Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 9)

Hello guys how are you all. Please guys tell me that you all are enjoying or not by reading my ff. I am not happy with comments because the numbers of comments are not increasing.
So please tell me about my ff how you all like the characters and which JODI you guys like the most.
So sorry for not updating my ff everyday because you guys all now that I am having exams.
I should say that EXAMS Sucks seriously guys. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. I think that I talked too much so now let’s starts with the episode guys.

The episode starts with Nisha calling Sanjana
Nisha: Hello Bhabhi. How are you?
Sanjana: I am fine and you
Nisha: Don’t lie okay I know you very well
Sanjana: It’s nothing like this.
Nisha: okay listen Bhabhi I was coming to meet you but accident happened of my car so I will come late.
Sanjana (shockingly): What? Are you okay Nisha. How these happened and tell me if you have any minor injury I will come to you know then.
Nisha: No need of it okay I am fine and what should I say Bhabhi. You know that A guy fought with me he doesn’t have manners to respect girls seriously Bhabhi. He was behaving like an illiterate person. I wish that I couldn’t see her face again.
Sanjana: Thank god you are fine I was scared. Okay you come fast home.
Nisha: okay bye.
Sanjana: Bye take care of yourself okay.
Nisha takes taxi and tells the location of Sanjana’s house.
Scene @ bakery of Ishana
Ishana thinks of Rohit.
Ishana (in her mind): I didn’t think that he will not be trustful in our friendship. He is married and why he doesn’t accept his relation with that girl. Why is he doing this? Why I am thinking of Rohit I shouldn’t think of him it’s not good. He is married.
Scene @ Malhotra’s House
Rohit also thinks of Ishana sitting on sofa.
Rohit (in her mind): What is she thinking of me. Why is she behaving like this with me? Why is she doing this with me? Why I am thinking of her. She doesn’t care of me then why should I. She even doesn’t want to see me. I should be away from her because it will not be good if Arjun and Miss Nandani Malhotra comes to now it. I should also stop Nisha for telling to anyone.

Scene @ Raizaada House
The door bell rings and Dadi goes to open it.
Dadi: Ayaan beta you came.
Ayaan: Yeah Dadi. Where is sanjana?
Dadi: she is in her room. You sit in hall while I will call her to come.
Dadi goes to tell sanjana about Ayaan came.
Then again the door bell rings Ayaan stands up and goes to open the door. He gets shock
Ayaan: you
Nisha: you Hun?
Ayaan: Why are you chasing me what is your problem Hun?
Nisha: Hello I am not chasing you okay this is my bhabhi’s house okay and what are you doing here get out from this house okay
Ayaan: hello this is my house okay and you should go from here.
They start arguing loudly that even sanjana and Dadi can hear it. They both came to hall and saw Nisha and Ayaan arguing. Sanjana goes to them and stops them not to argue.
Sanjana: Stop it you both of you.
Ayaan: tell this girl to go from here.
Nisha: Why should I go from here tell him to go from here.
Sanjana: you both stop and listen to me. Bhai please listen and Nisha you also.
Nisha (shockingly): What Bhai.
Ayaan: Yes she is my sister. Sanjana how you know this girl?
Sanjana: bhai she is my Naand. My husband’s sister.
Ayaan (surprised): what you got married how and when. Where is Papa I haven’t seen him till now?
Sanjana (crying): Papa is no more bhai. She hugged him and cries.
Ayaan: What don’t lie to me you know I don’t like when you lie to me. Dadi say where Papa is.
Dadi tells the whole incident what happened with sanjana and his father. Ayaan gets angry on sanjana and holds sanjana shoulder and shakes her.
Ayaan: why did you marry Arjun Malhotra? What was the need to marry him? Why.
Sanjana (crying): Bhai I was papa’s wish.
Nisha: Why are you scolding sanjana?
Ayaan: it’s none of your business. It will be better not to come in between Brother and sister.
Sanjana: Nisha leave it I will sort this.
Dadi: Ayaan don’t scold sanjana it’s not her fault.
Ayaan: No Dadi she is murder of Papa and I can’t live with her.
Dadi: what do you mean Ayaan?
Ayaan holds Sanjana’s hand and pushes her to the door.
Ayaan: Never try to step in this house.
Nisha: Ayaan what you are doing is not right.
Nisha goes out of the house. Sanjana cries and looks at Ayaan face but he ignores and looks other side and closes the door.
Nisha: I will call bhai know. He will come to pick us.
Sanjana: Please Nisha don’t tell anything to Sasu Maa and Arjun jii.
Nisha: okay I will not but stop crying okay.
Sanjana: we can go to temple and from their Arjun jii can pick us.
Nisha: okay
Nisha calls Arjun and says to pick them from temple. Arjun says he is coming to pick them.
Scene @ Malhotra’s House
Arjun, Sanjana and Nisha comes to house. Nandani and Rohit was in hall and sees them coming
Nandani: Stop here right now. You can’t enter right now.
Sanjana looks at Arjun
Arjun: What happen Mom?

