Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Advay learns Chandni’s secret


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandni meets someone. The lady says I had to get baby to his mum. Advay looks on as Chandni gets the baby in arms. Can Advay know Chandni’s secret?

The Episode starts with PP coming home and thinking where did Chandni go. Shikha asks where is she, she was your responsibility. He says don’t know what attack she got seeing crowd, she has gone. He goes. Meghna says we have to find Chandni, not fight. Advay gets Chandni home and says maybe she got a panic attack. Doctor checks Chandni and says she will get fine in some time, she has post traumatic stress disorder, whatever happened with her in kidnapping, her heart is hurt, anything that reminds her of that incident triggers her panic attack. Advay looks on.

PP argues with Indrani. He says I m that boy and your daughter

is that butterfly, don’t know where did she run. She says you will get whatever you want. He says don’t know if she will come back or not. He goes. Indrani says if I lose 2 crores, I can never forgive Chandni, once she gets married, I don’t care she lives or dies.

Chandni gets conscious. Meghna and Shikha hold her. Chandni asks how did I come home. Meghna says Advay got you home, PP left you there. Chandni says how did he know I m there, he called me but I couldn’t talk to him.

Advay recalls Chandni’s words and cries. He thinks I used to read all her unspoken words, why did I not see truth in her tearful eyes, why did I get my friendship burn in hatred, why did I not think that curse to forget Chandni turned into blessing to meet her, I have to get this truth out of lies, then I can know if this moon has stain or not. Shikha says maybe Advay wanted to ruin your and PP’s date, I will give him prasad. Meghna says you don’t draw wrong meaning, if he had to do wrong, he would have not got Chandni home, we should be thankful to him. Shikha agrees. Nani says you went as Advay and came back as Chikhu. Advay recalls doctor’s and Chandni’s words. Nani calls him out. She asks is Chandni fine. He says I hope so.

Mama says your heart has stone, you know in what state is Chandni, you just care for money. Indrani says who is she, I just married her dad. Mama says you have mum-daughter relation. She says she is my step daughter. He says you don’t have sympathy for her, leave about love, you are unlucky to reject her love, she loves you more than your own daughters, any enemy would also not do this, I m surprised, how do you live bearing burden of so many sins, anyways you have kidnapped her. She turns.

Advay asks how do you know what’s going on in my heart. Nani says you did not grow up so much that I don’t know you, Chandni is not such as you are thinking, she is still your childhood’s Chandni. He says maybe you are right. She says it means you also think she is innocent. He says don’t know, maybe she is not like I thought. She asks what’s use to study if you can’t read someone’s eyes, you roam as professor, come and dine.

Mama says you got that man after Chandni to scare her, she stays in fear. Indrani says I tried to throw her away, but she always comes back, she does not break, I got her kidnapped, even then she came back, I thought Chandni will do my work and get me money, but she came back home, I will not fall weak like Yash and you, else this family will come on road, you are taking her side, being my brother. Indrani counts money. Chandni comes. Indrani hides money. Chandni asks are you fine. Indrani hugs her. She acts good. She says I had medicine and slept, I couldn’t take care of you. I can’t forgive myself. Chandni says no, you are world’s best mum. Chandni cares for her. Mama ji looks on. Chandni gets some call. She gets shocked and says you, is everything fine, where are you now, come by back door, none should see you. She goes. Advay sees her and thinks where is she going at night. Chandni meets a lady. The lady shows the baby. Chandni cries seeing the baby and takes in her arms. She says baby had to come to mum, my baby, don’t cry. Advay looks on shocked. The lady says baby is not eating anything, what shall I do, I had to get baby to his mum. Chandni asks her to cover baby in shawl and come. They go upstairs. The lady says baby is vomiting, orphanage doctor said he has some allergy, there is no family history written, just your name is written. Chandni asks what did you feed him, he is allergy to almonds. Lady asks how do you know. Advay looks for her. Someone knocks door. Chandni hides and wishes none knows about the baby. Mama ji comes and holds her. He asks why did you get baby home, if anyone else saw then. Advay recalls Chandni’s words and thinks I was right, Chandni is not innocent. He calls Murli and asks him to go Suvidha homes, get details of all babies who enrolled in last two years. Murli goes. Advay gets angry.

Advay sees Chandni giving baby to lady. He asks her who was that lady. Advay says Chandni has lie and cheat in her blood, I will expose her true face. Chandni gives noodles to Indrani. Indrani throws the noodles and says once Chandni gets married, I will get rid of her unlucky shadow. Chandni looks on and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivika

    Aab tak toh sab superbb chal raha hai
    Bichrani thodi toh insaniyat dekhayo..
    Love asr nd also nivay?????????

    1. Nivika

      Bichrani toh ek rakshas hai….thodi tho humanity dekhayo….kidnapping bhi karvai….hate her…what kind of women she is!!!

      1. Riana

        Chudail mein insaaniyaatt ….what a joke !!..???????

