like that except for a few random pictures with Riishkiaa which wasn’t a lot. There was only a video of him playing charades with them in between shots. Seemed he preferred to spend his time alone on set

    3. Pinku

      Such a nice n sweet msg hope this msg reaches barun too medha so lovely…..

  22. Fenil

    Chandu- Dev …uss mikku ne Chocolate leli.????(with puppy eye)
    Dev-Aww my baby want chocolate…
    Chandu-yes Dev…jao mikku se leke aao aur thodi daant bhi lagana….mein tumhe Kiss Dungi.?????
    Dev-????? Awww…and runs behind Mikku…
    Mikku saw Dev behind and he runs fast
    Dev’s pov
    Awww kash baba ki baat maani hoti milk pita toh aaj mikku ko pakad pata ab Chandu ko chocolate kahan se doon warna kiss nahi milegi.
    Dev gives dairy milk to chandu.
    Chandu- dev yeh woh chocolate nahi hain joh mikku le gaya tha.
    Dev- tum mere liye special ho ma toh badi wali leke aaya baba se paise leke
    Chandu-Ohh sachhi.
    Dev-yes now give me kiss???????
    Chandu gives”KISS ME” Chocolate to dev.
    Chandu rocked Dev Shocked???????????????

    Guys Kiss me naam ki chocolate hain agar khayi ho toh.

    1. Lokesh

      Ya maine khai hai bhaiya . u rock bhai it was really funny.

      1. Fenil

        Thanks bro…hahah good u ate that chocolate

    2. Dear Fenil
      Awesome Kiss Me Chocolate Story And AdNi Rock ???

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Fenil

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    3. P_lata

      Gud Fenil, your OS r really funny bhai

      1. Fenil

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    4. P_lata

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      Bhai..wah! ?????

      1. Fenil

        Thanks manuu lol u liked it

    6. Nivika

      r?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????….. superbbbb joke bhai…
      Nd i loved kiss me chocolate so much????

      1. Fenil

        thanks for reading it

    7. Lol!!! Bechara Dev?????

      1. Fenil

        hahah Thanks for reading

    8. haa haa Fenil, such a cute os on chandu and dev. this dev is so romantic from childhood. keeps kissing chandu wants to be kissed! btw I love ‘kiss me ‘ toffee bar with elaichi flavour.. that’s my favourite.

      1. Fenil

        Thanks SSB good that u enjoyed it.haha

    9. Medha

      Superb story Fenil Bhaiya.
      Ya Kismi is a chocolate.
      You are so brilliant in writing because you add things in your surrounding.

      1. Fenil

        Bas bas jyada tarif ho Rahi Hain thanks and u enjoyed good.

    10. Radhika.k

      This one was epic haan….i remember we guyz were talking one day abt the samekiss chocolate…..But ab mein na miss karthi hui….Nivay ki tarah…
      I don’t get these here bro!!

      1. Fenil

        Yaaa I remember that and wrote this…kitni saari comments ki thi uss post pe.
        Thanks for reading u enjoyed good.

  23. Medha

    Shivani you proved your acting skill by doing Chandni’s character. In each episode you were amazing and looked so gorgeous. In just 70 episodes you won my heart now I am your big fan of your acting.
    Shivani love you so much……..

    1. Manuu

      Exactly medha..she was fantastic..shivani ke alava koi suit hi nahi karta chandini ke role mein..impossible..she gave her bst..really hope and pray ki shivani ko achi recognition mile…appreciation mile

      1. Medha

        I have a strong hope Shivani will come back soon on small screen…………

    2. medha and manuu, I agree with u both. I was rewatching some of old episodes, and felt that , Shivani made a memorable chandni. She had a very different style , her delicate fragile frame and in emotional scenes she has a very unique style of controlled and soft dialogue delivery in contrast to hyper and emotional. maybe the character is like that. strong and assertive yet soft despite being victimised by step mum and tortured by our hero . great delineation of character chandni. I totally loved this fictional character.

    3. P_lata

      Ya Medha, she really did and that’s why we are here… I wish her a grand success in her acting life…………

    4. Radhika.k

      Yes medha,it was the same type of comment..where i saw n wanted to hug u…Aaj bhi i wanna hug dear!!
      Shivani i love u…..n really want to thank GUL for giving an opportunity to shivani….She deserved this role….N for all those who thought that she can’t do it………She proved!!!
      @Shivani Thomar

    5. Pinku

      Me too medha main bhi big bigger biggest fan in chandini s language

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    Hai friends astha, pinku ,lata, raina, maanu,medha,sunanda & all kaise ho sab log? finally hum ne sansani macha diya congrats 2 all
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    Good night and take care

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    Happy Diwali ????
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    1. sangitha, nice touch to get into festive mood. happy diwali to all .

