Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sasha makes an exit

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sasha and Jimmy seeing Advay and getting tensed. Jimmy shuts the freezer. Sasha says you here… Advay says I was finding Chandni, have you seen her. She says no, maybe she left the house after getting heartbroken, why are you asking about her. He says just like that. Adi comes to have icecream. He sees the freezer and asks Advay to get icecream from freezer. Sasha and Jimmy get tensed. Sasha stops Advay and says let me do this work, I will give him icecream. She opens the freezer slightly and gives the icecream to Adi.

Jimmy asks Advay what happened. Advay goes. They get relieved. Advay recalls Chandni and asks Nani did you see Chandni. She says no, what happened, I can’t see your face but I can read your dilemma, you are finding her as you don’t

want to do this marriage, your heart knows you are just of Chandni. He denies. She says you are a big man, ASR, the world respects you, but heart doesn’t listen to anyone.

Sasha opens cupboard to get lahenga. She sees Chandni inside and screams. She says Jimmy is right, I m hallucinating. She asks Chandni to go. Chandni scares her. Sasha closes eyes. Chandni’s dress gets stuck. Chandni asks her not to open eyes, else she will take her along. She frees her dupatta and hears Jimmy coming. She goes. Sasha asks her to go. Jimmy says its me. She says she has come again, she has worn my bridal dress. He says your bridal dress is there, what are you thinking, get ready and come. Advay sees the dancing couple and recalls Chandni. Rabba ve…plays… Chandni fixes the camera. Nani says this is last chance.

Chandni says yes, I will not miss this, see my swag now. She goes to Sasha’s room. Sasha gets shocked seeing her. Chandni says I m your heart guilt, I will be with you till you accept truth, that you are doing everything, you have fixed the nail in champagne cork, you have filled gunpowder in coconut, you got yourself hurt in party, accept all truth else we will always stay together. Sasha says no, I have done everything, I have put your dead body in fridge, I beg you, leave me and go. Chandni smiles and claps.

She says its not difficult to say truth, I recorded it in this camera, I will show this to Dev now. Sasha says it means you are alive, not dead. Chandni says yes, you got trapped in my plan, your plan won’t work now, accept your defeat. Sasha says no. Chandni says fine, I will show this to Dev and police. Sasha says no, I will do as you say. Jimmy says Sasha is bride, she will take some time. Advay says I want to talk to you Nani. Sasha comes to him and asks him to forward hand. She ties a rakhi and sings Bhaiya morey rakhi ke…. Advay asks what are you doing. Jimmy asks her to come to senses. Sasha says I always wanted a good looking and cool brother like Advay, Lord makes one person for all of us, Lord made her for you. She shows Chandni. They all get shocked.

Nani thanks Lord. Shilpa says I had mannat that Chandni’s plan succeeds. Pooja says great, Sasha is gone from Chandni’s life, I heard love has strength, you took big risk by sitting in fridge. Chandni says I had fear that Dev would become of someone else. Pooja says but he is still annoyed. She says he won’t be annoyed for long, I m of him, he has to become mine now. They do Aw and smile.

Advay asks Sasha to listen to him. Sasha scolds him. He asks what does this rakhi mean. She asks what does rakhi mean, we can’t have any relation, you are my brother and I m your sister. He asks are you crazy, we were getting married, you love me. She asks did you love me, no, if I loved you, I would have not tied this rakhi, don’t try to contact me now. She goes. Advay comes to Chandni. She says Sasha is my Nanand. He breaks the rakhi. She says just deep rooted relations like ours survive. He says you have snatched all relations from me. She says I just saved our relation. He says there is nothing to save, you are still snatching my dear ones. She asks him to say was Sasha of him, she was not a nice girl. He says she was better than you. She shows him the recording. He sees the confession. She says I made her away as she was not right girl for you. He holds her hand and asks and my mum, dad, my Meeku, why did you make them away from me.

Chandni asks Yash to recall her past and help her. She shows Dev’s parents pic and asks him does he remember anything. He cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I was just wondering if we can let Shivani Tomar know our appreciation for her brilliant portrayal of Chandini before the serial ends. Is she on facebook or twitter? she has taken all the insults and trolls in such dignified manner . It will make her feel better.What do u all think. Share ur thoughts.

    1. Medha

      Hey Ssb
      Shivani has Facebook account. Go and search Shivani Tomar………

      1. Pinku

        Hey medha did u try commenting anything there???

    2. Pinku

      Yes sab definitely she needs a round of applause… I mean it too

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      She has Twitter account also

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    Jo Sahi hai wo sahi hai…I am glad Old TU is back for sometimes now. You get it Administrative Aunty and Moderation mamu…That damn stupid irritating Page design was more then enough to stay away from your site. I find other site more easy to access. Now I am glad I can write my dimaag ki dahi as fan fiction and can again send PM to friends…
    Victory of Tadi and Zid. I was planning to leave after 6th but now have a second thought about my departure. Feel like returning home with this style of tu back. ??????
    ?????? for Administrative of this page.
    Abba galti hogayi yeh sab likh kar…Abhi bhi TU is troubling me..Error is showing still…Cactus for Administrative.

