Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3rd July 2017 Written Update: Beginning of a new season!

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Advay walking in somewhere and jumping in a pool to save a puppy. A girl claps for him. Advay drops the puppy down. Puppy dries himself. Advay picks puppy and says there is no place for innocence and love in my life. He picks his guitar and wears the shades. He says my dad was killed in front of my eyes, my mum was burnt alive. Flashes show his parent’s death. He says that fire is blown off, but I will not burn in this fire alone, Chandni Narayan Vashisht will burn along me, welcome to hell Chandni.

Chandni is seen. She asks Kaka to fix the chandelier high. She recalls a boy saying chandelier’s height should be 12 feet higher than ground. Chandni says the chandelier is still 12 feet high, you taught me a lot Dev, I miss you. She drinks and smiles. A lady

says its time for Maha aarti, you know what to do.

At some temple, everyone pray to Shiv. The women greet some lady. The lady applies pink color on the pink saree women. Another lady Saku says Jiji has good fate, but I will get that in my fate. Third lady comes and asks shall I keep foot down. Saku says no, there is one time left for Rahukaal to end. The lady says no, I will die. Saku says fine, then stand for 60 seconds. They joke. The lady says the door will open when Chandni comes here. The ladies talk bad about Chandni, who was out of home for three nights, don’t know what happened with her, death don’t come to such shameless people. Saku says she did not come out of home since a year.

Chandni goes to her dad and helps. She asks him to wear watch, else Yash Narayan will wear it. He forwards hand. She ties the watch to him. She makes him wear the shoes. He asks who is Yash Narayan. She says its your name Baba and cries. She asks Shilpa to tell driver that her dad is ready. He asks Chandni how does she know so much about her. Saku tells Kajal that just eldest child can do Maha aarti. Kajal says she will do it when she comes out of home. Chandni says I know everything about you, you like to sit at ghat and see sunset, you have sugar, and eat laddoos by hiding, I know you wrote two love letters. He asks who are you. She says I m your daughter, and even your mum. She rests in his lap and cries.

She says its a big day for you today. A man comes and says its big day for you too. She gets tensed. Jiji says maha aarti is after three days, temple doors open once in 16 years, that old mistake should not happen again, if Mahadev wants, Divya door will open and we will get treasure. She looks at some door. Behind the door, snakes guard the treasure. Saku says if door does not open…. Kajal says if we don’t get treasure…. Jiju says then our family respect will be ruined, everyone will know we are poor. Saku says if Chandi does not come in maha aari then… Jiji says she will surely come, she has to come, Amavasya will longer this year but now Chandni has to come.

Chandni cries and says I can’t come out of home, whenever I leave, I recall all that. She cries and goes. Shiv idol is painted and fixed by anchors. Yash comes there. The men talk will his daughter come or not, she is defamed, how will she have courage to come out. Uncle says I know you got wound on body but have pain in heart, forget it, show courage for your dad’s sake, the temple has to light aarti diyas. She recalls a man dipping her in the water and torturing her. The man says you came here with respect, nothing happened with you, just you and I know this, darkness did not touch but Chandni got a stain, you have no way, you have to come back to me. Chandni cries recalling the trauma.

The ropes break off. Shiv idol begins to fall. All the people get a shock. Jiji says it will be a disaster. Advay sees this. Chandni runs somewhere. Advay runs to hold the rope. He manages the catch the rope’s end. Chandni sees her and Dev’s name written on some stone and hugs it. Advay pulls the rope and saves the idol. She recalls Dev saying this will give her courage to fight. She wipes her tears. Advay single handedly pulls the idol. Advay gets dragged towards the idol. He stops at the staircase. He tries hard and pulls back the idol to get it at its place. His shoe begins to part off and breaks the stair. Advay still holds the rope.

Chandni thinks where did Dev go. Advay comes to her. Aaja ve mahi….plays…. Chandni’s ritual is done. Advay says I did not forget you, I remember you and the pain given by you, I will hurt you and repay the dept, this fear and tears are a curtain on your truth, I will pull off the curtains tonight, this is my promise, Advay Singh Raizada’s promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    1st episode and we’re about to touch 200 comments ?? don’t know what will happen in upcoming ones??

    1. Riana

      Really first i thought it will get hardly 20-30 comments…i never expected 164 comments n more coming…????