      2. Antara

        u r right Snehal blo*dy leech she is stonehearted she needs only money paisa chahiye uskeliya woh dayaan kuch bhi kar sakte hai kuch bhi

      3. Yazhu

        Correctly said yaar Snehal…. Yeh Bichrani sach mein ek raakshas hai… Is liye vah dusaron ka dukh se dekhkar kush ho raha hai….

      4. Sunanda_Guchhait

        Humanity…. From Bichrani???
        Kya snehal … Joke maat karo yaar.

        Yes shikha and meghu are Indrani’s daughters

    2. Manuu

      Exactly yaar snehal..woh insaan kehne ki bhi layak nahi hai bichrani

      1. Nivika

        Toh kya kehenge use…..
        Chudail se bhi jyada khatarnak nikli yeh bichrani…….

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Snehal…So I was correct in my assumption of Indrani kidnapping Chandni right from the first episode.
      Your trophy girl…????? for the first comments.

      1. Nivika

        Bahut dino baad first cmnt kari……
        Thnx for trophy di…..
        Are meghna nd shikha indrani’s daughter..??

    4. Fenil

      Galat person se galat expectation always disappointing.

      1. Nivika

        Umeedless bichrani se bhala koi kon umeed rakh sakta hai????

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      For you snehal…

  2. Fenil

    Hello Everybody.

    Fever is low now…headache is gone now .

    Astha,how was your exam ?:)):))Pagal kuddi.

    Episode was oky.

    Advay enters in home with Chandu in his hands.lovely moment.

    Nani and Chikku’s convo was also good ,Nani without eyes sees everything which Chiku is not able to see.

    Lo karlo baat Kidnapping mein bhi yeh Nikli.>:)>:)>:)>:)

    Baby track Faltu:@:@:@Kar bhi kya sakta hain dekhna padega.

    Again MU….Gulli tu pehle IB ki MU door kar phir yahan add kar Duffer.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenu bhaiyyo…take care. Yeah my exam was nice.. enough to eat my brain.. Chemical locha toh kal raat se suru hogaya tha mera. Paagal Kuddi!!?? You mean mad girl in Punjabi right. I understands boy.. I agree I am crazy girl. You can’t play around with words thinking I will not get its meaning.
      Gulli!!! lol ha ha ha….New name for Gul maatha.

      1. Fenil

        Oky good.
        I never thought that u didn’t know these types of common words Miss.Reddy.
        taang kinchai karna aapka kaam hain.

    2. Manuu

      Hey finally you r feeling better now..take care..
      Lol kar bhi kya sakte hai dekhna padega..we don’t have any other choice

      1. Fenil

        yeah , Agar kuch aur dekhna ho toh sirf imagine kar sakte hain.

    3. Yazhu

      Hey Fenil bhaiya… Happy to hear that you’re feeling better now…. Take care of your health bhaiya…

      “Again MU….Gulli tu pehle IB ki MU door kar phir yahan add kar Duffer.” – LOL?????true words bhaiya… Gul is really becoming duffer nowadays…. Just adding on MU between the leads ??both in IB and ipkknd3…

      1. Fenil

        Toh kya Bheja Garam karke rakh diya hain , aur phir khud hi uss MU mein aisi phasti hain phir loopholes reh jate hain. IB is best example so many loopholes in story.

      2. Riana

        Yah ofcourse bhaiyooo…there in Ib…Roop she did so many crimes but still she didnt went to jail…utter nonsense…and that fakelana trackkk is weird…without any reason she had wore mask…btw There’s a track naa when fakelana killed her principal …Dr Dang (i heard this name at first in Doraemon lol)…And mask drama…i mean still its not cleared !…its sooo illogic…??????

    4. Riana

      Sabko pagal banakar chodenge aap bhaiyooo ????….?????….

      1. Fenil


    5. Riana

      Gulli was epic ! ?????

      1. Fenil

        yaa mein toh Gulli hi bulata hoon.

  3. Riana

    CHANDNI IS A MUMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAA….??????????????????????????????????????????????????……

    Gosh its tooo muchhhh….

    Bichrani has evil magical powers also…soon she will reveal her new identity…Her Chudailiyaaattt is just….????????????

    She kidnapped chandni by that stupid man….I cant believe chandni got pregnant **** that man….[email protected]&@[email protected][email protected]&

    Baby scene was ….(#-#+#+#-#+#(//)

    Precap: Awesome…Finally chandni saw indurani’s bl**dy face…Ewwww !…

    #Love NiVay ?

    Ahahahahhahahahha (crying for chandni ?)…..Guyzzzzz ….How was the episode ???…Astha…yazhu…fenu…manu…pinks…sunan…radhika…AB…Mary…Snehal n alll….????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Its clearly seen Riana… that baby is not of Chandni. Nothing to worry.

      1. Riana

        Hussshhh ??

    2. Manuu

      Hi riana..Haha evil powers..kuch bhi ho sakta hai..aur kitne chehre dekna padega hame bichrani ka..
      Yaar wt happened in recap exactly..maine nahi dekha

      1. Riana

        Gul ka show hain…yad nahi qubool hai ka kya haal kiya tha…love triangle se horror bana diya tha ???

