Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Intro)

Hello everyone Namaste and Assalamolaikum guys. My name is Soha. This is my first time to write an FF. I am diehard fan of ishqbaaz show. But the story is different it’s not related to ishqbaaz nor its character are. So Now let’s start with the character sketch first.

Arjun Malhotra: A business tycoon who is eldest son in the family .His father and mother died. He lives with his Step-Mother, sister and younger brother. He is arrogant and yeah steady person.
Nisha Malhotra: She is younger sister of arjun and rohit .She loves his brothers. She is Step Sister of them also.
Rohit Malhotra: Brother of arjun and nisha. He is elder from nisha.He is not interested in business. He hates nisha because he thinks that because of her mother died.He also hates his Step-Mother.
Nandani Malhotra: Mother of Nisha and Step-Mother of arjun and rohit.
Sanjana Raizada:She lives with his father and Dadi. Her mother Died when she was 6 years old. She is hardworking girl. She is from upper middle class. She is friend of nisha they study together in university.
Ayaan Raizada: Elder Brother of Sanjana.
Arun Raizaada: Father of sanjana and ayaan.
Ishaana:She lives with his Bua. She is middle class girl. Her bua is very cruel .She is large-hearted girl.

Another characters will be introduced between the episodes.Guys tell me how is my FF so that I can keep writing the ff .YOUR suggestions are most welcomed. Negetive and positive comments also.

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  1. Nice sketch

  2. Aarya

    Nice .character sketch….i hope story line will b so interesting….
    Best wishes for ur ff soha. ???

  3. Nice

  4. Soha hello I got ur link from IB WU page thanks for it and talking about sketch it good but a suggestion can you include some actor name to character so it will be easy to imagine it sorry if my suggestion is bad ..but the storyline seems interesting dear.

    1. Tridha

      Shama di is right,soha. U should give the a actors name for each characters then it will be easy to imagine. And ur ff is different and interesting. ATB soha.

  5. Soha

    Thank you tridha and bshama didi i will try to give actors name thanks that you both give me suggestion

    1. It’s our duty as readers and commenters and how u guys now me??? Or my age that ur coming me didi huh;!!

      1. Soha

        are you getting angry on me shama ok you tell me should i call you didi or not

      2. Omg I don’t get angry so easily don’t worry and sorry if my comments have hurt you I just wanted to ask do u know me or not and if the reply is positive so u know that I am 20 and I study in clg and now u all can fix whether to call me di or not that’s it nothing else I won’t eat u guys like SSO attitude ?

  6. Soha

    haha i thoght u r getting angry i am 17 only it means i can call didi

  7. Goms

    Soha nice character sketch.. Keep going.. ?

    1. Soha

      Thank you Gom. thank god you liked it dear

  8. KrissAnn

    aswm dear. and i was not able to comment because my exams are going on and soha am same as ur age dear

    1. Soha

      Best of luck dear for your exames hope so you will get good marks

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