Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episoe 1)

Hello everyone Namaste, adab vada kum and Assalamolaikum guys. Its soha. Thank you araya did and srk for commenting on my ff .I thought that my ff is boring that’s no why no one is commenting or giving suggestion. I request to silent readers that they can also comment on my ff :p. Guys sorry for any spelling mistake.Ok but before starting I want to add that in this ff the Jodi’s are
1. Aryan+Sanjana=ArJana
2. Rohit+Ishana=IshRo
3. Nisha+Ayaan=AnSha
Hope you guys like this jodi’s 
Ok now let’s start with the episode

In Morning
@ Raizaada House
A Girl is sleeping deeply on bed.A voice comes from out calling Sanjana.(the girl is sanjan and the women is his dadi).
Dadi: Sanjana wake up Beta you are getting late for your university and it’s first day what will be your impression on professor.
Hearing the voice of his dadi she gets up and says;WHAT? Dadi I am getting late and you didn’t wake me up early.while saying she ties her hair.
Dadi:I am trying to wake up you from 20 minutes
Sanjana: ok dadi I am going to get ready.
She then goes to toilet to get ready.

@Malhotra’s House
A women is shown sitting in a dining room and she is arguing with a guy.The women is Nandani and the guy is Rohit.
Nandani:In this house there are some rule’s.Which everyone has to follow it.How many times should I repeat the rule’s to you Beta so that you can understand it. Again I am repeating the rule’s
1. Before coming to breakfast .you should take a bath.

And Before she completes her sentence rohit interrupts and says: First of all I am not your beta nor u are my mother and secondly I will do what I want to do in this house. who are you to say anything to me.It will be better for you not to interfere in my life.(A guy was listening all this behind rohit suddenly he says: You should have not talk with mom like this Rohit. Seeing a guy rohit stands up from his chair. Nandani’s mobile rings and she goes from there.
The guy is rohit’s elder brother Arjun.
Rohit(Angrily) says :She is not my Mom bhai why u always defend her.Even you know what happened at that Night.
Arjun(Rudely) says : Rohit I am not defending mom.she is innocence.
Rohit:WHAT THE HACK bhai don’t know when you will understand between truth and liar’s .
Before they argue more. A girl suddenly comes and hugs rohit and says :GOOD Morning bhai
Rohit angrily pushes her back and goes from there. The girl is younger sister of Rohit and Arjun.she is NISHA.
Nisha(with teary eyes) says :Arjun bhai what happen to Rohit bhaiya why he pushed me
Arjun:You know from 13 years he is not talking with you softly he is being harsh to mom and u.
Nisha:Yeah I know why is he harsh with me and mom.
Arjun:Ok my little princess now don’t begin to cry when your brother is alive he will never let you cry.saying this Nisha hugs her brother.
Arjun:NOW come we will eat breakfast and then I will drop you to University.
Nisha: but bhai you are getting late for office.
Arjun:No Problem I will drop you.
Nisha(smilingly)says:ok bhai whatever you say .

@ Raizaada House
Sanjan comes out of her room hurriedly carrying his books in his hands.Then she sees her father doing pooja and she also goes there.His father sees and gives Parsad to her.She happly takes it.
Sanjana’s father name is arun
Arun:sanjana beta you are getting late for your university and you haven’t eaten anything.
Dadi comes there and she says: yes she haven’t eaten anything. Wait sanjana I will bring food for you so that you can eat your breakfast on your way to university.
Sanjan:ok dadi but fast please I am getting late.
Then dadi comes out from kitchen and gives food to sanjana.
Sanjana smiles and takes it and says you and papa are Best. She hugs dadi and her father. Then she leaves from there.

@Bua’s house
A girl is seen who is preparing breakfast for someone hurriedly. Then suddenly a Fat women comes angrily and she hold’s girls hair tightly from back. (the girl is Ishana and the Fat women is his bua)
Bua: U haven’t yet prepared my breakfast. Who told you to wake up late this is not your father’s house. If you will not serve me breakfast in 10 minutes. Then U now what can I do.
Ishana with teary eyes says:ok I will prepare your breakfast fast. Please leave my hairs .
While Bua leaves her hair and goes from Kitchen.
Ishana prepares breakfast and goes to serve his bua who is sitting on sofa.
She takes breakfast and eats.while ishana looks at her face. While eating bua says that ishana you know that we are not rich and we can’t afford anything expensive.
Ishana:Yes bua you said right.
Bua:then you u should find a job so that my needs can be fulfilled. No no I mean our needs can be fulfilled.
Ishana: how can I find a job bua but….
Before she says anything she looks at bua who is angrily watching at her.
Bua:Yes you will find a job if not you know what I will do with you. Know go from here.
Ishana goes from there sadly. While her bua Laughs like a devil.
Ishana in her room remembers what bua said to her
The she says in her mind that bua give me a mild warning and I don’t know what to do god. How I will find a job today.
Screen Freezeez  on ishana

Sanjana and nisha becomes friends…………..Rohit Fights with ishana…….…Sanjana slaps someone in front of whole university…….A new Entry….
Think that how Rohit met ishana and Fought with her???
Whom did sanajana slapped?

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  1. i didnt understand this episode because i didnt read the introduction so can u plz give me the link of it

  2. Soha

    Thank you sadia for commenting
    this is the link

  3. is this not ishkara ff

    1. Soha

      No it’s not ishkara ff actually it’s not related tp ishqbaaz nor it’s characters it’s my own ff

  4. Aarya

    Soha…. Good work story line is nyc …????
    But i have one doubt!!!! Is the pair arjun nd sanjana or is it aryan…… Bit confusing….. I hope u vl clear it…
    Precap is so interesting….. Waiting for next epi..


    1. Soha

      Aarya didi the pair is sanjana and arjun aryaan is brother of sanjana

      1. Aarya

        Ok dear…. In the post… At the top u wrote jodis:
        1. Aryan+ sanjana = Arjana
        That’s y i asked….. I think its typing mistake…. Now its cleared….??
        Good work …plzz continue???☺??

      2. Soha

        sorry aarya did it’s arjun i think it’s because of spelling mistake sorry for that

      3. Aarya

        Its ok dear…..?no need of sorry.

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