Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 4th July 2017 Written Update: Advay vows revenge

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Advay’s shoe getting off. A guy comes and holds his foot. He winks to Advay. All the colors burst in the background. Music plays…. Everyone runs and hold the ropes to pull the idol. Even the guy holds the rope. Advay evaluates the idol dimensions by a single stare. He asks the men to leave the rope. Someone comes and says none will leave the rope, who are you, are you a professor, you might have not seen such a city like Allahabad. He calls Rajjo. A builder type man walks in. The man asks Rajjo to take the rope from professor. Advay kicks Rajjo down and holds the rope. Advay’s fight continues with the man. Advay and his friend/brother hold the rope. Advay asks the men to leave the rope. They men gather behind Advay and help him in pulling the idol. Chandni

walks to the door. The idol comes at its place. Chandni steps out of the door. Everyone chant. Advay looks at the idol.

Pankhi Baa/Jiji says this guy managed everything. She thinks why did Chandni not come till now. Chandni comes there. Advay sees Chandni and gets raging eyes. Chandni prays to Lord. Advay walks to her. Chandni is determined to give tests to Lord. She prays that Lord’s anger has love, its all acceptable, except that Lord forgets her. Rabba ve….plays….. She goes. Advay thinks I did not forget you, I have forgotten you. He recalls Chandni saying your mum is a Daayan, she was flying in air. People shout catch her. Advay thinks I will give you pain and make you pay for it, this is my promise, Advay Singh Raizada’s promise. Saku gets into an argument with kinners. The man asks them to leave and pushes a kinner. Kinners get angry and clap.

Kinner says you have raised hand on a kinner, I will curse you, remember a kinner’s curse never goes empty. She is about to curse him, and stops seeing Chandni folding hands. Chandni requests kinner not to give curse to her family and apologizes. She says you will do puja. Saku makes Chandni leave kinner’s hand and asks will they stand with us and do puja. Saku Maasi asks will they stand with us and do puja. Chandni says no, they will stand ahead of me, they are both men and women, they are Shakti. The man asks them to leave. Chandni says if complete man can come in the temple, anyone who left dream and desires incomplete can leave from the temple. The man says they won’t go inside temple. Chandni says then I will not do maha aarti. The people say Mahant’s elder child can do maha aarti.

Jiji says puja will happen, the temple where devotee does not get place, Lord does not get respect, Shiv’s avatar is Ardhnageshwar too, we can’t insult them. She greets the kinners. Chandni and all kinners enter the temple. Kinner alerts the man that Maha kaal has come in an avatar, just Chandni can save him. The ladies talk that Chandni took a year’s courage to come out of the house, maybe she has run away with someone, who will marry her, whom will Mahant get her married, if girl is defamed once, glass getting a crack always remains so. Advay hears them and thinks glass has to break, Chandni has to get more defamed.

Jiji asks them to make Chandni ready for shuddi karan. She tells her sisters that Chandni and that guy stopped two disasters from happening, who is he. Advay comes to them. Jiji says you have saved Shiv idol and also our family respect. He says I did not do anything for you. She says by any reason, you stopped a disaster. He says matter just stopped, it did not end, remember. He wears his shades and walks off. Kajal says none has shown such attitude to you. Saku says who is he. Jiji says we have to find out.

The girls talk about Chandni getting ready. Advay hears them. Chandni is taken for Shuddhi karan. She recalls childhood moment. Chandni talks to Dev. He says I m eight years elder to you, talk to me with respect. He pulls her hair. She thinks where did you go Dev. Aaja ve mahi….plays…. Advay walks to her. He looks at her. He recalls same rituals happening with him in childhood. Dev says Mahant’s elder child has to get pure before maha aarti. Chandni says you are not pure by heart, you run from school and steal pickles from terrace. Dev says you can never do maha aarti, you are jealous that you are not able to do maha aarti. Advay thinks much changed in 16 years, you changed or maybe acting, this fear and tears are a curtain on your truth, I will raise this curtain tonight.