    3. Pinku

      Hey riana episide was good… i dont think vo chandini ka hai

      1. Riana

        I also…pray ??

    4. Yazhu

      Yeah Riana… It’s becoming too much as they’re just making some misunderstanding between NiVay just to bring them close… Now Advay mistook Chandni to be the baby’s mom and then he’ll learn the truth… Again he’ll feel for making misconception about Chandni… As it’s said “is pyaar ko kya naam doon”????….

      1. Riana

        Iss pyaar ko kya naam denge…all time MU track’s laati hain gul…IB mein kachra kardiya…yaha kaa plan kya pata nahi ???

      2. Sunanda_Guchhait

        Haha… Absolutely Right.

      3. Sunanda_Guchhait

        Shaadi tak misunderstanding hi rehegi . I guess.

    5. Fenil

      Baby jiska bhi ho jaldi track khatam kare ….woh Chirkut kam hain kya.

    6. Manuu

      Exactly riana..qubool hai jab start hua tha..beyond expectations tha show..acha tha…agey jake kya hua hum sab jante hai..kitne heroes badal gaye..kuch bhi ho sakta hai show mein

      1. Riana

        Aur nahi toh kya…??…11 actors ke romance kiya Surbhi neh…i was just …eww…only karan…karanvir n last man was good…

  4. Aaj epi half hr acchi tee then same point h aagiy.i know this happen nahi to khanani khatam ho jaata.
    love nani aur mama

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB… aage bhi bolo.. love Advay the most… hey na.

      1. Sunanda_Guchhait

        Hehe… Right right…
        AB .. AdvaY ko bhul gaye??

  5. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Amazing soulful heart touching emotional episode. I can’t praise enough about AdvaY’s​ emotions.

    ” jis ke aankahein alfazo ko main bay mushkil parleta tha,
    Uski barashti ankho mein sach ki naami maine kyun nehi dekh paya”.
    Dev overpowers AdvaY so well that we can feel the pain. He is broken, shattered​ to see his chandni, and unable to hold himself. Remembering his sweet memories with his moonlight who is so pure, free from any Evilness, AdvaY wants​ to regain, wants to protect his innocent love from this evil selfish world.

    “Humhari doshti ki chirag ko maine nafrat ki aag me kyun bujhne diya,
    Kyun nehi socha jise bhulne ki bad dua har khuda se mangi,
    Unn khudao ne mujhe usse milne ki dua dedi”… What a soulful dialogues. With that husky​ heart wrenching voice.
    Chandni maybe unawares​ that AdvaY is her Dev, but her heart knows that. Chandni needs to understand it. Don’t be so dumb chandni. Meghna is so right about AdvaY. Shikha!! Stop blaming AdvaY unnecessarily all the time.
    When AdvaY was looking at unconscious chandni, I fall in love with this man again and again..
    ” AdvaY benke gaya tha chikku banke lauta hai”.. Nani ko sab pata chal jata hai..
    AdvaY was lost ,when Nani asked if chandni was fine and he said he hoped so, his broken concerned voice says it all. Chandni’s pain was coming out through AdvaY’s emotions, his eyes. His heart is ruling his brain, and forced him think that chandni is not that person what he thinks about her. His saddened grieving face , moist eyes are so hard bear.
    Pp just wants to use chandni,
    Indrani wants to make money out her, so evil they are. ? devil will​ be scared of them.
    Loved when mama was accusing Indrani.
    Another mystery sees the light of truth, it’s Indrani who is behind chandni’s kidnapping.
    But Bichrani ji , you will never know who is chandni’s strength,she won’t break till Dev is with her.
    I hate that greedy face when Indrani was counting money. Shame on you.Bl**dy gold digger.
    New mystery begins, just when I was thinking that now AdvaY will try to clear his misunderstanding with chandni, will try to find his lost love, friend and all, just then Cvs introduces another one.. aahhh…

    Intezaar imtehaan yeah illzaam doon,
    # Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon…

    Cute baby entered with new twists, don’t know what it would be. I hope AdvaY manage to find the truth.
    And I hope mama will disclose the truth to AdvaY before​ it’s too late.
    PRECAP: is really interesting as well as painful,
    1st time chandni will witness her mother’s Evilness. I guess. And other side AdvaY again misunderstood chandni.
    All are behind chandni,
    That cheap pp, that evil Indrani, and our revenge sicking ASR.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…. Harneet promised to take us on a roller coaster ride so just its another small twist it seems. Cvs have fallen in love with Pinku it seems… always baby drama.

      1. Pinku

        Hahaha so cute astha hahaga sachi me they fell in love with me hehehe…. nice comment….but hope it’s not of either of sisters yaar

      2. Sunanda_Guchhait

        That baby is so cute na.
        Kaise milta hai itne cut cute baby??
        IB mein jo baby ayi thi woh vi kitni cute thi..

        AdvaY and babies… Cuteness alert..

    2. Manuu

      Super review??