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Yeah same here after ikrs page I’m enjoying commenting here. Hopefully the comments will keep on increasing in upcoming episodes??
        And you know what though I use to watch IB but never commented there but so happy to talk with all of you here?

    2. Riana

      Mee too…i watch IB regularly n comments r few…but here i will comment regularly…??

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Yeah even I’ll try to comment regularly to keep in touch with you all❤

  2. Fenil

    Hello !!

    Wow what a start.

    As always Barun rocked it.
    Chandi has much talent she must need this chance.i really badly underestimated this new girl.

    Will looking forward for the best story line.

    1. Riana

      She is not new fenil…i also worked in kasam as reincarnated tanuja…

      1. Fenil

        Yeah Dear i know but against Barun she is new.

      2. Riana

        Sorry not “I” ??….She also worked in kasam

      3. Fenil

        Yeah Raina , U r the same person who is writing ffs for IB and Saathiya.

    2. Riana


    3. Riana

      Yah i am writting ffs on Saathiya n Ib

    4. prettypreeti

      fenu bhai remember me or not???????

      1. Fenil

        yaa Prettypreeti , How can i forget u ?

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Such a huge and overwhelming response from the first episode!!! ASR and Gul Khan, you have made one more miracle on the first day of return of ipkknd. Great job and you formed a new family for us in Telly updates.

  4. On 1st day comments reached good to see dis..and hi everyone..w8ng for today’s episode..we’ll get to see chandini advay together today

  5. I’m excited about this season.

  6. Niharikamalhotra

    Hi,everyone..good to see that we all r supporting the 3rd season of IPKKND..well…loved Barun…and soo cool entry maaannn….and that puppy was solo cutteeeeee…
    Well love u DEV and hope to commt here regularly…
    Best wishes to new season…
    Loved this.

  7. prettypreeti

    hi guys its preeti..I really liked the first two season of ipkknd and this one had a good start..liked the concept and now gonna see what will happen ahead..
    will love to watch more

    1. Niharikamalhotra

      Hlooooo remember????

      1. prettypreeti

        hii kittu how r u my shyari everything fine and whats going now right now

    2. Niharikamalhotra

      Love u my pppp….ooh god ,finally got my bestieee…m fine…and how r u my dear…and ipkknd is going on..?

  8. Karina

    The show had a nice start. Barun is amazing as always, and the new girl is really cute and has a lot of potential. Although noone can break the chemistry between Sanaya and Barun, i think the show deserves a chance. I would have still wanted Sanaya to play the female lead, but i guess thats not possible. The new girl is also a good actress, so lets hope for the best.

  9. Shivani doesnt look like Gujarati & Gujarati’s dont dress like dat+ 1 episode se he mystery hai. Episode acha tha lets see yeh show 1 season ko kitna beat karta h. Even i love Barun Sobti. Shivani was good in Kasam. I think name chandni nahi Mahi hota toh zada suit Karta.

  10. I didnt liked the new girl doesnt looks cute with Varun

  11. VHM

    I liked the concept mystery and everything else ….

    but still cannot believe ….how can a single person with a toota futa rope make such a big statue save from falling…i mean seriously did they show that….i know Gul Khan’s shows are out of box …but that scene was limits…..i also wondered why were the other people present around staring that too helplessly being hatta katta…. when ASR alone was trying hard….they could have helped him…if they wanted to take a scene from Bahubali they could have atleast shown in the same way SSR showed in the movie…..

    Showing Heroism is always good and as viewers we too wish to see heroic stunts…but showing heroism out of stupidity is taking it no where…..

    Keeping aside this scene i guess IPKKND with ASR will be a good watch….
    We still need time to accept Shivangi…but no hard feelings for her and she definitely needs to get a chance…….

    well the cast is already finalised and episodes are shot …so our acceptance doesn’t matter much now…..

  12. Waiting for the second episode. Love ipkknd

  13. Chandini

    Omg omg omg I finally saw the first epi on hotstar I am flying high now????its hard for me to accept shivani but it’s okay she is good in acting…I don’t actually care of anything when barun is here…..
    I heard it I heard it eventhough it’s not me he is refering I heard my name from his mouth eventhough it’s hatred I died????lord save me….now each and every day I will fly high when I hear the name…
    Some one help me come down omg I can’t control?????????????????

    1. Niharikamalhotra

      Could I help u dear…I can understand yr feelings…

      1. Chandini

        Oh sure ?
        I am crazy about barun though???