Chandni reads Gita’s Shlok. Advay says if you explain this in hindi, Gita will always be with you. He stops and says whenever I feel I identify you, you change your face. She says you are saying as if…. He asks her to talk with respect. He burns her dupatta. She screams. He says you look better without a dupatta. He lifts unconscious Chandni and takes her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dear friends
    Yesterday epi dekha.pehle mujhe samajh nahi aaya advay baaki logon se rassi chodne ko kyu kaha phir baath main samajh aaya ki kyun.i think he is maths professor.kinner part is superb wo Jo ladka hai Jo kinner ko dakka diya wo usko aap log kisi aur show pe dekha hai kya.i think main usko GK another show like ‘qubool hai’ ‘tanhaayiyan’ pe dekha hai.i like that part jaise chandni ne kinner ko support kiya.unki value samjhaaya.aur mujhe Chandni ki maa ko dekh kar kuch feelings aarahi hai.i think wo chandni ki maa hai.but one promo pe dekha tha usko bolthe hua dekha tha “saal pehle jiss raaz ko hamne katham kiya wo phirse kholne ki koshish kar rahi hai” (autualy kithne saal hai ye mujhe teek SE yaad nahi).aur yesterday epi main bhi advay unse baath kar rahi thi ki baath tala nahi aisa kuch tho ye baath clear hai ki AdvIni ki beech Jo MU ki karan Chandni ki maa hai.fb pe Jo ladka hai wo advay hai Jo ladki Chandni hoga.aur precap main advay bol rahi main tujhse bada hu aap kehkar bulau aisa kuch.aur wo lakha bhi bol raha it’s clear ki dev hi advay hai.ek scene thana jiss main advay shiv ki make up kiya hua bachon ki saath aara ha tha.usko dekh kar mujhe thoda hassi aayi?.phir wo ladka uski baare main bathana bool gayi I think wo advay ki friend hoga ya brother hoga.shivani ki eye liner thoda light daalungi tho acha lagega.aur wi black dress pe achi bhi lag rahi thi aur young bhi.thoda acha make up aur dressingse uska aur barun ki Jodi achi lagegi.kal ka epi dekh kar tho acha lag raha tha.confuse bhi tha ki ye love story hai ya kisi mandhir type story chandni ki baath bhi tho kuch aisa hi tha.i think aage jaake story intersting ho jaayega.i hope ye GK ektha ki tarah aage jaake shivani ko out na kare.prcap interesting lag raha hai.

    Agar meri comment kisi ko samajh nahi aaya tho sorry.patha nahi kya comment karo aur main tho ek baar epi dekh tho full story dialogues scenes perfectly man main nahi raha iss liye Jo yaad hai jobi mujhe epi dekh kar laga wo comment kiya? I hope main aap logo ko bore na kiya hu.???

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey UF! Well I enjoyed reading your comment so I don’t want sorry ?? and the man who hit those transgenders was the part of Pratigya- starplus show I don’t remember exactly about his character there because I haven’t followed that serial being a kid but my grandma used to watch it and so I too have seen some of it’s parts *secretly*??
      And about the set- so far it’s not that a lot attractive. I mean Tamil movie ka feel araha hai but hoping for some change in the upcoming episodes by the way I loved the set of Pooja in IB than here!

  2. Nandhana

    wow……just by day i’m interested in watching upcoming episodes..they make a good pair definitely..i too thought that shivani wont be able to fit to the character..but after seeing all i hope she is the suitable one to play the role chandini..Definitely their pair will hit the small we are getting some other competitor with shivika for next star plus awards..
    Advay..what a man you are..looking dashing cute adorable..and his attitude..omg..ASR is back..looking for the forth coming episodes..too much story to unfold …ipkknd 3 rockzzzzzz….
    Advini rocking..