    3. Hey please translate those lines Advay said! It’s going above my head!!

      1. Sunanda_Guchhait

        1st dialogue.. AdvaY is saying..
        I used to read all her unspoken words, why did I not see truth in her tearful eyes.

        2nd one.. AdvaY is saying..
        why did I get my friendship burn in my hatred, why did I not think that the curse to forget Chandni, which I was praying, turned into blessing to meet her.

        Thanks to Amena di. I have taken it from her WU.

      2. Thanks Sunanda! ? Such emotional lines!

  6. **Jaow Senhel Jaow**
    ye baby IB ki h(pari).
    Bicherni to tottaly …….(no sound).How r u all
    everyone dream for urself

    1. Nivika

      The baby is pari from IB???

  7. Aastha_Reddy

    ” You went there being Advay Singh Raizada and returned as Chikku”- Nani read his heart out with her 7th sense. He went as Advay worried for Chandni, returned as Chikku worried for the pain Chandni is bearing..but in the middle, under the starry sky of midnight…He was Dev…Chandu’s Dev that no one except him any Idea about.
    ” Perhaps you are right Nani..Chandni is not like what I thought her to be”- Advay agreed to truth because his heart know the truth..Dev know real truth behind mask of Advay Singh Raizada.
    some more pages are addes tothe large book of bad deeds of Indrani and Neeru caught the real plan plotting.
    “Every time I tries throwing her…tries shattering her..breaking her..This girl bounces back”- Indrani admit it that Chandni is still too strong. She was alone that much strong imagine now her Dev is back to support her as powerful Advay Singh Raizada…
    “Don’t give me such intense look”- Murali said from heart of million girls..He actually gives intense look always.
    Chandni…Suffering from Post traumatic mental disorder… Her character seems like taking a step towards and then backward.
    “Damn it”- PP Dare you utter that short sentence again… copy right for that sentence belongs to the husky voice of ASR.
    “He never tauched me…he just locked me for three nights”- From Chandni and “Relax Chandni…He didn’t touch you”- from Advay the precious day episode came to blunt end at arrival of the baby and the trust Advay was gathering towards Chandni broken once again.. But soon after baby truth revelation the broken trust will be transformed in to respect. That incident is too far away but truth is truth..truth is one..Now Advay-Murli will find Chandni’s name in orphanage registration and another MU due to baby with “Tum jhoot bolti ho” back to screen space.
    The way Advay kept following Chandni hiding behind..trailing slowly…keeping an eye on her move, listened to baby- Mumma conversation..He is too much effected with this MU of Chandni having a baby. Damn his eyes…does she looks like a mother of a six month old baby!!?? Are his two beautiful brown eyes in hibernation during rainy season too!! Oh Advay..Married lady.. new Mother and girls looks different man. But no Cvs and their way is always out of signal to our crazy mind.
    Achchhu is here…Achchhu ke Papa..Aww…so sweet. Pink bundle of joy..Arre suniye thik se toh sahi. Achchhu ke Papa in back ground..Achchhu with her Mumma in front..Beautiful family(my wild imagination lol).
    But no he just stood there at the back ground and then punched the wall hard. Remember about the pain you get in return in punching the wall.. Nani is correct, he studied a lot ..became professor of Mathematics but never learned to read eyes..and it seems he forgot to read “Newton’s third law” too…
    “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon”- The question bounced back.

    1. Maryjose

      You are right! Acchu ki mummy bangayi Chandini! Poor ASR! 🙂

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Achchhu ki Mumma, hmm… but Achchhu ke Papa was so jealously angry.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Super one astha..???????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Antara

    Seriously this Bichrani ne saare hadh par ki disgusting women kidnapping bhi ki very cruel like a beast for money she will go 2 any extend blo*dy vampire poor chandini
    iam so confused where did this baby come? i wonder how did mama know abt the baby?
    bichrani knows abt baby or not? again chikku will misunderstand chandini how this baby is connected to chandini ? becoz this bichrani said she pal pos kar bada kiya then orphanage ? but how ? so many truth r there to unfold
    last scene where advay said murali go 2 suvida homes murali-itni raat ko & he said itna intense look se maat dekho iam going was just fab
    precap mein chandini saw that bichrani throwing noodles into the dustbin will she know the truth?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Just throw some money at her face and take your Chandu away Dev.

      1. Pinku

        Truly astha…. take away dev plsss ab chandini ki aur bebasi dekhi nahi jati

      2. Sunanda_Guchhait

        No no.. advay just show your bank balance to that Bichrani..
        She will present your Chandni like a platter in front you

    2. Riana

      Hi antara…This bichrani…ooofff i am getting sick of saying anything…i am just waiting for 21st aug….mika’s entry…atleast we will have some music in it !

  9. Yazhu

    Hi Rabba ve gang….
    Today’s episode is ok… Not so great as yesterday’s but a good one though…. ??????