      2. Niharikamalhotra

        Me took…really crazy for him….and carry on chandu dear…..sorry ,but if u don’t mind…could I call u chandu….and what a coincidence…now in every epi Barun will take yr name…so cool to hear..congrats!!

  14. I am from US, and I am very disappointed, I can not even compare this show with the IPKKND1. Seriously the statue was falling and Barun was the only person who could save it. It reminded me of Samson and Dalila. I was thinking maybe Gul khan copied this story from bible. The only difference is that Barun doesn’t have long hair. And Shivani’s hair and all the other ladies full blown makeup and the amount and size of jewelry everyone carries is hilarious ?

  15. Advay is definetly Arnav great grandson or something

  16. I decided to watch IPKNND leaving all the criticisms and return of Sarun…. But when I hear Arnav’s music in the background, I was ported to IPKKND 1… Why you are using the background music, songs and “Singh Raizada” title from IPKKND1?? it is like copying and nothing new to impress…. There are many plots which was made really good it is actually available in Fanfiction stories…. You must have selected the best one and you can contacted the writer and asked for adaptation… you could have changed the names of characters as you like…. and there are many talented musicians waiting to make new OSTs instead of copying the same hit OSTs from the old series…. One of the poorest episode I have seen recently…. I actually asked many of my friends who are new to Hindi dramas… All were scolding me now since I made them to watch this crap…

    I just remember the first episode of IPKKND1… Barun’s entry will be iconic he will be hot and Sanaya will be very cute…. The story will also be very good but here in IPKKND3 everything is too crap…. Sorry to say this Barun….. I am actually a great fan of you since the show IPKKND1. I have watched all of your works – movies and web series as well… But Im sorry this IPKKND3 is like Bahubali 😀 😀

  17. I can not explain how disappointed I am. This show doesn’t even come close to IPKKND1. I am watching the show from the states and I am not Indian. The IPKKND1 was my first indian show that I ever watched, I always loved Bollywood movies but never seen any Indian soap. I was dreaming one day they will make something close to my all time favorite show but That was just a dream that I guess will never come true. I was thinking maybe Gul khan copied this story from bible. The only difference is that Barun doesn’t have long hair. And Shivani’s hair and all the other ladies full blown makeup and the amount and size of jewelry everyone carries is hilarious ?

  18. The transalation of IPKKND in English is Samson and Dalits. A disappointed ? big fan of IPKKND1. I also heard that the original story of the first one has drastically changed due to Barun getting another movie offer and not being able to be on the scene. He was telling that in the original version there was no kidnap. They added that part in order for him to be able to be absent from the show for a specific amount of time until his return. And I always thought during watching the first show that this kidnap part really destroyed the show. How Khushi and Manorama found the tape of the airport surveillance cameras and all that, till I heard from Barun in an interview telling the interviewer about that part of the story. I love Barun but I believe he is not fully committed to his roles that as a result the entire story of a show changes or discontinues. And five years later he returns and tries to satisfies his fans and tell them he was the only reason of the first show being successful. I believe he got rid of Sanaya to prove it, but sorry Barun you can not repeat the same magic we experienced with the first show. You were not successful on the big screen and you returned to kindle our hearts. Doesn’t work that way, I am sorry.

  19. When I see Barun in this show, I also expect the same crew of people from season1. Even if they cannot be there, makers could have put some convincing faces. I dont know why I see that something is not falling in place. It looks like a regular saas-bahu and not like IPKKND-1. I somehow feel the Barun will quit this show much earlier than he did in season1.

  20. i sort of liked it …why compare it with ipkknd1…dats diifrent dis is diffrent..both are gr8 in thier own ways….shivani..all the best your doing good ..n i feel shes doing justice to her character…

  21. woh really looking forward to the next episode

  22. Yaaaaaay!!! I am the 200th comment. Am so so sooooo happy that IPKKND 3 is here. With Barun Sobti. Missed the original so much but am glad we got at least on main character back. My favourite one too ??

  23. Riana

    Congo to ur everyone ??????…For making 200 comments on first episode ??????

  24. Mica

    omgg!!! such a huge comment! let me add this 😀 , well i like barun-sanaya pair, but i think it’s unfair to give such bad response without giving a chance to new pair, wish good luck for all cast, all the best !!!

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