  3. loving the show so far
    i think dev changed his name to advay because he had a lot of bad memories with that name
    the scene where is calculating stuff, is funny…but i liked it
    chandni’s black outfit is amazing
    loved the the scene where he said to her ‘bardo ko aap karke bulate hai’
    can’t wait for today’s episode
    how are you guys?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Sophie! Maybe you’re right. Advay is actually Dev and he has changed his name because of his dark past.
      And his dialogues in precap was just amazing really can’t wait for today’s episode. Eager waiting for it??

      1. hi mahaaijaz, nice name btw
        yes me too waiting,

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you ? and you can call me Maha?

      1. okay, that is cool too

  4. HI, this is the first time i’m commenting to this… I’m a huge fan of IPKKND and sarun… And i don’t have any personal issue with the new actress and it’s alright to to use the same title and same actor for this show too.. coz it’s a new story/ season… But as a fan, i like to mention that creators should atleast change the name of the character ASR and the Rabba ve song… coz it’s always belong to our dearest sarun…
    Anyhow all the best for the show & I’m not gonna watch this hereafter…. =)

    1. Yes… I am too feeling the same thing…. I have no worries with the same title and without Sanaya or without even Barun in it is also OK… But please they should change the songs and names atleast… Like how they did for Tanhaiyaan… It is beautiful…. Why dont they understand that the stories should create unique feeling… They should not use the same old ones…. It is very difficult to accept…

  5. Hi astha ..adni and nivay both sounds cool..let’s see all ipknd family members has to say

  6. Hi astha ..adni and nivay both sounds cool..let’s see all ipknd family members has to say..regarding sanaya I too like her bt now we can’t do anything abt she is not being part of d show..accept d fact and njyy d show guys

  7. Ipkknd 3 was rubbish it’s over the top and Barun Sobti some superman it’s too much OTT, didn’t like it and Shivani she fat and no way we don’t this show. We want first version Ipkknd back with Khushi which ended abruptly and continue from there. We only want Khushi back and only Sanaya irani

    1. Riana

      Get the hell out of here…

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      If you don’t like it then don’t watch it?? why are you wasting your time by saying all this useless stuff. Time is very precious try to avail it??

  8. prettypreeti

    ohhh my dear what a cool episode it was coz of bahubali touch and I m really like sirun now and I m ready to accept was sooo cool I mean advay but seariously gonna love this .lets see what will happen nxt

    1. Niharikamalhotra

      @Pppp..I’ll love yr cmption…my dear…and where is Alina Di???…do u know….m missing her!!!..anyways…I have no prblms with yr timing…but plez aana yaar…don’t want to loose my frnd once again…
      And srkian…ha ha…love u

  9. Love ipkknd. I really love this new look of Barun Sobti.I really love the first season of ipkknd and looking for this season as well.

  10. Love ipkknd. I really love this new look of Barun Sobti.I really love the first season of ipkknd and looking for this season as well.

  11. Nice episode

  12. I like this track… but the only upsetting thing with this is if story is diff then y they named it ipkknd …. i like to see rabba ve song n sarun jodi in ipkknd …. if evrythn is diff then gul khan ji should also change the title

  13. Love the show….lovely pair….Shivani is too cute and Barun looking awesome…me n my whole family loves the show…specially i come home early from office so that i don’t miss an episode..

  14. Dear Ameena good work. Pl keep it up

  15. Hii everyone ☺ this is my first time… everyone ,me too love this Superb lpkknd ,I watched part 1&2 which Barun Sobti with Sanaya. Both of them was really super good couples..but this season or part 3 ,there is no Sanaya ? but Shivani. Firstly I say to myself.. there must be reasons why
    Shivani and not Sanaya .. after watching first day show and second .. yesterday show..I think she is OK??with Barun…..
    And I say it to myself that I ,will watch this lpkknd 3 until the end of story…. because I like Barun acting ??.

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