    This Indrani is really pissing me off ???????????Disgusting lady… No heart… No guilt… No nothing is with her ???????evil woman just using Chandni like a genie to make her wishes comes true ???????But Chandni’s mama is sooöoooooooo good ???even being that devil’s brother he cares for Chandni and loves her truly ???????poor girl Chandni blinded by her step mom’s fake love… She’s suffering a lot ????????

    Everything from the start to end is good ??????Advay started to feel for Chandni and believing that his Chandni is the same as his childhood ?????that was so lovely…. His tears really make me teary eyed yaar ??????????????ASR…. ASR… ASR… ???????????????

    Now what’s this new problem ????looks like Gul maata is so involved with the baby tracks in her shows ????just like Pari this baby is also soooo cute ????but what’s this has baby to do with Chandni ??????who’s baby is this??????hope the truth gets out soon…. Please don’t misunderstand again Advay ??what you thought previously is right… Don’t jump to conclusions just by seeing some things…. Being a maths professor you should not do that ???hope Advay finds about the baby’s truth that clears his misconception about Chandni ??

    Precap: don’t jump to conclusions Advay… Pls find the truth ??finally atleast at this point Chandni saw the different colour of her so called mom ????
    Excited for the next episode ????????

    Love ASR ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????(all hearts just for Barun /ASR ???)
    Love NiVay ????????????
    Love ShiKku ??????

    1. Yazhu

      Indrani’s the one who even kidnapped Chandni and made her feel the fear everytime?????????such a cruel lady ???????being a woman too she does unforgivable sins to an innocent girl ????????

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        I think Chandni know that Indrani doesn’t love her. that is why she butters Indrani too much. Gul only knows.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Pace makers for your weak heart. Kaam aayega to use karna. It will increase intensity of heart attack.

  10. Manuu

    Hey friends…this indrani is getting on my nerves..aurat kehlane ki bhi layak nahi hai woh..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Mine too Manu… Mine too. By the way shooting starts hua ki nahi saare serials ke technician to strike par the na… They are demanding 8 hours of work a day instead of 12 hours shift. Pata nahi Gul ke show bhi hai ki nahi uss 40 serials on strike list par. Hope nahi hai aur shooting jaari hai.

      1. Manuu

        Technicians on strike..Offo..ipkknd bhi hai kya uss list mein..agar hai toh..gaye kaam se..

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Me too.. yaar

  11. Pinku

    I missed first half of d episode… this indarni is getting g on to my nerves now…. arey what do hell men…. too much…. n astha u were right vo kidnap bhi indarni ni hi karvaya…. pathetic to know but…. heyloo all ye kaunsa naya mu hai re baba…. ye bacha kiska hai…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku… Dekha meri assumption sahi nikla yaar. I want to kill that Indrani along with PP Baba. Why don’t they both get married.
      By the way… Gul Khan loves you too it seems..She is creating more baby drama then expectation perhaps to give you company Pinku. Ha ha ha…. First in Ishqbaaz and now in ipkknd.

      1. Pinku

        Hahaha yea truly…. let’s see wts about the baby… hehehe yea astha

  12. Another twist in tale? Whose baby is that??iam sure its not chandnis baby then whose baby is this????…..anyway advay got another reason to MU chandni…..i alwaysalways get weird thought…. I think this this baby’s entry is to make advay see her gudness may be someone’s lost child taken care by chandnii …….hope soo

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Chicku… I was saying this emotional conditions of ASR comparing him like a pendulum..Advay to Dev…Dev to Advay.

    2. You are correct chicku. It is not chandinis baby. Read somewhere it is meghanas baby or something like that. But this twist is made to intensify the mu between the couple. The story is going in a fast pace. But don’t increase fastness more than this. Wanted to watch more of advay and chandinis togetherness.

      1. Sunanda_Guchhait

        Really yaar.. haven’t seen AdvaY- chandni’s Tom and Jerry wala love for so long..
        Want to enjoy their cute Chemistry..

  13. Manuu

    Chandini advay ke bahon mein..loved dat scene..I guess kam se kam chandini ko do pal ka sukoon mila hoda asr ke bahon mein..
    Her heart is so weak because of dat incident..zyada logon mein woh gabra jati hath tak daraya hai chandini ko woh kidnapper..yeh sab kiya dara bichrani ka…dayaan se bhi zyada kuch hoga toh woh ye hi hogi..
    Nani advay ki convo ??positive mein sochne laga..bachpan ki chandini ko woh yaad kar raha hai..woh innocence usko saaf dikhayi dera…nani toh asr ki mann ki baat pehchan leti hai..kuch rishte aise hi hote hai..
    Baby mystery…yaar abhi abhi advay chandini ko achi samaj ne laga phir se MU ..hate this..
    So yeh meghna ka hi bacha hai kya..
    I didn’t see precap..mujhe kuch samaj nahi aya update mein..can u guys please tell me wt is precap..matlab bichrani..chandini no uski asli chehra dikhayi kya..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Manu…Do pal ka sukoon tha yaar. Sach mein but this Advay thoda care se head ko pakadkar nahi utha sakta tha kya.. I mean to say aise uthana toh normal hai na..Unko thoda ASR style mein differently…specially bahoon mein uthana chahiye tha… Jab pyaar hai hi toh Iss Dil ka kya karoon.