Nandani: Nisha you come here right now. She says something in her ear and then Nisha goes somewhere.
Rohit: what are you up to now Nandani Malhotra?
Nisha comes and says happily
Nisha: How can my Bhabhi come to this house without Gharaparevesh?
Sanjana gets relief and tries to smile. While Arjun was serious
Nandani does Graparaiparavesh of sanjana and did all the rituals.
Nandani gives clothes of Marriage and says
Nandani: take this and wear it. She says to Nisha tell her the room of Arjun.
Nisha and sanjana goes to room.
Arjun: Why are you doing this mom? You know I did this marriage just because of you and for our family reputation. If Meera knows this she will feel bad. You know she is my fiancée
Nandani: She is not your fiancée. Now you are married and your wife is Sanjana.
Rohit: You can’t spoil life of Bhabhi.
Nisha comes with sanjana wearing bridal dress.
A voice comes from back.
Person: What is this all Arjun?

The person is none other than Meera.
Arjun looks back and says
Arjun; Meera you are back he goes and hugs her.
Sanjana looks both of them and gets sad
Meera: Arjun baby what is this.
Nisha and Rohit don’t like Meera.
So Nisha interrupts and says
Nisha: She is my Bhabhi Meera
Meera: Oh Rohit when you got married.
Rohit: I didn’t marry Sanjana. Arjun bhai got married with sanjana
Meera (shockingly): What? Arjun baby how can you do this with me. You know I Love you.
Arjun: You know I also love you I did this marriage just for my family reputation. That’s all.
Sanjana cries and looks at Nisha
Meera: But she is your wife baby.
Arjun: I will tell you all about this later so come and sit here
He gives water and makes her drink. Nandani looks at sanjana and smirks. In FB it shows that Nandani calls Meera and says that come to house Arjun have a surprise for you and I now you will be in shock. FB ends
Sanjana goes from their crying towards her room.
Meera: look baby she is crying. This is not happening well with her.
Rohit: Yeah you said right it’s not happening well with her because of you.
Meera: what do you mean Rohit?
Nisha: Bhai means that know you came to know about Arjun bhai marriage so why can’t you now go from his life.
Arjun (Angrily): Stop it you both of you. For me this is not marriage and I will not accept her
Rohit angrily leaves from there. Nisha notices that he is sad because he is thinking of Ishana. She thinks to talk to Ishana
Meera: Arjun baby I have to go right know. I can’t see you with anyone.
Arjun: No need to go from here. Live until you want okay.
Meera goes to guest room.
Nandani: Arjun go to your room. Your wife is waiting for you.
Arjun goes from their and Nisha goes outside to meet Ishana
Scene @ Ishana’s house
The bell rings of door. Bua goes to open the door and sees Nisha
Bua: who are you?
Nisha: I am friend of Ishana (she remembers that she asked the driver of Ishana’s name)
Bua calls Ishana. Ishana goes towards door and sees Nisha. She gets shock.
Ishana: You???????
Sanjana confronts Arjun……………….Nandani calls the lady and they laughs…………..Ishana comes to meet Rohit in Malhotra’s house…………………….

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