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    TU is back to form. Administrative learned their lesson this soon!!!
    ?????? for Administrative aunty and Moderation Mamu…Dare you change the style again???, I will kick a good bye to your site. Huh!!!!

    1. Pinku

      No no kick tu page pls u dont kick a good bye we will miss u more than IPKKND n barun astha… no ???… aur mat rulao???

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    Shall we let her know in fb and twitter. I am not active there still can do this much for Shivani Tomarji.

    1. Pinku

      Aap active keh rahey ho mere tho koi acc ho nahi… one only one acc I have is tu page thts it… that’s also becoz u told me n I love u guys so much just to keep In touch with u all I did…. but yea we shud acknowledge astha… batao kaisey???

  5. Manuu

    Back to old
    Kya hai yaar ..sabko reply karne ayi..par yeh server maintenance..irritating..
    Yah ssb..she definitely needs appreciation ..we adore her..she has to know all this..this helps her future gives confidence to her to play good roles in future..all d vry bst shivani..keep rocking

    1. Pinku

      Yes manu we shud… n yea Shimano keep rocking… I love ur swag

  6. Pinku

    Group hug time for century astha manu riana sunanda sangita snehal antara aqsa ayesha ab medha papia n sabhi….

    1. Medha

      Double century yar!!!!!!

  7. Pinku

    We star plus ki emo mudindi anukunta manu n astha…. leka pothey ilanti panulu cheyadu…. andukey pedalu anaru vinasakale viparita buddhi ani….

    1. Manuu

      Aunu pinku..yaar mera comment publish hi nahi hua abhi tak..2: 30 ko kiya mai ne..kya hai yeh

    2. Nivika

      Yeah kya bol rahe ho ap… i dont understand this language yaar…. hindi plz… ???

  8. Pinku

    U know girls when I heard IPKKND is going off air n kasam got extension of 6 months I felt very bad I thought may b gul Khan could not with stand star plus pressure but due to high contacts n more power ekta could give them back n cud extend kasam… but i tjibk star plus is sparing none… as sunanda said its gonna trip down very badly now…. what’s ur opinion girls… astha sunanda batao Kya hoga is star plus ka

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Star plus all ready slipped from 1st place. It’s just mounting on dance reality shows, namkaran, yeh rishta, YHM…
      But after what happened with our fav show Ipkknd season 3, I think Star plus is loosing it’s charm,

      1. Pinku

        Yes sunanda ur right…. perfectly analysed

  9. OMG Barun u r a perfect romantic actor. love ur expression. Gul mam thank u for giving us most romantic Nivvay jodi, i must tell it might be go far if some people didn’t show haters to Shivani Tomar. Really i felt they hv beautiful Chemistry. i respect this lovely jodi. just look at their romantic scene. Missed them from heart. my respect being increse for Shivani Tomar. She faced all the haters of Sarun Fans patiencely and tried hardly to achieves audiance concentration. Again and again i felt bad for IPK 3 because star plus didn’t give extension to prove this shows potentiality.last not but least want to say those people who should hv to give love to the series, cast nd crues, not love only personal casting choice.

    1. Pinku

      Yes sucharita ur right

  10. Riana

    Who will miss INDRANI ???? ????

    1. Medha

      I think noone……..?

      1. Pinku

        Main hun na… main ritu ki fan hun

    2. Pinku

      I me myself I love ritu shivpuri she was apt for the role… n the way it was moulded really super casting gul Khan did…. I was so interested to see how she changes n all u know

    3. Nivika


  11. Riana

    Who will miss LEELA MAASI ??? ???

    1. Medha

      Ha uska wo face yad rhega jb Advay confess krega he loves Chandni

      1. Pinku

        Exactly… ye tho hai medha… Han riana ye wala face zaroor

    2. Pinku

      Nahi…. when she was shobha of kyunkiSBKBT I was a die hard fan… but sabhi nahi no I don’t like leela masi

    3. Nivika

      Raina i will miss each and every character of this serial so much… bcz its the first serial which is so closed to me and also got a new family here in rabba ve land???????????????????????????????????????????????????… love to all from me… this happen bcz of only and only Nivay?????

      1. Pinku

        Yes nivika sachi

  12. Riana

    Guyz i am still in thoughts only 3 days left for the show to end…

    I dont understand how they will show Pooja’s husband…

    They also didnt showed who molested Chandni…??

    Whats ur comments ?? …

    1. Medha

      You forgot to include Mikku……….

    2. Pinku

      Haan yaar how will they wrap up… ye Kya hai…. I don’t want the show to end riana ??dunno how many years I will shed this Friday ?

  13. Medha

    Finally 150

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      1. Medha

        Hum hoge kamyab………..?????????

    2. Nivika

      Yeah ??????

  14. omg!! 1din mai itna (166) msg yehe pehli bar hua…. im so happy . sabhi lok end hone taak sath sath hai. mera ek qus hai. iss serial 6oct end hone ke badd hum lok kya next day 7 th oct comment nhi de sakte??? naa 6th oct r iss page close ho jayega?

    1. Pinku

      Yea we r rocking papia n ur a part of it u c…. xome join hands in making it 200….. i dont think so papaia page will be open u can comment… hain na astha n sunanda ???

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