Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 8)

Hello guys how are you all. Guys I am adding OST songs of Drama’s and some movies. Hope so you all will like it. Now let’s starts with the episode guys.
The episode starts
Arjun waiting for Nisha in car. She comes
Arjun: What happen? You looked tensed.

Nisha: Nothing Bhai. I was just thinking of Bhabhi.
Arjun: Everything will be all right. Don’t get tense okay.
Nisha starts thinking of the girl whom Rohit met and fought.
Rohit Reminiscences the moment with Ishana. While Ishana also Reminiscences the moment with Rohit standing near window. The songs play in background
baat karle mujh se mere khaali pan
baat karle meri tanhai ki
baat karle mujh se mere soone man
baat karle meri ruswaai ki

poore chaand ki rena
pyaase pyaase nena
baat karle mere harjaai ki
baat karle mujh se mere paagal pan
baat karle meri tanhai ki

jin ki aankhon mein apna hi dekhna tha
meine un aankhon mein dekha kisi ka rang
tha mera tu khuwab adhoora ya haqeeqat thi
meri qurbat mein mera yaar aur kisi ke sang

baat karle mujh se O deewane man
baat karle meri tanhai ki

poore chaand ki rena
pyaase pyaase nena
baat karle mere harjaai ki
baat karle mujh se mere khaali pan
baat karle meri tanhai ki

In Morning
@ Malhotra’s House
Everyone Gather’s in kitchen for Breakfast. Rohit sees his mobile again and again if Ishana has messaged him.
Nisha notices this. Arjun while eating looks at Rohit
Arjun: What Happened? Are you waiting for someone to call you? That call is more important than your breakfast.
Rohit (looks at Arjun): No…. Nothing I was just checking some important work.
Nandani: You know Rohit that I don’t like that if someone does his/her work while eating.
Rohit (angrily): Why are you pointing me for everything.
He angrily goes from their and he doesn’t eat breakfast.
Arjun: Please Mom when Rohit is eating don’t say anything to him. He left from here without eating.
Nisha: Bhai is right Mom you should not have done this.
Arjun goes from their and Nisha takes breakfast for Rohit to her room.
Nandani (in his mind): Let her come in this house. Then I will see you all will talk in front of me.
@ Raizaada House
Sanjana wakes up and goes to washroom to get ready. While Dadi in kitchen prepares breakfast.
Then Sanjana comes out wearing saree, Manglsutar and sindoor on his maang. Dadi sees sanjana in saree and compliments
Dadi: you are looking beautiful.

Sanjana: Dadi why are you preparing breakfast. You should have told me.
Dadi: You were sleeping peacefully so I didn’t wake you up and yesterday at night Ayaan called.
Sanjana: Then what he said. Did you tell everything?
Dadi: No I just said him to come to India argent. Because he have to do all the rituals of your father.
Sanjana (Crying): He will blame that all this happened because of me.
Dadi: Don’t say like this everything will be fine.

@ Malhotra’s House
Nisha goes to Rohit’s room with breakfast in her hand. He sees Rohit sad and then she goes to him.
Nisha: You are thinking of that girl right.
Rohit: I don’t want to talk about this topic.
Nisha: But I have to talk about this. Who she was?
Rohit: No one.
Nisha: No one then why are you restless bhai
Rohit: I am not restless.
Nisha: I can see this on your face. What is your relation with that girl?
Rohit: I don’t know this and I don’t have answer of your Question.
Nisha: Then ask from your heart bhai. Might be your hear

t will answer it.
Rohit: What nonsense Nisha
Nisha: it’s not nonsense bhai. May be you like that girl or…………..
Rohit (interrupts): it’s not like that what you are thinking. She is just my friend.
Nisha: oh Friend. What is her name then?
Rohit: I don’t know why I am talking to you. You can go from here I just don’t want to talk about her.
Nisha: okay fine then you will not tell me. If you will need any help you can say it to me. Take this breakfast and eat it because at night also you didn’t eat anything.

Scene @ Ishana house
Ishana wakes up and gets ready for work. She goes in kitchen and sees Bua eating breakfast.
Bua: You are getting late for your work.
Ishana: Yeah but I have to eat something Bua.
Bua: No needs to eat anything know. If you will go late then they will fire you from your job. Then you know what I can do.
Ishana sadly goes from there for work.

@ Malhotra’s House
Rohit thinks to go to meet Ishana. Where she works
Rohit (in his mind): But I don’t know which bakery she works and don’t know the location also. He then remembers that the driver had dropped Ishana where she works
Rohit goes out to talk with the driver. Nisha sees Rohit going out.
Nisha (in her mind): Rohit Bhai might be going to meet that girl I have to go after bhai. To find out the truth
Rohit goes to driver and asks the location then he drives car and goes from there.
Nisha goes to driver to ask the location.
Nisha: Bhai asked the location of that girl where she lives. So tell me where she works.

Driver (in her mind): How does Madam know this and about the girl but Rohit sahib said not to tell anyone about the girl.
Nisha: What are you murmuring? Now tell me or I will tell to Arjun bhai to fire you from job.
Driver: No madams please do not tell to Arjun Sahib. Okay I will tell you know.
He tells the location to Nisha. Nisha thinks to meet Ishana later. Because she have to go to meet sanjana.
Nisha drives car towards sanjana house. While Ayaan lands in India and takes taxi towards his house.

On road the 2 car gets crashed with each other. The car is of Nisha which got crashed with the taxi. The same taxi where Ayaan is sitting.
Nisha angrily goes to the driver of taxi. The driver gets out of the taxi.
Nisha: See what you have done to my Car.
Nisha starts arguing with the driver. Ayaan listens these but he was not able to see Nisha’s face. He goes out of the taxi and looks at Nisha.

Ayaan: It’s your fault not the taxi driver.
Nisha: Oh hello it’s not my fault look what your taxi driver have done to my car.
They start arguing. Then the police come to see why they are arguing
Nisha: How ill-mannered person you are.
Ayaan: First look at yourself. You don’t know how to talk with the elders.
Nisha: oh so you will tell me how to talk with someone.
Ayaan: Don’t know how your parents brought upbringing of you. Who don’t know to talk with elders and don’t have respect.
Nisha (gets angrily) she holds Ayaan’s collar.

Nisha: who are you to say this to me? You don’t know me who I am.
Ayaan: Leave my collar.
She angrily leaves him from the collar
Ayaan: I now you very well. You are the one who don’t give respects to elders and don’t have manners.
The polices then says to Nisha stop there fighting. Nisha angrily leaves from there and Ayaan goes in taxi.

Scene of Rohit @ Bakery
He sees Ishana working and goes to her. Ishana sees Rohit and ignores him.
Rohit holds Ishana’s hand
Ishana: leave my hand. This is my place of work so go from here and I don’t want to talk with you.
Rohit: But please Ishana listen to me. What you are thinking of me is wrong.
Ishana angrily leaves her hand from Rohit and goes from there. Rohit gets sad and goes from there.

Nisha finds Ayaan at Sanjana’s house……………………they start arguing…………… Nisha goes to meet Ishana………….Ishana gets shock seeing Nisha.

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