  14. Senhel…tum noodles miss key tho aaj dehkdiya ab kush to.I missed Mikku…shikhe thodi cum gussa karo.
    lovvv ASR

    1. Nivika

      Aaj bahut dino ke baad noodles dekhne milenge….yeah yeahhhh…..?????????????????????
      Lagta hai noodle wale bhaiyaa chutii manakar wapas aa gaye hai set pr????????

  15. Pragyashree

    The episode was awesome. Chandni ???? I feel really bad for her. Indrani????how can someone live with so much sins. Advay just listen to your heart and nani. They are only saying truth not what you see. Waiting for the next episode.
    Love nivay
    Happy to be in rabba ve land.

    1. Manuu

      Hey pragya..advay itna jeldi apni dil ki baat nahi sunega..we hav to wait for dat

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Yeh silsila toh jaari rahega end tak..ruthna-manana.. galat faimi- sach…

  16. Pragyashree

    I heard that chandni is that child’s mausi not mother. Hope thats true and it may not bring any more misunderstanding between nivay

    1. Riana

      Hi pragya…I dont want that also…if chandni is mausi…then shikha or meghu can be the mom (nooo)….hope its just a baby whose parents are lost..

  17. KartikK

    Fab episode again for no doubt that background music oh god has taken away my heart precap is again fantastic love aasthik

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hmm… Cheesy kahin ke.. Finally after a long wait of more then 9 years. Keep your butter safe to apply on your Achchhu later…

  18. Pinku

    Acha yaaron tell me something ok… this maths professor must be knowing basic biology right… how can he think it’s chandini’s baby MU ki bhi hadh hai na n logic bhi tho hona na… ab IB me kaha tho 3 ladke they it’s possible…. but chandini ladki hai how can he think so… upar se 2 yrs ka baby hai…. thoda tho dimag hona chahiye na ASR ji…. koi samjao yaaron asr ko…. what say astha manu sunanda yazhu riana n sangita….

    1. Maryjose

      I saw a clip on youtube – Chandini with a baby in her arms! Looks like a few months old baby – not 2 years … I guess our Rowdy Prof does not know a 2 year baby will be bigger 🙂 His math is anyhow way off with Chandini! He has to do some more homework and learn good lessons still! 🙂

      My guess – The baby is Shagun and Ranjith’s! Not one of Chandini’s sisters! I have not seen today’s episode yet … Perhaps there is a clue there!

      From what I read from your comments here, looks like a similar baby track is in Ishqbazz! 4 Lions production is downright stupid to be doing the same thing in all their current serials! We need different situations and methods in storytelling. For me, this is ok as I see only IPKKDN-3 now and nothing else!

    2. Manuu

      Pinku..logic hum dekh re..cvs r only trying to bring MU between them…agey kya hoga we hav to wait and watch..

      1. Pinku

        Haan manu…. gotta wait

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Not 2 yrs..It seems like of 6 months or even less. 2 yrs old baby can run yaar it.

      1. Pinku

        Hahahh true true… sry.. hahah common sense 2 yrs baby won’t be tht way at all hahaha

    4. Riana

      @pinks….Seeing that baby i just recalled ib’s bubbly ????….But unfortunately its another baby…anyway…he isnt soo cite but cute…but asr’s thoughts are getting cheap day by day (pardon me asr ??)…Anyway…I think baby drama will end soon ….and if it doesnt end then *********….i will take sanyas lol ????

      1. Pinku

        Yea mujhe bhi IB ki hi yaad aayi…. par haan bubbly jitni cute nahi hai… arey haan yaar sorry asr but ur too much zara sa brain apply karo yaar ek bacha hoke chandini aisey kyun rahogi… zara apni soch sudharo plsss…..sachi riana aap sanyas lelo aur main haatg me talwar… aur ye baby track bardasht nahi hota yaar

  19. Pinku

    Arey kuch bhi kaho yaar ye baby track thik nahi hai I didn’t like?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Cvs in your mode on.

      1. Pinku


  20. Mahak/Muskan/MK

    Guys I didn’t see today’s episode par after reading I became more confused. Baby??? Yeh kaha se aaya love track mein?

    1. Nivika

      Its of meghna…mystry will unfold in upcoming track…!

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Are you sure the baby is of Meghna!!?? Its not Ishqbaaz type to doubt each other…Its about Baby’s mother- she will have a gestation period of almost 280 days. Rajit- Shakun!! Pata nahi.. But Meghna is not getting inside my little brain. May be of some girl Chandni was attached with. But then also its illogical..The baby seems like of almost 6 months and Chandni was inside house for long one year terrified. Gul only knows.

      2. Nivika

        Di saas bahu aur betiyaan told that the baby is of meghna nd chandni is maasi…..dont know now whats truth…??

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      We too don’t know from which website the baby is downloaded from!! We have to wait for some khulasa time.