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      Wish You a safe and Happy Diwali, Sangeeta Di……
      Wow such a wonderful link. On touching anywhere on screen, I was feeling like crackers are bursting on my mobile screen……..

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      Oh ho , got the cracker scene in Kerala, bahut damakedaar Diwali ho rahi hai Kerala mein………….. Happy Deepawali dear……….

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      Wow nice scenes

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      But group hug se min 10 comments increase kar jate h……..???

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  28. hahaha fenil bro u again made pappu of dev bechara dev am enjoying reading it!!keep writing

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      Hahah glad that u enjoyed it.

  29. hi s.sneha well am also v.happy to be a part of rabba ve land and felt happy to share in this big group and especially when u share with ur closed ones u feel comfortable to take out ur feelings am really happy to get such a lovingggg family I will never forget each and every member of this page…Love u Guys….
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      3. astha,seriously u counted all of them.! poor baby gone through all the trouble of listing all the friends. After doing such a sweet job, ek tight, tighter, tighest hug banta hainaa, whether u like it or not . lelo meri taraf se aur ek hug. sach mein ,can’t believe 27 members did 1.6 k! I think u should rest now, after all the hard work

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        28. Yazhu

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    Group hug dear all, it’s now 1601 comments, Ab Aastha chahe saans le sako ya na, hum to hug karenge ???? a very good morning all sweet and lovely Rabbavians……..

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      Iss pyaar mein waise bhi paagal ho chuki hoon, ab jaan bhi jaaye toh bhi koi parwah nehi..(Full Ram charan style)…Lata.

      1. Pinku

        Hehehe nice note astha…. Wish all 27 of us stay in touch as much as possible… I saying forever but….. vaisey bhi u rock as always

  32. hi all, why not we all have a separate page for ipkknd3 lovers? what do u all think

    1. Pinku

      Definately but where ???

  33. Good morning my rabb ve family

    Amena apu …ko paata h humshab kitni pagla h issly abhi thak comments box bhand nahi ki…thank you……..

    Yesterday meri tu page bohot problem deyti aaj teek hogya

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      Good morning arfa

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    Hav a great day guys..luv u

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    Good morning Rabba Vians…I am so glad after seeing so many comments.
    Congrats for completing 1.6k comments…
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    These flowers are to you Rabba Vians from my side…..?

    1. Pinku

      Hey medha a very good morning thank u for the flowers medha soo lovely they r

  36. Kyu itni gussa Asthadii……??group hug ki uper …………..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Yeh gussa nehi hai Arfa, on hug…pyaar hai..tabhi toh sab sochenge ki aakhir iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???

      1. Pinku

        Hehehhe sahi bola

      2. Pinku

        Astha u remember that scene from nag king movie with brahmanandam nilonunchi kothadanini korukuntunaru sir this dialogue…. manu u remember that scene hè comes to take revenge

      3. Pinku

        Full dialogue is this ni lo nundi kothadanini korukuntunaru so nu pls tune kati pata rasi maku vinipinchi nepinchali…. remember astha n manu???

    2. Pinku

      Hey area vo gussa nahi hai… She is expecting some creativity from me hai na astha???

  37. hi rabbavians…diwali ka advance shuvkamna app sab logo ko… mere cmmnts kal post nehi hua again server prblem…..congrts for 1600 cmmnts…
    also advance happy dewali to my….i agree medha di from ippknd 3 i m also become fan of shivani tomar…aur barun sobrbi… oh my god…he is just outstanding…fantabulous…

    1. Pinku

      Thank u s.sneha wish u the same

      1. pinku di kaisa ho…tum mujha vul gya kya…

  38. Medha…Thank you those flowers

    Love u all

    Have nice day all

  39. arfa kmn acho tumi?? tumi hole misti doi….aur sob rabbavians rosh golla…jitne bhi taste kro maan nehi varta yaar….jaisa ipkknd 3 70 episode pe maan nehi vara..I want share a shayari again…
    suraj jab uthta hai roshan ho jati hai dharti….
    iss rabbavians ka duniya mai akey karte hai bohut masti…..
    humha sab dewaane mastane yeha commnts ka barsat karke macha detey hai adi ki sansani..

  40. Asthadii….kya baat h shab ka remember h.thank you dii
    Hum itni pagla hoon ki kuch log likhen kitni comments kar rhai ho…………..
    Craze craze for this show ……………

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