      1. Pinku

        Hahaha…. i think ur guess is right astha it must b of shakun n rajit….

    3. Riana

      Hi 3M…Baby is just brought for MU…dont worry…

  21. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Aj to dil hi tuut gaya..

    When AdvaY says Nani that maybe chandni isn’t​ guilty, maybe she is innocent. I was so happy. I have a big smile on my face. But when he misunderstood chandni again, it’s just broke my heart.
    Itna intelligent hone ka kya benefits hai, if you can’t differciate between right​ and wrong.

    1. Manuu

      Exactly sunanda..intna intelligent hone ka kya faida..upar se maths professor

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Love is blind…Can’t love be little deaf too. They are trying to stick the basic of the story ie. Advay and Chandni @ Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? when both Love and Hatred is bind together and their mind will always ask the title question.
      Its not Chandni’s baby, let me consider Advay’s love, will it change his feelings for Chandni even if the baby is of Chandni!!?? He will not be able to keep his heart under control..His love for Chandni will not vanish there… and that is the reason he punched his fist on the wall thinking he loves a girl..who is bla bla..

    3. Pinku

      Haan yaar what is this too much…. itna mu but how can advay think tht way yaar….

    4. Riana

      @sunan….Aisa hota hain….Dil jodte jodte tudta hain….dendrite rakho apne saath ??

  22. Maryjose

    Loved ASR’s emotional rethinking about Chandini – he is very poetic in his grief! I guess PP brings out the math/sci geek in him! 🙂

    Nani and Murli are, as usual, the good parts! Sort of liking Megha .. her character! Shika is too stupid and immature – the actress needs to improve on dialogue delivery!

    Bet that baby got abandoned by Shagun and Ranjit!

    ASR wants to believe the worst of Chandini immediately! He knows Indrani and her sisters are rotten from his childhood … Why won’t he think a bit about what trickery they could be playing! Even when he is most hurt by what he thinks is Chandini’s deception! ASR is silly about jumping to wrong conclusions over the baby! His brain must have heated up! Poor guy!

    Loved 2 comments – Nani about return of Cheeku and then Murli’s intense looks of ASR! 🙂

    Of course, ASR’s sad little ditties about his old friend, Chandini! 🙂

    1. Pinku

      U must b right it’ might bs of shakun n ranjit

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Mary…Love- hate, MU- truth..Advay said it, truth is one, truth is truthful. Let him find the truthful truth by himself. ASR have to find it out. Not Murli..not Shilpa..No one..Its his fight his love. He have to play a pendulum between love and hate extremity.

  23. Pinku

    Good morn8ng girls

  24. Riana

    Morningggg Guyzzz…?

    These days episodes r becoming sooo boringggg…i am feeling very sleepy….Thnx to that Bichrani…Who is filled with black magical powers….she is trying to making me more sleepy i think she is hypnotizing me…Ohhh what the f***….i am talking ?????….Didnt u feel bore these days…i mean no NiVay funny talks…No Shikha veer prank nautanki…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      watch some words Riana… It may cause certain thing worse.

      1. Riana


      2. Riana

        I understood…its making another meaning ???

  25. Riana

    Btw Astha “Kutumb” ???? is pronounced by our dishonourable Bichrani on yesterday’s episode also ….did anyone heard it ???….She said “sara kutumb raste par aajayenga”….already they r in roads…Bichrani’s is a shit in road ??…Chandni bichari ko lamppost se dustbin bana diya”…Advay gaari se pata nahi kya banayenga gul maata….???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bhaad mein jaaye uska kutumb..Chandni Dev ka hai , she can live in that house, Shikha hai Mikku ka toh wo bhi rehsakti hai, Meghna bechari kahan jaayegi with her kajal maasi, Yash Narayan toh sasur hai Advayji ka wo bhi rahenge.. Shakun-Rajit are already out from house..So bacha kaun..Indrani..She can go anywhere..Bhaad mein bhi, address search on google engine..who cares. Waise bhi Ab toh ghar Advay Singh Raizada ne kharid liya hai. Aur Bichrani is thinking the mansion is still her!!,Zameen par aajao Indrani with your kutumb..Sapna dekhna bahut hogaya . For her Kutumb is just a word nothing else then an excuse to cover her evil face.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Bichrani’s is a shit in road ??…

      Love you Riana for this..

  26. Good morning everyone is blind.reverge is bilnd.dono kuch bhi nahi dekhti h .
    love ASR.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB…Pata hai..Love is blind par yeh bhi suna hai ki Shaadi aankhen khol deta hai..

  27. Riana

    Cvs i have a story….pls read…eemh…eemhh (cough ?)

    Chandni gets shocked seeing Advay…
    Advay: Whose baby is this !…
    Chandni: Why should i say you…you height of chichorapan…ajeeb singh…
    Advay interuppt: Listen chandni my brain is boiling…
    Chandni: Soo put it on sim…
    Advay: whhhatt ??…
    Chandni: Exactly…wanna listen whose baby is this…
    Chandni: Its Your n mine’s equation !….
    Advay: ???????
    Bichrani: Chandni….advay…ye sab kya hain…ab hum apne kutumb ko kya jawab denge….??
    Chandni: kutumb hoga tab jawab dengi naa maa….waise…aapp toh…puri planning kar chuki thi…mujhe badnam karne mein…but see…advay singh raizada ki hawa maine phuss kardi…??
    Advay in his mind: How is possible…chandni’s baby is mine …i mean my chandni baby i…i mean i am cgandni’s baby ka papa…Acchu ka papa…???


    1. Riana

      Pls share ur comments…???

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Kya bol rahi ho yaar. Yahan kuch bachchr bhi hosakte hain.. Advay is Achchhu ke Papa!! Matlab ki bachpan se hi dono ke beech!! Nahi …..????? And the baby is of almost 4 months!! Double Nahi…..kuch kuch hota hai… and I am imagining Advay’s face when he realised Achchhu is his daughter ..!!! Imagine karne laayak hi hai wo facial expression. Very nice..ha ha ha… imagination wild ho rahe hain … Tumne shayad Kinder joy kha liya hai…Imagination ko jodo.

      1. Riana

        Asthu i didnt undstsood any of your words but it was funny ???????????????????

    3. Nivika

      Achhu ke papa…
      Cont it……
      It will be more fun….???????
      Nivay ka baby….soooo cute???

      1. Riana

        In today’s chappy…??

    4. Pinku

      Hahaha cnt stop laughing riana awesome yaar hahahhah…. sachi aisa hona chahiye yaar will laugh our lungs out sachi hahahh

    5. ROFL ???? too funny!!! Continue please!! ?

      1. Riana

        Yah will continue in today’s episode di….???

  28. Please make the detective track fast. If its slow, then the element of interest and suspense will be gone.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      When we chose tv serial over fast action movies…we learned the first step of having patience for its slow pace..Later is the second step where we keeps the same patience up every day… We have to wait… for the story to unfold.

  29. TuttiFrutti

    Episode was Amazing as past is coming in light.
    ASR and Nani’s scenes were superb as always from the start when Nani enters.
    Mikku is missing.

    1. Manuu

      Hi tuttifrutti..welcome..yah mikku is missing..

    2. Nivika

      Welcome TF to rabba ve land????

  30. Mahak/Muskan/MK

    Riana,Wat is MU? Guys meaning story is boring? Kya yaar aur group mein sab thik?

    1. Riana

      Mu means Misunderstanding !

    2. Manuu

      Hey muskan..MU means misunderstanding..

  31. Hiiiii everyone, I am new here. Pehali bar comment karahu ASR ke liye.

    1. Manuu

      Hey teju…welcome..keep commenting

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Ab baar baar karo ASR keliye…

    3. Nivika

      Asr ke liye baar baar karo cmnt….welcome to rabba ve land teju

  32. Aastha_Reddy

    Hey girls…Don’t you think we should do something special for Barun Sobti here…I mean birth day boy deserve some special treatment right. Give your ideas to me soon.. We will make it memorable here..Its after just three days away..21st August ko.. hurry up girls.
    #Love Barun…Love ASR.

    1. Riana

      I am thinking to make a rap / rhyme for barun what say astha ??…??

    2. Manuu

      Definitely astha..special toh karna hai..being fans of barun and asr..should plan very special..soch ke let u know

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      We can write shayari/ rhymes for him as Riana said.
      Make collage. .

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Ha ha…I accepted . Achchha sa shayaries likho ASR keliye..Dil ki baat.Wink wink. oh girls..Get crazy with me.

    4. Love this idea:) of course I am a new addition to this grp. I am a silent reader of all your comments. You guys are rocking…cant resist myself without typing here! Love this serial and love this pair?

  33. Riana..hahaha.kya story.sach mein aisa ho toh shab pagal ho joga year.bolling barin

    1. Riana

      Barin ???? ?????…thnkuu

  34. Totally love all your comments Rabba ve gang!!!??

    Yesterday’s episode was more of revelations! Advay’s confusion continues! Kiska baby?!!! The sbs videos about engagement is interesting!! Actually Advay need only tell Bichrani that he will give more money than PP and she would be only too glad, the gold digger ? and promptly handover Chandni in a platter!

    Mama seems a very understanding character, the only one to support Chandni barring her sisters. Love Nani too!

    Waiting for more to unfold…..

    Usually people would say TGIF for tmrw. For me it’s ONIF! Oh No it’s Friday!!!

    Fenu! Glad you are better! Pinku, hugs to baby! Aastha, Sunanda, Manuu, all your reviews rock!!! ??????? A big hi to all of you Riana, Snehal, Mary, Karthik, Harsha, AB and all new friends!!!?

    1. Antara

      ya Sunanda i saw the promo so excited 2 see marriage with advay & chandini i hope dev teaches a lesson 2 pp

    2. Yay Sunanda, Shaadi jaldi aagayi!! Waiting for the tamasha!!

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